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PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 Amplifier Replacement Interface

Allows seamless replacement of the premium factory amp in select 2014-up Chrysler-made vehicles

18 Reviews | 7 questions - 15 answers

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Our take on the PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 Amplifier Replacement Interface

You can make a less-than-ideal premium factory system actually sound premium by replacing the weak factory amplifier with a more powerful aftermarket amp. PAC's AmpPRO interface consists of a module and a vehicle-specific T-harness that make the job much easier. Now, you can install an amplifier of your own without losing any of your vehicle's factory audio features like warning chimes, navigation prompts, and Bluetooth functions.

Your amp will sound better than the factory amp

You can make a less-than-ideal premium factory system actually sound premium by replacing the weak factory amplifier with a more powerful aftermarket amp. PAC's AmpPRO interface consists of a module and a vehicle-specific T-harness that make the job much easier. Now, you can install an amplifier of your own without losing any of your vehicle's factory audio features like warning chimes, navigation prompts, and Bluetooth functions.

Simple to install

The package's T-harness plugs into the factory radio and vehicle harness. The small module fits behind the dash, converting your radio's speaker outputs into six preamp-level outputs ready for connection to your amp. The factory radio controls, such as volume, balance, and fade, will work as before for your front and rear speakers. A separate wired remote level control lets you adjust the volume of the subwoofer channels from your front seat. An optional add-on module, PAC's APA-TOS1 adapter, provides an optical digital output for your high-end digital processors and amplifiers to handle.

An app for tweakers

After downloading the AmpPRO PC App and connecting to your Windows-run PC via USB, you can access the factory 3-band parametric equalizer (EQ) and customize the tone of your system to perfection. The app also lets you adjust chime volume, the system's minimum volume level, and update the product firmware when needed.

Important Note: This AmpPRO interface simplifies the installation of a car amplifier (not included). You'll also need to purchase anything required to install your new amp: an amp wiring kitspeaker wire (to replace factory wiring), and RCA cables. Your factory amp must be working and connected to the factory radio for this interface to work.

Product Highlights:

  • amplifier replacement module and T-harness
  • works with select 2014-up Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles with a premium sound system
  • 6-channel RCA outputs (front, rear, subs)
  • switchable 5- or 4-volt RMS output
  • retains factory radio controls and audio features
  • wired remote level control for sub channels
  • remote turn-on lead for amplifiers
  • AmpPRO PC App, available from PAC, lets you adjust minimum and chime volumes and 3-band EQ via your Windows-run PC
  • optional TOSLINK adapter provides digital output
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Amplifier integration interface module
  • T-harness
  • 6' Rotary-knob cable
  • Rotary-knob
  • Installation Instructions

Great option for add aftermarket amplifier

Angel, Plant City, FL


PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 Amplifier Replacement Interface Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(18 Reviews)

PAC Interface for RAM -

Richard from Danville on 3/3/2019

2016 Ram 1500

My installer used this PAC interface in my new 2016 ram 1500 with the Alpine system. I added Morel 6x9 components in the front, kept the stock center channel, replaced the reat 6x9's with a new set of Polk 6x9's, added a JL 10" TW3 sub in a fiberglass enclosure and finally used an Arc Audio XDI 1100.5 (150watts x4 & 400 watts for the sub). It sounds good. Not great. Not what i am used to. I think the issue is utilizing the factory head unit and the PAC interface . It is a whole different sound than just using a top quality head , for example, a Kenwood Excelon head. Furthermore, there is some sort of background white noise associated with the PAC interface. it is NOT alternator whine... not static, but some form of "hiss" Although you really do not hear it once you turn up the volume.... but nevertheless it bothers me it is there. Don't get me wrong, the PAC interface makes it easy to put a custom sound system in your RAM. But there are definitely some compromises. I would have gone a different route if I had know. I would have used a top quality DSP and had my installer use the high level speaker outputs.



