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Sonos Playbar 5.1 Home Theater System

Includes Sonos Playbar Sub, and two Play:1 speakers (Black)

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Our take on the Sonos Playbar 5.1 Home Theater System

Talk about a win-win. With the Sonos 5.1 wireless home theater system, you get an enveloping, realistic surround sound system, and you have the start of a Sonos multi-room audio system.

Talk about a win-win. With the Sonos 5.1 wireless home theater system, you get an enveloping, realistic surround sound system, and you have the start of a Sonos multi-room audio system.

Outstanding sound for your TV

The system features the Playbar, which can deliver vibrant, room-filling sound all by itself, thanks to its nine-speaker array. Built-in amplification and processing can handle Dolby® Digital and lossless audio formats. And its automatic equalization self-adjusts to the program material to provide rich, seamless sound.

The Playbar wirelessly connects to the Sonos Sub, which delivers the deep bass necessary for a truly immersive audio experience. Two Play:1 speakers serve as the surround channels to complete the wraparound movie theater sound experience. And because they, too, make a wireless connection to the Playbar, you can place them where you want them.

Note: You can set up a home theater system with the Playbar, the Sub, and Play:1 speakers as surrounds, all without making a wired connection to your router. However, for challenging Wi-Fi® environments we recommend adding the optional Sonos Boost (not included) to make a stable wireless connection.

Multi-room home audio

These four components can also form the core of your own Sonos multi-room wireless audio system — or represent a major addition to one if you already have Sonos in your home. The Playbar and Play:1 speakers work seamlessly with a variety of Internet music services, including Pandora, Spotify®, and SiriusXM Internet Radio. And because Sonos connects directly to the Internet for all of these music services, you don't even have to turn on your PC. And you can stream music and podcasts stored in the Music app of your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®.

Sonos PLAYBAR 5. 1 system

The system includes a Playbar, Sub, and two Play:1 speakers.

From our Sonos Playbar 5.1 system review:

The consensus was that the system sounded quite good. Lincoln, a Crutchfield advisor, said, “There's certainly ample power, good bass, and clarity.” I agreed as engines revved all around us during a thrilling chase scene. I bumped up the volume of the rear speakers and listened as airplanes flew from behind and over my shoulder before they even showed up on screen. We were also impressed how Dialogue Boost made even whispers clear.

— Jeff Miller, Crutchfield A/V Writer

Simple, intuitive control

Control the system's volume and mute functions using your existing TV, cable, or universal remote. The free Sonos Controller App lets you control Playbar with your smartphone or tablet and allows you to stream music to the Playbar or Play:1 speakers even when your TV is off.

Product Highlights:

  • system communicates with other Sonos players via Wi-Fi or a dedicated Sonosnet™ 2.0 wireless network
  • control your Sonos system with your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, Android™ device, or computer with the free Sonos app
  • plays MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, WAV, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AIFF, and Ogg Vorbis files (firmware is upgradable to support future audio formats)
  • compatible with protected WMA files from Urge, AOL, and many other music download sites
  • not compatible with protected AAC files from iTunes
  • play music and podcasts stored on most Android or Apple portable devices
  • plays MP3 and WMA streaming Internet radio stations
  • compatible with most online music services, including Spotify®, Amazon Cloud Player, SiriusXM, and Rhapsody® (subscription required for most services)
  • plays personalized Internet radio stations from PANDORA®
  • multi-zone synchronous playback (same music plays in multiple zones simultaneously) or multi-stream playback (music individually selected for each player)
  • compatible with Windows® (XP Service Pack 3 or higher operating system)
  • compatible with Mac® (OS X 10.6 or higher operating system)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • built-in amplifiers and nine built-in speakers (three tweeters and six midrange drivers)
  • connects to your TV, Blu-ray player or cable box via an included optical digital audio cable
  • built-in Dolby Digital decoding
  • two-port Ethernet switch
  • AC adapter included
  • 35-1/2"W x 5-1/2"H x 3-5/16"D
  • two force-canceling woofers for deep, rich bass and zero cabinet buzz or rattle
  • two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly match the woofers and acoustic architecture
  • dual acoustic ports for enhanced bass performance
  • automatically adjust audio settings to balance the SUB with your existing Sonos players
  • Ethernet jack
  • AC adapter included
  • 15-7/8"W x 15-3/8"H x 6-5/16"D
2 Play:1 speakers (each):
  • two built-in amplifiers and two built-in speakers (one midrange driver and one tweeter)
  • 1/4" threaded mount for wall placement
  • Ethernet port for connection to a router (cable included)
  • AC adapter included
  • 4-3/4"W x 6-3/8"H x 4-3/4"D

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Sonos Playbar 5.1 Home Theater System Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(3 Reviews)

Great Sound, High Versatility, Reduced Clutter

Brian from New York (NY) on 1/19/2018

This thing is awesome. Great sounding and super easy to use. It comes on when your TV turns on. The volume up/down functions with your TV or cable remote. And you can stream music directly to it from pretty much any app or channel you might use, without messing with Bluetooth. It's totally seamless. My main goal was to reduce components, clutter, and wires in our living room. But I wanted to retain the great sound of a high-end receiver/speaker setup. I can say this definitely got the job done and on top of that, my wife likes it. That alone warrants the cost.

