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Radenso DS1

Radar detector with Bluetooth®, GPS, and preloaded camera database

Item # 450DS1

A gorgeous OLED display lets you see incoming threats from far away in vibrant color with this Radenso leading the way

A gorgeous OLED display lets you see incoming threats from far away in vibrant color with this Radenso leading the way

Item # 450DS1

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About the Radenso DS1

Long-range protection that looks amazing

A radar detector's primarily there to help keep you abreast of what's happening, but most could use a little help in the appearance department. Radenso's DS1 radar detector gives you a bevy of features for smooth driving, and also has a sleek multicolor OLED screen that's a pleasure to look at. So while you're hoping your detector can guard you while staying unobtrusive, it's nice to know that if you do have to look at the DS1, it's going to give you the info you need in a clear, easy-to-read fashion.

Long-range protection that looks amazing

A radar detector's primarily there to help keep you abreast of what's happening, but most could use a little help in the appearance department. Radenso's DS1 radar detector gives you a bevy of features for smooth driving, and also has a sleek multicolor OLED screen that's a pleasure to look at. So while you're hoping your detector can guard you while staying unobtrusive, it's nice to know that if you do have to look at the DS1, it's going to give you the info you need in a clear, easy-to-read fashion.

Radenso DS1 radar detector

21st-century hardware

Not only does the compact DS1 have a futuristic OLED display with selectable colors, it also features a USB-C input for both power and firmware updates, replacing the outdated RJ11 phone-style jacks of yesteryear. And it has a headphone jack for motorcycle riders, which isn't standard on many detectors these days. Radenso's new quick-release magnetic suction-cup mount keeps the DS1 securely on your windshield while letting you pop it off and move it inside or to another vehicle with ease.  And it offers a universal threaded mounting hole that works with plenty of third-party brackets.

Keep those false alerts locked out

If you drive past a strip mall with any regularity, you're probably aware of how automatic door openers can trigger false alerts on radar detectors. The same's true for roadside traffic and speed monitoring devices. The DS1's "Auto GPS Lockout" feature with artificial intelligence automatically mutes radar and laser alerts from these non-police sources in specific GPS locations, so you won't be bothered by false alerts during your daily commute. You can even adjust the radius of the lockout area to your preference. The detector is also equipped with a "Low Speed Mute" feature which allows the user to silence K- and X-band alerts when traveling below a preset speed. 

You can also manually enter Lockout points if you run into areas where the Auto GPS isn't picking up false signals quickly enough, or you know there's no enforcement happening there.

Know where you might run into trouble

By a similar token, you can mark and unmark any location or point of interest with the push of a button. The detector will record spots such as speed traps and school zones, so you'll get an alert every time you're approaching them and adjust accordingly. You can adjust the distance from the marked spot at which you get the warning. If you notice a change in enforcement habits or end up taking different routes, you can delete all marked locations and start over.

The DS1 can store up to 16,500 Auto GPS Lockout areas, 5,000 manual GPS Lockout areas, and 500 User Points.

Virtually invisible to detection

Radenso's shielding technology keeps you from being detected by all current radar detector-detection protocols, including VG-2 (completely undetectable) and Spectre IV/Elite (undetectable at a distance of 14 feet or further). This added edge lets you cruise without concern.

See and hear about incoming threats

The DS1 offers both audible and visible warnings when a threat is detected, including voice alerts and displays that warn you about the specific radar band targeting your car. You'll even get visual warnings about multiple detected threats at the same time on the detector's OLED screen. Five selectable display modes let you keep track of your speed, time, compass heading, and altitude. The voice alerts include over 260 different messages so there'll be no confusion.

Included camera locations

The DS1 comes with a preloaded database of red-light and radar camera locations across North America, allowing the detector to warn you when you get near. You can download free updates, back up your data, and maintain the database through Radenso's website. You'll need a Windows®-based computer (or a Windows emulator on a different operating system) to update the DS1's database.

Auto Dim Mode

The DS1 offers three brightness settings: Bright, Dim, and Dimmer. Auto Dim Mode uses a built-in light sensor to automatically adjust the DS1 display's brightness, depending on the brightness of your surroundings.

