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Klipsch RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless

Wireless powered center channel speaker

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Our take on the Klipsch RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless

From softly whispered dialogue to powerful special effects, Klipsch center channel speakers deliver cinema-like home theater sound. After all, you'll find their speakers in theaters all over the world. Now you can get that famous Klipsch performance wirelessly. With 125 watts of built-in amplifier power and sophisticated wireless technology on-board, the Klipsch RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless center channel speaker delivers powerful, crystal-clear sound without the need for unsightly speaker wires.

Crystal-clear wireless center channel sound

From softly whispered dialogue to powerful special effects, Klipsch center channel speakers deliver cinema-like home theater sound. After all, you'll find their speakers in theaters all over the world. Now you can get that famous Klipsch performance wirelessly. With 125 watts of built-in amplifier power and sophisticated wireless technology on-board, the Klipsch RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless center channel speaker delivers powerful, crystal-clear sound without the need for unsightly speaker wires.

Klipsch wireless center channel speaker

The RP-440WC delivers powerful Klipsch center channel sound without speaker wires.

Hear every detail

The brains behind every Klipsch Reference Premiere HD wireless speaker is the RP-HUB1 HD Control Center (required, sold separately). Using state-of-the-art WiSA™ wireless technology, this compact system hub transmits high-quality audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. That means that not a single detail is lost on the way to your speakers.

Klipsch RP-HUB1 HD control center wireless hub

The compact RP-HUB1 HD Control Center is the essential nerve center behind every Klipsch wireless home theater system.

How it works

Rather than using a traditional receiver or amplifier, you simply plug all of your source components — DVD or Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game consoles, and network music players — into the HD Control Center. Audio signals are streamed to the speakers wirelessly. The hub also receives Bluetooth® signals, so you can enjoy music from your compatible tablet or smartphone. A single button on the back of the speaker seamlessly pairs it to your HD Control Center for easy system setup.

You can start your system off with just a single pair of Klipsch wireless speakers for impressive stereo sound, then add to it to create a full-blown 7.2-channel home theater system. The Control Center's on-board Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoders ensure you'll hear rich, enveloping surround sound.

(One important heads-up: You will need AC power for the hub and each speaker in your system.)

Klipsch speaker technology for dynamic performance

Horn technology is one of Klipsch's long-standing hallmarks. Flared openings in the speaker cabinet project sound waves toward your listening area and prevent them from simply spilling out in all directions. This design reduces reflections that can color the sound, and boosts dynamics and efficiency for powerful, "front row" sound that remains crystal-clear at all volume levels.

Klipsch's Hybrid Tractrix® horn features a circular throat around an advanced titanium diaphragm tweeter that transitions into a square 90º x 90º mouth. This unique shape provides a cleaner, more efficient transition of sound waves into your listening space. Compared to previous models, this horn design delivers a wider sweet spot with more precise placement of instruments and vocals. Even the horn material itself has been upgraded to molded silicone rubber that helps decrease resonance for smoother, warmer highs.

A horn that can enhance bass, too

Look around the back, and you'll see that instead of the conventional round port tube found on many speakers, Klipsch uses a Tractrix horn-shaped opening for smoother, more efficient airflow in and out of the cabinet. The resulting decrease in air turbulence makes for cleaner, more powerful bass with reduced port noise and low-frequency distortion.   

High-tech woofer design

The RP-440WC's Cerametallic™ woofers dish out smooth midrange and articulate, well-defined bass. Klipsch makes its cones out of specially treated aluminum that's strong yet lightweight to dampen and prevent distortion. With the Reference Premiere Series, Klipsch also gave these woofers newly developed titanium voice coil formers that allow more linear movement for enhanced efficiency, lower distortion, and extended low frequency response.

Build your system with other Klipsch Reference Premiere HD wireless speakers 

RP-440WF floor-standing speakers - Spacious, detailed sound and powerful bass make this a formidable wireless speaker.

RP-140WM bookshelf speakers - These compact bookshelf speakers make a great pair for stereo music or for use as wireless surround sound speakers

RP-110WSW powered subwoofer - Add excitement to your music and movies with deep, rumbling bass.

