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LG 65EF9500

65" Smart OLED 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR (2015 model)

Item # 68965E9500

Until now, LG's spectacular OLED technology has been limited almost entirely to curved-screen TVs.

Until now, LG's spectacular OLED technology has been limited almost entirely to curved-screen TVs.

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Item # 68965E9500

About the LG 65EF9500

Flat-screen 4K OLED: Videophiles asked for it and LG delivers!

Until now, LG's spectacular OLED technology has been limited almost entirely to curved-screen TVs. Now videophiles who have been holding out for a flat-screen option have the 65" 65EF9500. It offers an unbeatable combination: 4K Ultra High Definition and OLED. With four times the picture detail of 1080p HD, Ultra HD provides more texture, depth, and realism. And TV experts around the world agree that OLED's superior contrast and black levels help it deliver the best picture quality yet.

Flat-screen 4K OLED: Videophiles asked for it and LG delivers!

LG 65EF9500

Until now, LG's spectacular OLED technology has been limited almost entirely to curved-screen TVs. Now videophiles who have been holding out for a flat-screen option have the 65" 65EF9500. It offers an unbeatable combination: 4K Ultra High Definition and OLED. With four times the picture detail of 1080p HD, Ultra HD provides more texture, depth, and realism. And TV experts around the world agree that OLED's superior contrast and black levels help it deliver the best picture quality yet.

Not familiar with OLED? It's the most advanced screen technology currently available. We've seen dozens of high-performance TVs come through our Lab during the past few years and none have generated more "wows" than the OLED models. And right now LG is the only manufacturer building OLED TVs.

OLED (pronounced "oh-led") stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, and it's the organic part that is groundbreaking. Traditional light emitting diodes have been used in LED-LCD TVs for years. An array of LEDs functions as the backlight, shining through a screen made up of LCD pixels.

The key to OLED is the screen material — an organic substance that glows when it's activated by an electric current. The screen's pixel layer is made of this self-illuminating carbon-based material — each pixel is its own light source which can be independently switched on and off, so there's no need for a backlight with all its limitations. Also, compared to conventional display types, OLED has fewer layers between your eyes and the screen's pixels — a big reason why OLED images possess such startling color, clarity, and immediacy.

Picture contrast that beats the finest LCD TVs

Each and every OLED pixel — actually every sub-pixel — can switch off completely, producing absolute black. It's this ability that gives OLED it's remarkable contrast and black levels. LG's OLED design also has an edge when it comes to color and brightness. In LCD TVs, each pixel is made up of three sub-pixels — red, green and blue — to create the color palette. LG's unique 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional three colors to enhance both color range and brightness. OLED images maintain excellent contrast and color even for viewers seated off to the sides.

A Smart TV approach that's fun and friendly

The 65EF9500's built-in web apps give you instant access to a nearly limitless selection of entertainment including streamed video from services like Netflix®, YouTube®, and Hulu®. The colorful WebOS user interface lets you customize your home screen to access the apps you use most, and easily switch between them. This is a Netflix Recommended TV, which means it passed a rigorous evaluation process based on feedback from Netflix subscribers. Expect easier and faster access to Netflix, with quicker playback and start times.

LG's latest motion-sensing Magic Remote is simple and fun to use. You can point, click, scroll and even speak into the remote to find exactly what you want, searching across apps, movies, TV shows and the web... all at the same time. It's a lot like using a wireless videogame controller or an air mouse.

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Product highlights:

    • 64.5" screen (measured diagonally)
    • Ultra High Definition TV with 4K screen resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range) for extended picture contrast and brightness with streamed and external HDR sources
    • self-illuminating OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display panel produces infinite picture contrast and absolute black
    • 4 Color Pixel technology adds an unfiltered white sub-pixel to the traditional red, green, and blue, for vivid colors
    • 3D TV (2 pairs of passive 3D glasses are included)
    • 10-bit panel can display over one billion colors
    • True 4K Engine Pro upscales standard-def and high-def video signals for optimum display on a 4K screen
    Video Source Compatibility:
    • HEVC/VP9 decoding for watching streamed 4K video sources like Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube (requires Internet speed of at least 20Mbps)
    • DIRECTV 4K Ready — DIRECTV subscribers with the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR can enjoy 4K service and full DVR features without an additional receiver
    • tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
    • QAM cable TV tuner (subscription required to receive cable channels — contact your local service provider for details)
    Smart TV Features:
    • WebOS 2.0 with built-in web browser
    • Netflix Recommended TV — offers a unique feature set that makes Netflix even easier to use and enjoy
    • 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi® to link to a wireless network
    • quad-core processor for seamless web browsing and app multitasking
    • video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows® PC
    • free downloadable apps for iOS® and Android™ let you use a compatible smartphone as a remote control
    • 3 HDMI 2.0a
    • 1 component video (selectable component/composite)
    • RF input for antenna/cable signals
    • optical digital audio output (can pass Dolby® Digital/DTS multichannel or 2-channel audio from connected sources)
    • Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network
    • 3 USB inputs for connecting a camera or thumb drive
    General Features:
    • built-in sound system designed by Harman/Kardon, with down-firing speakers (10 watts x 2)
    • motion-sensing Magic Remote with built-in microphone for voice control
    • detachable stand (stand "footprint" is 32-5/16"W x 9-5/16"D)
    • wall-mountable (requires a special mounting bracket from LG, model OTW150, not included)
    • 57-1/16"W x 33-1/8"H x 2-5/16"D (34-3/4"H x 9-5/16"D on stand)
    • weight: 56.8 lbs. with stand; 46.7 lbs. without stand
    • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service or pick-up for service
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    • MFR # 65EF9500

    What's in the box:

    • 65" OLED TV
    • Pedestal stand
    • Magic motion remote (AN-MR600)
    • 2 "AA" batteries
    • Two 3D glasses
    • Component video adapter
    • Composite AV adapter
    • Five M4 x 20mm screws (w/ star-washers attached)
    • Cable holder
    • Rear cover panel (pre-installed)
    • Cleaning cloth (for 3D glasses)
    • Owner's Manual
    • Quick Setup Guide
    • Magic Remote User Information
    • Warranty sheet
    • Product Registration Card
    • Cleaning Screen note

    Energy guide:

    View the Energy Guide

    Featured video:

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    LG 65EF9500

    Crutchfield customer from Clarksville, TN on 9/8/2017

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Best Picture yet OLED has the best back lighting which is no back lighting because it shut off the led completely other type panels can not do this. OLED making the bright areas stand out with any black areas fantastic the stars are perfect in the dark of night, Absolutely no bleed over or white smear. City lights are great at night too 4K and 3D are fantastic. This TV is better than Theater.



    Crutchfield response on

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    Best TV ever!

    james from Parkersburg, WV on 10/3/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    This is the best TV that I have ever watched. You can't get a better picture than this one. You owe it to yourself to check this out before you buy a new set. I highly recommend this tv to everyone. The remote is very easy to use and the menu is easy to learn for adjusting it to your likes.

    Pros: Picture is fabulous!


    Crutchfield response on

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    Nicest picture ever.

    Jim from WV on 9/30/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    This is the best picture that I have ever seen on a television. David @ Crutchfield helped me with my decision on this model and I am glad he did. The remote is very user friendly and it is very easy to set this set up and make it through the menu. Everything about this set is great! I would highly recommend this LG television.The sound is very good for a television and easy to hook up to surround sound.Crystal clear picture with great sound,how could you go wrong!

