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Rockford Fosgate T0D212

Power T0 12" subwoofer with selectable 1- or 4-ohm impedance

Item # 575T0D212

Rockford Fosgate engineered Power Series subs for ultimate high-power, high-volume bass.

Rockford Fosgate engineered Power Series subs for ultimate high-power, high-volume bass.

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Item # 575T0D212

About the Rockford Fosgate T0D212

Rockford Fosgate engineered Power Series subs for ultimate high-power, high-volume bass. So whether you're building a system for serious competition or just to satisfy your appetite for great bass, these subs deliver colossal low-frequency reproduction that's as real as it gets.

Rockford Fosgate engineered Power Series subs for ultimate high-power, high-volume bass. So whether you're building a system for serious competition or just to satisfy your appetite for great bass, these subs deliver colossal low-frequency reproduction that's as real as it gets.

Crowd-drawing bass beats
The Power Series T0D212 12" subwoofer features a responsive paper cone that's reinforced with the same Kevlar® fibers used in bulletproof vests — a hard anodized aluminum dust cap covers and protects the entire cone, showcasing the glossy Rockford Fosgate logo. The result? You get classic warm bass from a cone that's virtually indestructible. Rockford Fosgate uses a new technique to attach the oversized rubber surround to the cone that increases available cone area up to 25%, so this sub can push more air for even bigger bass.

Extended excursion for more bass
This T0 sub is housed in a hefty cast aluminum frame that provides a stable platform for extreme cone excursion, while an extended pole piece and bumped backplate allow the sub to hit deeper lows without "bottoming out." Special venting in the frame keeps the aluminum voice coils cool through heavy use for consistent bass performance over time.

Fuse-protected impedance selection
Rockford Fosgate outfits Power Series subs with their unique SWIFT™ terminals, which lets you build exactly the system you want — high-power or multi-sub — without complicated wiring. Just rotate the impedance selection jumper to safely choose between 1 or 4 ohms. The jumper is also fused to protect your sub from accidental overload. If you're thinking about adding another sub down the line, this sub simplifies reconfiguring your system. These subs work equally well in a sealed or ported enclosure, so you can choose the kind of bass you want for your system.

To drive this single subwoofer, we recommend a mono amplifier rated between 525 and 1050 watts RMS at 4 ohms. For more information, please refer to our article on How to Match Subwoofers and Amplifiers.


Product highlights:

  • 12" subwoofer with with selectable 1- or 4-ohm impedance
  • Kevlar® reinforced paper cone with aluminum dust cap
  • Santoprene surround
  • cast aluminum basket
  • metal grille included
  • power range: 150-700 watts RMS (1400 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 26-500 Hz
  • sensitivity: 84.3 dB
  • top-mount depth: 6-7/8"
  • sealed box volume: 1.25 cubic feet
  • ported box volume: 1.4-3.12 cubic feet
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # T0D212

What's in the box:

  • One 12" Dual 2-ohm voice coil subwoofer
  • Grille
  • Fused 1-ohm/4-ohm SWIFT jumper (installed)
  • Twelve 1-5/8" Allen head screws
  • 4mm Allen head bit
  • Installation/Operation manual (English/ French/ Spanish/ German)

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Rockford Fosgate T0D212

Rob from Elyria, Ohio on 6/13/2017

2008 Ford Focus

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This thing slams. I have it in an aeroport box at about 2ft cubed. It's tuned down to 25hz. Using a prime 750 RF amp this speaker will make your eyeballs itch.

Pros: Rockford power you can trust. Built in grill. Built to last. The whole thing feels super sturdy.

Cons: You could probably get louder for cheaper. It's slightly larger than some other 12" speakers. I had to modify the box I wanted to put it in. The grill uses hexcap screws and the hex drill insert they give you is probably the worst metal anything has ever been made of. It stripped out before I could secure the first screw.

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Awesome sub!

Dar from Castle Rock, CO on 2/8/2016

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This thing is awesome. It looks like it's pretty much indestructible, and it provides fantastic bass. I decided on this power fosgate after running an eclipse 10" that went through 16 years of hard hitting music. Before I got this fosgate, that was the best sounding 10 I'd ever heard. Now, this is the best sounding sub I've ever heard, and I'm a proud owner. I'm running a single one of these in a sealed box (I prefer the tighter, cleaner sound of a sealed enclosure). If you're looking for a good box, Sound Ordinance makes one (sold here on crutchfield) that is an exact fit for the square footage requirements of this sub.

