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XM XpressRCi

Dock & Play satellite radio (New Stock)

8 Reviews

Item # 220XMCK30I

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Our take on the XM XpressRCi

Enjoy satellite radio in full color with XM's XpressRCi Dock & Play satellite radio. Its large screen makes it easier to keep track of your favorite programming. The split-screen display provides a real-time programming guide, allowing you to see what's on the channel that's currently playing, as well as on three other channels.

Enjoy satellite radio in full color with XM's XpressRCi Dock & Play satellite radio. Its large screen makes it easier to keep track of your favorite programming. The split-screen display provides a real-time programming guide, allowing you to see what's on the channel that's currently playing, as well as on three other channels.

The XpressRCi automatically saves the last 60 minutes of programming automatically, so you can pause and replay music, sports, and talk shows without missing a beat. You can even save your 10 favorite songs to listen to later. You also get a remote so your passengers can surf channels without disturbing the driver.

Included accessories
Use the included cable to connect the XpressRCi to your car stereo's auxiliary input. If your stereo doesn't have an aux in, the SIRIUS|XM PowerConnect™ system delivers clear sound through your vehicle's FM radio. You'll also get the other accessories you'll need for installation in your car — a car cradle and antenna, plus dash and vent mounts.

Note: A subscription to XM is also required. Satellite radio service is available only within Canada and the lower 48 states — not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories.

Product Highlights:

  • Dock & Play satellite radio with split screen color display
  • PowerConnect system includes auxiliary output cable and power adapter/FM transmitter
  • car kit includes car cradle, antenna, dash and vent mounts
  • remote control
  • pause and replay up to 60 minutes of programming
  • large split screen display shows channel, artist, and song information: up to 4 channels simultaneously
  • 10 channel presets
  • scrolling info extras, such as sports scores and stock ticker
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Plug-and-Play XM Satellite Radio Receiver (XDRC2)
  • Wireless remote control with installed CR2032 battery (XDPR1)
  • Vehicle cradle dock (XDPIV1)
  • Magnetic vehicle antenna with attached 22.75' cord with single SMB connector
  • Vehicle 12-volt power adapter with attached 56" cord (SXDPIP1)
  • 50" Stereo minijack cable (with a right-angle male 3.5mm connector on each end)
  • Vehicle swivel mount
  • Vehicle vent mount (2 vent extension arms)
  • Rubber antenna cable wedge
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide
  • Accessory Guide
  • Limited Warranty
  • XM Channel Guide

XM XpressRCi Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(8 Reviews)

Terry Thurgood

t from Austin on 2/17/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After owning a XpressRC for 3.5 yrs and using it faithfully & continuously in 2 vehicles, my study, & my garage, it finally started suffering from dementia which quickly accelerated into total memory loss. After the trauma and not wanting to change or upgrade to current models, I was quite pleased to find this high quality refurb unit. Except for the label, I would not have been able to tell just from the external aesthetics. Nice offering from Crutchfield, as usual.

Pros: Significantly improved color, faster response, improved reception in cities where terrestrial broadcasts are offered.

Cons: Still looking after 6 wks of use.

XM XpressRCi

Crutchfield customer from Brooklyn, NY on 2/16/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Working as advertised. No complain.

Pros: Very satisfied.

Cons: None

Don't Buy

RogerT from Temple, TX on 11/25/2011

Good when it worked, but this much plus installation is a lot for something that only lasted a year.


Cons: Piece of junk!!!! After 1 year, it started cycling off/on repeatedly, basically becoming unusable. XM, Crutchfield unable to help. Now I either have to purchase a new receiver or pay for a subscription I can't use.

Great Unit, FM transmitter not so good.

tRu from Los Angeles, CA on 9/16/2011

I love the unit itself, great looking display especially the split screen option. reason for the 4 1/2* is because i can never get a solid FM station to transmit signal. I set a good FM channel at home before work , i drive a block and i find myself trying to find a different channel before the light changes a block down later im doing it all over again. my suggestion is buy it no doubt but op for the aux input or the hard wire FM option. Thanks to Crutchfield for the awesome prices and #1 customer service always a great experience.



Well Designed XM Receiver

ArnieG from Seattle, WA on 12/9/2010

I installed the XM XpressRCI in my 2003 Infiniti G35 over two years ago and overall it's a very well designed product that surpasses the factory satellite radio that came in my 2007 Infiniti. The first unit ran well for four months before it started to lose all memory settings every few days and was exchanged with a new unit by Crutchfield. One big feature of the radio is its ability to allow the user to peruse other channels for songs while still listening to a channel. One downside is that although it has the ability to store up to ten songs over the air, it will overwrite the oldest song, not a user-selected stored song. The antenna that came with the unit occasionally loses the signal in hilly areas. It also allows the user to select out non-desired stations to avoid having to manually scan the two hundred stations available on XM Radio. Ten preset buttons instead of the six on my factory-installed satellite radio.



Great except for the backlight failures

Jeremy R from Omaha, NE on 11/25/2010

This unit has great features and I wasn't disappointed... until the backlight went out. Turns out that this is a common problem for this model and Audiovox has yet to fix the production issue. The only way to fix the issue is to replace the entire display. Stay away from this model unless you want to buy a new one 12 months down the road.



