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On-Q lyriQ™ 4-source, 4-room Audio Kit

Hideaway multi-room music system with in-wall keypads and remote (Almond)

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Item # 717AU1003A

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Our take on the On-Q lyriQ™ 4-source, 4-room Audio Kit

Enjoy the music you love throughout your home with On-Q's lyriQ whole-house audio solution. This versatile package lets you connect up to four audio sources and listen to them in four different rooms or areas of your house.

Enjoy the music you love throughout your home with On-Q's lyriQ whole-house audio solution. This versatile package lets you connect up to four audio sources and listen to them in four different rooms or areas of your house.

For example, you can enjoy your favorite satellite radio station in the den while your spouse listens to his or her favorite CD on the porch. Keep the whole family happy — pipe jazz to the kitchen, pop to the kid's rooms, and classic rock to the garage, or fill your home with fun music at your next party.

Hide your components for a clutter-free look

You can stow your audio components away in a cabinet or closet for a multi-room system that's heard and not seen. In-wall keypads in each listening room allow you to select audio sources, control volume, and more.

In-wall keypads provide control and power in each room

The source button on each in-wall keypad lets you select which of your audio components you want to listen to. You also get easy-to-use controls for muting and volume. Each keypad has a built-in stereo amplifier that powers the connected speakers in that room. There's even a local source input outlet included that lets you plug in audio devices such as a portable music player for in-room listening on local speakers.

The keypads also feature a built-in IR (infrared) sensor, so you can use the included wireless remote to control playback from across the room. The remote allows you to turn the entire system on or off with the press of a button, and can be programmed to operate your source components. Extra remotes are available for additional listening rooms.

Expansion possibilities

This system includes four amplified keypads that can drive stereo speakers in four different rooms. Adding additional keypads and optional hardware lets you distribute music in up to a total of 32 different areas of your home.

Standard "single-gang" junction boxes needed for installation of keypads and local source input outlets. On-Q in-wall wiring enclosure recommended for mounting distribution module.

Product Highlights:

  • On-Q part # AU1003-LA (Light Almond)
  • control and play music from multiple audio sources in different rooms simultaneously
  • system includes:
    • 4 On-Q lyriQ IR amplified keypads
    • 4-source/8-zone distribution module
    • 1 triple-source input module and 1 single-source input module
    • one local-source input outlet
    • 2 dual IR (infrared) mouse emitters
    • a universal learning remote
  • recommended accessories for installation: On-Q in-wall wiring enclosure; in-wall speaker wire and CAT-5 cable
  • distributes audio to 4 rooms or areas in your home (expandable up to 32 rooms with additional components and keypads)
  • 4-source capability with RCA input connections for up to four external audio components
  • IR flasher outputs for controlling external components
  • universal learning remote control operates connected audio components through IR sensor on system keypads
  • integrates with On-Q inQuire™ intercom systems (requires an audio interrupt module, sold separately)
  • warranty: 1 year
lyriQ IR amplified keypad:
  • 7.5 watts RMS per channel at 8 ohms (recommended for use with 8 ohm speakers)
  • adjustable backlight levels with blue illumination
  • IR sensor for use with On-Q universal remote
  • connect to distribution module via CAT-5 cable
  • install in wall with a standard J-Box
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • One box with the following individually packaged items:
  • Single Source Input / Triple Source Audio Input / Multi-Source Distribution Module / Local Source Input / 4 Keypads / Universal IR Remote Control / 2 Dual IR Emitters / 5 White Wall Plates / and a power supply.
  • The F7398 Single Source Input box contains:
  • Single source main audio input
  • Instruction/Installation Sheet
  • The F7428 Triple Source Audio Input box contains:
  • Triple source input unit
  • Instruction/Installation sheet
  • The AU1002 Multi-Source 8-Zone Distribution Module box contains:
  • Four Source/Eight Zone Distribution Module
  • Mounting plate
  • Instruction/Installation Sheet
  • The F7417-WH Local Source Input box contains:
  • White Local Source Input
  • 2 Screws (Length=3/4")
  • Instruction/Installation Sheet
  • Each AU7394 Keypad box contains:
  • White Cat 5 Audio Keypad Volume Control with IR (fits into a single gang box)
  • 2 Screws (Length=3/4")
  • Instruction/Installation sheet
  • The F7427 Universal IR Remote Control box contains:
  • Wireless IR remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • User's Guide
  • Each Dual IR Emitters package contains:
  • Dual IR emitters with attached 9' cable (terminates into a 3.5mm mono miniplug)
  • Double-sided tape for attaching emitters
  • Instruction/Installation sheet
  • Each White Wall Plate package contains:
  • White 1-gang decor wall plate
  • 2 Screws (Length=1/4")
  • The PW1060 Power Supply box contains:
  • AC adapter/transformer with attached 23" DC output cord (DC output: 24V/2.5A)
  • 19" AC cord (with right-angled 3-pronged plug)