Made the factory head unit work

Will from Houston, TX on 12/30/2018

2016 Ram 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The guys and gals at Crutchfield convinced me to add amps for my mids / highs, and sub and I'm glad i did. This allowed me to keep the factory head unit while adding 2 amps for power. Install was easy only time consuming which is expected when doing a job such as this. Still upgrading my system have it exactly where I want and this made it easy.

Pros: Allows you to keep a stock head unit

Cons: Little pricey but it's like that !

PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 Amplifier Replacement Interface

Angel from Plant City, FL on 10/28/2018

2015 Chrysler 200

Great option for add aftermarket amplifier

Pros: Easy install

Cons: Problem with chimes

Works as described

Chris from Lake Elsinore, CA on 10/11/2018

2018 Chrysler 300

Worked for my 2018 Chrysler 300 limited, great product.



Piece o junk

Bryan from Odessa, tx on 9/24/2018

Let's you connect without cutting wires but I have been through 4 of them and the remote power keeps shorting and leaving my amp on 24/7 pac won't do anything saying everything looks fine.. well why is my battery dead again

Pros: Connects without using a loc or cutting wires

Cons: Not reliable. Went through 4 in 2 years

Easiest install I've done

jeff from Phoenix on 7/22/2018

2016 Ram 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If you are doing any aftermarket Install on a Ram this is a must have. Could not be any easier. The hardest part was finding a spot to flush mount the bass knob. Everything works great. Even made the rest of the speakers sound better. Currently running the JL stealthbox and Rockford prime amp. Planning on adding speakers and 4 channel in the near future. If you are contemplating it, just get it. Sheer ease of use and no hacking is worth the price of admission.

Pros: Easy to install, worked right out of the box makes the rest of the speakers sound better

Cons: Kind of expensive for a harness

Alpine premium sound system

Brad from Elysburg, PA on 7/9/2018

2017 Ram 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have a 2017 ram 1500 sport with alpine sound system . This is the best solution for connecting a aftermarket amp to this sound system.

Pros: Easy to connect to factory system, gives you best possible solution for hooking up aftermarket amp.

Cons: A little expensive!!!

PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 Amplifier Replacement Interface

Crutchfield customer from Lexington, KY on 6/26/2018

2016 Dodge Challenger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Made installation of an amp and sub a simple process in my 2016 Challenger. If you're adding to the factory system this is a must because it just plugs in and makes life so much easier. It also fits nicely behind the dash.

Pros: Simple to use. Easy Installation.

Cons: Kind of pricy

Perfect integration

Anthony from Independence, KY on 6/3/2018

2015 Dodge Challenger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This was my best option for my 2015 challenger to retain my factory uconnect system.

Pros: Simple to install

Cons: None

PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 Amplifier Replacement Interface

Crutchfield customer from Jonesboro, GA on 4/27/2018

2015 Dodge Charger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

2015 Dodge Charger SE. Works great. Very easy to install (plug-n-play)



Easier than most LOC's, can't go wrong with this unit.

ADRIAN from AZ on 3/20/2018

2014 Ram 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Installs in minutes, default settings are just perfect.. advanced settings for a better sounding system.. very happy with this purchase..

Pros: Ease of use No wire cutting Simple instructions

Cons: None

Beats everyting I tried.

Arch from Bergenfield, NJ on 2/22/2018

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This thing beats everything I have tried to better my sound. Very very happy with it.

Pros: Everything!!

Cons: Bling side warning, very short and very low even with volume up.

PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 Amplifier Replacement Interface

Bill from Kankakee, IL on 2/20/2018

2015 Ram 1500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This Interface is plug and play and works perfectly. Very happy that PAC makes this product.

Pros: Very easy to instill and a quality product .

Cons: None

Handy intergration

Cody from El Paso, TX on 12/26/2017

2016 Dodge Charger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Seamless intergration harness adapter! Everything you need to bypass the factory amplifier--selectable 4 or 5 volt preamp outputs, capability to change volume of touch screen sounds,and remote turn-on lead for your DSP/amps. Installation was straight forward for anyone with general knowledge of car electrical systems and trim removal.