It works for me!

Terry from Scottsdale, AZ on 10/17/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First Rate product especially when installed by a pro. I had some problems with the DIY discrete installation suggested in the User's Guide (hiding the antenna cable is not as easy as they would suggest). My installer got me on the road with my stylish and easy to program and operate XM/Sirius radio.



XM XpressRCi

Crutchfield customer from Springfield, IL on 6/4/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This was the very first satellite radio I have ever purchased and I love it. It seems expensive but you definitely get what you paid for. What I really like is the fact that you can have one station on while you search the list for what's playing on the other stations (just like satellite tv). The only thing I don't like is the dock this came with, the one that hangs off the vent... It's just really flimsy. That's all though.




Hands-on research

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Overview: This package contains the XM Xpress RCi XM Satellite Radio receiver, car cradle (with swivel adhesive mount and vent mount), a PowerConnect FM transmitter cigarette light adapter, a magnetic roof-mount antenna, and wireless remote control. You can connect the XM Xpress RCi  to your vehicle's sound system using the unit's built-in FM transmitter or your headunit's auxiliary input (minijack cable supplied). A subscription to XM Satellite Radio is also required.

XM Satellite Radio: XM Satellite Radio offers a great variety of programming such as commercial free music of almost any genre (Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, Christian, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Latin), sports (MLB, NHL, college games, PGA tour), talk radio (NPR), comedy (Laugh Attack, The Foxxhole), news (CNN, CSPAN, CNBC, BBC), and entertainment (Oprah, Cosmo). XM Radio provides superior digital sound quality coast-to-coast. XM also offers instant traffic and weather alerts for 21 major US cities.

Vehicle Dock: The XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio receiver comes supplied with a vehicle dock which allows you to listen to XM Satellite Radio in your vehicle. The vehicle dock has color-coded connectors to assist you in connecting the cables to the correct connector. The vehicle dock also has a rear-panel wire-guide that can help you organize the cables and wires connected to the dock. The XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio receiver's vehicle dock provides three connection options to transfer XM Satellite Radio audio to your vehicle's audio system.

  • PowerConnect: The XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio receiver comes supplied with the PowerConnect FM transmitter and cigarette lighter adapter which allows the XM Satellite Radio receiver to wirelessly transmit audio to your vehicle's in-dash headunit over and FM frequency. You can choose from any FM frequency between: 88.1 and 107.9 MHz. You can store up to 5 FM stations so you can quickly access the stations which give you the best audio reception when using the PowerConnect. The PowerConnect FM transmitter and cigarette lighter adapter simply plugs into the power port of the included vehicle dock and the cigarette lighter or 12-volt accessory port of your vehicle.
  • Auxiliary: The XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio receiver's vehicle dock has a minijack audio output (3.5mm) to connect the unit directly to your in-dash headunit's auxiliary input (if applicable), using the supplied stereo minijack cable. When using the line output jack, you can adjust the level to match your headunit's other sources.
  • FM Direct (optional): The FM Direct Adaptor (607FMDA25, sold separately) connects directly in-line with your vehicle's existing AM/FM antenna input (motorola) and the XM Satellite receiver's vehicle dock FM output (2.5mm). This optimizes the XM receiver's built-in FM modulator to your vehicle's radio, especially in regions with a high density of FM radio stations and few open FM channels.

Mounting: The mounting location of the XM Xpress RCi should be easily accessible for controlling the unit and provide good visibility of the unit's display, and should not be located where it will be in direct sunlight, which will affect the visibility of the display screen. The XM Xpress RCi Satellite Receiver comes with two mounting options.

  • Self-Adhesive Dash Mount: The XM Xpress RCi includes a self-adhesive plastic mount which allows you to place the unit on your vehicle's dash. The self-adhesive dash-mount allows you to swivel and adjust the unit for better visibility.
  • Vent-Mount: The XM Xpress RCi also includes a plastic mount which allows to you to clip the unit onto one of your vehicle's dash vents.

Note: When mounting the XM Xpress RCi in your vehicle, choose a location where it will not block your vision, interfere with the controls, or obstruct the air bag.

Magnetic Antenna: The unit comes supplied with a magnetic antenna that is designed to be run outside of the vehicle and placed on the roof of your vehicle. The magnetic antenna will adhere to your vehicle's sheet metal.

Full-Color Split-Screen Display: The XM Xpress RCi features a bright, 2-7/16" x 1-1/2" full color display. You can choose from three display modes: single current channel, split-screen with channel list (a total of 4 channels are displayed), and split screen with previous channel. Each channel displayed indicates the channel name, number, and currently playing song or program. The display can also show full color graphics of each XM channel logo and color wallpaper. You can adjust the display's brightness and backlight duration, plus activate the Auto Dimmer function, which will automatically adjust the brightness for daytime and nighttime modes.

7-way Navigation Button: The main control knob has a 7-way action for multiple controls. The center button (XM button) can be pressed to make a selection. The button can toggle left and right to tune the XM channels by category, and toggle up and down to change the display or jump to the previously selected channel. You can also turn the knob in either direction to scroll through a list or tune from channel to channel.

