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PS Audio Power Plant Premier

Power regenerator and surge suppressor (Silver)

Item # 681PPPRMR

Discontinued item

Item # 681PPPRMR

About the PS Audio Power Plant Premier

Maximize your system's performance with fresh, clean power

AC power irregularities such as voltage fluctuations and electronic noise can significantly detract from the performance of your audio/video system. Power filtration helps, but the best way to get pure, noise-free current to your gear is to start from scratch — and that's exactly what the PS Audio Power Plant Premier does.

powerplant premier

True power regeneration


The Premier takes the AC power coming from your wall outlet and converts it to direct current to eliminate electronic noise. It then uses that current to generate a completely new AC power signal, via a 60Hz sine wave generator. The regenerated power has a pure waveform, unlike most household current, which is clipped and distorted. And it's free from the minor voltage dips and surges that can stress your components' electronics. That means you'll get a cleaner picture with your TV, and more transparent sound with your audio system.

Monitor your power conditioner's performance

A large front-panel display lets you monitor the effectiveness of the Premier's power conditioning. Use the provided remote to select the voltage meter, which measures the AC line voltage in real time. Or you can view the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the Premier's clean, regenerated AC power.

Heavy-duty construction

PS Audio builds the Power Plant to the highest quality standards. The sturdy aluminum casing houses 1/4" inch thick solid copper power bars, heavy extruded aluminum covers and nickel-plated, hand-polished AC receptacles. The Premier's microprocessor-controlled protection circuitry guards against power spikes, and automatically disconnects the unit from your power line in the event of extreme high or low voltage conditions. This helps your equipment run smoother and last longer.

Protection for up to 10 components

You get 10 protected outlets grouped in five isolated pairs. Isolation ensures your components won't interfere with each other as they draw power. You also get signal protection for a telephone line and two coaxial connections for antenna, cable TV or satellite TV.

Replaceable AC input module

PS Audio's Power Cartridge serves as the first line of defense against harmful power anomalies. It contains the surge protection circuitry, the over/under voltage control and the circuit breaker. Should a major power spike damage the cartridge, don't worry. You can replace it to make your Premier as good as new again.

Read our blog post Better home audio, Tip #12: Use a power conditioner.

Product highlights:

  • AC power regenerator
  • 1,500 watts output power
  • 10 AC outlets (all outlets can be set for always on, switched, or delayed)
  • 5 isolated filter banks
  • surge and over- and under-voltage protection
  • total harmonic distortion (THD) digital meter
  • AC line voltage digital meter
  • two sets antenna/cable coaxial connections for cable TV, antenna, or satellite TV
  • RJ-11 phone line input and output
  • two 12-volt triggers
  • Power Cartridge AC input module — replaceable surge protection circuitry
  • remote control
  • aluminum chassis
  • rack-mountable (hardware included)
  • weight: 35 lbs.
  • 17"W x 4"H x 18-1/2"D
  • warranty: 3 years (with product registration)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the box:

  • Power Plant Premier AC Generator (Silver)
  • 6' Detachable AC cord
  • IR wireless remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 2 Silver mounting brackets
  • 6 Machine screws
  • Owner's Reference Instruction booklet

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the PS Audio Power Plant Premier

Mark G.

Product Research

Warranty Note


Overview: Clean, regulated AC is essential to optimize the performance of your connected equipment. The Power Plant Premier is a state-of-the-art AC regenerator that regulates the AC line voltage, producing clean and low distortion AC power. The Premier will provide up to 1500 watts of pure, regulated AC power regardless of the condition of your home's power.  The PS Audio Power Plant Premier is built to the highest standard internally and externally by featuring 1/4 inch think solid copper power bars, 11 gauge copper wire, heavy extruded aluminum covers and nickel plated hand polished Power Port AC receptacles.

True Surge Protection: The Power Plant features true protection from surges, spikes and transient events on the power line. Microprocessor controlled over/under voltage sensing offer true surge protection. The unit will automatically disconnect equipment from the AC in the event of a surge.

Replaceable Power Cartridge: The Power Cartridge AC input module contains the surge and spike protection, circuit breaker, over/under voltage control and the first stage of common mode filtering. The unique cartridge is the heart of the Power Plant and can be replaced in the field should a problem ever occur. For instance, if the home is struck by lightning or a surge or spike big enough to damage the cartridge, it easily slides out and can be replaced.

1500 Watt AC Regenerator: The patented 85% efficient AC regenerator corrects for power line quality issues such as low/high voltage, distortion, clipped sine wave, and noise. The Premier takes what your wall AC has to offer and converts it into perfect AC. Rebuilding the sine wave into this low distortion waveform is a huge benefit for your connected audio/video electronics.

