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Sonos® ZonePlayer 80 Bundle

Wireless multi-room digital music system

Item # 616ZP80BUN

Have more fun with all those songs stored on your PC, along with a wealth of tunes available from the Internet...

Have more fun with all those songs stored on your PC, along with a wealth of tunes available from the Internet...

Discontinued item

Item # 616ZP80BUN

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About the Sonos® ZonePlayer 80 Bundle

Have more fun with all those songs stored on your PC, along with a wealth of tunes available from the Internet — with a Sonos Digital Music System, you can tap into your music collection from any room in your home. This bundle includes two Sonos ZonePlayer 80s and one Sonos Controller. Like all Sonos systems, it's a breeze to set up and use, and it offers breakthrough playback flexibility. Best of all, it delivers your music in crisp, clear detail.

Have more fun with all those songs stored on your PC, along with a wealth of tunes available from the Internet — with a Sonos Digital Music System, you can tap into your music collection from any room in your home. This bundle includes two Sonos ZonePlayer 80s and one Sonos Controller. Like all Sonos systems, it's a breeze to set up and use, and it offers breakthrough playback flexibility. Best of all, it delivers your music in crisp, clear detail.

New compact ZonePlayer design
The ZP80 ZonePlayer is remarkably small, with a footprint less than 5-1/2" square. Hook one up to your PC (or to a separate networked hard drive) via an Ethernet connection, and connect the other to an amplified audio system in another room. Analog and digital audio outputs make the ZP80 compatible with just about any audio/video receiver or shelf system. The two ZonePlayers communicate with one another via a proprietary built-in wireless network that requires no setup, and won't interfere with any existing wireless networks you may already have in place.

Total control in the palm of your hand
Another main attraction of this system is the Sonos Controller, a remote that's set a new standard for user-friendly multi-room music control. Equipped with a 3.5" color LCD screen and a scroll wheel control, the Controller lets you easily navigate through the playlists and tracks stored on your computer or hard drive. You can even use this remote to cue up customized playlists on the fly for individual ZonePlayers, or for playback over your entire Sonos system. The Controller also gives you the ability to mute or adjust the volume of each of your ZonePlayers.

Compatible with popular digital music services
The Sonos system works seamlessly with Rhapsody® and Pandora®, two separate Internet-based digital music services. Rhapsody offers instant access to millions of songs and ad-free radio stations through your Sonos controller. You can browse Rhapsody's digital music library and create customized playlists. With Pandora's Internet radio service, you can use your Sonos controller to enter the name of your favorite songs or artists, and Pandora creates a customized Internet radio station of similar music for you to enjoy. Every Sonos system includes free 30-day trials of both of these services, so you can start listening the moment you take it out of the box. And because Sonos connects directly to Internet for both, you even don't have to turn on your PC.

Easy system expansion — up to 32 rooms
System expansion is yet another hassle-free facet of the Sonos experience. Just add more ZP80 or ZP100 ZonePlayers anywhere you want to enjoy your music — the Sonos system can accommodate up to 32 players. And you can listen to the same music through every one — perfect for parties — or select a different playlist for each room, so that each family member can enjoy their favorite music at the same time.


Product highlights:

