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Singtrix® Party Bundle

Limited edition home karaoke system

40 Reviews | 1 question - 2 answers

Item # 220SINGTX1

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Singtrix® Party Bundle

Belt out ballads with confidence. Perform pop hits with pizazz. The Singtrix Party Bundle turns your next party, get-together, or family night into a karaoke jam — with an interesting twist. Natural, real-time pitch correction makes you sound like a pro, no matter your singing ability. The "hit" button on the side of the included custom mic transforms your voice into a four-part vocal harmony.

Karaoke night: the remix

In use at office party

Belt out ballads with confidence. Perform pop hits with pizazz. The Singtrix Party Bundle turns your next party, get-together, or family night into a karaoke jam — with an interesting twist. Natural, real-time pitch correction makes you sound like a pro, no matter your singing ability. The "hit" button on the side of the included custom mic transforms your voice into a four-part vocal harmony.

The Singtrix Studio effects console puts over 300 professional music studio effects at your fingertips with push-button control. A portable, powerful single speaker system with a built-in subwoofer rocks the party. The bundle is easy to setup, and the music's provided by your smartphone or tablet.

Plug in your playlist, pick your song, and perform

The Singtrix Party Bundle is powered by your portable music device of choice, like a smartphone or small tablet, which attaches to a holder on the included mic stand. Connect your device to the Singtrix system via its headphone jack. Now you're ready to sing along with your own music library, your music service of choice, or even pull up a karaoke video on YouTube®. The "Song Voice" feature lowers the level of existing vocals in the mix, so you can sing over the track. For more karaoke music choices, download the optional Singtrix app for Android™ or iOS® devices (subscription required).

Studio effects and insider tricks — at your fingertips

Turn the dial on the Singtrix Studio effects console to scroll through over 300 professional vocal and instrument effects including reverb, wah-wah, and doubling. Sprinkle in sounds popularized by every genre from the golden oldies to the latest chart-topper. Channel the haunting mood of an old-school country crooner, the unhinged angst of a rebellious rocker, or the exuberant excess of a pop princess.

Select your skill level, and Singtrix will add in pitch correction accordingly. Along with the studio effects, you can choose from presets like "hip hop diva," "cowboy," or "arena rock." Or get experimental with choices like "psychedelic," "distorted dude," or "robotica."

Move the crowd

A 40-watt "2.1" speaker system with a built-in subwoofer delivers the music loud and clear. It's small enough for one person to carry, but provides enough sound to fuel the fun. Just a few simple connections to the Singtrix Studio and you're ready to rock the mic. The bundle includes one custom microphone, but you can add a second mic (not included) for duets. The mic stand holds everything at just the right height for easy operation, so you get the party started anywhere.


Product Highlights:

