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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

Manual belt-drive turntable with pre-mounted Sumiko Rainier cartridge (Satin Yellow)

Item # 2521130041

Pro-ject evolves their popular Debut Carbon turntable with upgraded materials and construction for better performance.

Pro-ject evolves their popular Debut Carbon turntable with upgraded materials and construction for better performance.

Item # 2521130041

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About the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

Eric A.

The evolution of the Debut Carbon turntable

Pro-Ject calls this turntable the Debut Carbon EVO because it's an evolutionary step forward from the beloved original Debut Carbon. For instance, the heavy steel platter now has a resonance-damping internal TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring inside for smoother, quieter operation. And the motor and suspension system has been improved. You can now switch speeds between 33-1/3 and 45 rpm with a convenient button hidden on the underside of the chassis, and the 'table's medium density fiberboard (MDF) base rests on three height-adjustable damped aluminum feet.

The evolution of the Debut Carbon turntable

Pro-Ject calls this turntable the Debut Carbon EVO because it's an evolutionary step forward from the beloved original Debut Carbon. For instance, the heavy steel platter now has a resonance-damping internal TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring inside for smoother, quieter operation. And the motor and suspension system has been improved. You can now switch speeds between 33-1/3 and 45 rpm with a convenient button hidden on the underside of the chassis, and the 'table's medium density fiberboard (MDF) base rests on three height-adjustable damped aluminum feet.

It's a nice-looking turntable, too, with sleek styling and several gorgeous color options.

Pre-mounted Sumiko Rainier cartridge

Pro-Ject has included an excellent pre-mounted Sumiko Rainier moving magnet cartridge. It features an integrated body style and an elliptical diamond stylus that tracks a record groove with precision. Solid frequency response in the 15-25,000 Hz range ensures that you can hear every note in your favorite recordings. 


Product highlights:

  • Featured in our article: Best turntables for 2023
  • newly designed motor suspension with TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) damping for silent operation
  • one-piece carbon fiber tonearm for superior rigidity and low resonance
  • pre-mounted Sumiko Rainier moving magnet cartridge
    • frequency response: 15-25,000 Hz
  • heavy 12" steel platter with resonance-damping internal TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring
  • precision stainless-steel bearing system for smooth, quiet platter rotation
  • medium density fiberboard (MDF) base with three height adjustable damped aluminum feet
  • 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds (electronic speed change), 78 rpm with manual belt change
  • speed variation: 0.5% (33-1/3 rpm); 0.6% (45 rpm)
  • wow and flutter: 0.17% (33-1/3 rpm); 0.15% (45 rpm)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 68 dB
  • gold-plated RCA audio jacks (RCA cable w/ ground wire included)
Dimensions and warranty:
  • 16-3/8"W x 4-7/16"H (with dust cover down) x 12-5/8"D
  • weight: 13.2 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years (1 year warranty for the supplied cartridge)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • requires a phono preamp or phono input on receiver or preamplifier
  • MFR # 9120097826121

What's in the box:

  • Turntable (tonearm and cartridge installed)
  • AC power supply (attached 6.5' DC cord)
  • 3 AC plug adapters (US/UK/EU)
  • Metal platter
  • Hub (installed)
  • Flat belt
  • Round belt
  • Felt mat
  • 47" RCA stereo cable (Connect-it-E)
  • 45 RPM adapter
  • Anti-skate weight
  • Counter weight
  • Dust cover
  • Plastic hook-tool
  • Hex-key
  • Two-Point Cartridge Alignment Protractor
  • Setup Guide

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More details on the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Color Yellow
Operation Manual
Speeds 33-1/3, 45, 78
Drive Type Belt
Pitch Control No
Phono Preamp No
USB Output No
Bluetooth Built-In No
45 RPM Adapter Yes
Audio Cable Detachable
Power Cable Detachable (12-volt DC adapter)
Materials and Construction
Plinth MDF
Platter Steel w/ TPE
Tone Arm Shape Straight
Tone Arm Material Carbon Fiber
Tone Arm Lift Finger, Lever
Cartridge Info
Included Cartridge Sumiko Rainier
Cartridge Type MM
Removable Headshell No
Tracking Weight 2.0 g (20mN)
Frequency Response 15-25,000
Output Voltage 5.0
Load Impedance 47,000
Load Capacitance 100-200
Audio Specs
Signal to Noise Ratio 68
Wow and Flutter 0.15
Dimensions and Warranty
Width (Inches) 16.375
Height (Inches) 4.875
Depth (Inches) 14.125
Weight 12.34 lbs.
Turntable Parts Warranty 2 Years
Turntable Labor Warranty 2 Years
Cartridge Parts Warranty 1 Year
Cartridge Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


High Precision Motor Control: The rocker switch on the bottom of the turntable allows you to change speeds with the push of only a single button. Besides being able to effortlessly change replay speeds with the push of a button, the playback speed is electronically controlled with the utmost precision, which results in the most accurate and stable speed. The Debut Carbon Evo supports 33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds.

