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Kenwood Excelon X501-1

Mono subwoofer amplifier — 500 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms (Factory Refurbished)

Item # 613X5011

The Kenwood Excelon X501-1 mono amplifier can dish out up to 500 watts RMS to your sub, and it'll fit almost...

The Kenwood Excelon X501-1 mono amplifier can dish out up to 500 watts RMS to your sub, and it'll fit almost...

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Item # 613X5011

About the Kenwood Excelon X501-1

You'll get big bass out of this small box

The Kenwood Excelon X501-1 mono amplifier can dish out up to 500 watts RMS to your sub, and it'll fit almost anywhere in your vehicle. A precise low-pass filter lets you optimize the sound for your vehicle and sub, while the built-in bass boost lets you dial in just the right amount of thump.

You'll get big bass out of this small box

The Kenwood Excelon X501-1 mono amplifier can dish out up to 500 watts RMS to your sub, and it'll fit almost anywhere in your vehicle. A precise low-pass filter lets you optimize the sound for your vehicle and sub, while the built-in bass boost lets you dial in just the right amount of thump.

Convenient technology

This amplifier's Class-D design allows Kenwood to pack maximum power into its compact chassis, and to ensure that it will run cool and perform reliably. The X501-1 accepts input signals from the preamp outputs on an aftermarket receiver or from your vehicle's speaker wires, so it will work with almost any mobile audio system. If you do use the speaker-level inputs, the amp can sense the signal and turn itself on, so you won't need to run a separate remote turn-on lead to the receiver.Kenwood Excelon X501-1

X501-1 controls and inputs

Confused about impedance? Check out our article on matching subs and amps.


Product highlights:

  • mono subwoofer amplifier
  • 300 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (500 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • Class-D amplifier design
  • variable low-pass filter (50-200 Hz at 24 dB/octave)
  • bass boost (0-18 dB at 40 Hz)
  • frequency response: 20-200 Hz
  • preamp and speaker-level inputs
  • fuse rating: 30A x 2
  • 8-gauge power and ground leads recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 6-11/16"W x 2-3/16"H x 7-3/8"D
  • warranty: 90 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # X501-1

What's in the box:

  • Refurbished mono amplifier
  • Two 30A ATO fuses (installed)
  • 2.5mm Allen wrench
  • 4 Self-tapping screws (M4 x 16mm)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

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Crutchfield response

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Product Research


CEA-2006 Compliant: CEA-2006 is a system of testing and measurement methods for mobile audio amplifiers. This voluntary standard advocates a uniform method for determining an amplifier's RMS power output and signal-to-noise ratio. The criteria for measuring power uses a DC input voltage of 14.4 volts and the RMS power output is measured into a 4-ohm load, with 1% or less Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) plus noise, and over a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, when applicable (20-200 Hz for this subwoofer amp). Signal-to-Noise ratio is measured in weighted absolute decibels (dBA) at a reference of 1 watt into 4 ohms. CEA-2006 allows consumers to compare car amplifiers and receivers on an equal basis. Using CEA-2006 criteria, the Kenwood X501-1 is rated at 300 Watts RMS x 1 channel with an 85 dBA signal to noise ratio.

Specifications: The manual also lists these non CEA-2006 compliant specifications:

  • Power: 500 watts x 1 channel (into 2Ω, at 100 Hz, no more than 0.5% THD, 14.4 volts)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 100 dB (at rated power)

Mono-Power Amp Design: The Kenwood X501-1 is designed with specific features to power your subwoofers with a frequency range between 20 and 200 Hz. This amplifier is not designed to power a full-range speaker.

Class D Amplifier Design: The amplifier design is Class D, which uses digital switching power supplies. The result is the amplifier runs more efficiently, generating less heat than Class AB amps. The Class D design also allows the amplifier to be built on a small chassis, and installed where space is limited.

Signal Sensing: The amplifier has a signal-sensing turn-on circuit. When a signal is detected on the inputs, the amplifier will automatically power on. When the signal is no longer detected, the amp will shut off. This allows you to install the amplifier without a remote turn-on lead.

Low-Pass Filter: The X501-1 has a built-in 24 dB/octave low-pass filter, continuously variable from 50 to 200 Hz. The crossover is always engaged (it cannot be bypassed).

