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Rane Zonetech

6-input/6-zone commercial processor with Bluetooth® and Apple® AirPlay®

Item # 219ZONETEK

The Rane Zonetech processor offers versatile connection and control options for up to six independent audio...

The Rane Zonetech processor offers versatile connection and control options for up to six independent audio...

Item # 219ZONETEK

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About the Rane Zonetech

The mastermind for a multi-zone system

The Rane Zonetech processor offers versatile connection and control options for up to six independent audio zones — plenty for a busy restaurant or large retail store. You can connect up to six wired sources via the balanced and unbalanced connectors on the back of the unit, and stream input wirelessly via Bluetooth®, Apple® AirPlay®, UPnP or DLNA.

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The mastermind for a multi-zone system

The Rane Zonetech processor offers versatile connection and control options for up to six independent audio zones — plenty for a busy restaurant or large retail store. You can connect up to six wired sources via the balanced and unbalanced connectors on the back of the unit, and stream input wirelessly via Bluetooth®, Apple® AirPlay®, UPnP or DLNA.

You can monitor and control a multi-source, multi-zone commercial sound system via a secure web-based interface or individual zone remote controls, or hook up an optional Rane DR6 touchscreen to run everything.


Product highlights:

  • commercial processor for multi-zone, multi-source, remote-controlled sound systems
  • secure web-based configuration and control interface
  • streaming input via Bluetooth®, Apple® AirPlay®, UPnP and DLNA
  • intuitive operation via embedded Halogen software
  • high-resolution color LCD display
  • rack mounting accessories included
  • 4 unbalanced RCA stereo inputs
  • 2 balanced Euroblock mic/line inputs
  • 6 balanced Euroblock zone outputs
  • 6 RJ-45 connectors for remote zone volume and source control
  • RJ-45 master remote port for complete control via optional Rane DR6 touchscreen
  • RJ-45 pager port for optional Rane RAD device to provide analog audio and logic inputs
  • RJ-45 logic input for muting all outputs
  • Ethernet port for computer or wireless access to web controls
Dimensions and Warranty:

What's in the box:

  • Multi-zone processor
  • 4.25" Bluetooth antenna
  • Four 6-pin Euroblock connectors (3 orange / 1 green)
  • One 3-pin Euroblock connector
  • One 2-pin Euroblock connector
  • 70" Power cord (IEC 3-pin)
  • Quickstart guide (Eng / Span / Others)
  • Safety and warranty booklet (Eng / Span / Others)

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Rane Zonetech

Russ B.

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Overview: The Rane Zonetech is a multi-zone commercial processor that features 6 audio input sources that can be distributed to any of 6 output zones. The Zonetech's embedded Rane Halogen Lite software requires no programming, so operation is quick and intuitive. In addition to the 6 wired inputs, media can be streamed to the Zonetech wirelessly via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, and UPnP/DLNA playback. Six line-level outputs include 5 mono with Zone 6 acting as either a stereo output or a crossed-over signal with separate HI and LO channels. Other features include individual ports for Zone Remotes along with Master and Pager Remote ports.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs: The Inputs section of the Zonetech consists of 4 pairs of unbalanced stereo RCAs, for Inputs 1-4, and a 6-pin Euroblock (Phoenix) connector for Inputs 5&6.

  • Inputs 1-4: These unbalanced RCA inputs can be used for standard consumer-level playback devices such as a CD player, stereo receiver, or media playback device.
  • Inputs 5&6: These are mono inputs that can accept balanced or unbalanced, mic- or line-level signals. These two connections are done through the provided 6-pin Euroblock connector. The Input Settings allow you to select whether the signal will be Balanced Line, Unbalanced Line, Dynamic (mic), or Condenser (mic). If Condenser is selected, the Zonetech will automatically enable phantom power to that input.

Stream Sources: In addition to the 6 rear-panel inputs, the Zonetech can receive audio wirelessly via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay and UPnP/DLNA (Universal Plug-n-Play / Digital Living Network Alliance). AirPlay and DLNA require the Zonetech to be on the same wireless network as the playback device. Pressing the front-panel Stream button and using the Left/Right arrow buttons accesses each of the Stream source options along with parameter settings. Note: Bluetooth and WiFi  cannot be used at the same time. When one is enabled, the other will be disabled.