Note: To playback 78 rpm records, you'll need to us the included round belt (instead of the flat belt). You'll also need to change out the pre-installed cartridge for a 78 rpm compatible cartridge.

Sumiko Rainier MM Cartridge: The Debut Carbon Evo comes with a pre-installed Sumiko Rainier MM (Moving-Magnet) Cartridge that delivers a broad soundstage with clarity, dynamics, and warmth.

Carbon Tonearm: The new Debut Carbon EVO features the proven 8.6" one-piece Carbon tonearm design. The super stiff, but lightweight tonearm delivers outstanding sound quality with a convincing soundstage. The one-piece arm and headshell design prevents unwanted resonances and offers a solid physical bond to the cartridge.

Improved Motor Suspension: The Debut Carbon Evo features Pro-Ject's newly designed motor suspension. Its improved over the old design to consistently reduce the vibrations better than before. Pro-Ject used their technology and experience gained from the past and fit new damping techniques of high-end turntables into the Debut Carbon Evo. Looking at more advanced TPE damping and high-mass sandwich constructions, Pro-Ject was able to come up with a new motor and suspension solution for the Debut Carbon Evo turntable.

Heavy Steel & TPE Damped Platter: Pro-Ject added a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring on the inside of the 300mm heavy steel 1.7kg platter. The result is an even quieter and noiseless operation with less wow and flutter. Pro-Ject's previous metal platter was already heavy, but metal platters inherently have a disadvantage and that is resonance. Pro-Ject's TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) technology now helps to damp the resonance completely and also increases the weight of the platter. Because the TPE is mounted to the inside of the platter's rim, the moving energy will also create a flywheel effect - resulting in an even quieter and noiseless operation with less wow and flutter.

Gold-Plated RCA Outputs: The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo is outfitted with a set of gold-plated stereo RCA outputs that provide excellent audio signal transfer and resistance against corrosion. A high-quality stereo RCA cable is included. Pro-Ject's Connect-it-E cable is a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable, with superior shielding. However, you can always upgrade to an even higher quality cable if preferred.

Damped & Height Adjustable Feet: The Debut Carbon Evo stands on three height adjustable damped aluminium feet to make sure its level and stable, because a perfectly level turntable is essential for rea high-end sound. These three height adjustable heavy-duty metal feet ensure a level positioning on practically any surface.

Dust Cover: The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo comes supplied with a clear acrylic dust cover to prevent dust build-up on the turntable.

AC Power Adapter: The turntable operates off of standard household current using the supplied external AC power adapter.

  • Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz, 0.6A
  • Output: 15V - 800mA

MDF Plinth with Hand Painted or Real Wood Finishes: The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo's attractive, resonance-reducing MDF plinth is available in a variety of hand-painted finishes or a real-walnut veneer.