Real-Time Channel Guide: The unit's Real-Time Channel Guide allows you to browse programs, artists, and songs playing on other channels, without having to change the channel you are currently listening to.

Tuning Options: You can tune to your favorite channels in a number of ways:

  • Tuning Knob: You can turn the control knob to scroll through the list of channels. When you find the channel you want, press the XM Button to select. You can also configure the unit to select the channel if it has been highlighted for 3 seconds.
  • Category Tuning: You can narrow your channel selection by first tuning to a channel category (Decades, Country, Pop & Hits, etc.). Once you have found the category you can turn the control knob to the desired channel and select. You can also briefly listen to each channel in a category by selecting the Scan feature.
  • Direct Entry: When the unit is in the Direct Tuning mode, you can enter the channel number using the number buttons on the front of the unit or the supplied remote control.
  • Jump: To listen to the previous channel you selected, you can press the Jump button on the unit or remote. You can set the unit to display both the current channel and previous channel at the same time in split screen.
  • Favorite Channels: You can assign up to 10 of your favorite channels to the number buttons for quick access. You will have to switch to the Favorite Channels mode before selecting your favorite channel. You can view a list of your favorite channels using the < and > buttons. To select a favorite channel, you can press the favorite channel button on the unit or remote.
  • Channel Scan: You can scan a category and listen to each channel in the category for 10 seconds before the next channel is automatically tuned.
  • Skip: Channels you wish to skip, you can remove them from the channel list using the Channel Access option in the menu. Skipped channels can be added back in at any time.
  • Jump: Press the Jump key to tune to the previous channel that was being played.

Remote Control: The XM Xpress RCi comes with a 27-button full-function remote control. The remote is powered by a 3-volt, CR3032 battery (supplied).

SongSaver: When you hear a song you like, you can press and hold the XM button to record and add the song to the SongSaver memory. You can store up to 10 songs--if you add an 11th song to the memory, the oldest song is deleted. While playing back the saved song, the split screen display shows the current song playing and five other saved songs in the memory.

Pause/Replay: If you get interrupted while listening to XM Radio, you can pause playback for up to 60 minutes. This feature applies to the current listening session only--if you turn the unit off, the memory buffer is cleared. When playing back stored content, the display shows a split screen of previously played tracks. You can turn the control knob to view the replay list and press the XM button to select a track. You can also skip forward or backward through the list.

TuneSelect: TuneSelect finds your favorite artist and song whenever they're being played on any XM channel. The XM Xpress RCi can save up to 20 of your favorite artists or songs, and notify you with a special tone and message whenever the song or artist is playing on another channel. To switch to that channel, you can press the XM button. You can edit the TuneSelect list at any time to remove unwanted songs or artists, or switch between song or artist alerts.

Block xL (Explicit Language): Some channels may contain explicit language. When xL appears in the channel logo, explicit language may be heard on that channel. If you do not want explicit language channels, they can be removed from the channel list.

GameSelect: You can select up to 50 of your favorite sports teams and view their scores and stats at any time. GameSelect will also notify you with a special tone and message whenever a game involving one of your favorite teams is about to start. You can switch to that channel by pressing the XM button.

Stock Quotes: You can track the price and daily movement for up to 20 of your favorite stocks. The Info Extras feature will scroll the stock prices along the bottom of the screen while the XM Xpress RCi is turned on.

Note: Information is available about most stocks and indices listed on the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ, and is delayed approximately 25 minutes.

Sleep Timer: When mounted to the optional home stand or sound system, you can activate the built-in sleep timer. The sleep timer will automatically turn off the unit after 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Delayed Powered: Use this feature if you are using the PowerConnect Vehicle Dock and the vehicle's cigarette lighter or power adapter socket is always powered on. Delayed Power will turn off the XM Xpress RCi after the selected amount of time to avoid draining the vehicle's battery. By default, delayed power is set to Off, but can be set for 60, 90, 120, or 180 minutes.

Optional Plug-and-Play Docks: Using the following accessories, you can effortlessly take the XM Xpress RCi with you from your vehicle to your home or office (all with a single subscription).

  • Home Kit (220XADH1): With the Home Kit, you can play the XM Xpress RCi over your existing home, office, or other stereo system.
  • Vehicle Kit (220XADV2): With an additional Vehicle Kit, you can use the XM Xpress RCi in multiple vehicles.
  • Portable Kit (220XMBB1): With the Portable Sound System, you can take the XM Xpress RCi anywhere in your home or outside.

Note: These optional Plug-and-Play docking kits are sold separately.


XM Xpress RCi Receiver: Width = 4.545", Height = 2.475", Depth=0.905"

Car Cradle: Width = 3.985", Height = 2.315", Depth = 1.195"

Receiver in Car Cradle: Width = 4.545", Height = 3.165", Depth = 1.525"

Remote Control: Width = 1.585", Length = 4.725", Height=0.595"

Magnetic Antenna: Width = 1.405", Height = 0.535", Depth = 1.725", Cable Length = 22.75'

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