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PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence®

Wireless pet fence

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Our take on the PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence®

PetSafe's YardMax In-Ground Fence is a fantastic containment system, but what if you live in a place where you can't bury the wire? The Stay+Play is a convenient system that provides a truly wireless safe zone for you and your dogs to enjoy.

The PetSafe Stay+Play generates a safe containment zone for you and your pet to enjoy.

The PetSafe Stay+Play generates a safe containment zone for you and your pet to enjoy.

Invisible, wire-free pet containment system

PetSafe's YardMax In-Ground Fence is a fantastic containment system, but what if you live in a place where you can't bury the wire? The Stay+Play is a convenient system that provides a truly wireless safe zone for you and your dogs to enjoy.

The base station generates a wire-free perimeter "dome" that keeps dogs from getting lost or wandering into traffic. Attach the included wireless device to your dog's collar, and he'll get a warning beep, followed by static correction, any time he approaches the invisible boundary. The included flags give him a helpful visual cue as he learns where he can and can't go.

Visiting family? Take the base unit with you, and create a mobile safe zone anywhere your dog needs one.

Product Highlights:

  • wireless base station generates an invisible "dome" perimeter
  • covers an adjustable circular area up to 3/4 acre (210 feet in diameter)
  • automatic safety shut-off limits static correction to a 15 second burst
  • contain multiple pets with additional collar devices (not included)
  • expand containment area with additional wireless transmitters (not included)
Collar Receiver:
  • durable and waterproof
  • fits neck sizes 6-28"
  • for dogs 5 lbs. and over
  • warns your pet with an audible beep before administering static correction
  • powered by built-in rechargeable battery
Included Accessories:
  • transmitter with mounting hardware and power adapter
  • surge protector
  • collar receiver charger
  • interchangeable short and long contact points
  • 50 training flags
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Fence transmitter
  • AC power adapter with 6' DC output cord
  • Receiver collar with 2 short contact points
  • 2 Long contact points
  • Contact point wrench
  • Test Light tool
  • Receiver charger with 6' cord (dual output connectors)
  • 50 Boundary flags
  • Operating and Training Guide

PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence® Reviews

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PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence®

Crutchfield customer from Carmel, NY on 11/7/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

So easy to set up and my two dogs learned immediately ! Should have gotten this years ago.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence (PIF00-12917) can help you keep your dog in your yard without having to bury wires. This wireless system features a transmitter that emits a radio signal that covers a circular area up to 3/4 acre. When your dog, wearing the receiver collar, approaches the fringes of the boundary area, he'll receive a warning, and then, a safe static correction if he continues. The system also includes a receiver collar and 50 boundary marking flags.

System Design: The Stay + Play Wireless Fence transmits its signal up to 105 feet in all directions. The signal establishes a Pet Area for your dog to roam freely, and a Boundary Zone, a 2 to 3 foot area beyond the Pet Area. Your pet wears a Receiver Collar with contact points that touch his neck. As he reaches the Boundary Zone, the collar delivers a warning tone, and then a safe Static Correction through the contact points, persuading him to stay within the Pet Area. The Stay + Play Wireless Fence is effective for pets 5 pounds and up.

Installation: The Wireless Transmitter should be placed at least 2 feet above the ground floor of your home, in a dry, well ventilated, protected area. It can be wall-mounted with 2 screws (not included), if desired. You can adjust the transmitter output to modify the size of the Pet Area. The 2-position Boundary Switch lets you set the Transmitter Range up to 50 feet or up to 105 feet. A Range Dial also fine tunes the radius in smaller increments. You can increase the coverage of your Wireless Fence by adding a second transmitter, and overlapping the ranges. Because the transmitter is portable, you can also use the Stay + Play Wireless Fence at a campsite or vacation home.

Receiver Collar: The Receiver Collar comes with two short contact points that touch the neck of your dog. Longer contact points (supplied) may be needed for dogs with long or thick fur. The waterproof collar fits dogs with neck sizes from 6 to 28 inches, and can be trimmed to fit. Additional Stay + Play Receiver Collars are available if you have more than one dog. The receiver is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which charges in approximately 2-3 hours. Each charge can last up to 3 weeks, depending on frequency of use. The receiver collar will emit a Warning Tone when your pet enters the Boundary Zone. If he stays in the Boundary Zone, the collar will deliver a Static Correction (if set to Level 2 or higher). The Receiver Collar's response levels include:

Static Correction Level Receiver Collar Function Temperament of Pet
1 No Static Correction; Tone only Initial Training Mode
2 Low Static Correction Timid
3 Medium-Low Static Correction Timid or Average
4 Medium Static Correction Average Energy
5 Medium-High Static Correction Average or High Energy
6 High Static Correction High Energy

Training: It is important to properly train your dog after installing the Stay + Play Wireless Fence. This should be done gradually, in short, but frequent, 10-15 minute sessions over several days, in order to achieve success. The training outline includes five phases:

Days Goals Activity and Static Correction Level
1 Boundary Awareness Using tone only (Level 1) to teach the boundary of the Pet Area
2-4 Boundary Awareness, continued Introduce Static Correction (Level 2), teaching your pet to stay in the Pet Area and respect the boundary.
5-8 Distraction Phase Train your pet to stay within the Pet Area, even with distractions outside of the boundary. (Level 2 or higher)
9-14 Unleashed Supervision Give your pet free run of the Pet Area off the leash.
15-30 Pet Monitoring Your pet should be ready to run freely within the Pet Area. You should monitor dog regularly during this phase.

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