    Pros: Best picture ever!

    Cons: Nothing!

    Crutchfield response on

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    LG 4K OLED

    Scott R. from Menifee, CA on 4/10/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Outstanding TV to date love the 3D feature not requiring powered glasses. Great viewing angle and awesome clarity!!

    Pros: Clarity, Power wise, Low heat output, great 3D

    Cons: A little too reflective for my living room without closing the shutters in the day time for my tastes. Would be fine if not facing a window.

    Crutchfield response on

    6 of 6 found this helpful

    Poor Service and Poor Quality

    RG from pasadena, CA on 3/2/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    I purchased an LG 65EF9500 smart TV on Nov 23, 2015. It was installed Dec 9, 2015. The TV is beautiful as was working very well until Feb 25, 2016 (effectively working for 3 months). On this date a thin line appeared and ran across the bottom 3rd of the TV and is seen on every medium (cable, Apple TV, Chromecast). This expensive TV is defective and after verification from an LG approved TV repair person that the unit is in fact defective, LG refuses to replace the 3 month old expensive TV, telling me they will only replace the panel in a repair. Initially I was told by their representative that their process for replacement was to have a 2nd repair person come to my home and inspect the unit again. The appointment was emailed to me followed by a phone call confirming the next day appointment. When I contacted the repair shop they informed me that the correspondence they received from LG was to order a panel for repair. I called LG for the third time only to be told that they use to replace the TV but now only repair it with a panel. As a consumer who paid for an expensive LG TV that only worked for 3 months, this is unacceptable. I will never consider an LG product again and I will tell my horrible experience and LGs tone deafness to their customers to everyone who will listen.


    Cons: Great at first...defects in 3 months. See initial review and note this review 3 months later

    Crutchfield response on

    103 of 116 found this helpful

    Good TV (if it works), Terrible LG Customer Service

    C in Fort Lauderdale from Fort Lauderdale, FL on 2/18/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    We were sold a defective television. The HDMI ports would not recognize the cable box after 10 minutes of the television being powered off. After a month and a half, one online chat session, seven phone calls with customer service, two visits from cable company technicians and two LG technician visits, LG finally accepted responsibility and replaced the motherboard. The television is finally working as it should. I probably spent 20 hours trying to get the television fixed, plus having to pay the cable company for two visits that did not reveal a problem with their equipment. A person at the LG "VIP Desk" offered to extend my warranty an extra six months because of the hassle I went through. However, they would not put that offer in writing. The working television is good. Sound is better than expected. Unfortunately I cannot get over how poorly I was treated by LG, thus the poor rating. I am no longer an avid fan of LG.

    Pros: Good picture. Better than expected sound.

    Cons: Terrible LG customer service. Sold a defective television.

    Crutchfield response on

    77 of 78 found this helpful


    JOHN from THE VILLAGES, FL on 2/15/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    It is not enough to say this is the best TV I've ever owned! The best way to describe the picture is to compare it with an actual 3-D movie. No, the picture is not actually 3-D, but the clarity and depth of the picture gives the visual representation of 3-D movie. The picture is beyond belief and worth every penny I paid for it. I'd recommend the LG OLED TV to anyone.

    Pros: Best picture ever!

    Cons: There are NO cons.

    Crutchfield response on

    13 of 14 found this helpful

    Great tv

    GPC from los angeles, CA on 1/29/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    I really have enjoyed this TV so far. Great picture and am enjoying the user interface with the online stuff. I wish more documentation came with explaining the operation of the online module. I also wanted to give a shout out to the crutch field team, have really enjoyed interacting with them on both purchase and questions that came up, however, I have not asked many detailed question regarding technical aspects. They so far have went out of their way to pleasantly interacts, I.e. Customer comes first attitued

    Pros: Best picture of any tv I have had so far

    Cons: Need more information on how the Internet interface works, it is intuitively obvious but I believe the interface can do a lot more than what I am currently using.

    Crutchfield response on

    9 of 9 found this helpful

    LG 65EF9500

    Crutchfield customer from Pennsylvania on 1/19/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)




    Crutchfield response on

    2 of 13 found this helpful

    John J

    John J from Colorado on 1/13/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    This TV replaced a Panasonic 50" Plasma 2008 model, I did not think the Picture Quality could be be Better than Plasma but Believe me This OLED beat it hands down, actually has Depth without 3D in 4K. Picture selection and personal settings are easy. I am Totally Satisfied with this TV and would do it again without question. Thanks Crutchfied with help on Selection.

    Pros: TV has Impressed me in every way Possible.

    Cons: None

    Crutchfield response on

    8 of 9 found this helpful

    Wow! Perfect blacks and beautiful picture

    Aaron from California on 1/13/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    If you've been longing for the days of Pioneer Elite plasmas with inky blacks levels, then your wait is over. This TV achieves perfect blacks by being able to light single pixels without the need for a backlight like all of the lesser non-OLED LCD panels. There is no light bleed from the edges or anywhere. OLED panels also require less layers in the panel itself which makes this TV extraordinary thin, think glass desk thin or iPhone 6 thin. Of course there are some electronics required so the bottom portion is a bit thicker than the top. This TV is in a class of its own. Some have mentioned some problems with banding on certain gray or white screens. Fortunately, I received a good set that didn't have any of these issues. If you're wall mounting this TV, be sure to get the special LG mount. This TV being so thin, does not work with any of the VESA compliant mounts. Fortunately, the LG mount is decent allowing the TV to pull out / push in and sit very close to the wall. It also allows some amount of sliding/turning left/right.

    Pros: Inky black blacks Excellent picture quality Super thin HDR support via streaming Passive 3D support (3D glasses are cheap) Perfect picture when viewed from any angle (absolutely no light or color shifting when viewed off angle)

    Cons: HDMI 2.0 and not HDMI 2.0a which means no HDR support through HDMI sources Only 3 HDMI ports Only LG wall mount works with this set Burn in is possible like plasmas

    Crutchfield response on 1/15/2016
    After seeing this review we contacted LG to confirm the HDMI inputs. They confirmed that all inputs are indeed HDMI 2.0a and will support HDR.

    21 of 22 found this helpful

    Awesome television

    Islander from Washington on 1/10/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    I ordered this television on the 23rd of December. Shipping stated 3 days but I expected a delay due to the holidays. It actually took over two weeks to arrive and two shipping companies. There was a large dent in the box and I feared for the worst, but luckily only the box was damaged. First let me state that this tv is not vesa compliant so you must use the proprietary LG OTW 150 wall mount, which cannot be centered on the wall without cutting out the drywall, inserting wood between the studs so the tv can be securely mounted between studs, then repair drywall, tape, mud and paint. So rather then start a remodeling project, my beautiful new TV is not centered. The mount makes no provision to move the set either right or left. Anyway, once mounted, connected and turned on, you can tell this picture is something special. The user interface is not the most user friendly and the mouse cursor that you move with the remote is hard to stabilize when clicking on what you desire, but I am becoming more proficient as time goes on. The picture is why I bought this tv. It is almost unreal at times, sometimes looking 3D on regular shows through cable. The colors are phenomenal! I spent many hours on different AV forums reading about some issues these tv's have had, such as yellow banding or vignetting, the darkening of the picture at the side edges. I have had no such problem. The EF9500 is everything I expected and more. Visually stunning! Amazingly thin and very light!