Built-in Bluetooth®

Radenso's working on an app, and when it's available you'll be able to do some cool stuff with your DS1 through your smartphone, thanks to the detector's Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. Check Radenso's site or your favorite app store for more details. The detector may also be able to integrate with other 3rd-party apps once Radenso's app is online, but that'll also require a consultation with Radenso's site or your app store.

Ready for the road

Radenso includes a travel case, a windshield mount, a coiled power cord with a built-in Mute button and USB power port for charging your portable devices, and a hex key for installation.

Sorry, but we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.


Product highlights:

  • radar/laser detector featuring GPS protection and preloaded database of red-light and radar cameras
  • magnetic suction-cup windshield mount, padded travel case, coiled USB-C power cord with USB port, and hex key
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • USB-C input for power and firmware updates
  • multi-color 1.6" OLED screen with multiple display modes (including simultaneous multiple threats)
  • 8 selectable display colors
  • 10 selectable alert tones
  • Auto Dim mode automatically adjusts screen brightness to outside light
  • detects 3 radar bands (selectable) and 2 POP bands, plus MultaRadar (MRCT/MRCD)
  • laser protection (adjustable)
  • long-range detection (more distance than the Radenso Pro M)
  • digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar and laser
  • sensitivity modes: Highway, City, and AutoCity (speed-based)
  • Stealth immunity: VG-2 and Spectre IV/Elite (completely undetectable at any distance)
  • Mute and Auto Mute
GPS Features:
  • free lifetime camera database available via Radenso website (updates requires USB connection and Windows computer)
  • GPS-based location marking and "GPS Lockout" with artificial intelligence allow you to mark specific threats and to filter specific locations to eliminate false alerts
    • stores up to 16,500 Auto GPS Lockout locations (determined by three instances of the same false alert signal at a stationary point within at least 16 hours)
    • stores up to 5,000 manual GPS Lockouts (marked by the user)
    • stores up to 500 User Points (locations marked by the user where the detector gives a warning upon approach)
  • over-speed alert
  • Low Speed Mute for X and K bands

What's in the box:

  • Radar detector
  • Magnetic suction cup mount (2 pieces)
  • 34" Coiled cord (with DC power adapter on one end and right-angled USB-C plug on other end)
  • 5mm Hex wrench
  • User Manual
  • QR code card

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Radenso DS1

Mark G.

Features & specs

X Band Radar Yes
K Band Radar Yes
KA Photo Radar Yes
KA Wideband Radar Yes
Laser Yes
Pulse Warning No
VG-2 Protection VG-2, Spectre
Display & Alerts
Dimmer Yes
Dark Mode Yes
Visual Alerts Text
Audible Alerts Yes
Mute Yes
Earphone Jack Yes
Visor Clip No
Straight Cord No
Coiled Cord Yes
Case Included Yes
Battery Powered No
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The Radenso DS1 radar/laser detector features the latest technology available, including GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, a multi-color OLED display, and a magnetic suction cup. In addition to traditional radar and laser detection, the DS1 offers MultaRadar (MRCD/MRCT) and Gatso, plus updateable red light and speed camera alerts. The DS1 comes with a coiled cord with USB-C plug, a magnetic windshield suction cup mount, and a hard shell zippered storage case.

Note: Radar detectors are legal in all U.S. states except for Virginia, the District of Columbia, and military bases.

Display: The DS1 has a 1.6" color OLED display with Auto, Bright, Dim, and Dimmer brightness settings. You can choose from eight display colors: Red, Blue, White, Gray, Pink, Purple, Green, and Amber. Colors can be individually assigned for Laser alerts, Ka alerts, MRCD alerts, K alerts, and X alerts.

Radar and Laser Detection: The Radenso DS1 detects the following radar bands: X, K, Ka, MRCD, POP K, POP Ka, and K Gatso. It also detects and alerts you of the use of laser by law enforcement. Laser alerts are not muted when using the Auto Mute, or when the detector has been muted manually. For X band, K band, and Ka band, you can adjust the sensitivity of the detector for that particular band. Each band can be set to 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, or 50%. You can choose from 8 selectable colors and 10 alert tone options for each radar/laser band alert.

Auto Lockouts: If the same signal (X Band or K Band ±10MHz) is detected at the same location three times, the DS1 will automatically lock the signal out as a false alert.