  • original Singtrix Party Bundle (new version of packaging)
  • karaoke system with built-in pitch-correction and effects
  • easy to set up
  • connects to your phone, tablet, or portable music player's headphone jack
  • sing along to downloaded songs or songs from any streaming or karaoke music services
  • "Song Voice" feature lowers existing vocals in the music mix, so you can sing over the track
  • over 300 pre-loaded effects
  • optional Singtrix app for Android or iOS (subscription required)
  • mic stand with boom arm
  • compatible with other mics, headphones, and speaker systems
Singtrix Studio effects console:
  • effects dial and buttons to provide harmonies and effects combinations
  • three skill levels of pitch correction
  • over 300 genre-specific effect presets
  • two 1/4" phono mic inputs:
    • mic input 1 offers full range of effects with included microphone
    • 1/4" mic input 2 offers all effects except pitch correction and harmony
  • two 3.5mm stereo outputs
  • mic & main volume knobs
  • 4 different color faceplates
Custom microphone:
  • built-in "hit" button to add real-time effects and voice enhancements
  • weighted and balanced to match professional microphones
  • tuned specifically for the Singtrix Studio effects module
Speaker system:
  • two speakers and subwoofer built in
  • 40 watts of built-in amplification
  • lightweight, portable design
  • volume, treble, and bass controls
General features:
  • device holder for phone, small tablet, or portable music player
  • cables included: microphone, speaker, and 3.5 mm audio cable
  • total weight: 28 lbs.
  • warranty: 90 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Singtrix Studio module
  • Speaker
  • Microphone with attached 12' mic cable (1/4" plug)
  • Microphone stand tripod base
  • Microphone stand boom arm
  • 2 Plastic clasps (attached to base and boom arm)
  • Microphone holder
  • Studio holder
  • AC adapter (for speaker) with attached 6' DC output cord (DC output: 18V 2800mA)
  • 48" AC power cord (for speaker)
  • AC adapter (for Studio module) with attached 10' DC output cord (DC output: 5V 1000mA)
  • 6' Audio cable (3.5mm mini plugs on each end)
  • 25" USB cable (Type A USB on one end and Type B USB on other end)
  • 9' Audio cable (3.5mm mini plug on one end and stereo RCA plugs on other end)
  • 3 Studio faceplates (red/pink/black)
  • Two 6" hook-and-loop cable ties
  • Universal device holder
  • Quick-reference Presets List
  • Setup Manual
  • Safety & Warranty Information
  • Attention sheet

Having loads of fun with this new unit. Can't wait to have parties at the house, and let others join in the fun. the equipment is great, and works as illustrated.

Bill, Lock Haven, PA


Singtrix® Party Bundle Reviews

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(40 Reviews)


Bill from Lock Haven, PA on 11/30/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Having loads of fun with this new unit. Can't wait to have parties at the house, and let others join in the fun. the equipment is great, and works as illustrated.

Pros: Good sound, easy to operate and connect. Quality accessories!

Cons: Instructions to play keyboard, says to depress studio buttons "Song Voice & "My voice" at the same time to remove latency/audio. My studio doesn't have a "My Voice" button. How do I connect my keyboard as suggested.?

Crutchfield response on 12/5/2017 Bill, whenever you need help with anything you purchase from Crutchfield, please contact our tech support team right away. They can help you solve the problem and get this working properly! Lifetime tech support comes with every Crutchfield purchase.

Scratched off of my Bucket List!!!!!!!!!!

Frances from Chehalis, WA on 1/18/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Finally and once in a lifetime.........I finally can fulfill something on my long bucket list! I CAN SING, I CAN SING!!!!! All my life I have just wanted to carry a tune because I love to sing. Not everyone supported me in this endeavor! Now, I sing all of those wonderful songs that I have loved over the years! Thank you Singtrix for finally creating a device that is so easy to use, gives me so many options to style my voice and is quality built! Thank you Crutchfield Company for stocking this item and sending to me so very well packaged and delivered! You "ROCK" I have so much more I can say about this great product, but I am too busy now. I have 8 songs I am playing and my audience of 3 dogs, 3 birds and one cat are very eager to hear me sing their favorites ..."How Much is that Doggie in the Window", A Dog Named Blue" and their all time favorite.... the musical theme from Lassie!!!!!!!! (I hum that one).

Pros: Yes, I have become a Pro

Cons: The only con I can come up with is that I don't charge for a seat at my concerts.

The best!

Mare from Staten Island, NY on 8/28/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

You really do sound great. A lot of settings, find your fav.



Singtrix® Party Bundle

Robbie from Atlanta ga on 5/23/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

To many vocal changing options for regular karaoke

Pros: Good sound

Cons: You have to use karaoke music , the vocals are not lowered enough to use regular music from your library .

Not So Much

Petevabch from Norfolk, VA on 4/16/2016

This machine is nothing more then a mic and amp. While it advertises it can make anyone sound good, even says it can make a man sound like a woman. non of that is true. It only distorts the voice or adds reverb to it. You can buy a mic and amp at any music store and do the same thing. Total let down

Pros: Karaoke Machine

Cons: Doesn't work anything like it is supposed to. I wish I hadn't waited so long after getting it to use it or I would have returned it.