    Pros: Stunning picture, beautiful design, easy setup. I also like the way I can stream 4K content via a wireless connection on Amazon and Netflix.

    Cons: The remote could be more intuitive and the mouse function needs work. The official mount does not allow you to slide left or right so construction work may be required if you desire the tv centered where there are no studs.

    Crutchfield response on

    20 of 20 found this helpful

    el Glorioso

    MarkK from California on 1/7/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Ordered Christmas day, received yesterday (01/06) after it was somehow with UPS on planes long enough to travel the world 3 times. Wish it sent postcards. Worth the wait though. Hands down the best quality picture I have ever seen if picture quality is what you are looking for in an expensive flat panel. Duh. I actually wish they didn't bother with the WebOS and prefer they just kept a vanilla UI. My last set was a older Samsung SmartTV and it still shines compared to this in the UI department. WebOS is a waste and totally worthless, and to me detracts so much from the TV I actually sit at my couch cursing it and longing for my Samsung. It is slow (extremely), buggy and wonky. And God forbid if you have an intermittent internet connection or for some reason it can't get the data it needs to update an app like Netflix or an LG service. It just hangs indefinitely and will not time out or allow you to kill the process. You have to power cycle the set. I am giving this set 5 stars for the picture quality because that's why I bought it. It's a TV. But if I had to rate it including it as an internet device to serve up Netflix UHD, etc. I would have to give it a big fat zero. So lets get back to the picture quality. This has the blackest blacks I have ever seen. No internal reflections. Brilliant colors. Outstanding clarity. UHD looked almost as if you were looking through the lens of the camera at the film shoot. Easily 5 stars in that dept.

    Pros: Didn't have enough room above but MVP award goes to Crutchfield folks. Always the best. Pros: Absolutely Outstanding picture quality. 11 out of 10 in that department.

    Cons: WebOS is a total and complete waste of otherwise perfectly good silicon. Wish I could hack it out. I almost prefer knobs and buttons to this. It's like torture to use it.

    Crutchfield response on

    13 of 14 found this helpful

    A sublime visual experience.

    David M from California on 1/1/2016

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    On September 7th 1927 Philo T Farnsworth demonstrated the principle of video as we know it. Since then there have been many great televisions made, of this group, LG65EF9500 is at the top of the list. -- Apologies if this sounds dramatic, or overly effusive, it is the truth. It's a really special TV. I've been shopping for a few years and finally decided on this screen and haven't been disappointed. I was worried about daylight reflecting off of the screen but it's not glossy like a Sony XBR so it hasn't been an issue. I'm not using the built in speakers, using three Monitor Audio with a Denon receiver. So far I've been very pleased. Netflix has 4k content that really makes the viewing experience sublime. PS4 games ("The Last of US") look amazing. Regular HD cable looks pretty good too. I'm also using it as a separate monitor for my computer. I plugged one HDMI into my computer and the other into the Denon receiver. Some have reported a "yellow banding issue" when on a white screen. I have not experience that. Whites are perfect. Also Crutchfield has been 1st class, following up making sure everything is to the standards that I expect, and it is.

    Pros: True Black, 4k content off of Netflix looks spectacular, thin (light weight), Smart TV options easy to use, remote (mouse) easy to use too.

    Cons: Expensive. Also - there are a lot of options on the TV that make viewing content wonky. I ended up turning most of them off -- "Super Resolution, Dynamic Contrast, Edge Enhancer, Color Filter, MPEG Noise Reduction"

    Crutchfield response on

    10 of 10 found this helpful

    Excellent television

    Abraham from Adirondacks on 12/29/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    recent purchase of this new tv. easy to setup with online video help and built in help functions. Needed one call to LG customer service that did not prove helpful and provided wrong answers. In any event, simple retries solved the problem. Thus far, very fine picture with the solid blacks noted in the published reviews. An new experience to watch NFL games on this set. Also appreciate the choices of preset picture and sound selections. Expensive model but clearly superior performance. Very helpful staff at Crutchfield

    Pros: blacks, quality of color palette, sound and picture presents excellent customer service at Crutchfield. Very helpful staff and thoughtful in dealing with details of ordering and delivery. Product arrived on time as promised.

    Cons: none to date after less than a week of use

    Crutchfield response on

    5 of 7 found this helpful

    Great TV

    Arizona JCB from Tucson, AZ on 12/26/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Ordering was easy. Crutchfield so easy to deal with. Came one day late--because during busy shopping season, UPS Louisville center was overloaded which delayed my shipment a day. Not the end of the world, and not Crutchfield, but that's the nature of buying online. I didn't mind so much because the deal from Crutchfield was a Free 49inch 4K LG with this OLED purchase. What's there to get upset about!?!? this 65 Inch screen covers less real estate than my 60inch sony LED. Wife said "It's smaller" when in actuality, the screen is larger but TV is smaller. Also is only about 45-50 lbs! My old 60 inch was nearly 100 lbs. So much better. Half the screen is the width of my iPhone. Incredible. But, on the downside it seems fragile! definitely need 2 people moving it around because of it seems the screen can crack if you hold it at weird angles. The LG webOS is actually great to use. Love the remote functions. easy to use. Streams 4K from Netflix, Amazon Prime, youtube. Blacks are incredibly black. So black that between shows or commercials, you may mistake the TV as being "off." benefit of the OLED. Contrast incredible. No motion artifact or blur with NFL or games or movies. Great TV all around.

    Pros: Color gamut. Black Contract. Remote function. Size. Edge to Edge screen. Best TV available, by far.

    Cons: Price. Difficulty/Uniqueness in wall mounting.

    Crutchfield response on

    9 of 9 found this helpful


    RG from California on 12/18/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    The picture quality of this TV is simply the best! There are not enough meaningful adjectives to describe it. It is the best unit I've owned and I've had plasma, DLP and LCD TVs...this one trumps them all overwhelmingly!

    Pros: Picture quality, sharp colors, true black, ease of set up and ease of use.

    Cons: None so far...

    Crutchfield response on

    5 of 5 found this helpful

    Best TV I have ever had

    BurtS from New York on 12/16/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    The LG 65EF9500 has great color, contrast and the absolute best "black". While this was more than I was originally planning to spend on a 4K TV, I am glad we went for it. Very easy setup. The picture is crisp, I don't notice any motion blur. The Crutchfield team was very helpful and the delivery went smoothly.

    Pros: The fantastic picture quality. Easy set up and functional remote.

    Cons: so far, only the price.

    Crutchfield response on

    6 of 6 found this helpful

    This is the Future of TV

    CC from Scottsdale, Arizona on 12/16/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    I'm so glad I opened my wallet and paid the price for this product. The picture is truly awesome. The black levels are insanely good. Viewing angle is nearly 180 degrees. It is replacing an aging but top-of-the-line plasma display. The improvement is well worth the price.

    Pros: Incredible black levels, great contrast, and the colors are excellent.

    Cons: The proprietary mount and the curved logo plate at the bottom made building this into my existing cabinetry more difficult.

    Crutchfield response on

    5 of 5 found this helpful

    Fabulous TV

    marmydee from New Jersey on 12/14/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    I have only been using my TV for a week but I can't say enough great things about it. It is a fabulous TV with a great, crisp and ultra clear picture. I almost went for something less expensive but decided to go for it with all the great offerings on Cyber Monday. It was almost too good to be true and so I was quite nervous but it was a wonderfully experience with Crutchfield and my advisor and all is awesome with the TV so far!