    Sonos ZonePlayer 80:
    • one ZP80 connects to your computer or NAS (Networked Attached Storage) device via a wired Ethernet connection
    • communicates with other ZonePlayers via proprietary Sonosnet™ wireless technology, or wired Ethernet connections
    • plays MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and Ogg Vorbis files (firmware is upgradable to support future audio formats)
      • compatible with protected WMA files from Napster, Urge, AOL, and many other music download sites
      • not compatible with protected AAC files from iTunes
    • plays MP3 and WMA streaming Internet radio stations
    • plays songs from Rhapsody digital music service — subscription required after free 30-day trial
    • plays personalized Internet radio stations from Pandora — subscription required after free 30-day
    • multi-zone synchronous playback (same music plays in multiple zones simultaneously) or multi-stream playback (each ZonePlayer plays individually selected music)
    • allows connection of an audio component such as a CD player, FM tuner, or a portable music player (music from such sources can be played back on any ZonePlayer in your system)
    • front-panel controls for volume and muting
    • bass, treble, balance, and volume controls accessible via remote
    • 2-port Ethernet switch
    • coaxial and optical digital audio outputs
    • analog stereo output
    • analog stereo input
    • 5-7/16"W x 2-15/16"H x 5-3/8"D
    Sonos Controller:
    • controls volume and music selection for any ZonePlayer in your house, from any room in your house
    • touch-sensitive scroll wheel provides easy browsing of your digital music library by artist, album, genre, track name, composer, or playlist
    • lets you build, play, and save music playlists for each room or group of rooms in your Sonos system
    • 3.5" color LCD screen (240 x 320 resolution) displays control menus, song information and album art (if available)
    • motion sensor enables auto turn-on whenever Controller is picked up
    • backlit buttons for easy operation in low lighting (backlighting turns off in normal lighting to prolong battery life)
    • built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • AC adapter
    • optional Charging Cradle available
    • 6-1/2"W x 1"H x 3-7/8"D
    • accesses music stored on up to 16 PCs, Macs, or NAS devices
    • software CD-ROM for easy system setup (Windows® and Mac)
    • supported operating/file storage systems: Windows XP or 2000, Mac OS X v10.2 or later, CIFS for NAS devices
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    • broadband Internet connection and router recommended for firmware updates and Internet radio
    • MFR # BU-80

    What's in the box:

    • One large box containing the ZP80 Bundle Quick Setup Instructions (poster) and three smaller boxes--one Sonos CR100 controller and two Sonos ZP80 Zone Players
    • The CR100 box contains:
    • CR100 Sonos Controller
    • AC adapter (Model UIA324-06) with attached 6' DC output cord (DC output: 6V/3.8A)
    • 6' AC cord
    • Setup Guide
    • License Agreement and Limited Warranty sheet
    • Info sheet on Rhapsody 1-month free subscription
    • Each ZP80 box contains:
    • ZP80 Zone Player
    • 6' AC power cord
    • 81" Ethernet cable (with male RJ-45 plugs on each end)
    • 6' Audio cable (with 3.5mm miniplug on one end and stereo RCA plugs on the other end)
    • 3' Audio cable (stereo RCA plugs on each end)
    • Sonos System Setup Software (CD Version 060101)
    • Setup Guide (6 languages)
    • License Agreement and Limited Warranty sheet
    • Info sheet on Rhapsody 1-month free subscription

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    Crutchfield response

    << >>

    More details on the Sonos® ZonePlayer 80 Bundle

    Stacey B.

    Product Research

    ZP80 Bundle
    Zone Player Features
    Controller Features
    Network Requirements
    Inputs and Outputs Notes

    ZP80 Bundle

    Bundle Contents: The Sonos Digital Music System ZP80 Bundle includes two ZP80 Zone Players and one CR100 Controller. You can add up to a total of 32 Zone Players and 32 Controllers to your system.

    Zone Player Features

    Product Overview: The Sonos ZP80 Zone Player works exclusively with the Sonos Digital Music System. In a multi-room sound system, the first Zone Player is connected to your home network, and each subsequent Zone Player can be wired or completely wireless (except for power). The ZP80 is non-amplified, so it will need to be connected to a separate receiver/amplifier or to a pair of powered speakers.

    Controls: The Zone Player only has a mute button and a rocker-type volume control, both mounted on the front of the unit. Between the buttons lies a Zone Player LED status indicator, which flashes white when powering up or connecting to the Sonos Digital Music System, and lights solid white when powered up and connected to the music system.

    Zones: You can place a ZP80 Zone Player in each zone where you want to listen to music. The Sonos Digital Music System can accept up to 32 Zone Players (either ZP80 or ZP100 with a built-in amplifier) and up to 32 CP100 Controllers. With multiple zones, you can choose to play the same song in different rooms, or different songs in different rooms.