What a blast!

Dan R. from Lostine , OR on 2/27/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got this as a gift for my 57th birthday. Talk about fun for one or a gathering, it's hard to stop singing. I usually stop when my voice starts getting hoarse. Finally got my wife to try it on her own and she spent 2 hours on it the first time. This thing has endless possibilities and can break the ice on any occasion.

Pros: Works as advertised.

Cons: Does take some patience at first because of the learning curve, but like any good thing it's worth it.

Singtrix® Party Bundle

Dale from Palmyra on 2/12/2016

Easy setup great directions had some difficulty with the software app but totally worth it



All you Can ask for at the price point

Dejalou from Babylon, NY on 1/16/2016

Great product for the money. Makes Karaoke that much more fun when you and the other people participating sound better.

Pros: Sounds great, easy to use

Cons: Longer wires would be great and an option to expand beyond two mics. Would be nice if they had a wireless mic option.

Awesome singtrix

GlenR from Illinois on 1/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Unlimited karaoke selection thru online videos, enhance voice effect makes singing more fun

Pros: Able to sing latest songs,voice enhance effect

Cons: Getting used to the different voice enhancing effect

Excellent purchase

Mike from Virginia on 1/4/2016

Great family purchase for Christmas! Everyone loves the machine and it has been a hit so far for family and friends!

Pros: Easy of use, quality of product

Cons: Takes some time to find the right voice option so that sound isn't robit like


Corinna from Charleston West Virginia on 12/26/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

There was too much static with the speaker and we could not figure out how to make it take off the echo so it was only your voice. My daughter said she would rather have had a regular karaoke system.



Crutchfield response on 12/28/2015 Once we saw this review, our Tech Support team reached out to help the customer. We'll either help her get this working the way it should, or help her return it for an exchange or refund.

Singtrix® Party Bundle

Crutchfield customer from New York on 12/24/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)





Mythreegirls from Ohio on 12/19/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Quality product! Fun for everyone in the family.

Pros: Quality products Easy to use

Cons: If I had to say anything negative it would be there are a lot of cords to deal with but that's about it.

Singtrix Party Bundle

Tone Deaf from Hawaii on 12/17/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It was pretty simple setting up the Singtrix out of the box. However, it took awhile to figuring out how to use all the audio voice settings and finding the karaoke songs online. Only thing is it didn't help me sound any better. Guess it's not the holy grail to fixing a really bad singer. Haha!

Pros: Setup was relatively straight forward Lots of audio settings to play with

Cons: A little complicated for the non-techie person Could use a little longer cords for the speaker (was too short to reach the back of my other audio speaker system) and mobile device (e.g. iPad, iPhone, etc.) without having to standup next to the microphone stand. The Singtrix unit clip is flimsy and the unit can fall off if not clipped in properly. Could use a stronger stand to support and secure an iPad.


Rick o. from Illinois on 12/6/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Got this just before thanksgiving because all of the kids and grandkids we're going to be home for the holiday and we had heard it was fun. We heard right! It is so much fun! If you are an average singer, it will make you sound pretty good. If you are above average, you sound great! Everyone was practically fighting for a turn. It is super easy to use also. I am 60 years old and had it going in no time at all. There are over 300 different voice settings, many of which sound the same, but it gives you the ability to adjust your voice to fit the song somewhat. My wife and I sat up until 2am singing. Just the 2 of us. As far as the claim it makes a terrible singer sound good, that is a slight stretch of the truth. It makes a terrible singer sound better and bearable. It is an absolutely wonderful machine, easy to use, and very entertaining to have around. It is addictive and it is hard to put away. It is one of the most family oriented things we have ever bought. Microphone is well built. Amp is loud and clear. The mic stand is ok. The only thing I would change is to make the device holder sturdier and larger. Our iPad sits on it, but not securely. It is not something terrible, and can be easily remedied with a little ingenuity. The songs are easy to find. We just type in, for example, karaoke Tim McGraw, and up comes his songs. Usually through karafun. You can do this with any singer. Never failed us yet. Overall, a great fun time for the whole family. Glad we bought it.

