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Alpine IVA-D900

Mobile Multimedia Station
DVD/MP3 Receiver with Motorized 7" Monitor

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Item # 500IVAD900

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Our take on the Alpine IVA-D900

Alpine's IVA-D900 Mobile Multimedia Station is The Godfather of mobile video receivers: an absolute masterpiece! Its 7" low-temperature poly-silicone LCD video monitor provides 400% more pixels than conventional LCD screens. The picture is brighter and more detailed, with higher contrast, more dramatic colors, and a wider viewing angle.

Alpine's IVA-D900 Mobile Multimedia Station is The Godfather of mobile video receivers: an absolute masterpiece! Its 7" low-temperature poly-silicone LCD video monitor provides 400% more pixels than conventional LCD screens. The picture is brighter and more detailed, with higher contrast, more dramatic colors, and a wider viewing angle.

And then there's expandability. Not only does this receiver have a host of inputs for Alpine components (such as a DVD changer or navigation system) or an XM Radio tuner), it also has three A/V inputs and two A/V outputs. Just add a couple of rear-seat monitors to open up the entertainment possibilities. Multi-zone audio-video control allows independent source selection for each monitor. Imagine it — one child watching a DVD, another playing a video game, while you listen to XM Radio up front!

The IVA-D900 plays your CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs (even discs loaded with MP3 files), and its MaxTune SQ tuner delivers first-rate AM/FM reception. Whatever your listening preferences, the powerful built-in amplifier reproduces your music with precision and authority. If you're into serious fine-tuning, Bass Engine® Plus offers equalization, time correction, and crossover capabilities, while MediaXpander brings out all the dynamics of your music and movie soundtracks.

Once the unit has been installed, easy-to-follow on-screen menus provide instructions for system setup and control. Quick Search allows you to select a menu, then use the rotary knob to scroll through its list of options — a real bonus if you're looking for a particular MP3 song or XM Radio channel. A full-function wireless remote is included for your convenience.

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Product Highlights:

  • motorized, low-temperature poly-silicone LCD 7" video monitor
  • 1.15 million pixels for exceptional picture quality
  • monitor angle adjustment
  • detachable face
  • plays DVDs, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and MP3 discs
  • Bass Engine® Plus
    • 4-channel time correction
    • 3-position high-/low-pass crossover
    • bass and treble center frequency control
    • subwoofer level and phase control
  • MediaXpander
  • XM Satellite Radio controls (XM Radio subscription, tuner, antenna required to receive the satellite radio signal.) — service is available only in the lower 48 states, not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories
  • multi-zone capable
  • MaxTune SQ tuner
  • Ai-Net CD/DVD changer controls
  • 3 audio/video inputs
  • navigation input
  • rear camera input
  • 2 audio/video outputs
  • 3 sets of 4-volt preamp outputs
  • digital art spectrum analyzer display
  • wireless remote
  • 23 watts RMS/50 watts peak x 4 channels
  • DVD/CD signal-to-noise ratio 115 dB
  • DVD/CD frequency response 5-20,000 Hz
  • FM sensitivity 9.3 dBf
  • 1-year warranty
  • designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs

What's in the Box:

  • Mobile Multimedia Station
  •  Sleeve
  • Detachable front panel
  • Trim ring
  • Vinyl front panel case
  • FM/AM tuner unit
  • DC/DC converter
  • RUE-4190 Wireless remote
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 1 Remote control holder
  • 2 Mobile Multimedia Station mounting brackets
  • 2 FM/AM tuner unit mounting brackets
  • 19" Mobile Multimedia Station wiring harness with in-line noise filter and fuse/fuse holder
  • 9.5' FM/AM tuner unit wiring harness with in-line noise filter and fuse/fuse holder
  • 11" Remote in/out wiring harness
  • 3" Parking brake lead
  • 10' Monitor extension cable (has a 26-pin male connector on one end and a 26-pin female connector on the other end)
  • 10' Antenna extension cable (has a male Motorola connector on one end and a female Motorola connector on the other end)
  • 1 Self-adhesive Velcro fastener
  • 2 Red pinch connectors
  • 4 ISO-mount screws
  • 4 Machine screws
  • Six 9/16" self-tapping screws
  • Two 1/2" self-tapping screws
  • 1 Strip of double-sided self-adhesive foam
  • Owner's Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Customer Care Registration card
  • Note on inserting a disc
  • Correction sheet
  • 4 Remote control labels

