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SIRIUS 50-foot Antenna Extension Cable

For car, marine, or home use

Item # 220SIRXT50

Your SIRIUS antenna's cable may not be long enough if you're installing a SIRIUS radio in an extra-large vehicle,...

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About the SIRIUS 50-foot Antenna Extension Cable

Your SIRIUS antenna's cable may not be long enough if you're installing a SIRIUS radio in an extra-large vehicle, boat, business, or home. This 50-foot extension cable lets you make long cable runs with ease. Warranty: 1 year.

Your SIRIUS antenna's cable may not be long enough if you're installing a SIRIUS radio in an extra-large vehicle, boat, business, or home. This 50-foot extension cable lets you make long cable runs with ease. Warranty: 1 year.

A SIRIUS antenna is not included. This extension cable is only compatible with single-input SIRIUS antennas.


What's in the box:

  • 50' Sirius antenna extension cable with in-line amplifier (has SMB connectors on each end)
  • Rubber boot (installed on amplifier)
  • Installation instructions (under packaging flap)

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SIRIUS 50-foot Antenna Extension Cable Reviews

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Crutchfield response

More details on the SIRIUS 50-foot Antenna Extension Cable

Product Research


Overview: The SIR-EXT50 is a 50' extension cable with an in-line amplifier for use with Sirius antennas; the kit is not compatible with XM satellite radio antennas. It can be used for Sirius mobile or home receivers.

Cable and Connector: The SIR-EXT50 antenna extension cable is a single 50' coaxial cable with single SMB connectors (without the plastic FAKRA-type plastic housing) on each end. The extension cable is equipped an in-line signal amplifier (10dB gain) on one end with a weather-resistant rubber boot. The other end plugs directly into single-input Sirius Satellite Radio receivers.

Extension Limits: No more than 2 extension kits should be connected back-to-back.

Cable Care: The full length of the extension cable should be used--it should not be cut, spliced or otherwise shortened. The cable should not be kinked. You should avoid bending the cable in a radius of less than an inch. The cable can be used outdoors, but it should not be exposed to severe environmental conditions. The in-line signal amplifier should be mounted upright, oriented so the label is readable right side up.


  • Cable Type: RG-58
  • Cable Length: 50'
  • Frequency: 2300 to 2400 MHz
  • Amplifier Gain: 10dB +/- 1dB @ 2300 MHz
  • Return Loss: -10dB
  • Connectors: SMB

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
the extension is necessary to place the antenna in best location for reception. [ Johnny  Jun 01, 2018 ]
low price for 50 foot antenna, and has added booster, will see how it works. thanks PLB [ Patrick  Jan 18, 2018 ]
Needed to do an exterior antenna so this fit the bill nicely [ Mike  Jul 20, 2017 ]
antenna location greatly affects reception of my mobile Sirius satellite radio - needed more length between antenna and receiver to get to optimum antenna locations [ Patricia A.  Jun 24, 2017 ]
antenna cable furnished with home docking station not long enough to get reception. This one should give me enough to get to the south side of house. [ LOMAX  May 04, 2017 ]
own a satellite radio and want better reception at my office but needed extension cord for antenna . [ Cynthia  Jan 08, 2017 ]
Needed the extra length for a roof eve mount. [ CW  Dec 03, 2016 ]
I don't get good Sirius/XM satellite reception at my home. Bought this cable and an antenna from Crutchfield to mount somewhere on my roof and run down to my new Yahama AVR. [ riderjwc  Aug 04, 2016 ]
The stock ant cable is too short for the sat radio [ Glenn  Jul 19, 2016 ]
To install outside antenna [ Glenn  Feb 20, 2016 ]

6 questions already asked

Can you use 2 or 3 extension cables together ? I need to place the antenna about 125 to 135 ft from the Sirius receiver. Is that too far to get reception from the antenna?
[ greg  Jan 16, 2016 ]
2 answers
No that's not too far. I ran my extensions 100 feet and have no problems with reception
[ Philip  Jan 17, 2016 ]
have only used one but don't see why extension wouldn't; work
[ William  Jan 16, 2016 ]
Can I use this on a Sirius XM radio that is installed in my 18 WHEELER?
[ Jerry  Jun 08, 2015 ]
2 answers
[ Jim  Jun 09, 2015 ]
Hello Jerry It should/will work. It is just an extension of the short cord you get from Sirius. About 30 feet of mine is outside. The connector is water proof. This should allow you to get your tunes in your rig. Enjoy. Safe travels. Mike
[ Michael  Jun 08, 2015 ]
Will this work with my SiriusXM SXV300V1 Tuner? I don't understand the square part
[ Jay  May 05, 2015 ]
2 answers
YEs. The large end is a weather resistant cover for the plug.
[ FRANK  May 06, 2015 ]
Hello Jay That had me concerned also. However it is a safety feature. It keeps the connection from coming lose and even adds a cover over the connection. It caused no problems. Mike
[ Michael  May 06, 2015 ]
Is there a specific way to hook this up.?
[ wayne  Aug 25, 2014 ]
4 answers
Pretty straight forward, plugs in between the antenna lead and your receiver.
[ KEVIN  Aug 26, 2014 ]
Yes, In my application the smaller end of this cable went into the Sirius SXV200V1 tuner, and the larger end I connected to my car's factory Sirius antenna.
[ Nick  Aug 26, 2014 ]
It's just like an extension cord. One end is male and the other has a female end inside of that large plastic thing. To conserve space I removed the big plastic cover from around the female end and then covered the connection with shrink tubing.
[ Donald  Aug 26, 2014 ]
Hi Wayne, The 50 foot extension cable is really easy to apply. There are many applications that you can use: For example some people bury the cable underground some simply tuck it under the house siding if applicable. One side connects to the antenna port on the radio back the other side to the antenna itself. Don't be afraid to tackle it. Make sure the antenna is pointed correctly using the signal strength meter on your Sirius Radio and have someone spot you on the ladder... Enjoy the Music! Bob
[ ROBERT  Aug 26, 2014 ]

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