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MTX Thunder6500D

250W x 1 Car Amplifier

Item # 236T6500D

The MTX Thunder6500D mono subwoofer amplifier employs efficient Class D technology to bring you maximum power...

Find what Fits your car

The MTX Thunder6500D mono subwoofer amplifier employs efficient Class D technology to bring you maximum power...

Discontinued item

Item # 236T6500D

About the MTX Thunder6500D

The MTX Thunder6500D mono subwoofer amplifier employs efficient Class D technology to bring you maximum power from a relatively small package. The built-in variable crossover (40-200 Hz at 24 dB per octave) allows you to tune the bass for your particular subwoofer and vehicle.

The MTX Thunder6500D mono subwoofer amplifier employs efficient Class D technology to bring you maximum power from a relatively small package. The built-in variable crossover (40-200 Hz at 24 dB per octave) allows you to tune the bass for your particular subwoofer and vehicle.

Thunder EQ kicks up your low frequencies as much as 18 dB at 40 Hz for powerful impact. MTX's patent-pending compression circuit attenuates output peaks to protect your subwoofers when you're cranking it way up! SmartEngage senses incoming signal on the speaker-level inputs, and turns on the amp — eliminating the need for a remote lead.

Important Note: This amp has a 75-ampere fuse rating, which exceeds that of typical 4-gauge wiring kits (which tend to include a 60-amp fuse). To accommodate the entire 75-amp fuse rating, use an 80-amp AGU fuse.

  • 250 watts x 1 at 4 ohms
  • 500 watts x 1 at 2 ohms
  • Adaptive Class D Technology
  • variable 40-200 Hz crossover, 24 dB/octave (since the amp is strictly for low-frequency reproduction, the crossover is always active)
  • preamp outputs
  • compression circuitry guards against overdriving speakers during loud musical passages at high sound-pressure levels
  • EBC2 port for multi-amp external control of bass boost
  • high preamp input capability (up to 8 volts)
  • PWM MOSFET switching power supply
  • gain control
  • Thunder EQ bass boost (0-18 dB at 40 Hz)
  • rubber Iso-Feet allow you to mount amplifier without the mounting screws contacting the amp's chassis
  • speaker-level inputs with SmartEngage (turns on the amp when it detects signal from the receiver, eliminating the need for a turn-on lead)
  • 11-7/8"W x 2-3/16"H x 9-3/4"D
  • 1-year warranty

What's in the box:

  • Black MTX Thunder 6500D amplifier with chrome trim
  • Three 25-amp blade fuses (installed)
  • Speaker level input wiring harness
  • Warranty registration and customer survey card
  • Performance certificate
  • Owner's manual (English/French/Spanish/German)
  • Amplifier Input/Output Connections sheet
  • MTX Audio sticker
  • Impedance warning sticker (on bag)
  • MTX "Turn It Up" T-shirt (XL/white/100% cotton).

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the MTX Thunder6500D

Mark G.

Product Research


Inputs, Outputs, & Controls

Wiring Recommendation


Patented PWM MOSFET Switching Power Supply:  This type of power supply is used for maximum power output and protection.

Adaptive Class D Technology: While typical Class D amps tend to generate high frequency energy that must be filtered to prevent harmonic interference in the FM radio frequency range, Adaptive Class D Technology directs the amp's switching energy away from FM radio ranges as the amp's load and output increases. This improves the amp's overall signal-to-noise ratio and eliminates interference generated by more common Class D amps.

Pure N-Channel Design: The pure N-channel design is more linear than typical N-Channel designs, so the speaker you connect to the amplifier will be better controlled. The signal travels through fewer parts so the signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced, the power rating is better, and the amp runs louder, longer.

Low Impedance, High Power Transformers: These provide more power and produce less heat.

Smart-Engage: If you're planning to keep your factory radio and use the amp's speaker level inputs, Smart-Engage senses the source voltage from the factory radio, meaning you won't have to run a separate turn-on lead and won't necessarily have to remove the factory radio during installation.