Pros: Good documentation and a well done harness.

Cons: Doesn't bypass the factory crossover that limits the high and low frequencies going to the rear speakers. Sad as I was looking forward to having more than midrange fill going to my back speakers.


Stan from Phoenix, AZ on 12/11/2017

2016 Ram 2500
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Completely plug and play wiring adapter . This really made modification of the digital sound system in my premium, luxury equipped vehicle so much easier. There were no remote power turn on wires to splice to nor a low level rca ouput. This solves that and give you multiple outputs for multiple aftermarket amplifiers and sound processing equiptment with a remote turn on wire to boot. The other added bonus with this connector is the TOSLINK which allows you to install a fiber optic sound processor with 80 bands of equalization for recording studio level sound PERFECTION that all the major car audio competition guys utilize. Very easy to install and using a DD-1 meter by SMD I found out the head unit in my factory system had 0 distortion all the way to max volume. The AmpPro 4 did nothing to interfere with sound quality . HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE serious about Sound Quality !!!!

Pros: Multiple RCA outputs for multiple Amps, Dedicated Remote power turn on wire , Fiber optic sound processor Upgrade port included ( TOSLINK)

Cons: Pulling factory deck out to install plug in back. Price was near as much as my amplifier

Pricey but worth it!

Rowland from Cape Coral, Florida on 10/21/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Perfect interface to add a subwoofer to stock system..easy installation and best of wire splicing.

Pros: No plicing, plug and play application.

Cons: Price

Great interface

Larry from Sparks, NV on 7/3/2017

2016 Dodge Charger

Very pleased with this interface after having used it to replace a different brand. I highly recommend the toslink adapter if you can use it! Absolutely no noise floor! Zero!

Pros: Digital capable, Noise free (with toslink adapter), easy to install, Firmware upgradable!

Cons: None that I can think of!

Excellent interface

John from Highland,IL on 6/15/2017

2016 Dodge Challenger
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is simply the best way to add an aftermarket amplifier to a factory amplified mopar. Super easy install, no tuning, plug and play. No cutting, 5v preouts, sub volume control, so much easier than the interface I was using from another company. Just wish they made one for non amplified systems.

Pros: 5v preouts, sub volume control, no cutting or splicing, super easy install

Cons: Requires amplified factory system


Hands-on research

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Amplifier Integration Interface: The PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 simplifies the installation of aftermarket amplifiers in select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, & Ram vehicles with data-bus controlled factory sound systems. With the AmpPRO AP4-CH41, you can improve your vehicle's audio performance while keeping an original radio's fit, finish, and features.


  • The factory radio and factory amplifier must remain connected in the vehicle and be operational in order to use the PAC AmpPRO interface.
  • If you are only using the PAC AmpPRO interface to add a subwoofer amplifier, the factory amplifier will still power the other speakers in the vehicle.

Vehicle Compatibility: The PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 amplifier integration interface is compatible with the following 2013-2018 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, & Ram vehicles with a data-bus controlled factory premium sound system.

Make Model Year
Chrysler 200 2015-2017
300 2015-2018
Dodge Challenger 2015-2018
Charger 2015-2018
Durango 2014-2018
Jeep Wrangler (JL) 2018
Cherokee 2015-2018
Grand Cherokee 2015-2018
RAM 1500 2013-2018
2500 2013-2018
3500 2013-2018
Note: This interface is only compatible in vehicles equipped with a data-bus controlled premium sound system. To verify compatibility - look for an Alpine, Beats, or Harmon Kardon badge on the door speakers, center speaker, or factory subwoofer. If none of these brands are shown, check for the presence of a center speaker or subwoofer.

6Ch Pre-Outs: The PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 provides a 6-channel pre-amp output for use with aftermarket amplifiers. Using the full-range, fixed level factory radio output, in conjunction with data-bus CAN messages, the AP4-CH41 delivers a variable 5V RMS pre-amp output with fading, balance, equalization, and level control capabilities.