Pros: sound, versatility, seamless to use, no clutter, looks cool

Cons: cost

Sonos Playbar 5.1 Home Theater System

Guest from Los Angeles California on 10/19/2017

Good quality system but a bit pricey for my budget but overall a very good choice.



The Best I've Heard.

Bob from Elyria, Ohio on 10/15/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

1) Very, very, very good sound. Great for both TV and Audio. 2) Super easy to use. Comes on automatically when you turn your TV on. This is a big deal. Ask around to all the people you know that have a complicated high end surround sound system, and you will find that almost none of them use it on an even semi-frequently basis. But this system, is used every time you turn your television on. 3) Build quality is exceptional. So many high-end products work great for the first year or two then break down. Not so here. I honestly believe that I will be able to use these the rest of my life (I am 66) with zero maintenance. 4) Addictive. Once you start listening to this system, it will be very difficult for you not to purchase more speakers for other rooms in your house. The sound is so good and adding additional rooms is so easy, it's hard to very stop. 5) Incredibly flexible. I now, not only have Sonos speakers in 4 rooms, I use Sonos to drive 3rd party speakers in 3 more rooms. 6) Superb support. Not only do you get the great people from Crutchfield to assist you with any issues you have, you can call Sonos directly and they will be happy to walk you through any questions that might arise.

Pros: Listed above.

Cons: Not cheap, but an overall GREAT value.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Great overall system that combines good sound, style, and ease of use. Pricey, but worth it. [ Rodney  Oct 27, 2018 ]
I love Sonos and I am adding this to my existing system [ Marc  Jul 07, 2018 ]
Great package for a larger than normal room [ Donald  Sep 05, 2017 ]
Great sound, easy set-up and use. My only complaint would be no sound level indication. It would be nice to be able to go immediately to your favorite sound level for music, for movies or for television as they are all different. But I am very happy with the system. [ Don  Jul 22, 2017 ]
I have no idea what took me so long. I love my Sonos! Amazing sound quality, simple to install and operate. [ K  Apr 01, 2017 ]

5 questions already asked

The basic answer is three; a subwoofer and two surrounds. You can add more speakers if you add them as a group for a separate room. [ Jame  Mar 06, 2017 ]
Not sure there is a limit. I have 2 Play1s set up as a surround system. I have 4 more spread around the house and have connected them all together to here TV audio around the house. Also have used the Playbar and all of the speakers to have great music around the house while entertaining. Will do almost anything you want it to do highly recommend [ Jerry  Mar 05, 2017 ]
The answer is this, you can replace the Play1 surrounds with Play 3's or even Play 5's, but in all honesty, the gains just won't be that huge. The Play1 surrounds go plenty loud with amazing bass. [ Neal W.  Oct 29, 2016 ]
Not the one I purchased here in the states from awesome Crutchfield. It only came with U.S connections. This question might be better answered through Sonos support. [ ADAM  Jan 06, 2018 ]
Not a chance. Sonos will give you nothing for free. You can BUY mounts which will allow you to do this. Love this Sonos sound system. [ Don  Nov 26, 2017 ]
No you can bot hang then from celilng. [ Roberto alves  Nov 15, 2017 ]
No mounting hardware included.. But there are quite a few options available. [ Joshua  Nov 14, 2017 ]
No you cannot. There is a threaded mounting hole in the back of the speakers that can be used with other mounting hardware you would need to purchase separately. [ Jame  Nov 14, 2017 ]
No, you need a separate kit for that. I think they are available from third party suppliers. [ William  Nov 14, 2017 ]
Sorry - but there is nothing in the box to hang from the wall or ceiling. I do see several options via google. [ Tracy  Nov 14, 2017 ]
My set up did not come with mounting solutions at all. Mine are on top of a couple of cabinets in the rear of the room [ Jerry  Nov 14, 2017 ]

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Sonos Playbar 5.1 Home Theater System with Voice Control


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Add Amazon Alexa voice control

The Sonos Playbar 5.1 Home Theater System with Voice Control offers these features:

includes 2 Sonos One speakers instead of 2 Play:1 speakers

Sonos One speakers have Amazon Alexa built in

Alexa can control your entire Sonos system