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Panamax Power360 P360-8

Surge protector with detachable USB charging ports

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Our take on the Panamax Power360 P360-8

If you plug any electronic component or device directly into the wall, you leave it vulnerable to dangerous power surges and spikes. That's true of audio/video equipment, but also your phone and tablet. The Panamax Power360 P360-8 shields each piece of gear in your home theater system and protects your charging mobile devices.

Guard your gear and gadgets

If you plug any electronic component or device directly into the wall, you leave it vulnerable to dangerous power surges and spikes. That's true of audio/video equipment, but also your phone and tablet. The Panamax Power360 P360-8 shields each piece of gear in your home theater system and protects your charging mobile devices.

You get eight protected AC outlets, a telephone line input/output, and a set of coaxial input/output jacks for your cable TV or antenna connections. Also, two detachable USB modules are included with 6-foot cables — giving you flexibility while you safely charge your phone or tablet. There are four protected, high-capacity USB charging ports in all.

Two layers of dependable protection

When a catastrophic power spike hits, like from a lightning strike, the P360-8's Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry reacts in less than a nanosecond, instantly switching off power to your equipment. Then it automatically resets itself when voltage returns to normal. Panamax's SmartGuard feature provides similar protection when under-voltage (brownout) or over-voltage conditions exist. Again, power to your gear is automatically disconnected until voltage returns to safe levels.

Monitor your protection level

Keep an eye on the status of your protection, wiring, and voltage with Panamax's Circle of Protection™ LED indicator. It's a multi-color display that gives you a real time report you can read at a glance.

Product Highlights:

  • 8 protected AC power outlets
  • Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry
  • SmartGuard technology offers active over/under voltage monitoring
  • Circle Of Protection LED display lets you easily monitor protection, wiring and voltage status
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering for clean power
  • two detachable USB charging modules with included 6' cables for convenient USB charging
  • each 2.1A capacity USB module can charge two phones simultaneously or one tablet
  • 1 set of coaxial RF input/output connectors for cable TV or antenna connections
  • 1 set of phone input/output jacks
  • 6-foot power cord with right-angle plug
  • 1620-joule protection
  • maximum current rating: 15 amps
  • 12-1/2"W x 2-1/4"H x 3-3/4"D
  • weight: 5 lbs.
  • warranty: lifetime
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • lifetime $500,000 connected equipment warranty (covers equipment damaged by an AC or signal line surge while connected to properly installed Panamax surge protector); valid only in the United States and Canada

What's in the Box:

  • Surge protector/USB charging station
  • Modular charging station
  • Two 6' microUSB-to-USB cables
  • 2 Rubber pads
  • Instruction Manual

Easy to use, great build quality, fortunately haven't had to test it's surge protection abilities yet, but have no doubt that it will perform well knowing the Panamax name!

David, New York, NY


Panamax Power360 P360-8 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

Great Product, Nice Build Quality

David from New York, NY on 12/16/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to use, great build quality, fortunately haven't had to test it's surge protection abilities yet, but have no doubt that it will perform well knowing the Panamax name!

Pros: Build quality, easy of install

Cons: None

Panamax Power360 P360-8

Rick from Mobile, AL on 3/27/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Another great product from Panamax. Ran out of surgery protectors and needed another one. Has all the inputs and outputs I need and the USB modules are a nice addition. They aren't very fast compared to the Fast Chargers that came with my Samsung phone and tablet, but if someone comes over and they need a charge it's pretty cool.

Pros: Panamax quality and history with them.

Cons: None.

It is working fine

Lee from Conroe, TX on 12/14/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

it is working good. I wish the outlets were a little further apart so that plugs with transformers could fit without taking up another outlet.

Pros: Seems to work fine. I like the USB charging area

Cons: Outlets too close together.

Power Protection

Thomas from Cedar Lake, IN on 9/4/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Nice unit, has adapters for USB charging of your mobile devices. Has a high joules rating and dollar amount for connected equipment protection. I purchase a new protection device each time I purchase a new TV as they will loose protection overtime.

Pros: Good protection at a fair price.

Cons: Hopefully none.

Panamax Power 360 P360/8.

Kenny D. from San Jose, CA on 6/25/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Have New MacBookPro Connected to this Surge Protector. Have no idea if it will Protect Anything till it Happens. Would have given it 5 Stars, However as small a problem that it may seem, It is Mountable to a Desk or Wall or Side of a Cupboard if you want, But It Didn't Have The (2) Screws with it?? Silly as it may seem, I had to go Hunt some down which slowed the Project down. Nice Unit.

Pros: Looks Nice.

