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Record Doctor V

Record cleaning machine

Item # 325RDV

Uses safe fluid, soft cleaning strips, and vacuum suction to get records clean, and extend their life.

Uses safe fluid, soft cleaning strips, and vacuum suction to get records clean, and extend their life.

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Item # 325RDV

In stock

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About the Record Doctor V

Clean your records for cleaner sound

If there's dirt and grime in your record grooves, you'll probably miss some of the music, and hear some unwanted surface noise. The Record Doctor V record cleaning machine uses cleaning fluid, soft cleaning strips, and vacuum suction to get records clean, and extend their life.

Clean your records for cleaner sound

If there's dirt and grime in your record grooves, you'll probably miss some of the music, and hear some unwanted surface noise. The Record Doctor V record cleaning machine uses cleaning fluid, soft cleaning strips, and vacuum suction to get records clean, and extend their life.

How it works

Place the record on the Record Doctor's platter with the side you want to clean facing up. Apply cleaning fluid with the supplied brush, then flip your record over, switch on the built-in vacuum, and rotate your record by hand using the included record turner until the lower record face is dry. Now it should be clean and ready to play.


Product highlights:

What's in the box:

  • Record cleaning machine
  • Record platter
  • Record turner
  • RxLP cleaning solution
  • Fluid applicator brush
  • User's Guide

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More details on the Record Doctor V

Research Team

Product Research


Record Cleaning Machine: Vacuum cleaning your records with the Record Doctor V is the best way to get dirt, dust, and grime out of the grooves and let you hear the music you've been missing. The Record Doctor V brings a number of benefits to LP listening - it improves the sound quality, helps your records maintain their value, and helps extend the life of your LPs. With a clean LP, your record stylus reproduces the music the way the artist intended it to sound; instead of plaguing you with clicks, pops, surface noise, and distortion.

Simple To Use: The Record Doctor V is quick and easy to use; it only takes a few minutes to clean both sides of an LP. The Record Doctor V features the same vacuum motor and vacuum cleaning strip as much more expensive machines, but it does not have the expensive motor that turns records for you. Instead, you will rotate your records manually by hand. The Record Doctor V features a precision roller bearing to make records spin easily, and a handy storage tank for the easy removal of spent record cleaning fluids. The Record Doctor V comes complete with a 4 oz fluid applicator bottle, applicator brush, and illustrated cleaning instructions.

  • Use in a well-ventilated area and do not block the bottom vent while operating.
  • Do not run the vacuum motor continuously while cleaning; turn on and off as needed.
  • Use only high-quality, approved record cleaning solutions(like RxLP). Cheap or homemade solutions may damage valuable records.
  • Never vacuum a dry record; this may damage the surface.
  • If the machine becomes warm to the touch, stop cleaning and allow the machine to cool for at least an hour.
  • The maximum recommended cleaning capacity is one hundred (100) LPs per day.
  • After cleaning 25-30 records,or if any fluid leaks from the machine, unplug the Record Doctor from the AC, remove the bottom plug, and drain the spent cleaning fluid in a safe place. Do not reuse spent fluid, which may damage your records.

Safe For All Your LPs: With its plush record cleaning "brush", soft sweeper strips, and specially formulated record cleaning fluid, the Record Doctor V is safe for all of your LPs. The included Record Doctor RxLP cleaning solution is a non-alcohol industrial-grade cleaner safe for all vinyl records. Clean the records you already own plus any used LPs you find. But you also need to clean brand new records, because LPs come from the factory with dust and extraneous bits of vinyl in the grooves.

Power Requirements: The Record Doctor V cleaning machine features an attached 5.5' AC power cord that will need to be plugged into an AC power wall outlet or surge protector (sold separately).

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Customer Q&A

4 questions already asked

Can I upgrade to a better cartridge , say a Orton Blue .?
[ Michael k  Jan 04, 2022 ]
1 answer
It would be Ortofon Blue, but yes.
[ NICHOLAS  Jan 04, 2022 ]
Obviously it depends on how dirty your records are, but approximately how many records can you clean with one bottle of solution?
[ Heather  Dec 28, 2021 ]
5 answers
probably 40 with bottle included . i use l'art du son mixed with distilled water. a 3.4 oz bottle is mixed with 1 gallon of distilled water. mobi-fidelity also makes a large bottle for sale
[ EDWARD  Dec 29, 2021 ]
It came with a 4 ounce bottle and I cleaned 70/80 records before I had to buy more.
[ MICHAEL DAVID  Dec 28, 2021 ]
I have a collection of vinyl some of which dates back to the first album I purchased in the early 50s. Previously, I used a Discwasher brush with liquid, but my albums seemed perpetually "dirty," and my stylus often had to be cleaned mid-record. Some of the "dirt/lint" was residue from the paper inner liners of the older albums, a problem I fixed by using proper inner jackets. As for the Record Doctor V (RD), my not-recently-heard albums are dirt and lint free with one cleaning--3 rotations of the RD along with 3 drops of fluid at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock (spread out with a RD Clean Sweep brush) does the trick. I can't tell you exactly how many records one can clean with one bottle of solution, but one doesn't use much per record and the results are worth every penny spent on the RD RxLP cleaning solution.
[ Michael  Dec 28, 2021 ]
I've cleaned over 50 records & still have about half a bottle of solution ! One of the best investment s I made for my LP collection
[ KEVIN  Dec 28, 2021 ]
Quite difficult to answer, because it not only depends on how dirty your records are but more importantly how many drops you put on each side. I just cleaned one and I used 20 drops per side to thoroughly saturate each side. I've since moved onto the Pro-Ject Vc-E record cleaner because the manual turning of the record is a pain (literally) when you have a bunch or records to clean - lots of wrist action.
[ Bill  Dec 28, 2021 ]
Can it be used to clean 10" records, 78 RPM records, and/or shellac records?
[ Joshua  Dec 03, 2020 ]
4 answers
only has standard one hole spindle. could place 45 adapter on top. unsure whether record cleaner fluid used on shellac records. i myself use L'art du son fluid
[ EDWARD  Dec 14, 2020 ]
Have not tried but can't see why not
[ STERLING  Dec 05, 2020 ]
Have not tried yet, It should clean the 10" but may not be as efficient since opening would be exposed a little, but is powerful enough to dry surface. Go to Nitty Gritty site for cleaning others.
[ John  Dec 03, 2020 ]
You can use it for them, but make sure you don't use a cleaning fluid that has any alcohol in it - it will destroy shellac records.
[ Bill  Dec 03, 2020 ]
Does this work with 7" records (45's)?
[ Rich  May 01, 2020 ]
2 answers
yes. place 45 adapter over spindle
[ EDWARD  Dec 14, 2020 ]
It will work to to clean them too!
[ Paul  May 24, 2020 ]  Staff

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