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Pro-Ject Acryl it

Acrylic turntable platter

Item # 252ACRYLIT

Item # 252ACRYLIT

In stock

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About the Pro-Ject Acryl it

Give your Pro-Ject turntable even better sound and looks

Here's some easy upgrade advice for all you Pro-Ject Debut III, Debut Carbon, or 1-Xpression Carbon turntable owners — simply swap out your 'table's stock metal platter with the Acryl-it, and savor the difference. This precision-machined acrylic platter reduces distracting resonance and lowers your turntable's noise floor for clearer, more dynamic sound. You'll hear tighter, punchier bass, greater midrange detail, and better spatial definition from your treasured vinyl collection. Plus with no need for a felt mat to cover it up, adding the Acryl-it will make your turntable look every bit as good as it sounds.

Product highlights:

  • acrylic platter upgrade for select Pro-Ject turntables, including Debut III, Debut III USB, Debut Carbon, and 1-Xpression Carbon
  • reduces resonance and noise floor compared to stock steel platter
  • non-magnetic acrylic material allows use of moving-coil cartridges
  • no mat required, albums are placed directly on platter surface
  • attractive sandblasted finish
  • warranty: 60 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # 1947174210

What's in the box:

  • Acrylic turntable platter

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Pro-Ject Acryl it

Mark G.

Product Research


Compatibility: This Pro-Ject Acrylic platter replaces the metal platter of select Pro-Ject Debut or Xpression turntables. Unlike metal platters, where you will need to place a felt mat between your record and the platter to dampen metal resonance, you can put your record directly on the acrylic platter's surface, with nothing in between. The Acrylic platter will improve overall performance significantly.

Note: The Pro-Ject Acrylic platter does not work with Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon Evo turntable.