  • Bluetooth: Once the rear-panel Bluetooth antenna has been connected, Bluetooth Pairing can be selected from the front panel Stream menu. Default PIN for the Zonetech is 0000. Once paired, music can be streamed to the processor.
  • AirPlay: Audio streaming via an Apple AirPlay enabled device can be done once both units are connected to the same wireless network.
  • UPnP/DLNA: Audio can also be streamed from a PC with DLNA compatible media server software, Windows Media Player is the most recommended. Both devices must be on the same wireless network.

Outputs: Each of the Zonetech's 6 Zone Output connections are made through Euroblock connectors, providing a balanced line-level signal.

  • Zone 1-5: These outputs are mono, with 1&2 and 3&4 each grouped on single 6-pin Euroblock connectors.
  • Zone 6: This is a stereo output, done through a single 6-pin Euroblock connector. Alternatively, this can be configured as a crossed-over mono output with one channel acting as the LO output and the other as the HI output. Typical use would be for a subwoofer and main speaker placed in the same zone.


Configuration: Each of the 6 Inputs, Outputs, and Stream source can easily be configured from the front-panel. Individual buttons for each, along with the Arrow Left/Right buttons, Info button/dial, and LCD display allow quick access to the following parameters:

  • Inputs 1-4:
    • Level Meters: Each of the Inputs have a multicolored Level Meter displayed along with the currently selected parameter. The lower portion of the meter will display green, for a "normal" signal level, yellow when getting close to peak, and red when peak is hit and the signal is in danger of clipping.
    • Input Level: The input signal level can be adjusted with the Info button/dial with a range of -88dB to +12dB.
    • 3-Band EQ: The EQ section features a Low Shelf (LS) setting, with choice of Frequency and Level. The Frequency can range from 20Hz-630Hz with the Level allowing a range of -15dB to +8dB. A parametric "mid frequency" adjustment (PEQ) with a Frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz and a Level adjustment from -15dB to +8dB. This also has a PEQ Bandwidth, or Q adjustment ranging from 0.3 to 4.0 octaves, for a wider or narrower mid-band. The High Shelf (HS) setting offers a range of 630Hz-20kHz with the Level option from -15dB to +8dB.
  • Inputs 5&6: These include the same options as Inputs 1-4, but also include an Input Type option that allows you to select Balanced or Unbalanced, when using a line-level input signal, or, if using a microphone, choice of Dynamic or Condenser. If Condenser is selected, phantom power is automatically applied to that input.
  • Stream: This source offers the same Level and EQ options as Inputs 1-4 along with a Stream Source selection (None, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and UPnP/DLNA).
  • Zone Outputs: All of the Zone Outputs offer the same Level and 3-band EQ options as the Inputs do along with additional options, depending on which Zone is selected. These include:
    • Input Source: Lets you select the Input Source for that Zone without jumping back to that Input setting.
    • Priority Source: This determines the audio source that will play automatically when an incoming signal is detected. Choices are Input 1-6 and Stream.
    • Priority Hold Time: Determines how long it will take (in seconds) for the output to switch back to the original audio source after the Priority Source falls below the threshold: 1-60 seconds.
    • Page Enable: Determines whether or not the currently selected Zone will receive an audio signal from the Pager input, if using one of Rane's optional RAD16z or RAD26 remotes (sold separately).
    • Page Level: Sets the output level of the Pager.
    • Page Ducker Depth: Determines how much the Pager, when activated, will attenuate the normal output signal.
    • Limiter Threshold: The built-in Limiter function helps prevent damage to your amp and speakers by ensuring the audio output signal doesn't exceed the volume level set here. Options are from -60.0dB to 0.0dB. (default: 0.0dB)
    • Output Mode (Zone 6 only): Determines whether Zone 6's output signal is either Stereo or Mono with a 2-way crossover (X-Over) applied.
    • X-Over Frequency (Zone 6 only): Determines the frequency at which the output signal will be crossed over. Choices are 80Hz-300Hz (default: 125Hz).
    • X-Over Low Level and X-Over High Level (Zone 6 only): Determines the levels of both the high and low outputs.


