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SiriusXM SXHA1

Outdoor home antenna for SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Item # 220SXHA1

This antenna ensures that you get the best possible satellite radio reception for your Dock & Play radio or...

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About the SiriusXM SXHA1

This antenna ensures that you get the best possible satellite radio reception for your Dock & Play radio or SiriusXM-ready home receiver. The indoor antennas included with those products can't always do the job out in the rain, sleet & snow.

This antenna ensures that you get the best possible satellite radio reception for your Dock & Play radio or SiriusXM-ready home receiver. The indoor antennas included with those products can't always do the job out in the rain, sleet & snow.

You can use the supplied bracket to mount this all-weather antenna on an exterior wall, your roof, or your boat's mast. The package comes with mounting hardware for the antenna and an adapter cable that hooks into your player's home dock. Then you can put the antenna anywhere within 150' of your radio using standard RG-6 indoor/outdoor cable.


Product highlights:

  • home antenna for SiriusXM satellite radios
  • works with Sirius, XM, or SiriusXM home tuners, or any Dock & Play system
  • uses RG-6 cable (not included)
  • dimensions: 3 1/2"W x 8"H x 2 7/8"D (while upright)
  • warranty: 90 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # SXHA1

What's in the box:

  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio outdoor home antenna (with integrated arm and mounting bracket)
  • 6' Antenna adapter cable (with a threaded F-type coax connector on one end and a SMB connector on other end)
  • 2 U-bolts
  • 2 Mounting brackets
  • Four 1" phillips-head screws
  • 4 Hex nut/star washers
  • Rubber boot
  • Wire-tie
  • Installation Guide

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Overview: The SiriusXM Satellite Radio SXHA1 Outdoor Home Antenna Kit will provide the best signal for your Sirius, SiriusXM, or XM Radio home receiver or Plug & Play system. The SXHA1 Outdoor Home Antenna Kit includes a Satellite Radio outdoor antenna, plus adapter cable and mounting hardware (RG-6 coax cable required/not included).

Note: In addition to this antenna, you must have an Sirius, SiriusXM, or XM tuner and subscription to Sirius, SiriusXM, or XM Satellite Radio to receive XM programming.

Outdoor Home Antenna: The SXHA1 outdoor satellite radio antenna is a low-profile, high-performance antenna designed specifically for Sirius, SiriusXM, and XM Satellite Radio reception.

Integrated Mounting Bracket: The SXHA1 has an integrated universal mounting arm & bracket that can be installed to a wall, roof, chimney, mast, or pole. Mounting hardware is included. The mounting arm lets you adjust the angle (up or down) of the antenna.

F-Type/SMB Connectors: The antenna itself has a threaded F-type coaxial connector designed for use with a standard RG-6 coax cable (not included). The included F-type to SMB cable adapter plugs into your Sirius, SiriusXM, or XM tuner.

Note: Your Satellite Radio tuner can be anywhere in the house up to 150' away from the antenna.

Satellite Radio Tuner Compatibility: The SXHA1 is compatible with any Sirius, SiriusXM, or XM Satellite Radio tuner with push-on style SMB or F-type antenna connector.


Antenna Element Housing:

  • Width: 2.9375"
  • Height: 1.375" (plus F-type connector)
  • Depth: 3.5625"

Mounting Base:

  • Width: 3.3125"
  • Height: 4.625"
  • Depth: 1.25"

Mounting Arm:

  • Length: 8"
  • Minimum Distance From Mounting Surface: 1.4375"-9.125"