Hands-on research

Product Research


Product Overview: The On-Q AU1003-WH lyriQ Multi-Source, Multi-Zone kit includes the components necessary to establish a Cat 5-based whole house audio system. The kit includes the input and distribution modules and keypads so you can enjoy four music sources in up to four rooms, or choose to listen to a local source in only one room. With the purchase of additional keypads and distribution modules, you can expand the system to provide audio to up to 32 zones. The system passes infrared remote control signals for easy sound management, and easily integrates with the inQuire Intercom system with an audio interrupt feature built into the distribution module.

Components: The AU1003 system includes the following components:

  • F7428 Triple Source Input: This Triple Source Input accepts line-level signals from up to 3 music sources, and sends them to the Distribution Module via Cat 5 cable, to be distributed to each individual room's keypad.
  • F7398 Single Source Input: This Single Source Input accepts a line-level signal from a single music source, and sends it to the Distribution Module via Cat 5 cable, to be distributed to each individual room's keypad.
  • AU1002 Distribution Module: The Distribution Module allows you to send audio from up to 4 sources (from the above mentioned input modules) to up to 8 different zones within your house via Cat 5 cable. For additional zones, additional distribution hubs can be daisy-chained through the cascade outputs. The module can be mounted into a standard On-Q enclosure using the supplied metal bracket. The module is powered by the supplied PW1060 24-volt power supply.
  • F7417 Local Source Input: In one room, you can plug in an auxiliary source device, and listen to it through the speakers in that room. The local source signal has priority over the main source connected to the whole house system. Once the local source becomes inactive or unplugged, the main source will be heard in the zone within 30 seconds. The Local Source input fits into a single gang wall box, and is trimmed out with one of the supplied Decora wall plates.
  • AU7394 Keypad: The Keypad Volume Controls have two built-in 7 watt class D amplifiers to provide a rich level of clean sound. Each of the four keypads have push buttons for volume control, audio source selection, and muting. It can also accept IR signals from the remote and transmit them through the system to the source device. Each one of the Keypad Volume Controls fits into a single gang wall box, and is trimmed out with one of the supplied Decora wall plates.
  • F7427 Remote Control: The F7427 IR Universal Remote Control (URC) allows you to interact with your Cat 5 Audio system from any room where a Keypad Volume Control or Main Source Input is located. It can be programmed to control up to seven different devices, and has a learning function.
  • F7425 Emitter: The dual IR emitters help control the audio equipment connected to your whole house audio system. Each one plugs directly into the Triple or Single Source Input modules via it's 9' cable.
  • PW1060 Power Supply: The PW1060 power supply converts AC power to 24 volts DC to power the Distribution Module and all connected peripherals of the Cat 5 audio system.

Dimensions: The components have the following dimensions:

Component Width Height Depth
Triple Source Input
5.26" 1.45" 2.593"
Single Source Input
5.265" 1.475" 1.595"
Distribution Module
6.395" 5.905" 2.345"
Local Source Input
1.654" 4.188" 1.43"
1.821" 4.192" 2.516"
Remote Control
2.412" 9.173" 1.397"
Emitter (w/ 9' cable)
0.317" 0.561" 0.258"
Power Supply
2.354" 1.415" 5.312"

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It's possible the On-Q lyriQ 4 room kit would do the job; but in order to figure out the best solution specific to your home layout and audio system, the Crutchfield A/V Design Group will be better suited to help: This specially-trained group of advisors can discuss the components you have now in order to provide a personalized recommendation tailored to your needs and/or budget. I hope that helps! [ Larry  May 27, 2017 ]  Staff
7.5 watts RMS isn't a ton of power per se, but it would still be sufficient wattage to drive most speakers to good listening volume levels. [ Larry  Dec 03, 2015 ]  Staff