Non-restricted Dynamics: The Power Plant provides clean, safe and unrestricted power. At 1500 watts, there's enough power for even the most demanding systems. The Premier will not restrict dynamics or soundstage in any high-end audio/video system. The Premier will provide a superior level of performance in micro and macro dynamics as well as maintain harmonic integrity for audio equipment while increasing color saturation and lower video noise in video equipment.

5 Isolated Zones With 10 AC Receptacles: On the rear of the Power Plant Premier, the cleaned AC voltage is distributed to your equipment through 5 isolated zones and 10 nickel plated AC receptacles that utilize a magnetic filtering technology based on wound inductors built from strips of Nano Crystalline, high permeability soft magnetic material. This material has approximately 10 times higher permeability than an other magnetic material produced. High permeability magnetic core materials allow PS Engineers to used a minimal amount of copper wire to build effective filters, thus preserving micro and macro dynamics for both audio and video systems.

Power Port Receptacles: The unit features 10 Power Port AC receptacles that are high-end AV, hospital certified grade 10 to 20 amp AC receptacles. This ensures that the tension is maintained on any male plug that is inserted into the Power Plant giving your equipment an excellent AC connection. Each Power Port AC receptacle features 15 separate coats of nickel and 15 separate hand polishing operations to achieve maximum conductivity and durability.

Front Panel Distortion Analyzer: The Premier utilizes a front panel black and blue display that analyzes incoming distortion on the power line as well as AC line voltage. The front panel display can be dimmed or turned off.

Voltage Meter: The Premier's front panel analyzer display allows you to measure AC line voltage in real time. This shows the voltage coming into the Power Plant from the AC wall socket and the voltage from the Power Plant to your home audio/video gear. It will also monitor the difference between the voltage input and output. This feature is valuable to monitor what the status of your line is as a means of gaining control and insight into your home's power quality. The Premier will keep everything connected to it at a perfect steady voltage regardless of input conditions.

THD Measurement: The Power Plant's front panel display also measure's total harmonic distortions (THD). This function measures and displays the percent of harmonics present on the incoming AC line into the Power Plant from your AC wall outlet. Harmonics are generated by distortions in the AC waveforms, clipped top of the sine wave, and added noise which are undesirable. the Premier will reduce these harmonics on it s output by up to 10 times.

MultiWave: The MultiWave feature allows the peak charging time of the sine wave to be extended to help connected equipment lower power supply ripple and therefore improve their performance. MultiWave can have the same improvement benefits gained from adding a larger power transformer or more power supply capacitance to connected equipment.

CleanWave: The CleanWave function places a series of higher frequencies that ride on the main sine wave to help degauss connected magnetics and clean connected equipment. CleanWave can be used between Cd's, movies and vinyl.

Power Sequencer: The Premier has the capability to drive an entire system. The Premier's rear panel power sequencer allows you to select any of the three available power zones (A, B, C) and choose always on, switched on or delayed on.  With these choices, you can setup your system to automatically leave power on, turn it on or off via the front panel power button (or the remote), and delay the turn on sequence until the source equipment has been activated.

12 Volt Trigger: The Power Plant also features two rear panel 12 volt triggers. These DC triggers are used to remotely turn on and off the Power Plant Premier. The 3.5mm inputs will accept any voltage from 5 to 15 volts. If any of your equipment produces a DC trigger voltage you can use this input to control the Power Plant.

CATV and Phone Jacks: The gold-plated dual pair In/Out coax jacks and single pair In/Out RJ-11 phone jacks are high quality, no-loss in/out paths for protection. The CATV coax connectors can accommodate two sources such as a cable TV or a satellite or antenna feed. These jacks ensure surges traveling over cable TV, satellite, RF antenna or phone lines do not reach connected equipment.

IR Remote Control: In addition to the unit front panel three function buttons, The Power Plant comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control that can changed the unit's display brightness, choose THD or voltage, set MultiWave and CleanWave functions, or turn the power On or Off.

Conditioners: PS Audio discourages the use of any power conditioning equipment before or after the Power Plant Premier except for the PS Audio Soloist in-wall AC receptacle to feed power to the unit. Using the optional Soloist (sold separately) will make a significant performance improvement over the included power cable.

Mounting: You can mount the Power Plant Premier on a shelf or in a rack. The Power Plant measures the same size as most audio/video electronics gear so it can fit perfectly with your system. If you are placing the unit in a rack, you can use the supplied rack ears. The PS Audio Premier does not generate heat so concerns of airflow and heating of other equipment are not necessary. The Power Plant comes with a 6' detachable AC power cord.

Warranty Note

Warranty: PS Audio warrants this product to be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. This warranty period can be extended to 3 years by registering the product with PS Audio online at

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