Pros: Easy to use. Quality equipment for the price. Great family entertainment.

Cons: None that I can think of really

luv it!

D.C. from North Carolina on 10/12/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Lots of fun, just as described.

Pros: Great

Cons: none

Pretty Cool

Mike from Washington on 8/15/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome little system ... works great so far..

Pros: easy setup....sounds good..

Cons: getting songs can be changing .. kinda expensive...

Singtrix Party Bundle

Robert from Illinois on 6/5/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love this. The apps are disappointing. It's much easier to search online for songs with lyrics and just sing along. I purchased this as a present for someone else and I'm buying another for myself.



Singtrix® Party Bundle

Crutchfield customer from Arlington on 5/11/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love this and the quality is great !! We will continue having a lot of fun with this for a long time !




Crutchfield customer from Washington DC. on 5/8/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The instrument is good. It lifted the singing spirit of the Church.

Pros: Thank you for the instrument. It is good.

Cons: I will like my customer to tell the manufacturer to add blue tube to the instrument.

Now I can join in!!

Samantha P from Oregon on 4/26/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I use to lip sync Happy Birthday in a group. Now I am not afraid to let my voice be heard. With use, your confidence grows and with practice your own voice does improve.

Pros: Easy to set up and get started singing.

Cons: Wish it was an all inclusive system that had a screen to display the words and came with a few cd's to get us started.


RickO from California on 3/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Singtrix unit itself and the speaker seem to be of good quality but I am very disappointed with tripod microphone holder and the clamp-on device holder as they are very flimsy. The microphone stand does not stand up straight and the device holder clamps on crooked to the microphone stand.



Loads of fun

big Jim from Tennessee on 3/15/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a lot f fun for the whole family, ( friends love it too) I bought it from Crutchfield, because of their Great Customer Service. Very Happy.

Pros: Easy to set up. lots of choices on the board that you can choose

Cons: NONE!

sing trip party bundle

Crutchfield customer from Brooklyn center, MN 55430 on 3/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent product and service. I was debating between Crutchfield and another online retailer because they were approximately the same cost but I had never used Crutchfield on line. I am very happy with delivery and promptness. I would recommend it to anyone.



great fun

RGB from Iowa on 3/2/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It works good and delivered the things I was expecting. It was packaged well so there was no damage. It was worth the money I paid for it. I put it to gather with no problems. It is a lot of fun and I'm still learning the different capabilities that are built into the system. I have it hooked up to my computer so I have unlimited access to karaoke songs to go with it. Everything on it is self explanatory.

Pros: Easy assembly. Everything is labeled. Works as advertised. Works with the computer.

Cons: Could use longer cables, but it does work OK with provided cables.

Amazing Fun

FirstMate from Florida on 2/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is such a cool piece of equipment and fun for kids and adults. I am amazed at how this is available to the consumer now. A few years ago one would have to have so much equipment and costs would be prohibitive. Now everyone can enjoy Karaoke!

Pros: Once you get it working it is great.

Cons: Not easy to figure out.


Alvaro G from Katy, tx on 1/19/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It does not work well, exhos a lot and just not worth the money

Pros: Easy set up

Cons: Not very good it exhos and not able to hear, microphone sux

A "bundle" of fun!

Jammin' J from Pennsylvania on 1/13/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Singtrix Party Bundle is a blast! My husband and I bought it from Crutchfield (great customer service: knowledgeable, respectful, efficient) less than two weeks before Christmas to give to our 12 year-old daughter. She loves it! Her friends love it! Easy to set up, easy to use, and has multiple levels of use for vocals: removes vocals from songs via ipod so you can sing with just the music, distorts your voice using just the microphone, etc. There are a ton of voice distortions to choose from. I'm sure we haven't discovered all the variety of ways this product can be used. I couldn't resist and played with it for nearly an hour by myself (I'm over 50) when everyone else was out. TOO MUCH FUN!!!