Hands-on research

Features and Specs

AUX Input Optional
Audio/video Input 3
USB Input ---
CarPlay No
Android Auto No
Siri Control No
Android Control No
Memory Card Slot No
Bluetooth Compatible ---
Satellite Radio Ready XM
HD Radio ---
Navigation ---
iPod Compatibility
Full size ---
Nano ---
Touch ---
iPhone ---
RMS Power (CTA-2006) 23 watts
RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
Peak Output 50 watts
RMS Power Bandwidth N/A
Preamp Outputs 6-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs ---
Video Screen No
Preamp Voltage 4 volts
Screen Size 6.975
Display Color
Key Button Color Green
EQ Bands None
Wireless Remote Yes
Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
FM Sensitivity 9.3 dBf
European Tuning No
Seek/Scan Seek
Radio Data System No
High-res Playback ---

Product Research

DVD/Video CD Controls
Changer Controls
Inputs and Outputs


Mobile Multimedia Station: Alpine's line of Ai-NET Mobile Multimedia Stations allow you to connect and control a wide range of in-car audio and visual systems, such as DVD/CD/MP3 changers, rear seat monitors, and navigation systems, from a single in-dash control center.

Motorized, 7" Wide Screen Monitor: The IVA-D900 has a motorized 7" wide screen monitor (with 16:9 aspect ratio) that serves as a video monitor and system information display.

Automatic Monitor Opening/Closing: When the Automatic Opening/Closing mode is set to "Full," the monitor automatically opens when the ignition key is turned to the "Acc" or "On" position. When the mode is set to "Manual", the monitor must be opened and closed using the Open/Close button. When the mode is set to "Close", the monitor automatically closes when the ignition key is turned off.

Monitor Angle Adjustment: You can adjust the monitor's angle for better visibility. The screen angle can be adjusted between 40 and 105 degrees.

Picture Adjustment: You can adjust the brightness, color, and tint of the picture. Color and tint adjustments can only be made in the navigation, DVD, AUX1, AUX2 and AUX3 modes. 

Note: Color and tint adjustments cannot be made if a Navigation system with the RGB feature is connected.

Illumination Control: You can select one of the following dimmer settings:

  • Auto: adjusts the brightness of the background illumination of the monitor depending on the ambient light in your vehicle
  • On: keeps the background illumination of the monitor dark
  • Off: keeps the background illumination of the monitor bright

Background Screen: You have a choice of 6 different background textures. You can select a background texture of Water, Wood, Sky, Forest, Time, or Wire-Frame.

Spectrum Analyzer: You may select from 4 spectrum analyzer modes, or you may turn the spectrum analyzer off. One mode is suitable for all types of music, one mode is specially suited for music with vocals, and another mode emphasizes bass rhythm by providing images created using the low frequencies in audio signals. The Scan mode repeatedly displays the other modes in sequence.

Display Modes: You can select one of the following display modes:

  • Mode 1 (Wide): evenly stretches a 4:3 picture horizontally to fit the wide screen monitor
  • Mode 2 (Normal): displays a 4:3 picture at the center of the screen with a vertical black band at each side
  • Mode 3 (Cinema): displays a 4:3 picture by stretching out the picture horizontally and vertically. This mode is good for displaying a cinema-type picture with a 16:9 ratio.

Soft Key Operation: As you navigate the head unit's menu system, the "soft key" functions change as indicated on the display. These multipurpose "soft keys" help to eliminate faceplate clutter.

Blackout Display Mode: When the Blackout mode is activated, the display turns off to reduce power consumption. The additional power made available by turning off the display helps enhance sound quality.