Non-Fading Level Control Knob: Channels 5-6 (Sub) of the AP4-CH41 are non-fading outputs. The output level of channels 5-6 can be controlled using the supplied level control knob. The level control knob comes with a 6' cable which plugs into the interface module and should be mounted in an accessible location.

Data Controlled Remote Turn-On: A data controlled remote amplifier turn on wire is also provided by the PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41. The remote turn-on is rated at 2A of current. If more current is needed an external relay must be used.

Retained Factory Audio Features: The PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 also retains all audio from other vehicle features such as factory Navigation Prompts, Bluetooth, uConnect, and Warning Chimes.

Minimum & Chime Volume: If the minimum volume of your factory radio is too loud once the AP4-CH41 is installed, you can manually set the level of the minimum volume using either the programming button on the side of the interface or the factory SWC (Steering Wheel Controls) in conjunction with the supplied level control knob. You can also use AmpPRO PC app. You can also adjust the chime volume level.

AmpPRO PC App: Using the AmpPRO PC App (for Windows PC only) allows you to configure user interface options such as Minimum Volume Level, Chime Volume Level, and a 3-Band EQ from your Windows computer or laptop. The app can also be used to update product firmware.

  • Minimum & Chime Volume Level: From the app you can set the minimum volume level of the factory radio, as well as the chime volume level.
  • 3-Band EQ: Enables the 3-band EQ (Bass-Mid-Treble) with frequency and Q-factory adjustment. The Bass Frequency can be set to 60, 80, 100, or 120Hz; while the Bass Q-Factor can be set to 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0. The Mid Frequency can be set to 500, 1k, 1.5k, or 2.5k; while the Mid Q-Factor can be set to 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, or 1.5. The Treble Frequency can be set to 7.5k, 10k, 12.5k, or 15k; while the Treble Q-Factory can be set to 0.75 or 1.25.
  • Firmware: The AmpPRO app will also allow you to update the interface with new firmware as it becomes available.
Note: These AmpPRO PC App settings can be adjusted with the module installed in the vehicle or on the bench. However, it is recommended to make the adjustments with the module installed, and the factory radio on so that the changes can be heard.

Dip Switch: Set dip switch 2 to "ON" to lower the RCA output voltage to 4V. Set the dip switch 2 "OFF" to keep the RCA output voltage at 5V. Dip switches 1-3-4 are not used.

Optional Toslink Add-On Module: When used in conjunction with PAC's APA-TOS1 (541APATOS1; sold separately), the AP4-CH41 can provide a variable 2-channel fiber optic digital audio output (toslink). Toslink fiber-optical cable also sold separately.

Optional Amplifier Harness: The APH-CH01 installation harness (541APHCH01, sold separately) simplifies speaker wire connections when using one the PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 to add an aftermarket amplifier or amplifiers in select vehicles that feature factory amplified sound systems. The APH-CH01 keeps you from having to cut or modify your vehicle's original factory wiring, providing "plug-n-play" connection at the vehicle's original factory amplifier location (you will need to make hardwire connections at the aftermarket amplifier/s). 

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

My research lead me to believe that this would be the easier way to go to interface with the factory radio and aftermarket amp. [ Carlos  Nov 14, 2018 ]
Got to have it to connect new sub [ Ernest  Oct 15, 2018 ]
car bus interface between factory radio and after market digital sound processor / amp (Aline PXE0850S) to new speakers [ kevin  Sep 21, 2018 ]
Better signal to my amps in my 2016 RAM 1500 [ Jeremy  Aug 24, 2018 ]
Ease of installation of an aftermarket system to an OEM head unit in a Dodge Charger [ B  Mar 31, 2018 ]
Easiest way to add an amplifier to a 2017 Ram 1500 with the Alpine system. [ Van Ingle  Nov 03, 2017 ]
Better option than running a line out converter and gives a full signal [ C  Jul 19, 2017 ]