    Placement: It is not necessary to place the Zone Player in a visible place in the home. Although the unit has mute and volume controls on the front, it can be fully controlled using a CR100 controller. Typically, the Zone Player is placed in the crawl space in a house, and used to drive in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

    Range: The transmitting range of the ZP80's built-in wireless system is approximately 100 feet, depending upon your home's layout. Thick walls, microwave ovens, and the presence of other wireless devices can interfere with or block the wireless network signals of the Sonos Digital Music Signal. When interference occurs, you can relocate the Zone Player, change the wireless channel, or make a wired (Ethernet) connection.

    Desktop Controller Software: The supplied setup disc contains the software for the Desktop Controller, which allows you to control the Sonos Digital Music System from your home computer. It includes easy-to-use wizards for setup and music sharing so the music folders on your hard drive can be shared across all Zone Players. You can also add Internet Radio stations and set preferences for online updates. Once the system is set up, all you need to do is choose your music, choose your zone and press Play. Note: The Desktop Controller is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Macintosh OS X (10.3 and 10.4) operating systems.

    Sound Settings: From your computer, you can change the sound settings for each individual Zone Player in the system. Adjustable sound settings include volume, bass, treble, balance, and loudness.

    Music Storage: Your digital music files can be stored wherever you please--on your computer, music server, a network-attached storage (NAS) box, or an external source like a CD player.

    Dimensions: The ZP80 has the following dimensions: Width=5.346", Height=2.909", Depth=5.375" (6.875" w/RCAs)

    Controller Features

    Product Overview: The Sonos CR100 Controller works exclusively with the Sonos Multi-zone Digital Music System, and allows you to control all of your music and all of your zones wirelessly from the palm of your hand.

    Sonosnet: The controller communicates with the nearest ZP100 Zone player through Sonosnet, a secure, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network, allowing you to extend the range of the controller to any room in your house, even outside. Because it communicates with the nearest Zone Player, rather than through one distant control point, the system avoids sources of wireless interference. The range of the Sonosnet is 50 to 100 feet, a range similar to that of an 802.11g wireless access point.

    Rechargeable Battery: The CR100 is powered by a built-in, high-capacity Lithium Ion battery. Assuming typical usage, a fully charged battery will last over a week. Note: The battery is not removable from the controller. An optional charging cradle (616CC100) is available.

    Display: The controller features a 3.5" (diagonally measured) full color LCD screen, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, for viewing zone configurations, playlists, and menus, as well as full color album artwork.

    Controls: The CR100 features the following controls:

    • Volume Controls:
      • Volume: A two-way "rocker" switch for adjusting the selected zone's volume up or down.
      • Mute: To temporarily silence the music in a zone, or if held for 3 seconds, silences all Zone Players.
    • Playback Controls:
      • Play/Pause
      • Skip Forward/Fast Forward
      • Previous/Fast Reverse
    • Navigation:
      • Zones: For selecting a zone to play music in, or view the music selections playing in each room. You can also create or modify zone groups to share the same music across zones.
      • Music: For browsing or selecting music; You can select new music to play, manage music queues, access playlists, and change the default settings for a Zone Player or Controller.
      • Back: For returning to the previous screen in the selected menu (zone or music)
      • Scroll Wheel: An "iPod-inspired" circular touch wheel used to navigate through a displayed list on the Controller screen. You can slide your thumb or finger clockwise to scroll down or counter-clockwise to scroll up through the list.
      • Soft Buttons: Three unmarked buttons below the LCD screen; the functionality of each button changes to reflect the available actions for the currently-displayed controller screen. The action for each button appears on the screen directly above each button.
    • Light Sensor: The controller's built-in light sensor (located on the controller's face above the LCD screen) automatically turns on the button backlights based upon the brightness of the environment.

