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Fiil Canviis

On-ear Bluetooth® headphones with adjustable noise cancellation (Anodized Black)

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Our take on the Fiil Canviis

Fiil headphones don't have the brand recognition of Beats or Bose here in the U.S. — in fact, I had to ask the company representative how to pronounce their name (it's like "fill" or "Phil.") But from my brief demo with the Fiil Canviis on-ear wireless noise-canceling headphones, I can tell you this: Their sound, comfort, and feature set are right up there with the heavy-hitters in this category.

Fill Canviis headphones

The Fiil Canviis wireless noise-canceling headphones have a nice fit and lively sound.

Tricky name, but unmistakable performance

Fiil headphones don't have the brand recognition of Beats or Bose here in the U.S. — in fact, I had to ask the company representative how to pronounce their name (it's like "fill" or "Phil.") But from my brief demo with the Fiil Canviis on-ear wireless noise-canceling headphones, I can tell you this: Their sound, comfort, and feature set are right up there with the heavy-hitters in this category.

They feel nicely padded, but fit firmly so they don't move around. The noise-canceling circuitry is strong enought to knock out the hustle and bustle of our HQ break room. And their sound signature is forward with deep yet tightly focused bass. 

Long-range Bluetooth and full control 

I have a sample pair on the way, so I'll be able to test out the extended Bluetooth range — Fiil promises up to 300 feet! I did get to play around with their mobile app a bit, and it is one of the slicker, more useful apps I've tried.

You can adjust the noise-cancellation and tweak the sound signature to meet your preference. You can even save presets for different situations or music genres. The on-ear touch controls are also very intuitive, and let you control music and calls with the tap of your finger. 


Product Highlights:

  • lightweight, on-ear design with adjustable noise canceling
    • ambient filter presets let you choose the level of noise cancellation
    • "awareness mode" lets you quickly hear external sound and voices
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity for wireless music listening and phone calls with compatible smartphones
    • Class 1 Bluetooth helps extend wireless range up to 300 feet
    • aptX® decoding provides high-quality music streaming from compatible devices
  • built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 33 hours of wireless use with noise cancellation
  • touch-panel on right earcup offers easy control of music, calls, and volume
    • built-in mic for clear phone conversations
  • music automatically pauses when you remove headphones
  • free Fiil app for Apple and Android allows you to adjust settings, customize sound, and view battery life status on your phone
    • manage the headphone burn-in process for peak driver performance
  • detachable 3.5mm headphone cable with one-button remote/mic for wired use
    • wired music playback with or without noise canceling
  • USB charging cable included
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • On-ear wireless headphones (anodize black)
  • 51" Audio cable (3.5mm plugs on both ends)
  • 26" USB charging cable (Type A USB on one end and Micro B USB on other end)
  • Hard zippered case
  • Instructions

The best on ear headphones I've ever used. Well balanced sound and very comfortable. Premium build quality.

Mitchell, Wheeler, WI


Fiil Canviis Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(4 Reviews)

Fiil Canviis

Mitchell from Wheeler, WI on 10/8/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The best on ear headphones I've ever used. Well balanced sound and very comfortable. Premium build quality.

Pros: Sound Build Fit and feel


Poor design and flawed execution

Phill from Washington, DC on 9/22/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This earphone fits well over eyeglasses. Aside from that, it is a disappointment. Listening to audio and talking on the telephone both have problems. Noise cancellation reduces steady-roar noises, but controlling it is cumbersome because the earphone has several modes, and the buttons on the earphone do not directly correspond to any particular mode. Each button has various functions, depending on what mode the earphone is already in and how I touch the button. Listening to tunes, I must fish out my phone and wake it up to control volume and skip-to-next, since the on-earphone gesture usually does not work. I can try a dozen times before it takes. As for the telephone, when the earphone is within Bluetooth range (even if it's folded up in its case) it hijacks the telephone audio, but not always the mic, a useless state of affairs. There is no clue whether the mic is working, until the other party says "hello? hello?" and hangs up. So I get far away from the earphone or I go into the Android settings and shut off Bluetooth before making calls. Incoming calls, I decline and check voicemail after turning off Bluetooth. This is extra galling because the earphone has a sensor, and it pauses music when I take the earphone off! But taking off the earphone does not un-hijack the telephone audio.

Pros: Fits over eyeglasses

Cons: Extraordinarily complicated. Gesture controls usually do not work. Impedes telephone from working as a telephone (disable bluetooth to solve).

Crutchfield response on 9/24/2018 - Phill, we're sorry you're disappointed with your headphones. Whenever you are not completely satisfied with anything you purchase from Crutchfield, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-955-9091. Purchases from Crutchfield can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of the purchase.

Best on-ear NC cans out there

Paul from Seattle, WA on 6/23/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I set out looking for NC headphones for an upcoming trip to Italy. I wanted on-ear to save some space and not mess up my hair, good NC, good sound and wanted the NC to work when wired as well so I could plug into the entertainment system on the plane and block out the drone of the engines. Oh, and not cost $300. After buying a pair of Sennheiser compact cans on eBay, realized the NC only worked on Bluetooth plus fit was so so and NC wasn't great. Also considered beats, Samsung Level ons, JBL, AKG and others. Saw these at big box store but they weren't ready for demo and no price was shown. They looked premium and I figured they were spendy. I went home and researched the Fiils and thought I'd take a chance given the good reviews and price. The first pair arrived in only 3 days from Crutchfield. Unfortunately, they had a defective battery and I had to send them back. They shipped out a replacement almost immediately and I had a new pair in no time. WOW! These are EXACTLY what I was looking for in a pair of headphones. Great sound, really good isolation and NC (close to Sony and Bose), sound great on Bluetooth, wired, NC on or off or even wired and not powered up. Build quality is top notch. Very comfortable. Snug but not too tight. The app is nice to have but find the equalizer is weak. I use Poweramp anyway. And the 3D sound effects do something strange to the music that didn't appeal to me. All in all very happy.