7 questions already asked

This harness connects to the head unit and the factory harness. It's about 16". [ William  Dec 20, 2018 ]
I think the head-unit to PAC AmpPro harness is about 18" and the remote volume knob is about 3'. I mounted the interface in the dash to the right of the head-unit and ran the knob down under the steering column on a 2016 Dodge Challenger. [ Dale  Dec 19, 2018 ]
The wiring harness is roughly 14 to 16 inches pulled taught. Connected to everything it coils up nicely. If I remember correctly the volume control knob was 18 inches long. No more than 3ft though. I installed mine in the glove box, so there was plenty of slack. Great buy. I run two amps. 1@ 2600 watts for S.A. 12"s and the other runs two sets of components I installed as well. Hope this helps. [ Ryan  Dec 19, 2018 ]
The wiring harness is plenty long~18" or so. The Volume control knob is not for volume but for bass level of the subwoofer. The cable is ~6' if memory serves correctly. [ Craig  Dec 19, 2018 ]
Wire harness is approximately 18 inches long maybe a little longer and the volume control wire is between 3 and 4 ft. I do not remember exactly but it is pretty long. [ ADRIAN  Dec 19, 2018 ]
You will want to contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat to discuss compatibility with your factory system. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and see if this will integrate as well as the other options that would be available. [ Kenny  Nov 10, 2018 ]  Staff
Yeah. Zero distortion pending you have your gains and frequencies setup right. [ jeff  Jul 31, 2018 ]
I have a 2015 Dodge Ram crew cab with the 8.4 Uconnect, which is a Harman Kardon touch screen head unit, and the 9 speaker Alpine system. I used this device to basically get four full range RCA speaker outputs, front and rear, left and right. As far as my aftermarket subwoofer I let the amplifier crossover and gain control it, a Alpine PDX v9 5-channel amplifier with subwoofer remote. This device doesn't help you with the center Channel, I left mine hooked up to the factory amplifier, which I can barely hear over my new aftermarket system. And from the research I've done the toslink performs the same way as the RCA cables but I do not use the toslink at this point. So far this device works as advertised and with a laptop you can make changes to your equalizer frequencies and is firmware upgradeable with no loss of parking chime alerts or voice navigation prompts. After hours of research I came to the conclusion that this was the best way to sum the signals and achieve full range outputs for a aftermarket amplifier, due to the complexity of these newer Chrysler premium audio systems. Good luck and I hope this helps [ Jimmy  Jul 18, 2018 ]
On the Challenger I installed this on it had the sound group II audio without the center channel, but this is an inline "T" device and should continue to work with the factory amp and center channel should get the signal from the factory amp. This unit puts out variable volume full range signals over the RCA's for the left / right / front / back with additional left and right for the sub if you use a 6 channel amp. I am not using the TOS link but I believe the documentation says it is only 2 channel which is intended for other digital processors before being connecting to amps. I think the instructions also say to leave the factory amp installed or it will not work right. [ Dale  Jul 17, 2018 ]
Works perfectly with a clean signal output and no noise. [ ROBERT  Jun 16, 2018 ]
Yes, it will work.. and it's easy to install.. [ ADRIAN  Jun 16, 2018 ]
Yes..I have 2017 charger with 6 great. [ TheGovenor  Jun 16, 2018 ]
It works well with my Jeep but what you could do to be on the safe side is go to the pac website and it tells you which cars it's compatible with [ LUIS I  Jun 16, 2018 ]
As long as your '16 Chrysler 300c is equipped with a data-bus controlled factory premium sound system, the PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 adapter will allow you to add an aftermarket amp while retaining the original radio's fit, finish, and features. For more details or to discuss further please contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Thanks! [ Larry  Jun 11, 2018 ]  Staff
Any speakers still connected to the stock amp will continue to work. This piece will get the Bluetooth audio as well and typically mixes that to the LF speaker. Feel free to contact an advisor on 1-800-324-9695 for personal recommendation on a system My Bio: [ Paul  Aug 28, 2017 ]  Staff

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