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Enhance home use of XM radio. [ M  Dec 27, 2018 ]
good reviews, setting up XM radio in whole house audio system [ Bradley  Aug 14, 2018 ]
Our indoor antenna isn't picking up the signal well enough [ Raymond  Jul 22, 2018 ]
Needed better signal reception. [ Tim  May 02, 2018 ]
my existing one stopped working [ J  Jan 31, 2018 ]
Needed replacement antenna [ Kevin  Aug 22, 2017 ]
Listen to music [ Dean  Jul 20, 2017 ]
17 year old antenna is having problems [ lewis  Jun 27, 2017 ]
I ultimately purchased this item because Dexter researched what antenna would work with my Sirius radio. Dexter is most certainly a credit to Crutchfield. Give him a raise! [ Sharon  Jun 25, 2017 ]
This is replacing a previous model of the same type purchased through Crutchfield at least ten years ago. It served faithfully through hurricanes and blizzards, incl. Superstorm Sandy. [ Christine  Mar 30, 2017 ]
Need outside antenna for my docking station SiriusXM radio. [ Arthur  Jan 01, 2017 ]
Provides increased reliable antenna reception at an affordable price [ Gary  Dec 15, 2016 ]
Already bought it last year, and it works great! [ Marc  Nov 06, 2016 ]
Mounting to my roof and running down to my AVR to improve my Sirius/XM satellite reception. [ riderjwc  Aug 04, 2016 ]
This looked like a better way to permanently install a satellite mount with less wires laying on the floor. [ Ignacio  Apr 22, 2016 ]
Just by browsing your site after I received your catalog/flier. My wife wanted a pair of headphones you had advertised and while ordering I saw this and decided to give it a try. [ FIELDS  Mar 15, 2016 ]
reviews [ Steven  Jan 11, 2016 ]

3 questions already asked

Does anyone know the gain on this antenna?
[ Eileen  Oct 08, 2018 ]
1 answer
HI Eileen, We checked in with company that makes the antenna and with SiriusXM, but the gain is not a number that is published anywhere. If there is a specific installation or application situation here, let us know and we may be able to provide some further help.
[ Jeff  Oct 22, 2018 ]  Staff
Will the 50ft extension cable work with this antenna? Also does the 50 ft extension cable work with the 21ft cable that comes with the unit?
[ Ronald  Apr 28, 2016 ]
3 answers
I've about 100 feet of cable with no notable problem. Recently I've had some moisture problems but I xpect a good cleaning and resealing the cable connector will resolve that problem. My antenna is on the north side of the house so it's in the shade most of the time. It's been in use for 2 years with limited maintenance, so some TLC is due. Good luck and good listening!!!!!
[ AL  May 02, 2016 ]
Yes! I actually connected the cable that the antenna came with to a 50 FT cable. Reception was never better
[ ANTHONY F  Apr 29, 2016 ]
Yes, it works great! No worries at all.
[ Terry  Apr 29, 2016 ]
Does snow and ice accumulate on this antenna and block the reception?
[ KenKutz  Feb 18, 2015 ]
7 answers
Hi Ken, We have installed 8 to 10 of these and have not heard of any issues. Keep in mind that we are carful to install them in an area of best signal possible. FYI I am in the Maine and NH area.
[ ROBERT  Mar 04, 2015 ]
I am 20 miles from Boston and we have lots of snow, I have not lost the signal once. Works great.
[ LLOYD  Feb 19, 2015 ]
The unit is on the south facing side of my home. It's been thru two fairly nasty winters without a problem. Reception is always great.
[ CHARLES  Feb 19, 2015 ]
Yes sometimes it does, however I do live in a high snowfall area (north of Chicago) rather than a lot of ice. P Gray
[ Peggy  Feb 19, 2015 ]
Yes, snow/ice will lay on the antenna, but does not affect the signal, at least it does not for me. In fact the position of the satellite in orbit and cloud cover seem to effect the signal strength more. From time to time i may have to tweak the position of it slightly to get better reception, so it may not be a set-and-forget placement. And when i say it accumulates, i am not talking it being in the kind of snow depth Boston has had this winter.
[ ROBERT L  Feb 19, 2015 ]
Hello K: I appreciate your question. Unfortunately I can't help with an answer for two reasons; 1.) I have not installed it outside. 2.) Believe it or not it's still in the box. My plan however was to install it in the attic as the directions indicate can be successfully done. I purchased this just prior to doing some major home remodeling and have simply not implemented this piece of equipment as yet. Sounds dumb, but that's the fact. I hope it will work as advertised when I am ready to install it. Hopefully someone else will be able to give you an answer.
[ DAVID J  Feb 19, 2015 ]
I live in Georgia, and don't get much snow and ice ...
[ HENRY M  Feb 19, 2015 ]

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