False Alert Filtering: There are numerous sources of radar that cause false alerts. Stationary false alerts can be caused by commonly used items such as garage door openers, automatic door openers, traffic speed sensors, and construction road signs. With intelligent, auto-learning GPS lockouts, the DS1 remembers the location and frequency of stationary false alerts and ignores them in the future. The built-in memory will store 16,500 Auto Lockouts, 5,000 Manual Lockouts, and 500 User Points. The DS1 also features a Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) filter.

City/Highway Modes: The DS1 automatically sets Highway or City Mode based on the vehicle's speed. If the vehicle speed is over 50 mph, the detector switches to Highway mode; under 50 mph, City mode is set.

Low Speed Muting: For certain radar bands or Multaradar, you can set a speed at which the detector mutes an alert. The overall Low Speed Mute can be set between 5 and 45 mph in 5 mph steps. For K and X bands, and for MRCD, the Low Speed Mute can be set between 5 and 65 mph (5 mph increments).

Overspeed Warning: The radar detector can detect your speed because of the built-in GPS technology. You can set an Overspeed Warning to help alert you when you exceed the set speed. The Overspeed Warning can be set between 65 and 105 mph in 5 mph steps.

Red Light/Speed Camera Database: The DS1 features a built-in database of red light and speed cameras throughout North America. Precise GPS coordinates of all known Red-Light Cameras (RLC) and Speed Cameras are stored in the unit's memory. As you approach one of the camera locations, you will receive an alert. Free updates to the camera database are available online via USB.

Radar Detector Detectors: The Radenso DS1 is undetectable by VG2 and Spectre Elite, keeping your detector hidden from radar detector detectors.

User Interface: There are four top-mounted buttons and one front-mounted button for changing settings:

  • Power: Power on/off
  • Volume +: Raises the volume level (0-9); In the menu mode, the button moves the highlight right or down.
  • Volume -: Lowers the volume level (0-9); In the menu mode, the button moves the highlight left or up.
  • Menu: Pressing the button accesses the menu, and while in the menu, another press selects the highlighted option. A 2-second press and hold moves the menu back a page.
  • Mute: The front-mounted Mute button reacts to the following actions:
    • Press: Toggles mute Off/On (during Alert); Store or Delete Lockout
    • 1-second Press: Deletes Red Light / Speed / Red Light + Speed Camera location
    • 2-second Press: Store or delete User Point (while not alerting)

Bluetooth 5.0: The DS1 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 so you can pair the detector with your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth can be used with apps from Radenso or other third party sources. (At this time, the Radenso app is still in development, and will be available in the future.)

Power Requirements: The Radenso DS1 is powered by the supplied DC power supply and coiled cord. The detector is equipped with a USB-C input for power and firmware updates. The "cigarette lighter" plug has a mute button and a USB Type A port for supporting other devices. An optional USB-C Direct Wire Kit is available from the manufacturer to hard wire the detector to your vehicle's power wiring, to free up your DC power port and keep your windshield free from clutter.

Mounting: The DS1 detector comes with a new magnetic suction cup windshield mount. On the top of the detector is a 1/4-20 threaded insert that is compatible with the mount or third-party mounting accessories. The 2-piece magnetic mount includes a screw-in bracket that attaches to the detector. It has an angle adjustment to help level the unit. The 2-1/2" diameter suction cup and bracket connect together magnetically, allowing you to attach and remove the radar detector with ease. Radenso offers the magnetic suction cup mount as an accessory, allowing you to quickly move your detector from one vehicle to another.

Ticket Free Guarantee: Radenso offers a 1-year limited ticket reimbursement guarantee for all their radar detectors purchased from authorized dealers, including Crutchfield. The guarantee is subject to Terms and Conditions.

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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

Does this prevent alarms from collision avoidance radar?
[ Antonio  Feb 23, 2022 ]
3 answers
Yes. Main reason forgetting a new RD.
[ MONTE  Feb 23, 2022 ]
Yes, I've had this since it came out and it's been great so far. Long range and no false alarms.
[ HEATHER  Feb 23, 2022 ]
Yes, certain K bands are blocked. I think they add others as needed.
[ Jeff L.  Feb 23, 2022 ]

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