Web Interface: The rear-panel Computer Ethernet RJ45 socket allows the Zonetech to be connected to a router or access point, along with a computer. Once connected to a network, the Zonetech will automatically acquire a dynamic IP address. This allows you to access the web interface for Login and Password to be set. From here, you will have the option for either Full or Limited access modes to the control interface.

  • Limited: This provides access to the only available option, the Master Output screen. This displays each of the 6 output Zones with a volume "fader" and corresponding level meter, along with the option to select one of the 6 Inputs or Stream as the audio source.
  • Full: This access mode offers the Master Output screen, the same aforementioned Input and Zone Output options that can be accessed from the front panel, along with a Naming tab. This allows you to name the Venue along with each Input, Stream, and all of the Zone outputs.

Zone Remotes: Each of the 6 output Zones has a corresponding RJ45 port on the rear panel for use with optional Rane DRZH wall-mountable zone control units (sold separately). These allow source selection and volume control for the zone its plugged into.

Master Remote: The Zonetech includes a rear-panel RJ45 Master Remote input for use with the optional Rane DR6 control unit (sold separately). This LCD touchscreen panel allows control of all input levels, zone levels, and source selections. A second DR6 can also be connected to the Pager port, if not being used.

Pager Port: This rear-panel RJ45 port allows connection of one of Rane's optional RAD devices (RAD16z, RAD26, etc, sold separately), providing additional analog inputs, logic inputs, and other features (functions will depend on specific RAD model).

Logic Input: A 2-pin Euroblock connector is provided for connecting a normally-open external control contact (sold separately). When the contacts are closed (terminals connected), all outputs will be muted.

Information: The current status of the whole system can be viewed from the front-panel display. Pressing and rotating the Info button/dial will cycle through the following information pages:

  • Meters: This view will display multicolor level-meters for all 6 Inputs, including Stream and Page, along with the 6 output Zones.
  • Device/Port Status: This screen displays status boxes for the Master Remote and Pager inputs as well as all 6 output Zones. Each box will display the model number of the device plugged into that port, if any, and will also display any fault messages. This is the ideal screen to start diagnosing and troubleshooting should a problem with the system arise.
  • Wired and Wireless Network Settings: These will display DHCP IP, Static IP, and MAC address information. The Wireless Network Settings will also include the SSID.
  • Device Information: Displays the name of the location (Venue name) and the current firmware version.


Audio Inputs:

  • Connectors:
    • (1) 6-pin Euroblock (balanced mic/line level)
    • (4) Stereo RCA pairs
  • Maximum Input Level: +20dBu

Audio Outputs:

  • Connectors:
    • (3) 6-pin Euroblock outputs (Zones 1-4 & 6, balanced line-level)
    • (1) 3-pin Euroblock output (Zone 5, balanced line-level)
  • Impedance: 200Ω, each leg to ground
  • Maximum Output Level: +20dBu

Other Connectors:

  • (6) RJ45 ports (Zone 1-6 remote control)
  • (1) RJ45 port (Master Remote Control)
  • (1) RJ45 port (Pager)
  • (1) RJ45 Ethernet port (computer)
  • (1) 2-pin Euroblock input (digital logic)
  • (1) BNC antenna input (Bluetooth)
  • (1) Power cable input (IEC 3-pin)

Frequency Response: 40Hz - 16kHz (-3dB)

Dynamic Range: 111dB (A-weighted)

THD+N: 0.005% (+4dBu output, 1kHz)

Bluetooth Specifications:

  • Version: 4.0
  • Profile: A2DP
  • Range: Up to 100 feet
  • Maximum Transmission Power: Class 2, 4dBm
  • Frequency: 2.4 - 2.48GHz


  • Type: RGB TFT
  • Resolution: 480 x 128

Operating Temperature: 32˚F - 113˚F


  • Voltage: 10 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 50W

Dimensions: Width - 19.0", Height - 1.75", Depth: 11.50" (including power cord)

Weight: 6.1 lbs.

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