Bass Engine Plus: Bass Engine functions provide control over your system, so you can tailor the sound to your personal tastes. Bass Engine Plus includes the following functions:

  • 4-Channel Digital Time Correction: The time correction feature allows you to create virtual speaker positions by delaying the signals being sent to the speakers closest to you. When the correct delay times have been entered for the front right, front left, rear right and rear left speakers, all sounds reach your ears at the same time, providing optimized imaging and frequency response.
  • 3-Position 12dB/Octave Crossover: An 80Hz/120Hz/160Hz low-pass filter is available for the subwoofer outputs, and an 80Hz/120Hz/160Hz high-pass filter is available for the front right, front left, rear right and rear left preamp outputs. Either, or both, filters may be turned off.
  • MX (MediaXpander): The MediaXpander function makes vocals or instruments sound distinct by restoring sound quality typically lost during recording or transmission; this function helps restore audio information that becomes obscured when audio is compressed. The MX function can be applied to all sources, except AM radio. There are three expansion modes for each of the following internal sources: CD, FM, and MP3/XM. There are two expansion modes for DVD/Video CD and three expansion mode for external sources.
  • Bass Center Frequency Control: To tailor bass response to your preference, you may select the bass control's center frequency. You may select from the following center frequencies: 60Hz, 70Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz, 100Hz, 130Hz, 150Hz, or 180Hz.
  • Bass Width Control: You may choose from four band width (Q-Factor) settings for the bass control; the bass control can be set to affect a wide or narrow band of frequencies.
  • Treble Center Frequency Control: To tailor treble response to your preference, you may select the treble control's center frequency. You may select from the following center frequencies: 10kHz, 12.5kHz, 15kHz, or 17.5kHz.
  • Subwoofer Level Control: The level of the subwoofer preamp outputs can be adjusted to balance the output of your subwoofer with that of your other speakers.
  • Subwoofer Phase Selector: The phase of the subwoofer outputs may be set to normal (0 degrees) or reverse (180 degrees); this function allows you to minimize phase cancellation of bass frequencies, for stronger bass response.

M DAC: M DAC combines the best attributes of 1-bit and multi-bit converter technologies to recreate lifelike music.

MP3 Playback: This unit can play CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW discs containing MP3 files recorded using the ISO 9660 Level 1 or Level 2 formats; constant and variable bit rates from 32 kbps to 320 kbps are supported. Discs recorded using Joliet or other ISSO 9660 compliant formats can be played, but file and folder names will not be displayed correctly. CD-ROM XA, Mixed Mode CD, Enhanced CD (CD-Extra) and multi-session recordings are supported, but recordings made using Track At Once or packet writing cannot be correctly played back. Discs containing both standard CD audio and MP3 data can be played; the unit may be set to play only the CD audio tracks or both types of tracks. ID3 tag v1 is supported; track title, artist name and album name ID3 tag data can be displayed.

Disc and Station Titling: Titles of up to 16 characters in length may be entered for up to 100 radio stations and discs (CD, Video CD) combined; titles cannot be input for DVDs or MP3 discs.

Rear Enter Function: The Rear Enter function independently routes different sources to the front and the rear inside a car. For example, while listening to the radio or another audio source in the front, a DVD can be enjoyed in the rear with the optional rear monitor and headphones.

Simultaneous Operation: You can watch the video portion of one source while listening to another source.

Interrupt Feature (NAV.MIX) With an Alpine navigation system connected to the IVA-D900, the voice guidance of the navigation system will be mixed with the radio or CD audio. You can adjust the volume level of the voice guidance. If you use this unit connected to an external audio processor, use the built in amplifier. You cannot use this function with an external amplifier.

XM Radio Ready: An optional XM Satellite Radio tuner may be connected to, and controlled by, this unit. The optional tuner, along with an antenna and subscription, allows you to receive XM Satellite Radio. XM Satellite Radio programming features up to 100 channels of digital-quality music, news, talk, sports, entertainment, and children's programming.

Auxiliary Input Ready: With the addition of the optional KCA-121B Ai-NET/RCA interface cable, the KCA-801B auxiliary input adapter, or the KCA-410C Versatile-Link Terminal, the audio from an auxiliary source can be played through this unit. When the KCA-121B interface cable is used, a CD changer cannot be connected to the head unit; the KCA-801B auxiliary input adapter allows you to connect an auxiliary source and an Ai-NET changer to the head unit. The KCA-410C Versatile-Link Terminal allows you to feed audio from up to two auxiliary sources and two Ai-NET CD changers to the head unit.

MobileHub Link: Using the MobileHub Link, you can connect an optional Junction Box and a Nokia 6310i tri-band GSM cellular phone, allowing you to control the incoming and outgoing calls from the head unit.