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Customer Q&A

11 questions already asked

how thick is it?
[ Phillip  Feb 27, 2022 ]
1 answer
The platter is 3/4" thick and is made of dense acrylic . It is a definite up grade to the stock metal platter
[ Bill  Feb 28, 2022 ]
With this platter do I need to adjust the down force of my phono cartridge?
[ ron  Jan 30, 2021 ]
5 answers
I don't believe the acrylic sits any higher, but I think I changed cartridges (and then set it all up) at the same time. I do like the sound better though.
[ Timothy  Jan 31, 2021 ]
No. This platter holds the record in the same position as the platter that came originally with your turntable. No need to adjust the tracking force.
[ DONNA  Jan 30, 2021 ]
I left mine just the way it was with no problem. Performs flawless.
[ Robert  Jan 30, 2021 ]
No you don't you should be fine.
[ RALPH  Jan 30, 2021 ]
Can't think of a reason why. I didn't on the same Project turntable that came with the steel platter. Go ahead and get the acrylic platter. You won't regret it. It's very quiet.
[ Richard  Jan 30, 2021 ]
Does this work on the new Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo?
[ Shayne  Dec 08, 2020 ]
5 answers
From the Pro-Ject Audio Systems official FB page: "The Debut Carbon EVO has a new 1.7kg heavy TPE damped steel platter. You could still get the acrylic platter as an accessory, but quality wise the new damped, heavy steel platter is above the acrylic platter. The acrylic platter has the advantage of not needing a felt mat, generating less static than a felt mat and of course the looks." So basically, yes it will work - but will be a quality downgrade.
[ SidPh  May 11, 2021 ]
Carbon evo is a little different. It works on Debut Carbon and Music Hall LE 3.3. Customer service will help. Crutchfield is awesome.
[ Bogiedr  Dec 08, 2020 ]
I don't know. However it works suberbly with Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC. If I was to guess, I would guess "yes".
[ Afzal  Dec 08, 2020 ]
Yes it does
[ steven  Dec 08, 2020 ]
[ Rob  Dec 08, 2020 ]
Do you place the record directly on this, or do you need a mat in-between the platter and vinyl?
[ David  Nov 29, 2020 ]
10 answers
I was just told by Crutchfield's trustworthy tech team that Pro-Ject actually advises *against* using a mat. I had been tempted to add the leather mat and am glad I reached out.
[ David R  Jun 06, 2021 ]
A mat is necessary to prevent slippage.
[ BOB  Nov 30, 2020 ]
I use the record directly on the acrylic platter, and have read in several places that this is proper. Cheers, Tim
[ Timothy  Nov 29, 2020 ]
The record goes directly on the platter.
[ Radomir  Nov 29, 2020 ]
The record goes directly on the acrylic platter. The previous mat was only to provide grip and protection from the factory metal platter.
[ Robert  Nov 29, 2020 ]
The record is placed directly on the acrylic platter.
[ DONNA  Nov 29, 2020 ]
No mat needed. Place vinyl directly on it.
[ RALPH  Nov 29, 2020 ]
The record goes right on the platter no need for a mat. Do use your dust cover or give the platter a quick dusting before use, I use a micro fiber cloth.
[ Scott  Nov 29, 2020 ]
Directly on. No mat.
[ Patricia  Nov 29, 2020 ]
I place the vinyl directly on the platter. No need for a mat
[ William  Nov 29, 2020 ]
I'm a nube and was wondering if this acrylic platter will fit other turntables?
[ Winehaze  Apr 03, 2019 ]
2 answers
I don't know but I'd contact Crutchfield. They are very helpful.
[ Cynthia  Apr 09, 2019 ]
Most likely not. Since the arm on different tables could be at different heights. You could potentially adjust the arm balance to compensate but wouldn't advise it. I'd still ask around since I'm not 100% sure. Good luck!
[ DAVID C  Apr 04, 2019 ]
Can I use this platter w/pro-ject xpression 3 belt drive ?
[ Richard  Nov 19, 2017 ]
2 answers
Sorry, I do not know.
[ Afzal  Dec 08, 2020 ]
Yes. This is a recommended accessory for the Pro-Ject Xpression III. You'll find it listed under the "Accessories" tab on the turntable's main webpage: I hope that helps. My Bio:
[ Ryan  Nov 22, 2017 ]  Staff
What is the weight of this platter?
[ E  Sep 20, 2017 ]
1 answer
Thanks for your question. The manufacturer does not list the exact weight of the platter. The item as shipped is 2.56 pounds. Hope this helps.
[ Kenny  Sep 20, 2017 ]  Staff
Will this platter fit the Music Hall MMF 2.2?
[ D  Jan 05, 2017 ]
4 answers
Looking at the mmf manual I believe it will as the project carbon system looks very similar.
[ David  Jan 06, 2017 ]
The Pro-Ject and the Music Hall platters are very similar. Neither manufacture indicates interchangeability. Your best selection would be with Music Hall's Acri-Plat. Their website lists it as a direct fit for your TT. While I always check with Crutcfield first, they do not carry this item. You can get it at Amazon, however. Search for: Music Hall Acri-Plat Acrylic Platter in the Home Audio & Theater Products section. Best of luck! G.A.C.
[ Garry  Jan 05, 2017 ]
I got this for my Project Debut Carbon. But according to my google search, people are using it for Music Hall MMF 2.2.
[ Cheol Ho  Jan 05, 2017 ]
I don't see why not they are both made in the same factory they use the same tone arm so I don't see why the pro ject acrylic-it wouldn't work on the music hall mmf 2.2
[ bc2500  Jan 05, 2017 ]
I have a Pro-Ject SE 5.1 SE table . It has a metal platter. Can I add the acrylic platter?
[ vern  Jul 23, 2016 ]
2 answers
I don't see why not but to be on safe side check with pro ject dealer or get their customer service number it's better to be safe than sorry Bob
[ bc2500  Jul 23, 2016 ]
Yes. You should be able to just lift the metal platter straight off your turntable and replace it with the acrylic platter.
[ Larry  Jul 23, 2016 ]
Novice question, but what it the easiest way to remove the pin from the stock Pro-Ject platter and install it in the acrylic platter?
[ Paul  Nov 07, 2014 ]
8 answers
You shouldn't have to remove the pin at all. Just lift off the metal platter, and replace it with the acrylic. It slides right over the pin.
[ Suzanne  Nov 08, 2014 ]
Thanks for the replies. When I say pin I mean the little pin at the center of the platter that goes into the hole in a record. It seems to be pretty firmly set in the stock platter when I take it off the turntable. I guess I just need to push harder to get it out?
[ Paul  Nov 07, 2014 ]
What pin? Are you talking about the spindle? There is nothing holding the platter down, you just pick it straight up to remove. Also, if you buy this platter, buy a record clamp.
[ parek  Nov 07, 2014 ]
You shouldn't need to remove the pin from the stock platter. The pin is attached to a spindle under the platter. The platter replacement takes all of 2 seconds and doesn't require removal of anything but the old platter. Also, it works great.
[ DAYLIN  Nov 07, 2014 ]
The pin is attached to the turntable and it stays attached. You just have to remove the stock metal platter and slide the new Acryl-it platter over the pin.
[ STEPHEN  Nov 07, 2014 ]
I am not sure what ProJect turntable you have that would require you to remove the pin to change the platter. The original platter simply lifts straight up an off, and replaced by the acrylic platter, which by the way is way awesome looking.
[ Gary  Nov 07, 2014 ]
The platter should just lift straight up and off the pin and the pin stays put. as this is how you change the speed of the TT, unless your model is different!
[ DARRYL  Nov 07, 2014 ]
Not sure what pin you're talking about. I have the Debut Carbon and all you have to do is lift off the steel platter and replace with the acrylic platter. It's super easy. No pin removal involved.
[ STEPHEN  Nov 07, 2014 ]

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