Pros: Great sound, high build quality, NC works well even when wired, price

Cons: Not quite Sony or Bose NC but not the money either!

Stylish, Fit is PERFECT, & Great Bluetooth Range

Erin from Denver, CO on 2/1/2018

Superb sound quality and the noise cancelling modes for full cancel and roaming mode were very useful. The headphones are a great fit and surprisingly stay on my head better than any in-ear headphone that I own. Bluetooth range is strong and am able to leave my phone in a gym locker while I workout without losing connectivity. Stylish compact headphone case and speedy charging capability. My only complaints are that there seems to be a slight difference in headphone volume when using the auxiliary cord (R>L)with the headphones are "off". Also, while the start-up tone is nice I think I would have liked a more pronounced tone when turning off the headphones.




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Fit Style On-ear
Earcup Type Closed
Earcup Width x Height 2.708" x 2.708"
Noise-canceling Yes
Mic For Taking Calls Yes
iPhone Control Yes
Lightning Connector No
Android Control Yes
Frequency Response 10-40k Hz
Sensitivity Not Given
Impedance Not Given
Weight 7.8 ounces
Cord Length 51"
1/4-inch Adapter Included No
Storage Case
Charging Case No
Volume Control Yes
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The Fiil Canviis on-ear Bluetooth headphones offer the convenience of wireless listening, active noise-cancellation, on-board controls, and a long-lasting battery. The Fiil+ app on your smartphone or tablet lets you tweak the sound to your liking. With the supplied audio cable, you can also listen to your favorite hi-res audio tracks in full bandwidth. The Canviis headphones come with audio and USB charging cables, and a padded, zippered storage case.

Drivers: The headphones feature 32mm high-fidelity, titanium alloy drivers with neodymium magnets.

User Modes: The Fiil Canviis on-ear headphones have three user modes: Bluetooth wireless, Active Wired mode (headphone powered on with audio cable connected), and Passive Wired mode (headphone powered off with audio cable connected). The included 51" audio cable is used with the Active and Passive Wired Modes.

On-board Controls: The Canviis' right earcup has a Multi-Function Button (MFB) which controls the majority of the headphones' functionality. The MFB functions as the power button, play/pause button, phone call answer/end/reject button, Siri/voice assistant button, and Bluetooth pairing button. A double-press shows the battery level, while a triple-press turns on/off the Fiil Logo lights on the earcups. The headphones will remember the settings the last time they were powered on.

My AudioFiilter (MAF): A dedicated button on the right earcup lets you control the My AudioFiilter (MAF) feature to fine-tune the sound. This 3-way button sets the filter level: High-Open mode, Medium-Monitor mode, Low: ANC mode. Double-pressing the button turns on/off the Windy mode to filter out low frequency noise caused by wind hitting the microphones.

Fiil+ App: The Fiil+ app provides tools to optimize the sound of your music and phone calls. The app has EQ, bass/treble boost, sound effects, and ANC controls, as well as a pink noise generator to help "burn-in" your headphones. You can also view the battery status of your headphones right on the app. The app also has on online version of the instruction manual. The Fiil+ app is available for iOS (8.0 or later) and Android (4.1 and up).

Gesture Control/Smart Sensor: The headphones have a touch-sensitive area on the outside of the right earcup. You can control volume and music playback with swiping motions or long touch. Swiping with your finger upward or downward on the touch panel turns the volume up or down. Long touches at the top or bottom of the earcup quickly turns the volume up or down. For music playback, you can skip to next or previous track with forward or backward swipe motions. Long touches at the front or back of the control pad begins a fast forward or fast backward command. The built-in Smart Sensor can detect whether the user is wearing the headphone or not. When listening to music, the headphones will pause your music when you take them off, or resume playback when you put them back on.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): The Canviis' closed-back and on-ear design passively cancels out up to about 98% of the high frequencies in ambient noise. Active Noise Cancellation, when engaged, helps to eliminate up to 96% of the low frequencies in your surroundings where most of the annoying traffic and airline noise resides. This ambient sound is canceled out by an audio signal that's out of phase with the original sound. You hear nothing but your music, no matter where you're listening.

Bluetooth: The Fiil Canviis is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 to allow you to listen to your music and conduct your phone calls without plugging into your smartphone. The headphones support AAC, apt-X, and SBC codecs, as well as HSP (v1.2), HFP (v1.6), A2DP (v1.3), as AVRCP (v1.5) Bluetooth protocols. You can pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices, and simultaneously connect with two.

Rechargeable Battery: The Canviis has a long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery to power Bluetooth and ANC. When fully charged, the battery gives you up to 33 hours of music/talk time at mid volume. With ANC off, standby time is up to 48 days. The battery charges in approximately 2.5 hours via the included USB charging cable.


  • Frequency Response: 15Hz - 22kHz (Bluetooth Mode); 10Hz - 40kHz (Wired Mode)
  • Dimensions: Earcup Diameter: 2.708", Depth: 1.537" Headband Width: 1.024"
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces

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I like the review and the technology of this heaphones. [ J  Jun 14, 2018 ]
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