DVD/Video CD Controls

DVD Functions: This unit allows you to perform the following DVD/Video CD functions: chapter search, track search, 2-speed scan play (forward and reverse), 2-speed slow motion play (forward only), pause, and frame advance.

Dolby Digital and DTS Compatibility: When the optical digital output (standard Toslink) on the rear of the head unit is connected to an optional Alpine digital audio processor, you can enjoy Dolby Digital and DTS surround.

Selectable NTSC/PAL Configuration: This unit allows you to switch the video output configuration to NTSC or PAL according to the type of monitor and the disc recording method.

Pre-stop Function: When the Pre-stop function is used, the position at which playback is stopped is stored in the memory, and playback resumes from that position.

Slow Motion Playback: When playing a DVD or Video CD, you may move forward through the program being played in one of the following slow motion speeds: 1/2 or 1/8. Slow motion playback is not possible in the reverse direction.

Repeat Playback: When playing a DVD, you can repeat the current title or the current chapter. When playing a Video CD, you can repeat the current track or the entire disc.

Multi-Angle Display: This function allows you to choose the viewing angle of scenes that were shot from a number of different angles. 

Note: This function is limited to DVDs recorded with multiple camera angles.

Parental Lock: Parental Lock allows you to restrict the playback of DVDs that are unsuitable for younger viewers. You can select a parental lock rating from 0-8, which is protected by a 4-digit password.

Digital Output: You can select a digital output setting of  Auto or LPCM. When set to Auto, the digital output is switched automatically according to the type of audio signals being played. When set to LPCM, the audio signals recorded on the disc are converted to 48kHz/16-bit (for DVDs) or 44.1kHz (for Video CDs and CDs) linear PCM audio signals for output.

Controls for Add-on Components: The IVA-D900 can control the following optional add-on components: Navigation System, DVD changer, CD changer, XM receiver, and audio processor.

Changer Controls

Compatibility: This unit is compatible with 6 and 12-disc Alpine Ai-NET CD changers; also, this unit can control Alpine Ai-NET CD/MP3 changers and DVD changers. Alpine M-Bus CD changers cannot be controlled by this unit.

Multiple Changer Control: With the addition of an optional adapter, more than one CD changer can be controlled. One KCA-400C adapter will allow you to connect up to 4 CD changers, and two KCA-400C adapters will allow you to connect up to a total of 6 CD changers.

Text Display: When connected to a text capable changer, this unit can display text data from CD Text encoded CDs and MP3 CDs.

Disc Titling: When connected to a CD changer with disc title memory, CD titles may be entered and displayed for discs played in the changer. The title length and title capacity varies depending on the model of CD changer used.

Inputs and Outputs

Left Side of FM/AM Tuner Unit:

  • Power Supply: 16-pin male jack for use with supplied FM/AM tuner unit wiring harness
  • Remote In/ Out: 6-pin male jack for use with supplied Remote in/out wiring harness
  • Navigation Input: 13-pin female RGB jack that connects to an optional Alpine navigation system
  • Display Output: 26-pin female jack that connects to the head unit using the supplied Monitor extension cable

Right Side of FM/AM Tuner Unit:

  • Front Preouts: stereo RCA jacks
  • Rear Preouts: stereo RCA jacks
  • Subwoofer Preouts: stereo RCA jacks
  • Ai-NET: Ai-NET jack
  • Aux 1 Output: stereo RCA jacks and RCA composite video jack
  • Aux 2 Output: stereo RCA jacks and RCA composite video jack
  • Aux 1 Input: stereo RCA jacks and RCA composite video jack
  • Aux 2 Input: stereo RCA jacks and RCA composite video jack
  • Aux 3 Input: stereo RCA jacks and RCA composite video jack
  • Camera Input: RCA composite video jack for connecting and optional back-up camera
  • Radio Antenna Input: female Motorola jack

Front Panel of DC/DC Converter:

  • To Head Unit: 10-pin male jack that connects to the head unit using the supplied Mobile Multimedia Station wiring harness



  • FM/AM Tuner Unit: W=8.441", H=1.577", D=10.865"
  • DC/DC Converter: W=3.701", H=0.885", D=3.806"

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