Pros: Fast and easy to set up, easy to figure out basic use, voice distortions are quality and many are recognizable as used by performers (realistic).

Cons: For my non-instruction-reading, intuition-led 12-year-old, figuring out what all this product can do has taken a little time.


willie from Virginia on 1/4/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

wonderful we are having so much fun!!!!!!!!!! everyone needs one !!!!! great for parties!!!!!

Pros: everyone can SING!!!!!!

Cons: none

Now we're all super stars!

Jim from Texas on 1/2/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I ordered the singtrix bundle as a family gift for Christmas. it arrived super fast, was packaged so that snooping eyes didn't know what it was (it was a surprise) and turned out to be a big hit with my family. We had a blast and learned who among us can throw inhibitions aside! The voice enhancements are fun for the kids and can actually make you sound, well, better at least. Some of us are 'unfixable'. Great idea for family fun.

Pros: Easy to set up. Easy to use. Lots of options for voice enhancement.

Cons: The tablet stand supplied with the bundle is a little flimsy. I advise buying the extra attachment. It's worth it.

Sing Trix

Working Mama from NY, NY on 12/29/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

SO much fun! Relatively easy set up and away you go. Awesome modern karaoke set on steroids. Love the sound effects. One happy kiddo and fun for the whole family.



Pretty Nice

Stick from Buffalo, NY on 12/29/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Over all, Pretty Nice! A lot of the effects are similiar, but there's enough of them to keep everything interesting. Time will tell if the money that we paid for it was worth it. $/hrs used. A solid 4 is my rating.

Pros: Over 300 effects!

Cons: Some difficulty getting the ipad music downloaded and working with the SingTrix unit. The younger generation might not have any trouble with that!?

Great Backups

Cg_A from Elizabeth, CO on 12/17/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

K.. well i and my grandson tried every setting for backup production and effects generation and everything worked very sweet from hi trios to delays. I think the provided mic will be used for backup and a second mic for lead singing. So far, so good. The reason we only got this far is because we now need music.. to be used to extract the voice and plug in our own backup and lead singing with. Time for the pros and cons.

Pros: Works wonderful as billed.(5star). Great voices added into the mix. Nice reverbs and echoes and delays when expected. Good volume. Easy to use.Wide selection of effects. Touch on/off exactly as needed.

Cons: Only half there. !) you have to record your own music to feed it or use recorded music.. either way.. it has to be added. Words needed. Relative volume of voice input to effects voices would be nice with digital slides for each additional voice...Good voices.. just not adjustable relative to the main singer input. 2). I first thought of this product in 1976.. I think it still needs a bank of nine buttons on the mic to choose minors and sevenths in hi and lo harmony voices with harmony delay.

Wing Trix

Mikey from Florida on 12/15/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I think that this is going to be a great gift. Very excited to use it.

Pros: Lightweight , good sound,easy to assemble.

Cons: Plastic device holder. Would like to see them make it a little sturdier . Don't like all of the cords. Wish it was wireless .

Singtrix Party Bundle

Scott from Owensboro, KY on 12/12/2014

This karaoke package is everything as advertised. We were amazed at the sound and how easily it is to use. What an awesome product. Look forward to getting together with friends and family to enjoy the Singtrix.

Pros: Sound is great and easy to use

Cons: Would have liked a 2nd microphone with the same functions as the main mic.

Customer Review

Tom from Southern Calfornia on 12/11/2014

I have added the singtrix to my music studio, now anyone who chooses to sing with our band can duplicate the original artist and develop more harmony and increase there performance level, very cool product

Pros: A+++++

Cons: N/A

Singtrix® Party Bundle

Pauline from Pennsylvania on 11/20/2014

This product is everything I expected and more. I am extremely satisfied with all it's capabilities. It's so much fun.