Product Highlights:

  • requires a Klipsch RP-HUB1 HD Wireless Control Center (sold separately)
  • frequency response: 48-25,000 Hz
  • high-efficiency DSP controlled amplification with separate, ultra-low noise amplifiers for each driver
  • total built-in amplifier power: 125 watts continuous (250 watts peak)
  • WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio) lossless wireless transmission with up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution for detailed, high-accuracy sound
  • simple, single-button pairing with Klipsch RP-HUB1 HD Control Center
  • 90° x 90° Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix® horn with 1" LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) titanium diaphragm tweeter
  • four 4-1/2" Cerametallic™ cone woofers
  • bass reflex (ported) cabinet design
  • rear-firing Tractrix port provides fast, efficient airflow from the cabinet for clear, powerful bass
  • beveled MDF front baffle reduces frontal surface area to minimize diffraction, plus decrease high-frequency distortion and resonance
  • magnetically attached grille for a clean, streamlined look
  • durable polymer veneer finish
  • AC power connection required (power cable included)
  • 26"W x 5-3/4"H x 13-1/2"D
  • weight: 27.8 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years speakers, 2 years amplifiers and electronics
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Wireless center-channel powered speaker (Ebony)
  • Grille (installed)
  • 5' AC power cord
  • 4 Self-adhesive pads
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Information
  • Important Safety Instructions

Scratch & Dent items may be missing non-essential accessories. In some cases the manufacturer's accessories have been replaced with generic equivalents.


Klipsch RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(3 Reviews)

great for clear dialoge

Bill from Cary, NC on 12/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

great sound and easy to set up in the system

Pros: sound quality.

Cons: staying in the setup

Klipsch RP-440WC Reference Premiere HD Wireless

Crutchfield customer from Longmont, CO on 10/22/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound easy set-up.



wireless klipsch

carlos from Santa Fe, NM on 4/25/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Just awsome !

Pros: East setup sounds great !

Cons: remote small


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High-Resolution Wireless Center-Channel Loudspeaker: The Klipsch RP-440WC center-channel loudspeaker is part of the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless speaker system. The Klipsch RP-440WC combines WiSa wireless speaker & audio technology with Klipsch's legendary audio & system design expertise for a high-performance wireless speaker.

Two-Way Driver System: The Klipsch RP-440WC high-resolution center-channel loudspeaker utilizes a two-way driver design with a 1" Titanium LTS tweeter mated to a 90° x 90° Hybrid Tractrix Horn and four 4.5" Cerametallic cone woofers with rubber surround for detailed, dynamic sound. The speaker features a tapered array crossover with a crossover frequency of 1.8kHz for the two upper woofers and a crossover frequency of 200Hz for the two lower woofers.

  • 90° x 90° Hybrid Tractrix Horn: A redesigned Tractrix Horn utilizes a circular horn throat paired to a square horn mouth to further improve high-frequency response and extension, while enhancing imaging and dynamics. The compressed molded rubber construction adds high frequency damping to reduce harshness and improve detail. This creates the cleanest, most natural sound possible. These 90° x 90° Hybrid Tractrix Horns provide a wider sweet spot while maintaining controlled directivity of the sound.
  • 1" Titanium LTS Tweeters: Behind the Tractrix Horn lies a 1" titanium tweeter with a linear travel suspension for open, natural, sound. The Linear Travel Suspension minimizes distortion for enhanced, detailed performance.
  • Four 4.5" Cerametallic Woofers: The four 4.5" woofers of the RP-440WC center-channel loudspeaker features Klipsch's distinctive, copper-colored Cerametallic material. Made with an anodized aluminum, this cone is strong and dent resistant. The anodizing process converts its inner and outer surfaces to ceramic. The outcome is a rigid cone with superb damping characteristics that will not flex or resonate at frequencies within the woofer's operating range The 4.5" woofers also employ a rubber surround for added durability.

Custom Designed Integrated Amplifiers: The Klipsch RP-440WC high-resolution center-channel loudspeaker employs separate ultra-low noise amplifiers that are custom designed for each driver to maximize performance. Total amplifier power is 125W RMS and 250W Peak. By customizing each amplifier to each driver, Klipsch is able to extract every ounce of performance out of the loudspeaker. Each amplifier uses DSP (digital signal processing) so the speaker sounds great at any volume level without distortion.

Bass Reflex MDF Enclosure: The Klipsch RP-440WC employs a bass reflex enclosure with a rear-firing Tractrix port for greater efficiency and bigger bass response. Utilizing Tractrix geometry, the all new redesigned bass port allows for the most efficient, fastest air transfer from the cabinet  for a clean, powerful low frequency response. The ported enclosure features a MDF cabinet finished with a premium wood-grain polymer veneer and a polymer front baffle. The speaker's rigid cabinet offers improved internal cross-bracing to minimize panel vibrations that can color sound.