    Pros: Great Pic, Awsome sound, even without a sound bar. Highly reccommend

    Cons: Price is very expensive, proprietary mount only for this tv.

    Crutchfield response on

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    LG 65EF9500

    ED from New York on 12/13/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Great looking monitor. Night and day difference over my older plasma screen.

    Pros: Great picture. Easy to navigate set-up and operational commands.

    Cons: When mounting to wall placement of mount on bottom due to screen width makes replacing older models with center mounting difficult due to offset when working in a specific wall area.

    Crutchfield response on

    3 of 3 found this helpful

    picture exceeds all expectations

    Ralph from Scholls, Oregon on 12/7/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Some things we haven't tried We don't use the built in audio. We don't use webOS We don't have cable or broadcast where we live Setup was easy. Plug it in. Connect to the receiver and network. Turn it on. Logitech has profiles for this TV so setting up the Harmony remote was simple. That's it. It's all about the picture. I expected something special but didn't expect this. Even with relatively low quality streaming content the improvement over my old plasma display is noticeable. With Blu-ray the picture is stunning, it exceeds anything I expected. I was momentarily disturbed by the odd effect that caused everything to look like a soap opera. If you Google "soap opera oled" though it turns out that this is a thing. Disable TruMotion and life is good. I have no idea why this is on by default.

    Pros: picture

    Cons: none

    Crutchfield response on

    12 of 13 found this helpful

    Best picture in a home tv ever

    Ken A from California on 11/24/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Seriously great picture. Bright. Crisp. Extremely black blacks. The first few movies I watched on this new tv were movies I already had seen several times and found new details in the images that I had never noticed. It felt like I was watching the movies for the first time in some scenes. The sound is also great with very good dynamic range for built in speakers. I replaced a 50" plasma 1080p HD set with this. That tv was really great for colors as well but this is even better by several times.

    Pros: The picture is almost TOO good. You can't really believe the color dynamic range this set will produce.

    Cons: Proprietary mounting bracket but if you are already dropping $5k on a set you can drop another hundred bucks for the bracket. You could adapt it with some engineering skills but why bother. There isn't a lot of 4k content yet but that will come once content producers see this tv.

    Crutchfield response on

    16 of 17 found this helpful

    Must See to Fully Appreciate!!!

    DLong from Ohio on 11/22/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    Breathtaking picture in every respect!! Easy to set up. Standard user display works well for most network material. Look forward to the greater availability of 4K video.

    Pros: Great picture with all the attendant bells and whistles!! As usual, Crutchfield is there to assist along the way!!

    Cons: Proprietary Wall Mount has safety clip screws that are difficult to reach once the wall mount is in place.

    Crutchfield response on

    7 of 7 found this helpful

    LG 65EF9500

    BrianS from Austin, Texas on 11/21/2015

    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

    The new LG 65EF9500 sets the bar for 4K OLED TVs. I spent months reviewing Samsung, LG, and Sony televisions. The previous LG model lacked only two important features which are now included in the LG 65EF9500. 1) a flat screen, and 2) the ability to handle HDR content. The remote has voice recognition capability. So all I have to say is, "NHL hockey games" and I am in heaven! This was my second purchase from Crutchfield. The pre-purchase support was great and I even received a credit to my pre-order when a drop in price occurred. I use Apple TV with this LG and have been very happy with my decision.

    Pros: Stunning picture. Flat screen. Ability to handle HDR content. Intuitive operating software and remote.

    Cons: Requires proprietary LG mounting bracket.

    Crutchfield response on

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    Verified customer (What's this?)
    Verified employee purchase (What's this?)



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    Features & specs

    Screen Size 64.5"
    Screen Design Flat
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Screen Resolution (pixels) 3840 x 2160
    Screen Refresh Rate No Info from LG
    Display Type OLED
    Backlighting Type (for LCD TVs) N/A for OLED TVs
    Local Dimming (for LCD TVs) N/A for OLED TVs
    Quantum Dot Color (for LCD TVs) N/A for OLED TVs
    HDR (High Dynamic Range) Firmware update
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Internet Movie Streaming Netflix,Hulu,Vudu,Amazon
    Bluetooth Audio Streaming No
    Voice Remote Yes
    MHL-compatible No
    Picture In Picture No
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    Type of Warranty Service In-home
    Total Video Inputs 4
    HDMI Inputs 3
    Component Video Inputs 1
    Composite Video Inputs 0
    3.5mm Composite A/V Inputs 0
    RF Inputs 1
    Ethernet Port Yes
    USB Ports 3
    Optical Digital Audio Output 1 Rear
    Analog Audio Output 3.5mm Rear
    Power Consumption
    Estimated Yearly Electricity Use (EnergyGuide) 175 kWh
    Estimated Yearly Energy Cost (EnergyGuide) $21
    Dimensions & Mounting Information
    Width (inches) 57-1/8
    Height with Stand (inches) 34-3/4
    Height without Stand (inches) 33-1/8
    Depth with Stand (inches) 9-3/8
    Depth without Stand (inches) 2-3/8
    Stand Width (inches) 32-3/8
    Weight with Stand 56.8 lbs
    Weight without Stand 46.7 lbs
    Wall Mountable Yes
    Wall Bracket Included No
    Pedestal Stand Assembly required
    Bezel Dimensions 0.125 x 0.125 x 0.125

    Product Research

    Video Features
    Audio Features
    Network/USB Functions
    Convenience Features
    Remote Control
    Mounting Options

    Video Features

    OLED: "OLED" means organic light-emitting diode, named for the advanced material used in the TV's screen. The secret to OLED is this unique light-emitting diode structure with its electroluminescent layer, a special film made from an organic, carbon-based compound that emits its own light when hit with an electric current. A thin-film transistor (TFT) backplane switches each specific pixel on and off. This configuration enables a thinner, lighter form factor, higher resolution and big, home theater-ready screen sizes. Because OLED TVs do not require a backlight, pixels that are switched off are truly black, so OLED achieves deeper black levels and a higher contrast ratio when compared to LCD and LED-LCD TVs with conventional backlighting. OLED technology also increases energy efficiency.

    • LG's 4 Color Pixel Technology: LG's 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional 3 color red, green, and blue that enhances both color range and accuracy. This considerably improves the OLED pixels' ability to express the realistic colors and represents a giant step ahead of conventional flat-panel displays. The 4 Color Pixel is LG's unique innovation for the next generation OLED TV.
    • Tru-Color Generator: The LG OLED TV's internal Tru-Color Generator further improves the consistency of color reproduction across the entire image. As a result, the picture is more natural and pleasing to the eye for life-like color experience.
    • Perfect Black w/ Infinite Contrast Ratio: As the first display technology that allows self-lighting pixels to switch on and off individually, OLED offers the first "Infinite" contrast ratio. LG OLED TV's self-lighting pixels switch off completely when reproducing black. With no light bleed, LG OLED achieves absolute black levels, for infinite contrast. Contrast ratio measures the range from the brightest whites on the screen to the darkest blacks. The deep blacks will offer a greater sense of realism and depth on all content.
    • Absolute Motion Clarity: The critical response time of the LG OLED TV (its ability to refresh the image on screen) is less than .1ms (microseconds), drastically faster than LCD or LED-LCD televisions. As a result, you get even the fastest action to be dependably crystal clear and virtually blur-free.