Cons: only wished the mic was wireless

Great product!

Rich A from Los Angeles, CA on 11/18/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this for my wife for her birthday. She's a big Karaoke junkie and has been singing since she was a little girl. She's used to using other products like the Magic Sing, but after seeing a few videos on Youtube I decided to pull the trigger on the Singtrix. Wife was not disappointed. She loves using the tons of voice effects. Fortunately for me, the effects have an auto tune feature that can mask my lousy singing voice. My five year old daughter also uses it and loves it. We'll be breaking this bad boy out for Thanksgiving and having the whole family use it.

Pros: Tons of voice effects. HIT effects feature. Can be used with Youtube, Google Play, Spotify, MP3s.

Cons: Only one microphone. Other options that are similiary priced provide two mics (Magic Sing). Optional Singtrix app subscription is a waste of money at 11.95 per month.


jason from rio rancho NM on 11/18/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After seeing Singtrix featured on Shark Tank we were afraid it would not live up to the hype but it did. Easy to assemble and use with a wide range of options for vocals, a very unique product and a great gift Item.

Pros: easy to put together with quality equipment and instructions and incorporates easily with Karaoke machines and other system equipment

Cons: Could have accessory items such as longer cables for permanent installation to an entertainment system.

Great toy!

Vhill from Canton, OH on 11/17/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Lots of fun and fairly easy to use.

Pros: ease of use for the basics

Cons: No directions once you achieve the basics and want to take it to another level.


Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The Singtrix karaoke machine is a powerful vocal effects processor that can transform your voice into virtually any style you want. With over 300 presets to choose from, you can add layers of harmony, change or correct pitch, or sing "in the style of" dozens of different song styles. Singtrix differs from previous karaoke machines that simply remove the vocals from recorded music so you can sing along in your own voice. It enhances your vocal performance and quality using digital processing for a dramatic karaoke experience. This Singtrix Party Bundle includes the Singtrix Studio, a 2.1-channel speaker, a microphone and mic stand, and a platform for your smart device or tablet.

Presets: Singtrix offers 340 total preset vocal effects, each with "enhanced", "semipro", and "pro" settings that can be adjusted to your preferences. Some presets emulate specific musical artists or song styles, while others add harmonies or additional voices. The presets are divided into four categories: Universal Presets (90), Extreme Presets (49), Song Presets "in the style of..." (187), and Fixed Key Songs (14). There are also 10 preset memories for saving your favorite presets for quick access.

Effects: The Singtrix karaoke machine includes several effects that can be used at any time, including: thicken, tube, rotor, panner, flanger, wah-wah, chorus, delays (18), delay filters (13), reverbs (28), doubling (10), harmony (25), hard tune or pitch correction (7), voice and gender morphing, megaphone, radio, telephone, overdrive, distortions, and other tone filters.

Hit Effect: The Hit Effect can be used with any preset. A dedicated button on the Singtrix microphone or the Studio will instantly provide a boost to the current vocal effect by adding a 4-part vocal harmony. It can be used to accent certain words or sections in a song, such as the chorus or the bridge. The Hit Effect only affects the Mic 1 input.

Music Source: The Singtrix karaoke machine will work with any high-quality music source. Pitch correction and harmony effects work in most standard major and minor keys. You can use music from the song library on your smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet. You can also search for special karaoke tracks, including those from such websites as YouTube. The Singtrix app is designed to be used with the Singtrix karaoke machine (in-app purchases may be required). Other third-party karaoke apps can be used, however you should turn off the phone/tablet's internal microphone off to prevent feedback.

Singtrix Studio: The brains of the Singtrix karaoke machine is the Singtrix Studio. The Studio includes two 1/4" microphone inputs, and a 3.5mm input for connecting any music source. Two 3.5mm outputs are provided for headphones or powered speakers. A USB port is provided (Type B) for downloading new effects and updates, when available. The front panel features a 3" display, a large Effects button, the Hit button, and four mode buttons: Song Voice, My Voice, Mic Volume, and Main Volume. The Studio can be placed on a table top, or mounted to the included mic stand with the special holder. Three color inserts are included to change the Studio faceplate from its original orange to red, black, or pink. Dimensions: Width: 5.782", Height: 2.405", Depth: 7.05".