Cons: No Mounting Hardware in the Box.


Greg from Virginia on 1/3/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wasn't sure if it was really going to be worth the price tag when I got it, but I immediately was very happy with this power strip. Aside from the Panamax warranty and guarantee, this is seriously the first time that I've been able to plug all of my devices into one strip. Usually there are a couple of plugs that are just thick enough to prohibit plugging in another devices to the adjacent outlet or outlets--this Panamax experiences no such difficulties. Those USB chargers are also killing it.

Pros: + Numerous, spacious outlets + USB chargers + Solid, aesthetically pleasing construction



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8 AC Outlets: The Panamax P360-8 is equipped with 8 surge protected 3-prong AC outlets, controlled via a power on/off switch.

Surge Protection: The Panamax P360-8 provides protection of your connected devices through Protect-or-Disconnect + SmartGuard technology.

  • Protect-or-Disconnect: The Panamax P360-8 keeps your electronics safe from power spikes by disconnecting load in a catastrophic event.
  • SmartGuard: SmartGuard protects against brownouts and dangerous over-voltage conditions. It disconnects the power when
    the incoming voltage falls below 95 Volts or rises above 140 Volts. Then it reconnects when the voltage returns to a safe level.

LED Indicators: Three LED indicators monitor the outlet wiring, voltage, and protection status. These LEDs can be switched off.

  • Protected: This BLUE LED indicates that the P360-8 is functioning properly and that all connected equipment is protected. If the LED is off, this indicates that the power is disconnected from the outlets or that the switch is in the off position. If this light is off, but the Voltage light is illuminated Blue, then the Protect-or-Disconnect feature in the P360-8 has protected your equipment from a catastrophic surge event and disconnected power.
  • Wiring: This Blue LED indicates that the wall outlet is properly wired and grounded. When this LED is Red, it indicates an open ground (no ground wire) or reverse wiring (polarity) condition is detected.
  • Voltage: A Blue LED indicates that incoming voltage is within a safe range. When the LED is RED, this indicates an over-voltage or brownout condition and that P360-8 has been disconnected power to connected equipment to keep it safe. The P360-8 will automatically reset when voltage is back within a safe range.

RFI/EMI AC Filtering: The Panamax P360-8 provides AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

Signal Line Protection: Universal coaxial (RF in/out) and telco/DSL (RJ-11 in/out) protection prevents signal lines from carrying damaging electrical surges while maintaining full high-definition video and high speed internet signals to your equipment.

Modular Charging Stations: The P360-8 features two modular charging stations that are each fitted with two USB (type-A) ports for charging smartphone and tablet devices. With a total of four USB charging ports, you can charge four devices simultaneously at 1A maximum for each, or  charge two devices at 2A maximum for each. These patent-pending modular charging stations can be removed from the surge protector and placed on your desk top or tabletop using the included two 6' micro-USB to USB cables. This allows you to place the surge protector on the floor, while the modular charging stations can rest on your table or desk.

Power Cord: The surge protector features an attached 6 ft power cord with a right-angle, 45-degree offset three-prong plug.

Warranty: The P360-8 has a  lifetime product warranty plus a $500,000 connected equipment protection policy. Click here for full warranty details and restrictions.

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Why did you buy this?

read about it in your magazine, Emily S.'s article where she pointed out the importance for protecting stereo equipment [ Christopher  Dec 06, 2018 ]
Same a the 1st answer! [ Renee  Apr 10, 2018 ]
I wanted a power strip with better surge protection and more outlets. The usb power ports are a real nice addition as well. [ Lee  Dec 15, 2017 ]
fits application for my tv, computer, accessories and usb modular for convinience [ Fred  Aug 17, 2017 ]
quality and level of protection [ PAUL  Jul 09, 2017 ]
Lifetime guaranteed protection [ Glen  Jun 25, 2017 ]
Positive reviews and budget restraints. [ John  Apr 20, 2017 ]
Reviews. [ David  Nov 03, 2016 ]
I wanted to replace the surge protector to protect my new TV. This unit has power filtering to eliminate power spikes and interference. [ Marilyn  Aug 10, 2016 ]
USB ports tipped the scale [ Djc  Jul 31, 2016 ]
lightning protection [ Anthony  Jun 18, 2016 ]
I had the need for More Outlets, and some decent Power Protection. I called And spoke to an Advisor and we decided with his help that this would be good for my application. Also, take Note Here, the Advisor Checked the Manual that is shipped with the Unit and advised me that it "IS" Wall Mountable! The Web Site doesn't have that Information anywhere??? [ Kenneth  May 30, 2016 ]