    Ultra HD 4K Resolution: The LG Ultra-HD OLED TV has a display resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 (4K) and will display all video at that resolution; regardless of input signal. 4K provides four times higher resolution than current 1080p high-definition TVs with a total of 8.3 million pixels. Its detail is so vivid and crisp, even when viewed from close distances; it's nearly impossible to discern a single pixel, even from inches away. Enjoy incredibly flawless images, vivid colors, and picture details as never before. More benefits of Ultra-HD 4K include:

    • Greater Sense Of Depth: At 4K, distant objects in a  scene can be rendered with greater clarity than at 2K, with more nuances of light and shadow and focus for a greater sense of perceived  depth.
    • Better Color: Because pixels are units of colored light, their greater quantity in 4K enables more layered transitions and subtler gradations of tones, so the hues we see up on screen will be truer to what we see in nature.
    • Sit Even Closer: 2K HD TVs carry a recommended viewing distance of three times (3X) the TV screen height, but with a 4K display you can move in to one-and-a-half times (1.5X) screen height without exposing individual pixels. Sitting closer better fills your field of vision, assuring total immersion in whatever you're watching.
    Note: The OLED TV offers "HEVC/H.265 & VP9" decoding, which means it'll be able to display 4K content from online movie & TV show providers (like Netflix, Amazon, & YouTube).

    Tru-4K Engine & Upscaler: LG's Tru-4K Engine lets you enjoy the benefits of 4K resolution from today's standard-definition and high-definition content. The LG Tru-4K Engine upscales the picture through a 4-step data analysis that enhances the details of broadcasts, movies, sports and videogames to near-4K quality, giving you the superior viewing experience you expect from an Ultra HDTV.

    Video Inputs: The LG UHD OLED television features HDMI (2.0), Component, and Composite video inputs. All of the television's video inputs are displayed at 3,840 x 2,160 (4K).

    • HDMI 2.0: The three HDMI 2.0 inputs will accept 4K (60/30Hz), 1080p (60/24Hz), 1080i, 720p, and 480p video signals. The HDMI inputs not only allow you to connect your Blu-ray/DVD player or Satellite/Cable receiver to the TV, but also a laptop or computer. The television's HDMI inputs do not accept 480i video signals.
      • HDCP 2.2: HDCP 2.2 is supported by all of the TV's HDMI inputs. HDCP 2.2 is short for "High bandwidth Digital Content Protection" and is used for 4K video copyright protection for compatibility with 4K Blu-ray players and 4K Satellite/Cable providers.
      • 4:4:4 Color Subsampling: HDMI inputs 1-2 will support up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling for full color data rendering of 4K video (30/60fps). 4:2:2 (30/60fps) and 4:2:0 (60fps) are also supported by HDMI inputs 1-2. HDMI input 3 only supports 4:2:0 (60fps). With 4:4:4 color, luminance (brightness) and chroma (color) are sampled at the same rate, resulting in an RGB color palette as big as the video sampling rate for a video image with more total colors, plus greater color accuracy and detail. You must enable 4:4:4 color subsampling in the TV's on-screen menu.
    • Component Video: The Component Video input will accept 1080p (60/24Hz), 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals. The component video inputs consist of a 3.5mm jack and a 6" mini-to-component video adapter. This same component video output shares the audio signal with the composite audio/video terminal.
    • Composite Video: The composite video input will accept 480i only. The composite audio/video terminal consists of an AV 3.5mm connector and a 6" mini-to-composite video/stereo RCA adapter.
    Note: The TV has built-in over-the-air HDTV (ATSC) and Digital Cable (QAM) tuners with an RF-coaxial input, so you don't need a separate set-top box to receive and decode over-the-air HDTV/SDTV or unencrypted Digital Cable signals.

    HDR Future Firmware Update: The TV will require a future firmware update (no ETA) before it can handle HDR (High Dynamic Range) content from HDMI-connected & network streaming sources.

    4K 3D+: LG lets you enjoy 3D movies on the big screen at home, just like at the movies. The large screen of LG Ultra-HD TV provides flicker-free, comfortable images that make the 3D entertainment more enjoyable. With its quadrupled resolution, the 3D images are more splendid than ever and the realism more lively than ever. Even 3D movies of low resolution can be upgraded to be played on LG Ultra-HD TV. By automatically upscaling 3D movies close to 4K quality, it lets you enjoy 3D on a whole new level. LG's 3D glasses are light, battery-free, hassle-free and economical, allowing for greater viewing comfort and convenience.

    • Included 3D Glasses: The television includes two pairs of 3D glasses. They are just like the ones you get at the movie theater, so they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The 3D image formatting is done solely on the TV set, so the 3D glasses are passive (no batteries required) and don't need to be synced, enabling you to enjoy 3D images anywhere in your room and free from the interference of other objects. The passive 3D glasses design also lets you enjoy 3D images from any viewing angle; whether you are sitting on the couch or laying on floor.
    • Dual Play: The Dual Play feature on this LG 3D TV allows two players to enjoy head-to-head gaming on one television without the compromise of a split screen. Two players can now compete against one another independently and catch the action across the full screen at the same time. Requires special AG-F400DP glasses (sold separately) from LG.
    Note: This LG TV can display in 3D via 3D broadcasting or when the TV is connected to a 3D compatible device; such as a 3D-ready Blu-ray player with 3D content. The TV must be connected to your 3D source via HDMI and you must wear the included passive 3D glasses in order to see these images in 3D (three-dimensional) format.

    Picture Settings: The LG UHD OLED TV provides preset, user, and expert adjustment of the television's picture settings.

    • Picture Size: You can select a different aspect ratio depending on input source (analog broadcasting, digital broadcasting, video input).
      • 16:9: displays an aspect ratio of 16:9
      • Just Scan: displays the picture in the original size without cutting off the edges; can be selected for 720p or higher content
      • Full Wide: when TV receives the wide screen signal, it will let you adjust the picture horizontally or vertically, in a linear proportion, to fill the entire screen fully; 4:3 and 16:9 video is supported in full screen without any video distortion through DTV input.
      • Set by Program: changes the aspect ratio to 4:3 or 16:9 depending upon the input video signal
      • 4:3: displays an aspect ratio of 4:3
      • Zoom: enlarges the image to match the screen width; the top and bottom portions of the video screen may not be cut off
      • Cinema Zoom: resizes the picture with a cinemascope ratio of 2.35:1, without image distortion
    • Picture Modes: You can select the picture mode that is best suited to your viewing environment, preferences or video type.
      • Smart Picture: the TV will automatically adjust to the optimal picture settings based on data it receives on the genre of the program being played
      • APS (Auto Power Save): this Energy Saver mode changes the TV's picture brightness to reduce power consumption
      • Standard: provides optimum viewing for general use
      • Vivid: maximizes the effect of the video by strengthening the contrast, brightness, color, and sharpness
      • Cinema: optimizes video for watching movies
      • Sports: provides fast response speed for sports action
      • Game: provides even faster response speeds for fast gaming
      • User: manually adjust the TV's Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Color, Tint, and Color Temperature.
      • Expert: the TV is ISFccc Ready and contains the detailed standards necessary for professional calibration of brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness, color levels and much more to meet local lighting conditions for both day and nighttime viewing
    • Advanced Picture Options: The TV also offers more advanced picture settings.
      • Dynamic Contrast: adjusts the contrast to keep it at the best level according to the brightness of the screen; the picture is improved by making bright parts brighter and dark parts darker
      • Dynamic Color: adjusts screen colors so that they look livelier, richer and clearer; this feature enhances hue, saturation and luminance so that red, blue and green white look more vivid
      • Preferred Color: fine tune Skin, Sky, and Grass color independently
      • Super Resolution: provides a crystal-clear picture by improving the details in areas where the picture is blurry or unclear
      • Gamma: you can adjust the brightness of dark areas and middle gray level areas of the picture
      • Color Gamut: maximizes the utilization of colors to increase color quality
      • Edge Enhancer: shows clearer and distinctive yet natural edges of the video
      • Color Filter: filters a specific color spectrum in RGB Colors to fine-tune color saturation and hue accurately
      • Expert Pattern: patterns used for expert adjustment
      • White Balance: adjusts the overall tone of the screen as desired
      • Color Management: this is a function used by experts when they adjust colors using a test pattern of six colors (Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow) without affecting other color areas
    • Picture Options: Additional picture options are available to enhance your viewing experience.
      • Real Cinema: makes video clips recorded in a film look more natural by eliminating judder effect
      • Black Level: sets the black level of the screen to the proper level
      • Noise Reduction: reduces screen noise without compromising video quality
      • MPEG Noise Reduction: Removes noise caused by compressing video
      • Motion Eye Care: saves power consumption by adjusting the brightness corresponding to movement in the video