Microphone Inputs: Inputs are provided on the Singtrix Studio for two microphones. The Mic 1 offers the full Hit Effect and "non-Hit" effects for the lead singer, including pitch correction and harmonies. It is designed for use by only one singer at a time. The Mic 2 input does not offer pitch correction, harmonies, or the Hit Effect. Only basic effects, such as reverb, delays, and equalization, are available. The Mic 2 input can be used by one or more singers, as a backup to Mic 1.

Speaker: The Singtrix speaker is a 2.1-channel speaker system with 40 watts of power. It has a pair of high-fidelity stereo speakers and a 5" down-firing subwoofer. It is designed for the optimal Singtrix experience, but can be used for music, gaming, and movies. It has separate volume, bass, and treble controls. The speaker has a stereo RCA input. Dimensions: Width: 13", Height: 10.919", Depth: 11.826".

Singtrix Microphone: The Singtrix custom microphone is specifically tuned to work with the Singtrix Studio. It has the build, weight, and balance of a professional quality microphone, and has an attached 12' cable. The built-in Hit Button can toggle the special Hit Effects on and off with ease. The included microphone stand can be adjusted in height from 30" to over 6', and includes a 19" boom with an adjustable angle. It has a wide tripod base to prevent tip over. Two plastic cable clasps and two Velcro strips are included for cable management.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

family member had this [ DAWN  Oct 09, 2017 ]
want to entertain family and friends looks like a good choice. [ Earleen  Feb 12, 2017 ]
I've always wanted to sing jazz in a feminine voice and if everything I've read about this product is true then I'll have my wish come true. [ K  Feb 05, 2017 ]
friend recommendation [ Sean  Nov 17, 2016 ]
Voice Changing capabilities. [ Chester  Jun 20, 2016 ]
I had already decided to buy this item. I found the best deal here with no shipping charge or tax. [ Ernest  May 11, 2016 ]
It's Crutchfield, need I say more? [ Christopher  May 10, 2016 ]
Normally buy from other retailers, but heard good things about Crutchfield customer service so giving it a try in case this product isn't as good as described. [ Kelly  Mar 22, 2016 ]
Friends and family avices [ luis  Dec 28, 2015 ]
I like the reviews! [ Felix  Dec 23, 2015 ]
Saw this item on Good Morning America. All my children are singers and since pre Christmas shipping was available, I thought they might have fun with this on Christmas. [ Carol  Dec 22, 2015 ]
Strong positive reviews from Crutchfield customers made me comfortable to make this purchase. [ Damian  Dec 17, 2015 ]
Can't wait to party... why wouldn't I pick this! I was looking for a high end karaoke machine and this was this highest rated unit I could find. Thank you! [ Phillip  Dec 14, 2015 ]
Bought for daughters Christmas present. Ages 8 and 10 who love to sing. [ Lori  Dec 12, 2015 ]
I bought the Singtrix party bundle from Crutchfield because it seems to be an all-in-one set; hence, I wouldtn't need to buy anything else to begin singing. Let's see if this is true when it arrives. [ Lorena  Dec 09, 2015 ]
Good reviews and there is a helpful on line video with a step by step assembly guide. The youtube home videos showed the system in use by real people and I believe that my 11 year old will like the system. I wish it came with some tunes to try out immediately out of the box. [ Ellen M.  Dec 06, 2015 ]

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I don't recommended. I purchase a Berhringer PA speaker with two wireless mic, works 100% better. [ Luis  Dec 11, 2017 ]
Yes, buy the personal bundle; microphone and singtrix console. You can connect to your speaker or sound system. [ ROBERT  Dec 10, 2017 ]