  • MDF Plinth: The all new satin painted MDF plinth footers of the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless center-channel speaker lends an acoustically sound, authoritative stance when placing the speaker on a tabletop, shelf, or stand. Rubber feet are included to add extra stability (there are no threaded inserts or keyhole slots for wall-mounting). The rubber feet add approximately 0.125" to the overall height of the center speaker.
  • Magnetic Grille: The wireless center-channel loudspeaker features a removable magnetic low-diffraction grille which easily snaps into place over its polymer front baffle.

Reference Premiere HD Wireless System: The complete Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless System consists of the RP-HUB1 HD Control Center, RP-440WF floorstanding speaker, RP-140WM bookshelf speaker, RP-440WC center-channel speaker, and RP-110WSW powered subwoofer (all sold separately). The floorstanding, bookshelf, and center-channel wireless speakers feature a two-way design and utilizes the same driver and horn technology as Klipsch's Reference Premiere series. The wireless powered subwoofer is modeled directly after the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-110SW subwoofer. The Klipsch HD Control Center acts as the system's hub and directs audio wireless to each speaker. All of the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless System products offer the convenience of WiSa wireless connectivity.

Requires HD Wireless Control Center: The Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless System requires at least two RP-440WF floorstanding speakers or two RP-140WM bookshelf speakers, plus the Klipsch RP-HUB1 HD Control Center (sold separately). The Klipsch HD Control Center replaces complicated AV receivers and transmits audio wirelessly to the Reference Premiere HD Wireless System's speakers. The HD Control Center creates its own dedicated WiSa (Wireless Speaker & Audio) network independent of your home WiFi to eliminate dropouts and interference caused by bandwidth constraints within your home.

WiSa Wireless Technology: Through the use of state-of-the-art WiSa (Wireless Speaker & Audio) technology, the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless System delivers unmatched wireless audio performance and ease-of-use. WiSa technology transmits 24-bit audio at sample rates up to 96kHz/second, with robust error recovery for uninterrupted listening enjoyment. With extremely low latency (<5mS) and negligible speaker-to-speaker delay, it offers flawless wired-quality performance and reliability. WiSa technology operates in the relatively unused 5.2 to 5.8 GHz UNII radio frequency spectrum, reliably transmitting uncompressed audio from 2ch stereo to 7.1ch surround, along with system configuration and calibration data. It has a range of approximately 30'.

Note: The center-channel speaker has no speaker wire terminals on the back-panel to connect to a typical AV receiver. Instead, it has a built-in wireless receiver that functions only with the Klipsch RP-HUB1 HD Control Center (sold separately). The only hardwired connection the speaker will need is AC power via the included detachable AC power cord.

High Res 2.0-7.1ch Audio: The Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless System can deliver 24-bit/96kHz audio in configurations ranging from 2ch stereo to 7.1ch surround sound, supporting both Dolby Digital Plus (7.1ch) & DTS (5.1ch). The RP-440WC is designed to be used as a center-channel speaker in a 3.1ch, 5.1ch, or 7.1ch home theater application.

Simple Setup: The Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless System gives you the ability to place speakers anywhere in your room without running speaker wire through walls or under carpet. Klipsch's proprietary Smart Speaker Selector provides a single-button solution on the rear of each speaker that seamlessly makes the connection to the HD Control Center without the need for speaker wire or a complicated AV receiver.

Firmware & Software Updates: Once you register the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless System, Klipsch will offer free firmware & software upgrades which can be downloaded from their website, so you can stay current with the latest Klipsch technologies while expanding your system over time.

AC Power + Auto On/Off: The Klipsch RP-440WC high-resolution center-channel loudspeaker will need to be plugged into an AC power outlet, along with any other Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers you have in your system. The RP-440WC will turn on automatically when it senses a wireless audio signal and turn off (standby) automatically when there is no audio signal present. The speaker is exceptionally efficient whether it is on or in standby mode.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

This purchase completes my speaker system. The other speakers were also purchased from Crutchfield some time in the past. [ DAVID  Apr 20, 2018 ]
This is the center channel of the complete Reference wireless system. I've been looking for a TRUE wireless speaker system for a long time. From my research, this is one of the very few, and though I haven't heard it yet, I have high hopes from the reviews I've seen. [ Robert  Sep 01, 2017 ]
Quality and price [ Norman  Jul 11, 2017 ]
The Klipsch wireless speakers have great reviews [ Aubrey  Jan 29, 2017 ]
excellent reviews [ Kene  May 27, 2016 ]

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The Kilpsch RP-440WC isn't designed to have any items placed directly on top of the speaker. Ideally you'd want to have it set just below or above your TV. For more details or to discuss further, please feel free to contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Thanks! [ Larry  Dec 04, 2017 ]  Staff