    Audio Features

    Harman/Kardon Sound Design: The TV's onboard speaker system has been designed by Harman/kardon to provide rich, cinematic sound in your living room.

    Sound Presets: The LG UHD TV provides preset sound modes. Choose from Smart Sound, Standard, Cinema, News, Sports, Music, or Game. The Smart Sound setting automatically adjusts the TV to the optimal sound mode based on data it receives on the genre of the program being played. You can also adjust the TV's sound manually by using the 5-band EQ (100Hz, 300Hz, 1khz, 3khz, 10kHz).

    Sound Effects: The LG television offers unique sound effects to enhance your overall experience.

    • Ultra Surround: LG's Ultra Surround technology provides simulated multi-channel surround sound from the speakers built into the television.
    • Clear Voice II: Clear Voice II automatically detects human voices in movies and TV shows, then increases their volume to ensure that the dialog doesn't get lost in the soundtrack. You can make the voice clearer by adjusting to one of the three clarity levels.
    • 3D Sound Zooming: The TV's 3D Sound Zooming feature delivers realistic sound in accordance with the three-dimensional effect of the video (can only be enabled when TV is in 3D video mode).

    Sound Settings: The LG UHD television allows you to initially setup the TV's sound based on your application.

    • Sound Optimizer: This function optimizes the sound based on the environment in which the TV is installed (Normal, Wall-Mount, Stand).
    • Auto Volume: You can set the TV's volume to automatically adjust for different broadcasting stations, so you can always listen to channels at the desired volume, even after switching the channels.
    • AV Sync: If the video and sound of the television are not synced, you can adjust the delay of the audio output to match the video.

    ARC (Audio Return Channel): The Audio Return Channel of the TV's HDMI 2 input enables the television, via a single HDMI cable, to send audio data "upstream" to your A/V receiver; increasing user flexibility and eliminating the need for any separate S/PDIF audio connection. This feature allows audio to be sent from the television to your A/V receiver through the same HDMI cable already being used to send audio/video to the television. This eliminates the need for extra cables connected to the TV. ARC allows audio from the TV tuner, Network connection, inserted USB device, HDMI inputs, or any analog connected device to be heard through your ARC compatible AV receiver via the television's HDMI ARC input. The audio from the TV's tuner, HDMI inputs, network connection, and USB ports can pass as Dolby Digital or 2ch PCM. Analog connected devices will be output as 2ch PCM only.

    Note: Both the television and the receiver must support ARC for this function to work properly. When connecting an A/V receiver that is compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC), connect it to the TV's HDMI 2 input. If connecting a system that is incompatible Audio Return Channel (ARC), an additional audio connection via Digital Audio Out (Optical) is necessary.

    Audio Outputs: The LG OLED TV offers an optical digital output and 3.5mm headphone jack.

    • Digital Audio Output: The optical digital output terminal will output Dolby Digital/DTS (when available) or 2 channel PCM. The digital optical output terminal only sends an audio signal in Dolby Digital/DTS when receiving Dolby Digital/DTS surround sound from a digital broadcast channel through the tuner, network apps, HDMI inputs, and USB ports on the OLED TV. The optical digital audio output will only output in 2ch stereo from sources connected to the TV via RCA.
    • Analog/Headphone Output: The TV's 3.5mm analog output can be used to connect a set of headphones or as an audio output to connect your home theater receiver or soundbar system. You will need a minijack-to-RCA adapter (sold separately) to make a stereo RCA connection between the television and your AV receiver. The TV's analog audio output terminal will output 2ch audio from any of the television's source inputs.

    Network/USB Functions

    Quad Core Processor: The LG UHD TV employs a Quad Core Processor for faster selection and playback of online applications, as well as quicker web browsing.

    Wired or Wireless Network Connection: The LG OLED TV supports a wired or wireless network connection. Via the TV's network & internet connection, you can enjoy select online entertainment services. You can access music, video, and still-image files stored on your computer.

    • Ethernet (LAN) Jack: The LG OLED TV is equipped with an Ethernet (LAN) RJ-45 jack for connecting the television to your home network and computer. A back cover has to be removed to access the Ethernet port.
    • WiFi (wireless LAN): The LG TV offers built-in WiFi that allows you to wirelessly access the Internet and your home network. The TV's built-in WiFi provides a wireless network connection for the television with easy and quick setup. With this feature, you can easily connect to a wireless LAN and enjoy the benefits of networking in a cable-free environment. A wireless connection requires a home network with an 802.11 access point (802.11n recommended) and internet connection. Supports WPS, WEP, and WPA security; a dual-band Gigabit wireless-N router is recommended for 4K streaming.
    Note: LG recommends a home network connection speed of at least 2.5 Mbps recommended for standard definition, 10 Mbps for high definition, and 20 Mbps for ultra-high definition.

    LG Smart TV Apps: LG Smart TV Apps allows you to access a variety of online entertainment services and content directly on the LG TV through its network connection. Subscriptions & Fees may apply. Visit LG Smart TV for the latest compatible apps. Below is a list of some of the most popular apps from LG Smart TV Apps.

    4K Network Streaming: This Ultra-HD TV even offers "HEVC" decoding, which means it'll be able to display 4K content from online movie & TV show providers (like Netflix & Amazon). 4K network streaming requires a network speed of 15Mbps or greater. A wired Ethernet connection is recommended over a wireless WiFi connection for better performance. If you desire a WiFi connection, then use a dual-band Gigabit wireless-N router for 4K streaming. Make sure the LG television has the latest software/firmware updates installed.

    Web Browser: The LG Smart TV features a built-in web browser that lets you search the Internet for a particular website by URL or keyword searches. The web browser supports only HTML5 media and not Flash Plug-in. The web browser only replays the following media file formats - JPEG/PNG/GIF. Not all websites will be available for download, because of size and content. 

    ScreenShare: This LG 4K TV offers Intel WiDi & Miracast capability through is ScreenShare feature.