Bass Boost: The bass boost circuit is centered at 40 Hz; boost is variable from 0 to +18 dB.

Dual Sigma Drive: The X501-1 is equipped with Dual Sigma Drive technology. When a speaker plays a note, the speaker's mass and suspension wants to keep moving once it's in motion. This additional movement creates distortion that is not part of the original signal. A negative feedback circuit senses the unwanted movement and sends an opposite pulse to stop the speaker from moving. Dual Sigma Drive offers more control over the subwoofer (higher damping factor), increased accuracy, and better sound quality.


  • Input Sensitivity: The Input Sensitivity control lets you match the amplifier to the preamp output level of the source unit. The rotary control lets you adjust the sensitivity between 200mV (0.2V) and 5V, with markings at 0.2V, 0.3V, 0.5V, 1V, 2V, 3V, 4V, and 5V. (The input will also accept a speaker-level input signal between 4V and 12V.)
  • Low-Pass Frequency: The Low-Pass Filter sets the upper frequency limit of the amplifier's output. The rotary control lets you set the crossover frequency between 50Hz and 200 Hz. There are markings at 50Hz, 70Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 180Hz, and 200Hz.
  • Bass Boost: The Bass Boost increases the bass signal, centered at 40Hz. The rotary control lets you adjust the boost between 0dB and18 dB, with markings at 0dB, 1dB, 3dB, 5dB, 8dB, 12dB, and 18dB.


  • Line In: The X501-1 has one pair of RCA inputs for connecting the amp to the source unit via an RCA cable. The amp will accept a low-level signal between 200mV and 5V. It will also accept a speaker level input between 4V and 12V. For a speaker level input, the source unit's speaker wires will need to be spliced onto RCA plugs, or use a third-party speaker-to-RCA adapter.
  • Power/Ground/Remote Turn-on: The amplifier has screw-down terminals for the power, ground, and remote turn-on, and will accommodate spade connectors. The power and ground terminals are 0.55" wide, while the remote turn-on terminal is 0.33" wide.
  • Speaker Output: One pair of screw terminals is provided for connecting the speaker. The terminal is 0.33" wide, and accommodates spade connectors. The amplifier is designed for a 4Ω load, but can can handle a load impedance of 2Ω to 8Ω.
  • Fuses: Two 30A ATO fuses are installed in the amplifier. With the 60A fuse rating, an 8-gauge amplifier wiring kit is recommended with a 60A fuse installed within 18" of the battery.

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
This amp has a lot of power and is priced very well. The sound output is clear and can handle just about any sub you throw at it. [ ROBERT  May 06, 2019 ]
Great refurb price, compact size small enough to mount to the sub box if need be. [ Scott  Mar 23, 2019 ]
Excellent price on quality equipment [ JOHN  Nov 19, 2018 ]
This is a great amp and my second time buying one. I left my windows open, it got rained on and shorted out. Don't leave your windows open in the rain. [ JOHN D  Sep 08, 2018 ]
inexpensive [ Michael  Nov 18, 2017 ]
Kenwood is a trusted brand, it had the features I wanted, and the Refurbished price was a deal I couldn't pass up. And then, I saw I could save a few dollars more and get the scratch and dent refurbished. The amp will be hidden, so it doesn't matter to me what it looks like. [ Derrin  Nov 13, 2017 ]
Simple, powerful, and good value [ William  Nov 12, 2017 ]
Kenwood is a good mid-budget brand and this was a very good price. [ Michael  Oct 10, 2017 ]
Price is right and worth a try! [ Adam  May 30, 2017 ]
After evaluating varius amplifiers, the Kenwood X501-1, is the best choice, for the price, and specifications. [ felix  Jan 22, 2017 ]
Size features price [ Richard  Jan 11, 2017 ]

1 question already asked

Can I use it to power two 10" 250 watt rms subs?
[ _Riwa  Mar 21, 2019 ]
2 answers
I currently use it to power 2 10" Jensen DUBw10's. 250 watt RMS excellent. And If I'm not mistaken I don't have it turned all the way up.
[ Steve  Mar 21, 2019 ]
yes, you will get 500 watts if both speakers final ohms are at 2 ohms. both speakers will split the 500 watts into 250 watts to each sub. The higher the ohms the less total power will be divided between both subs
[ JAQUE L  Mar 21, 2019 ]

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