    Sleep Modes: To save battery power, the controller enters a progressive sleep mode:

    • Light Sleep: The controller will go into a "light" sleep to preserve the battery life when it is unused for a specified period of time. The screen will turn off until motion is detected (by the internal motion sensor) or a button is pressed. You can specify different amounts of time after which the controller will enter the light sleep mode when connected to a power source and when operating in a "wireless" mode.
    • Deep Sleep: The controller will enter a deep sleep when unused for a longer period of time (programmable in the menu). The controller goes through a restart cycle for several seconds when coming out of the deep sleep mode.

    Indicators: During operation, the CR100 controller has several status indicators. The LCD screen indicates the battery charge level and wireless signal strength. An LED on the upper right edge of the controller glows red to indicate low battery, amber while the controller is charging, green when it finishes charging, and goes unlit to indicate the controller is in use and the battery is charged.

    Dimensions: The CR100 Controller has the following dimensions: Width=6.479", Height=0.972", Depth=3.834"

    Network Requirements

    Hardware: In order to play the digital music files stored on your computer throughout the Sonos Digital Music System, you must meet the following hardware requirements:

    • Ethernet: You must have an Ethernet network interface connection in your computer. If you do not have one, you will need to buy and install a Network Interface Card (NIC) before setting up your system.
    • Modem: It is highly recommended that you have a DSL/cable modem, or LAN-based high-speed Internet connection. It is not designed for a dial-up system.
    • Router: If you have a cable or DSL modem connected directly to your computer, you should have a router connected between your modem and your computer to maintain your computer's security. If you don't have a router, you will need to buy and install one before setting up your system.

    System Requirements: In addition to the above-described hardware, your computer must have the following:

    • CPU: 500 MHz processor or better
    • RAM: 128MB RAM minimum/256MB RAM recommended
    • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP (including Windows XP Media Center), Windows 2000, or Macintosh OS X (Version 10.3 or higher)
    • Compatible Play Formats: MP3, WMA (not including lossless), AAC (MPEG4), WAV/LPCM (uncompressed), AIFF (uncompressed), FLAC (lossless), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, and Audible Format 4. The unit is firmware upgradeable to support future audio formats. Note: This system is compatible with DRM-protected files from Napster, Urge, AOL, and many other music download sites, but Apple "Fairplay" DRM-encrypted files purchased from the iTunes store are not currently supported.

    Firewall Compatibility: The Desktop Controller software is designed to work with existing firewall software, including the following:

    • Windows 2000, XP (Home, Media Center, and Professional):
      • Microsoft XP Firewall
      • Zone Alarm (free version)
      • Zone Alarm Pro
      • McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
      • Norton Personal Firewall
      • ISS Black Ice Protection
    • Apple OSX 10.3.x and 10.4.x:
      • Mac OS X Firewall (built into 10.3 and 10.4)
      • Internet Security Barrier for OS X
      • Norton Personal Firewall for Mac OS X

    Inputs and Outputs Notes

    2-Port Ethernet Switch: There are 2 female RJ-45 connectors on the back panel of the ZP80 Zone Player for plugging in Category 5 Ethernet cables. You can connect a router, computer, or an additional network device, such as a network-attached storage (NAS) device. Specifications: 10/100 Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX.

    Analog Inputs: You can connect an external source, such as a portable music player or a CD player, to the zone player's left and right RCA jacks. The input jacks automatically detect a device is connected, and the source appears in the system. Music from the external source can be played in any zone. The volume is controlled by the Sonos Digital Music System, however, the playback (pause, music selection, etc.) must be controlled at the source.

    Analog Outputs: The ZP80 is equipped with stereo RCA jacks for connecting the Zone Player to a separate amplifier or receiver. The stereo RCA jacks have a variable audio output, with the volume controlled by the CR100 Controller or the ZP80's front panel volume controls.

    Digital Outputs: The player has both coaxial and optical digital outputs for connecting the unit to a receiver or amplifier with digital inputs.

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