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PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum® Pet Fountain

Fresh water fountain for your pets

Item # 4810013703

Do you freshen your pet's water dish often enough?

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About the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum® Pet Fountain

Plenty of fresh, flowing water

Do you freshen your pet's water dish often enough? Do you have multiple pets, or just one really large one? Plug in PetSafe's Drinkwell Platinum fountain, and plenty of fresh, clean water streams forth for your pets to drink any time they like.

Plenty of fresh, flowing water

Canine intern Nina drinks from PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain at Crutchfield HQ.

After a romp in Crutchfield HQ's Woofer Park, our canine coworkers can stop by the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum fountain to rehydrate.

Do you freshen your pet's water dish often enough? Do you have multiple pets, or just one really large one? Plug in PetSafe's Drinkwell Platinum fountain, and plenty of fresh, clean water streams forth for your pets to drink any time they like.

The fountain holds 1.3 gallons of water, which circulates in a gentle stream. Animals are enticed by the sound of running water, so they're much more likely to stay well-hydrated. A receiving ramp keeps the flow from splattering and making a mess, and an activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors. There's even a pre-filter to keep large particles from getting into the motor.

Keep it quiet

If the splashing water is a bit much for your pet (or you), you can lower the flow rate using the flow control knob to the right of the splash ramp. And keep an eye on that knob — if the water level falls below it, the fountain's motor can become noisy and may eventually burn out. Here at HQ we avoid the noise by regularly refilling the fountain's reservoir. And if an especially thirsty pup stops by, we top off the bowl between those refills just to be safe.


Product highlights:

  • provides fresh running water for your pet
  • holds 1.3 gallons of water
  • pre-filter catches large particles before they reach the motor
  • submersible pump for nearly silent operation
  • spout and receiving ramp reduce splash of falling water
    • flow control knob lets you adjust water flow to suit your pet
  • activated carbon filter keeps water clean
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # PWW00-13703

What's in the box:

  • Drinkwell Platinum pet water fountain with attached 70" AC power cord with transformer (AC output: 12V 200mA)
  • Charcoal Filter
  • Operating Instructions
  • Motor Cleaning note
  • Important note

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Overview: The Pet Safe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain helps keep your pet hydrated and healthy with up to 168 ounces (1.3 gallons) of fresh, filtered water. The fountain produces a 6" falling stream of water to help oxygenate the water and entice your pet to drink more. The fountain is made of BPA-free plastic, and can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The Drinkwell Platinum is recommended for dogs and cats of any size.

Filtering: The fountain has a replaceable activated carbon filter to remove bad tastes and odors. There is also a pre-filter that will catch large particles such as hair, debris, and food before they reach the Charcoal Filter. The filter should be replaced every 4-6 weeks.

Reservoir: The Drinkwell Platinum has a large clear plastic water reservoir that allows you to check the water level at a glance. The reservoir holds over 1/2 gallon of extra water, giving the fountain more than 3x the capacity of the Drinkwell Original pet fountain. This gives you more time between refills.

Flow Control: The Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain has a flow control knob that attaches to the pump to adjust the rate of water flow. The knob rotates from the 10 o'clock position (lowest flow) to the 2 o'clock position (highest flow).

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
I purchased the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain because compared to other online companies shipping is free and there was no tax. Checkout at Crutchfield was amazingly simple. I definitely will be shopping here again. [ Kathy  Mar 11, 2019 ]
In the hopes of keeping my cay from drinking from the toilet! [ MATTHEW  Feb 28, 2019 ]
I have one I'm not that happy with. Like the replacement filters. It had a high rating [ S  Oct 11, 2018 ]
We trust Crutchfield and the price was right. [ William and Meryl  Jul 22, 2018 ]
Excellent reviews [ B  Jul 19, 2018 ]
I picked this one because Crutchfield sells it. [ Tom  Jul 16, 2018 ]
Looked like the better choose for my pets needs. A vet employee told me they had one for their pets . [ mitchell  Apr 29, 2018 ]

1 question already asked

Is it quiet? Would I be able to sleep if it was in the same room with me?
[ Vanessa  Oct 06, 2018 ]
1 answer
Hello vanessa, it's pretty quiet as long as the reservoir has water. Once it gets low the sound of the waterfall is a little louder but not much. Might even consider the sound soothing. Over all we love our fountain
[ christian  Oct 06, 2018 ]

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