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Customer Q&A

21 questions already asked

What are the dimensions of the feet? As in how wide of a base do the feet have, trying to figure out how big of a cabinet I need to put this on.
[ ELI  Jan 20, 2022 ]
1 answer
The two front feet are 12 inches apart and the one in the rear...there are twelve inches from the front.
[ DAVID  Jan 20, 2022 ]
Is the dust cover removable?
[ Don  Nov 27, 2020 ]
4 answers
Hi Don....just opened the box and the dust cover is a detached item amid all the other parts. Assuming that means it goes on and comes off.
[ Michael  Dec 06, 2020 ]
Yes, there are two pins that sockets on the cover slip over. It is simple to slide the cover off.
[ JAMES E  Dec 04, 2020 ]
Yes, it easily slips on and off of the installed hinges.
[ CALEB  Dec 04, 2020 ]
[ Richard  Dec 04, 2020 ]
The anti-skate seems to pull the arm to the right, should I try rebalancing the arm or move the fishing line to the first notch? Can I use it without the anti-skate weight?
[ BRIAN  Mar 20, 2022 ]
1 answer
Hello Brian, Having had my Carbon Debut Evo for a few months here is my advice. I would start the setup process over. Make sure the table is level in all four corners and in both directions. The anti-skate device is meant to go in the spot indicated and moving back would actually increase a tendency to move the arm. Once you have redialed everything, leveled it all, then give it a try. If that doesn't work, give us a call and we can troubleshoot it further.
[ HAROLD J  Mar 23, 2022 ]
Do you need a phono preamp with this turntable?
[ CLIFFORD  Jul 14, 2021 ]
3 answers
Does not have a built in preamp.
[ FRANCISCO  Jul 15, 2021 ]
[ ROBERT  Jul 14, 2021 ]
If your amp has phono iin you can use that. You can use a preamp if you want just dont run the input to phono, use something like aux1
[ JAMES  Jul 14, 2021 ]
connection what kind of connection? Is it RCA?
[ Steve  Feb 26, 2021 ]
10 answers
[ SCOTT LA  Feb 28, 2021 ]
It is in fact a gold-plated RCA connection. The Connect-It E RCA cable. BUT, i upgraded to the AudioQuest BigSur.
[ Michael  Feb 26, 2021 ]
Yes stereo RCA. It comes with a RCA cable.
[ RAMESH  Feb 26, 2021 ]
No idea... bought this my son for Christmas. Just call the folks at Crutchfield's. They're really nice and answer all your questions.
[ SHERYL  Feb 26, 2021 ]
Yes, it's RCA.
[ BRIAN  Feb 26, 2021 ]
Yes rca. It comes with its own high quality cable for low noise connection
[ JAMES  Feb 26, 2021 ]
Standard RCA with ground wire connection.
[ MIKE  Feb 26, 2021 ]
Yes, RCA for left and right channels
[ IAN  Feb 26, 2021 ]
RCA with a ground wire.
[ MATTHEW  Feb 26, 2021 ]
Yes, RCA
[ ROBERT  Feb 26, 2021 ]
Has anyone connected this record player to a sonos system? Thank you!
[ tkness  Dec 07, 2020 ]
2 answers
Just purchased a Pro-Ject Debut Turntable. Already have a Sonos system. So your inquiry tickled my curiosity. There is information on the Sonos Web Site on a few methods to hear your vinyl through your sonos system. Search: listening-to-vinyl-with-sonos Looks fairly easy with the proper connecting cables. However it does appear that the turntable needs to be somewhat close to one piece of your sonos system (i.e. the length of the connecting cord .) Trust you will find success. JohnnyL
[ JOHN S.  Dec 07, 2020 ]
Sonos offers a similar table for their systems. All that should be needed for this version is a phono pre-amp and a Sonos device with an Aux in. Hope this helps!
[ MICHAEL  Dec 07, 2020 ]
is there a speaker on this?
[ Ashley  Nov 17, 2020 ]
13 answers
No, there is no speaker. In order to listen to your vinyl, you must connect it to your stereo system.
[ JOHN  Nov 19, 2020 ]
No speaker, it also does not have a built in pre amp.
[ TODD  Nov 19, 2020 ]
no. this does not have any amplification. you may want to look at record players that are all in one, in that they will play your records and you will hear them. Crutchfield has some of these.
[ JERRY  Nov 18, 2020 ]
[ TIM  Nov 18, 2020 ]
[ GUY  Nov 17, 2020 ]
No, this does not have a speaker built-in nor does it have a built-in Phono amp. You will need speakers that have a built-in Phono amp or an amplifier that has a built-in phono amp to listen to this turntable.
[ CRAIG  Nov 17, 2020 ]
No there is not.
[ CRAIG J.  Nov 17, 2020 ]
No, there is not. This is just a turntable nothing else. Also, if you are thinking of purchasing this, in order to make it work, you will also need to purchase a phono preamp, unless you have a home audio receiver, integrated amp, or other preamp, such as a DJ mixer, for sound to be reproduced, through a pair or more of speakers. Hope this helps.
[ Michael  Nov 17, 2020 ]
[ AUSTIN  Nov 17, 2020 ]