    • Intel WiDi: With Intel Wireless Display (WiDi), playing content wirelessly from your Intel-based laptop or computer on the big-screen has never been easier. You'll be able to display video and watch videos that are on your laptop through the LG TV. Intel WiDi delivers rich, vibrant visuals and audio to the television without the clutter of cables. You get quick, reliable wireless connection with low latency, without the need for a wireless router.
    • Miracast: Miracast is a "screen mirroring" function which lets you wirelessly send the display from your compatible Windows 8.1+ or Android 4.2+ device (with support for Miracast) to the LG TV. This allows you to view practically any content that is playing on your compatible Windows or Android device on your TV screen; no wireless router or access point required.

    SmartShare: SmartShare technology lets you enjoy audio, video, and photo content stored on your DLNA-compliant device, WiFi Direct-certified device, or USB-enabled device through the LG UHD TV. Compatible audio formats include MP3, AAC, & PCM. Compatible video files include DivX HD only. Compatible photo files include JPEG, JPS, & MPO.

    • WiFi Direct: When using WiFi Direct, you can connect directly with other WiFi-enabled devices without using a wireless router. You'll be able to wirelessly transfer personal content (such as photos & videos) to the LG TV from your device without connecting to your home network. WiFi Direct completely bypasses your WiFi access point/router, so it's easy to set up. Streaming of copy-protected content and other certain formats are not supported.
    • DLNA Certified: This TV is DLNA  Certified; which means it can display and play movie, photo, and  music content from your DLNA Certified network device and DLNA server (such as your Windows 7 or 8 PC). The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a cross-industry organization of consumer electronics, computing industry and mobile device companies. Digital Living provides consumers with easy sharing of digital media through a wired or wireless network in the home.
    • USB Ports (3.0/2.0): The television features three USB (type-A) ports; there is one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports. These USB port can be used for playback of video, still image, and  music files stored on a connected USB memory device. The USB 3.0 port even supports playback of 4K video content. The television can support USB external hard disc drives (up to 2TB) and USB mass storage class devices (up to 32GB). The USB storage devices must be formatted as FAT 32 or NTFS file system. In addition, the TV will charge USB devices that can be charged via USB (max. 5V/0.5A). The LG television even lets you watch a slideshow of your photos (JPEG) while listening to background music (MP3) from an inserted USB device.

    Software Update: You can update the TV with the latest software to enhance the product operation and/or add new features via the TV's network connection. Visit LG's Support Site for the latest firmware/software updates.

    Convenience Features

    webOS 2.0: LG's latest webOS 2.0 menu system is easy to learn and use. Initial setup is smooth and simple, while connecting to other devices and searching for content is extremely convenient. The intuitive webOS 2.0 user interface features a redesigned Launcher menu that pulls together all your content choices. webOS 2.0 serves up entertainment options that neatly organize your recent viewing history, what's on Live TV, and what you might like to watch next, while the integrated LG App Store is ready to deliver the latest movies, TV shows, apps and games. Now you can spend less time navigating and more time enjoying the premium content that you and your family want, accessed right through the television, thanks to LG's intuitive webOS 2.0 user interface.

    Content Search: The LG Ultra-HD TV offers unique tools to search for live TV and online programming.

    • Today's Recommendations: This feature allows you to enjoy a wide variety of recommended content at your convenience. Recommendations encompass programming from TV networks, online movie services and online TV show providers.  As you select more programs, the recommendations become even better-tailored to you.
    • App Categories: You can narrow down your online content search by selecting which category you would like to search from - All Apps, Premium Apps, Movies, TV Shows, and Games.
    • Program Guide: The television's built-in program guide gives you a weekly outlook of what's on TV and detailed information about each program (when applicable). You can select a current program to watch or schedule a future program to watch later.
    • Favorite Channels: Favorite Channels is a convenient feature that lets you quickly select channels of your choice without waiting for the TV to search through all the in-between channels.

    Quick Menu: The Quick Menu provides quicker access to commonly used functions like Picture Mode, Sound Mode, Aspect Ratio.

    Netflix Recommended TV: Netflix Recommended TV is an evaluation program recognizing TVs that offer better performance, easier app access, and new features that make for a better smart TV. When you see the Netflix Recommended TV logo, it means the TV has passed a rigorous evaluation process based on criteria that Netflix members care about the most. The TV comes with the latest version of Netflix with newest features. It offers easier and faster access to Netflix, quicker playback and start times, and allows you to resume the Netflix app from where you left it.

    DIRECTV 4K Ready (via Firmware Update): The LG television is RVU-compatible which means DIRECTV subscribers with the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR can watch live broadcast (up to 4K) and stored content (up to 4K) from their DVR on the LG TV, without the need for additional Genie Mini Client devices or set-top boxes. However, you will need a DECA unit (sold separately) that converts Coax to Ethernet, which will plug into the LG TV's LAN port. Make sure the television has the latest firmware update.

    Analog and Digital Caption Modes: Analog and Digital Captions are provided to help the hearing impaired watch TV. Select a caption mode for displaying captioning information if provided on a program. Analog caption displays information at any position on the screen and is usually the program's dialog. Caption/Text, if provided by the broadcaster, would be available for both digital and analog channels on the Antenna/Cable. This TV is programmed to memorize the caption/text mode which was last set when you turned the power off.

    Parental Control: Parental Control can be used to block specific channels, ratings, and other viewing sources (external input block). The Parental Control Function is used to block program viewing based on the ratings sent by the broadcasting station. The default setting is to allow all programs to be viewed. Viewing can be blocked by choosing the type of the program and the categories. It is also possible block a specific channel. The Parental Control function is protected by a 4-digit user password.

    Energy Saving Feature: The Energy Saving feature helps to save electric power by adjusting the screen brightness; you can select from six modes - Auto, Minimum, Medium, Maximum, Screen Off, or Off.

    On/Off & Sleep Timers: You can program the television to turn On and turn Off at a certain time. You can set the On and Off timer to Daily, Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat, Sat-Sun, or Once. You can also set the input, channel, and volume level for the On Timer. If you do not press any button within 2 hours after the TV turns on with the On Timer, the TV will automatically revert back to standby mode. The Sleep Timer turns the TV off at the preset time (10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, or 240 minutes).

    Built-in Customer Support: The LG OLED Smart TV offers built-in customer support to help your learn functions and diagnose problems.

    • On-Screen User Guide: The TV offers a built-in, on-screen User Guide to help you learn how to use your new TV. 
    • Picture/Sound Tests: This customer support function executes picture and sound tests to make sure you have the TV properly connected.
    • LG Remote TV Service: LG Remote TV Service can allow LG Customer Service to help you perform menu actions and resolve many problems remotely. To use this feature make sure your TV is connected to the internet.

    Remote Control

    Motion Sensing Remote w/ Microphone: LG's Magic Remote acts as a remote controller, mouse pointer, and voice commander. This included RF remote control uses a 2.4GHz frequency range (2.4-2.4835 GHz; 32-channels) to control the TV up to a distance of 32.8'.

    • Remote Controller/Mouse Pointer: The RF remote operates the TV as if it were a wireless mouse. It allows you to point the remote at the TV and move through menu options with the movement of the remote. With simple gesture control, LG'S exclusive Magic Remote enables you to move the on-screen cursor, navigate menus, drag & drop apps, and select icons.
    • Voice Command Functions ("Voice Mate"): The built-in microphone enables Voice Command for live TV, internet apps, web browser, and social networking. Simply press and hold the "Voice" button on the remote to activate the Voice Command function. When the microphone image appears on the screen, speak your desired search request into the remote. You can tune TV channels and search channel information, recommend and search TV shows & movies, or search the web.
    Note: Through the TV's setup menu, you can program the Magic Remote to operate your cable/satellite receiver, Blu-ray/DVD player, or Home Theater/Soundbar system.