Real-time Computerized Protection Circuit: The protection circuit makes sure you amp is operating within safe parameters for maximum power and protection.

Acoustically Seamless Turn-on/Turn-off: A circuit that prevents turn-on/turn-off "thump" is included to eliminate turn-on/off noise.

Rubber Insulated Iso-Feet™: Four rubber Iso-Feet are attached to the amplifier. The rubber feet let you mount the amp securely, while preventing the mounting screws from coming into contact with the amp's chassis.

Buffered, Isolated RCA Outputs: In addition to the set of preamp inputs, there is a set of full-range RCA preamp outputs. The outputs allow you to daisy-chain one amplifier to another. Also, the RCA output jacks allow for multiple bass amplifiers to be level controlled using one EBC (sold separately).

EBC (Electronic Bass Control) 2: This amplifier includes an Electronic Bass Control Port that will accept the cable from an optional EBC. When an EBC is connected, you have access to an additional 3dB of gain and 23dB of attenuation from the driver's seat. If the optional EBC is installed, the bass level will be able to be adjusted to overcome noise and other interference. With EBC 2 multiple compatible amps can be controlled.

Intelligent Surface Mount Technology: Features substantially shorter internal and external lead lengths, reducing stray capacitance and inductance, which results in cleaner and more accurate musical reproduction with less noise interference.

Thunder EQ: Thunder EQ is a continuously variable Bass Boost (0-18 dB) centered at 40 Hz. 

Crossover: This amplifier includes a 24dB/octave, low-pass crossover that is always active. There is a crossover frequency control, continuously variable from 40 Hz to 200 Hz, that allows you to dial in the low-pass cut-off frequency of your choice. 

Terminals: The terminals are nickel-plated, heavy-duty screw terminal connectors.

Performance Certificate: MTX tests each amplifier, and the technician records the "actual" power output on the Certified Performance Certificate included with each amp. The amp must meet or exceed the rated specification in order to leave the factory.


Peak (Dynamic) Power (measured at 14.4 Volts DC):  
  • 450 Watts x 1 into 4 Ohms
  • 775 Watts x 1 into 2 Ohms

Inputs, Outputs, & Controls

Left side:

  • Gain control: allows you to match the input sensitivity of the amplifier to the particular source unit you are using
  • Thunder EQ Control: a rotary control that allows you to set the bass boost applied to the speaker output signals 
  • Frequency Control: a rotary control that allows you to select a low-pass crossover frequency from 40 Hz to 200 Hz
  • Left and Right RCA input jacks
  • Left and Right RCA output jacks: RCA preamp output jacks, which allow you pass full-range signals from this amplifier to another amp in a daisy-chain configuration
  • EBC Port: this is a phone-style jack made to accept the cable from and optional EBC (Electronic Bass Control) 
  • Speaker Level Input: this is a 4-pin input for use with the included speaker-level input harness; allows the amp to operate from source units that do not have preamp outputs

Right Side:

  • Fuses: slots for three 25-amp blade fuses (fuses are included)
  • Power Terminal: (0.54" wide) designed to accept cables as large as 6 gauge
  • Remote Turn-on Terminal: (0.34" wide) 
  • Ground Terminal (0.54" wide) designed to accept cables as large as 6 gauge
  • Speaker Terminals: (0.34" wide) there are two +/- pairs of terminals, but they are connected together internally and they provide mono output; if two 4-ohm speakers are connected, one to each set of terminals, the amplifier will see a 2-ohm load, because the terminals are internally connected, in parallel with each other

Wiring Recommendation

Wiring Recommendation: This amplifier accepts three 25-amp fuses, so its fuse rating (75-amps total) exceeds that of the fuses included with many 4 gauge wiring kits. The highest AGU fuse values carried by Crutchfield are 70 and 80 amps. If you use a wiring kit that does not include an 80-amp fuse, the fuse included with the wiring kit should be replaced with an 80-amp AGU fuse (sold separately).

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