There is not a speaker built in. You will need either a external preamp or a receiver with "phono" input. From there, you will then need speakers. If you decide to go the receiver route, passive speakers will be all that is needed. If you get a external preamp, active speakers are required. Active speakers will plug into the external preamp and also to the wall for power. If u were to get passive speakers, there is no way of controlling the volume because passive speakers don't have a volume knob on the speakers. This is controlled by the receiver.
[ JAMES J  Nov 17, 2020 ]
No, speakers must be purchased separately.
[ MELVIN  Nov 17, 2020 ]
No, this hooks up to your system or separate speakers.
[ JOHN  Nov 17, 2020 ]
There is no speaker
[ STEVEN  Nov 17, 2020 ]
Could this turntable accept a MC cartridge?
[ JAMES  Mar 27, 2021 ]
3 answers
I could have sworn Pro-Ject's site had something more explicit about this, but all I could find in its manual is "The counterweight (6) supplied is suitable for cartridges weighing between 5 - 8.5g." If the height of the MC you want to use is the same or less than either the 2M [color] or Sumiko Rainer through Moonstone (not so sure about the Amethyst) then I guess you should be good, but I'm only using a Moonstone on mine. However, I did find this quote on the internets "Back to the Carbon, but continuing on the cartridge theme for a moment. It's worth noting that installing a moving coil cartridge is a bad idea. The steel platter is ferris, and the strong magnets of a moving coil cartridge will find this a most attractive proposition. So attractive in fact that they are likely to come together with surprising force, and with complete disregard for the stylus and cantilever which will inevitably be damaged in the battle between magnet and rubber suspension." Which makes it sound like you wouldn't want to do it unless you also plan to upgrade the platter to the Acryl-It too.
[ JASON  Mar 29, 2021 ]
I understand that an acrylic platter upgrade is recommended if you are going to use a MC cartridge.
[ FRANCISCO  Mar 27, 2021 ]
I REGRET buying this turntable. It is WAY OVER RATED and I have been into audio for over 50 years.
[ DONOVAN  Mar 27, 2021 ]
Hi, Is this TT can be used with 240V power (Middle East Region) ? or any voltage converter required to use this TT?? Appreciate your response!
[ Ravikumar  Dec 15, 2020 ]
2 answers
Thi tt comes with 3 different swappable sockets so it can be used in different parts of the world.
[ PAOLO  Dec 15, 2020 ]
Voltage 100-240V. Comes with three receptacle adaptors. Not sure if any of the three fit your configuration however you should be able to pick one up locally.
[ GARY  Dec 15, 2020 ]
The Pro-ject Debut Carbon Evo comes with a grounding wire. I want to pair this with a Marantz 2230 receiver (has proper phono output), will I need to connect the grounding wire from the TT to the chassis of the receiver ? How difficult is that to do?
[ JOHN  Oct 23, 2020 ]
4 answers
The Marantz 2230 has a chassis ground on the back you would just connect to that.
[ CRAIG  Nov 17, 2020 ]
your 2230 has a chassis ground screw towards the right side in the rear of the receiver, hook it up there
[ JOHN  Nov 17, 2020 ]
Your receiver should have a ground terminal at the back. You should be able to connect the ground wire from the turntable to this terminal with no difficulty.
[ CHANDRARAJ  Oct 23, 2020 ]
Most receivers have a ground screw. The TT comes with spade connector to connect to the receivers, It's easy to do. It's a great turntable and easy to set up.
[ SCOTT C  Oct 23, 2020 ]
Can I order a replacement cover for this, carbon evo?
[ Larry  Feb 27, 2023 ]
1 answer
Greetings Larry, and thank you for your question. We do not stock a lot of replacement parts. Perhaps you can order it direct from Pro-Ject. Try calling them at 510-843-4500.
[ THOMAS  Feb 27, 2023 ]  Staff
Can I order a replacement cover for this, carbon evo?
[ Larry  Feb 27, 2023 ]
1 answer
We do not carry a-la-carte replacement parts sadly, Larry. It's possible this may be able to be sourced directly from the manufacturer. I would use the email info below to contact the Sumiko/Pro-ject service and parts portal and inquire. I hope this helps!
[ Bo  Feb 27, 2023 ]  Staff
Where is it made?
[ Dag  Jan 14, 2023 ]
1 answer
That is a great question, Dag. Pro-Ject lists "Europe" as country of origin. The fantastic Sumiko Ranier being sourced from Japan. This is a big reason why the Debut Carbon EVO performs well outside its price point, a sure Advisor favorite!
[ Bo  Jan 15, 2023 ]  Staff
Can this turntable be connected and play with the Sonos 5 speaker?
[ Cheryl  Aug 03, 2022 ]
1 answer
It is possible to connect a turntable to the analog audio input on the Sonos Five speaker. But since the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO model does not have a built-in phono preamp, you would need to add an external phono preamp, such as this Pro-Ject model:
[ Charles  Aug 04, 2022 ]  Staff
What speakers would you recommend with this turntable?
[ RYAN  Jul 09, 2022 ]
1 answer
This turntable can work with just about any speaker to help users get the sound they prefer. I recommend contacting an advisor by calling 1-800-324-9695 to discuss your goals and get a personal recommendation on a complete system
[ JASON  Jul 09, 2022 ]  Staff
Is the satin walnut real wood, or just veneer/contact paper?
[ ROBERT  Jan 12, 2021 ]
8 answers
I am not an expert but I am pretty confident that it is real wood. I have been very happy with the purchase
[ TIM  Jan 15, 2021 ]
High quality veneer
[ MEL S  Jan 13, 2021 ]
It is a solid MDF plinth with a Satin Walnut (real wood) Veneer.
[ MICHAEL  Jan 13, 2021 ]
It's just a veneer, but seems pretty good.
[ TODD  Jan 13, 2021 ]
Its very dense particle board. I think it is covered with high quality material but not sure exactly what it is. This turntable is fantastic. Cannot say enough positive about it.
[ STEVEN  Jan 12, 2021 ]
Mine is real.
[ GUY  Jan 12, 2021 ]
The walnut is a veneer, true walnut not contact paper. However the platform feels dense and substantial. It matches my Wharfdales perfectly. The turntable is beautiful.
[ DENNIS  Jan 12, 2021 ]
It is a veneer surrounding some type of manufactured wood. (Some type of very thin formica type material). The turntable is well built and works great
[ RICHARD M  Jan 12, 2021 ]
Do you have any turntable with amp built in?
[ Azalia  May 26, 2023 ]
1 answer
Greetings Azalia, and thank you for your question. Some turntables has whats called a preamp, not an amplifier. We would not have any turntables that have a built in amplifier.
[ THOMAS  May 27, 2023 ]  Staff
Will this play all the 3 sized record formats?
[ OWEN  Nov 20, 2020 ]
6 answers
From Pro-Ject's website. 33/45/78 RPM The rocker switch on the buttom of the turntable allows you to change speeds with the push of only a single button. From the manual: Switching on and off, changing replay speed The turntable is equipped with a three-position switch for ON/OFF and electronic speed change. To play records at 33 r.p.m. press this switch (19) to the left side. To play records at 45 r.p.m. press this switch (19) to the right side. To be able to play 78 r.p.m. the flat drive belt has to be removed and the round drive belt has to be fitted around the sub-platter (4) and the larger diameter part of the motor pulley (2). To do so, the platter (5) has to be removed. After the round drive belt, has been fitted, pressing the ON/OFF switch to the right selects 78 r.p.m. I haven't tried changing speeds yet, but they do send you the 2 belts. I currently have the flat belt on to play 33's and it would be easy to switch the belts.
[ MICHAEL  Dec 04, 2020 ]
Yes it plays all records: 33,45, and 78.One need to change the belt for 78 records.
[ GORDON  Dec 03, 2020 ]
It will play any size, as the tone arm is moved manually to the starting point. If you are referring to record speed, you will have to replace the belt with another (provided) belt for 78 rpm discs.
[ CHANDRARAJ  Dec 03, 2020 ]
Yes. Although you need a belt change for 78's. Yes. 33/45 easy. They give you an adapter for 7" records as well.
[ DENNIS  Dec 03, 2020 ]
It will. For 78 you will however need to change the belt, which isn't a big deal.
[ HEINRICH  Dec 03, 2020 ]
Yes, 33s and 45s with the standard flat belt, and 78s with a quick change to a round belt which is provided.
[ MEL S  Dec 03, 2020 ]
Can you use headphones with this turntable? If so, what connections are needed? For reference plan to use it with an iFi ZEN Phono preamp and Sonos Amp that goes out to Paradigm speakers.
[ AUDRA  Apr 07, 2023 ]
1 answer
Greetings Aud, and thank you for your question. The headphones would not connect to the turntable, but they would connect to a phono preamp that also has a headphone amplifier built in. Unfortunately the iFi Phono does not have the headphone amp. There is a 4.4mm balanced output on the iFi Phono you could use to connect a headphone that has the 4.4mm balanced in, but you would have no way to control the headphone volume. Your going to need a different phono preamp unfortunately.
[ THOMAS  Apr 07, 2023 ]  Staff
Do Bluetooth speakers work with this model?
[ G  May 30, 2021 ]
4 answers
No, you need to connect it to a receiver
[ JAMES  Jun 03, 2021 ]
No Bluetooth does not work with this turntable..... this is strictly for analog use.
[ BRIAN  May 30, 2021 ]
No. Any Bluetooth capable table will call itself one in the description.
[ JEFFREY S  May 30, 2021 ]
This model doesn't have a phono preamp so your Bluetooth speakers would have to have one built in.
[ JAMES  May 30, 2021 ]

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