Pros: Expense is well worth the quality, great sound, great build quality

Cons: Expensive, but worth it.

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Rockford Fosgate T0D212

Noodle from Dallas, TX on 7/20/2015

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Great power handling. Using in a ported Sound Ordinance box with Fosgate's 750.1 prime series amp. Coming from a Fostgate P2D412 12" in a sealed box. Its a wonderful setup. discovering rattles I never knew I had! Frame and sub construction is well worth the extra $. This thing is built like a tank. I dont worry about beating the crap out of it like I did with the punch sub.

Pros: Protective grill is a sub-saver in my trunk.

Cons: Not really a knock on the sub, but buyer beware: frame had 6-8 spots where I had to dremmel out my sub box's opening to make room for unnecessary stylish extrusions. Still 5 stars though. It wouldn't be a car stereo project without having to modify something..

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Great sub!

Brenyn from Langdon, ND on 6/14/2013

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This is a great sub with awesome power handling. Before this sub I had a set of alpine subs that kept blowing out. Crutchfield was, as always, extremely accommodating in helpings replace the defective alpines with these rockfords. I am very happy with these subs

Pros: Comes with protective grille which is very nice

Cons: The screws that come with the sub strip out easily.

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More details on the Rockford Fosgate T0D212

Pat M.

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility


Dual 2-ohm Voice Coils: The Rockford Fosgate T0D212 subwoofer features dual 2-ohm voice coils and a jumper to easily wire them in series or parallel; the voice coils cannot be easily wired separately.

SWIFT Terminal: Rockford's proprietary SWIFT Terminal (Selectable Woofer Impedance Fused Termination) offers a simple and convenient method of selecting the impedance presented by the dual voice coil subwoofer. The impedance jumper also provides fused protection from severe overload conditions. With the jumper in the 1-ohm position the voice coils are wired in parallel; with the jumper in the 4-ohm position the voice coils are wired in series.

Woofer: The Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cone has a hard anodized aluminum dust cap of equivalent size; the result is a lightweight and extremely strong cone, reducing piston flex and cone distortion.

VAST Surround: The Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) increases a speaker's effective radiating cone area without increasing the size of the basket. The surround is made of durable Santoprene.

Voice Coil Former: Aluminum voice coil formers offer superior heat dissipation over other commonly used materials. The hard-anodized finish increases the former strength. These two factors combine to improve the overall power handling characteristics of the subwoofer.

Cast Aluminum Basket: The basket is a die-cast aluminum design to add rigidity and eliminate multiple acoustic resonances. Additionally, the large aluminum mass helps reduce voice coil former temperature and increase power handling.

Motor Assembly: The double stacked magnet assembly, extended pole, and bumped back plate are used to create a powerful linear motor with increased excursion capability for superior bass output.

Terminals: The proprietary spring terminals will accept bare wire up to 8-gauge.

Grille: A metal grille is included to protect the subwoofer and add a finished look. If the sub is bottom mounted and the back is visible, the grille can be disassembled and just the trim ring can be installed to cover the mounting screws.

CEA-2031 Compliant: Power handling on the T0D212 subwoofer conforms to CEA-2031 industry standards. This means the subwoofer has the capacity to handle its rated power under continuous demand, not just for an instant.

FlexFit Basket: The Flex Fit frame utilizes slots (where possible) instead of single screw sized holes; allowing slight adjustment of the speaker when mounted.

Enclosure Compatibility

Ported Box: Two ported enclosures are recommend:

  • Optimum: internal volume of 1.75 cubic feet using one 4" diameter x 9" long port; this yields a tuning frequency of 40 Hz
  • High Output: internal volume of 3.12 cubic feet using a 3" x 13-3/4" x 25-3/4" slot loaded port; this yields a tuning frequency of 40 Hz

Sealed Box: When using a sealed enclosure, Rockford recommends an internal volume of 1.25 cubic feet. Sealed enclosures provide the most control over a woofer, will handle a lot of power, and provide accurate sonic reproduction, making them suitable to all types of music.

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Just what I was looking for [ Jose Jesus  Jul 31, 2016 ]

1 question already asked

Hi, i just recently ordered (2) Rockford Fosgate T0D212. I have a JL 1000/1 amp to power them. They will be in a sealed box. My question is what is the best/correct way to wire them? Thanks
[ Justin  Apr 04, 2014 ]
1 answer
If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the install. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer. You can also post your question in our forums: Or try our online support center:
[ Krissy  Apr 05, 2014 ]  Staff

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