    SIMPLINK: SIMPLINK allows you to control and play other LG AV devices connected with HDMI cable without additional cables and settings, from the television's remote control. SIMPLINK provides the following remote functions.

    • Instant Play: When you start a multimedia device, you can immediately watch content from the device on the TV without having to control anything.
    • Device Control: Enables the user to control multimedia devices with the TV remote control to watch content.
    • Main Power Off: If Auto Power Sync is set to on in the SIMPLINK settings, turning off your TV will turn off all of your SIMPLINK-linked devices. If Auto Power Sync is set to On in the SIMPLINK settings, turning on a SIMPLINK-linked device will turn the TV on.
    Note: To operate SIMPLINK, an HDMI cable over Version 1.3 with CEC function should be used. This TV may work with devices with HDMI-CEC support, but only devices with the "SIMPLINK" logo are fully supported

    LG TV webOS Remote App: You can download the LG TV webOS Remote app (from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store) onto your Android (4.1+) smartphone/tablet or Apple iOS (6.1+) device in order to control the television from your mobile device. You'll be able to change channels and adjust volume from the app on your smartphone. You can also access the television's LG Smart TV apps, SmartShare content, and ScreenShare content. In addition, you can use your smartphone or tablet to enter text (making web browsing easier).

    Note: The LG TV and your Android or Apple iOS device must be connected to the same network.

    Keyboard Compatible: The LG OLED TV supports the use of a keyboard & mouse through its USB ports. You can enter text with the keyboard when using the Search function and the built-in Web Browser.

    Mounting Options

    Pedestal Stand: The TV is shipped with the pedestal stand unattached; assembly is required using the supplied hardware. The television weighs 56.8 lbs with the stand. The TV does not swivel.

    Wall Mounting: The LG OLED TV requires a proprietary LG mounting bracket (689OTW150, sold separately) in order to mount the television to your wall. The television weighs 46.7 lbs without the stand.

    Ventilation Requirements: When mounting the TV on the stand or a wall (with optional bracket) leave 4" of clearance on each side of the television and 4" above/below the television for adequate ventilation.

    Attached AC Power Cord: The television feature an attached 5' AC power cord. The power cord is fitted with a straight AC plug that sits 2.125" from the wall.

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    [ Jay  Jul 13, 2016 ]
    2 answers
    Looks like no. According to sound and vision, "The LG is capable of high dynamic range (HDR) with the HDR10 format, but with no promised provision for future upgrades to other HDR implementations via firmware (an upgrade to Dolby Vision, LG says, would be impossible with this set)."
    [ Guest  Jul 14, 2016 ]
    I have no idea what "Dolby Vision HDR" is. However, I think the set is absolutely magnificent.
    [ Campbell  Jul 14, 2016 ]
    Does this tv support HDR? If so which format?
    [ Paul  Jul 08, 2016 ]
    1 answer
    Yes it does support HDR. The only programming though I've found is on Amazon that streams HDR quality which is the coral reef show or the man in the high castle. U must have dedicated 25mbs to receive 4K content from Amazon. My tv is hard wired to router. Hope this helps, Kevin.
    [ Kevin  Jul 08, 2016 ]
    Can I use my bluetooth headphones to listen to this TV? I can't find a way to do it. Do I need to add a bluetooth transmitter plugged into the headphone jack?
    [ Joe  Mar 29, 2016 ]
    1 answer
    Very few TVs offer the built-in Bluetooth transmitters required for this capability. This LG is not one of them. So, yes, you would need to add an external Bluetooth transmitter and connect it to the TV's analog audio output. I hope that helps! My Bio:
    [ Ryan  Apr 01, 2016 ]  Staff
    I'm thinking about upgrading my tv. Will this set allow my Sonos sound system to broadcast in true Dolby 5.1 when watching programs from Directv?
    [ Tim  Mar 26, 2016 ]
    4 answers
    Tv can output spdif optical (toslink). If sonos has it, you should be ok. Not sure about direct tv transmitting in 5.1
    [ risotto  Mar 27, 2016 ]
    I looked a sonos once and it is a very nice wifi system. I do believe the only input is has though is optical. Correct me if I'm wrong. I tried getting 5.1 dd from lg optical out to my soundbar and it worked but wasn't true 5.1. However the arc return works very nicely with 5.1 dd. Don't let this be a game changer if your thinking of buying this oled. It's the Best tv picture ever! I've had mine a year now and can't watch my other 2 60 lcds anymore. Too many faults in backlighting. Hope this helps.
    [ Kevin  Mar 26, 2016 ]
    I run my audio through a receiver and it works well. I don't use the tv's built in speakers. Does the sonos use a receiver?
    [ mark  Mar 26, 2016 ]
    I output from optical audio from my TV for my Netflix/Amazon from the TV and it outputs into my Integra receiver in 5.1
    [ Joseph  Mar 26, 2016 ]
    does this tv have RVU technology installed?
    [ les  Jan 01, 2016 ]
    2 answers
    [ Michael  Oct 28, 2018 ]
    Yes it looks like it is compatible with a firmware update. Here is the description from LG: DIRECTV 4K Ready (via Firmware Update): The LG television is RVU-compatible which means DIRECTV subscribers with the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR can watch live broadcast (up to 4K) and stored content (up to 4K) from their DVR on the LG TV, without the need for additional Genie Mini Client devices or set-top boxes. However, you will need a DECA unit (sold separately) that converts Coax to Ethernet, which will plug into the LG TV's LAN port. Make sure the television has the latest firmware update. Hope that helps.
    [ Kenny  Jan 05, 2016 ]  Staff
    What is the refresh rate on this TV and how is it for sports and gaming?
    [ Steven  Dec 28, 2015 ]
    2 answers
    It's not really published. I've read on LG's website in the Q/A section that with OLED technology it's not really relevant. On the site, they mention OLEDs are supposed to be much faster sort of like plasma and aren't subject to the motion blurring like other LCD panels. Having said that, I do notice what looks like some processing to make the image look smooth like what you'd get with 120/240Hz on most LCD TVs. I haven't noticed any motion blurring whatsoever. I did find a CNET site that says 120 Hz. Not sure where they got that data from.
    [ Guest  Dec 30, 2015 ]
    The refresh rate is 120Hz . I have been watching NFL games and the picture is great, but I have not yet used it for gaming. Overall, its the best TV I've ever had, and despite the price, I think it is well worth it.
    [ Burton  Dec 29, 2015 ]
    On the LG 65EF9500 I can see an HDMI port that says "HDMI(4K@60Hz)" is this the same as HDCP2.2 required for the new 4K UHD Blue-ray players coming out the first of 2016?
    [ Lisa  Dec 03, 2015 ]
    2 answers
    And....the 9500 has the required HDMI 2.0a so that the HDR-10 basic High Dynamic Range metadata portion of content from eg a 4k player will be received. Any higher HDR eg Dolby Vision will not be received except to the lower HDR standard.
    [ La Jolla Bob  Jan 28, 2016 ]
    All of the HDMI inputs on this TV are HDCP 2.2 compatible and are ready for a 4K UHD player and 4K broadcasted content.
    [ Paul  Dec 07, 2015 ]  Staff

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