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On-Q Selective Call Four-location Intercom Kit

(Light Almond)

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Our take on the On-Q Selective Call Four-location Intercom Kit

My home office is in the basement, so my wife and daughter are constantly yelling to me from the top of the stairs. Wouldn't it be nice for them to simply press a button and talk in a normal voice? Meet On-Q's Selective Call intercom system. It's a fun, simple way of communicating around the house without needing to stretch a string between two tin cans. Everything you need for four rooms is included.

No more shouting across the house

My home office is in the basement, so my wife and daughter are constantly yelling to me from the top of the stairs. Wouldn't it be nice for them to simply press a button and talk in a normal voice? Meet On-Q's Selective Call intercom system. It's a fun, simple way of communicating around the house without needing to stretch a string between two tin cans. Everything you need for four rooms is included.

Customize and expand your system

The system includes four intercom units, a distribution module, and a power supply. Each intercom unit has the same communication options, so you can quickly relay information from any room. You can even assign custom names for each room to make selection easy.

Want to ask the kids if they are done with their homework? How about checking in with your guests across the house? Just select the room (or rooms) you want to talk to and press a button. Expand your system to up to eight rooms with additional intercom units (sold separately).

Product Highlights:

  • Selective Call kit includes:
    • four intercom units
    • four 2-gang radiant™ screwless wall plates
    • one 8-location distribution module
    • one 30-watt power supply
  • supports room-to-room calling, hands-free replying, do not disturb, and mute
  • call multiple rooms at once with room grouping and broadcasting
  • each unit has an LCD interface and navigational buttons to communicate with other rooms and adjust intercom settings
  • assign custom room names for a personalized experience
  • supports three simultaneous conversations
  • room units and intercom module connect with CAT-5e cable (not included)
  • system expandable to 8 intercom units (additional intercom units sold separately)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • IC5010:
  • Selective call distribution module
  • Metal mounting bracket
  • Instruction/Installation sheet
  • System Installation Guide
  • IC7001-A:
  • 4 Selective call room units (white)
  • 16 Screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide
  • PW1030:
  • AC adapter/transformer with attached 24" DC output cord (DC output: 24V/1.25A)
  • 19" AC cord (with right-angled 3-pronged plug)
  • TP262-A:
  • 4 Almond dual-gang wall-plates
  • 16 Screws

Hands-on research

Product Research

Selective Call Intercom Distribution Module
4 Selective Call Room Units

Selective Call Intercom Distribution Module

8-Location Distribution Module: The On-Q IC5010 Selective Call Intercom 8-location Distribution Module is a single bay module that supports the audio, power, and control requirements of up to 8 units (room, door, or patio units) in the On-Q Selective Call Intercom system. The module is installed in the intercom system's enclosure, and is connected to each room, door, and patio unit via Cat 5 cable. Up to 4 modules can be daisy-chained, allowing control of up to 32 total units. The module includes a metal bracket for installation inside of an On-Q enclosure.

Note: The IC5010 replaces the discontinued IC5001 module, and is backwards compatible with all existing Selective Call systems.

Inputs and Outputs: The 8 Location Distribution Module includes the following inputs and outputs:

  • RJ-45 Jacks:
    • Inputs 1-8: Eight RJ-45 jacks for connecting up to 8 Selective Call room, door, or patio units
    • Audio Interrupt: Single RJ-45 jack for connecting the lyriQ Audio Distribution System to automatically mute the whole house audio when the intercom system is used.
    • In/Out: Separate RJ-45 jacks for connecting (daisy-chaining) other 8-location distribution modules (up to 3 additional units may be connected)
    • Video Out: Composite video (RCA) output for connecting system monitor for viewing door monitoring camera video.
  • DC Power Input: Single RJ-45 jack for use with the included PW1030 power supply.

AC Power Supply: The PW1030 power supply converts AC power to 24 volts DC to power one On-Q Selective Call Intercom distribution module. The AC adapter/transformer has a 24" DC output cord and a separate 3-pronged AC cord.

System Installation Guide: The 22-page Selective Call Intercom System Installation Guide is included in the box with the distribution module

4 Selective Call Room Units

Room-to-Room Communication: The four included Selective Call Intercom Room Units (IC7001) deliver convenient room-to-room communication in up to 32 locations, all from an in-wall control point.

LCD Screen with Compass Pad: The IC7001's high-resolution LCD screen is used to customize, personalize and operate the Selective Call Intercom System. It identifies which unit is calling you, and gives you status of all the individual units. It also provides pop-up messages to inform you of specific system functions and changes. The integrated compass pad allows you to move up/down and left/right within the LCD GUI interface.

Controls: Plus, quick control for room grouping, monitoring, do not disturb and mute options are all right at your fingertips.
  • Door: Pressing this button will allow you to communicate with the last Door Unit that rang its door tone. Hold in the door button while speaking and let it go to listen for a response.
  • Monitor: Press this button once to put the Unit in monitor mode and the monitor button will change its normal white backlit color to red. This means that all active room units will be able to hear what is happening at this location. Press the monitor button again to return to normal mode. When in monitor mode, a door chime ring will not be heard.
  • Volume: Pressing the volume + rocker will increase the volume level while pressing on the - rocker will decrease volume. You can also hold in the volume + or - rocker until you have reached the desired volume level.
  • Talk/Select: Depressing this button will allow you to communicate with any active units selected on the LCD Display. Hold in the talk/select button while speaking, and let it go when you are done. Your voice will be heard on the selected Unit, or any active Room or Patio Unit if All is selected.
  • Do Not Disturb: Press this button once to put the unit in Do-Not Disturb mode and the LED will illuminate to red. While in Do-Not-Disturb mode, both the speaker and microphone of the unit will be inactive. Press the button again to return the unit back to normal mode and the LED turn off.

RJ-45: Run a Cat 5/5e/6 Ethernet cable from the enclosure where the Selective Call Intercom Module (IC7001) will be installed to the double gang box or LV ring at the room unit location. This run cannot exceed 330 feet. Terminate each end of the Cat 5/5e/6 cable/s with an RJ-45 plug.

Mounting Options: The On-Q Radiant Selective Call Intercom Room Unit (IC7001) is for interior use only and fits in a two gang deep box (20 or a low voltage ring. The Radiant collection provides a consistent fit and finish across all lighting devices, electrical receptacles, and other home system devices.

2-Gang Deco Wall Plates: Four 2-Gang deco wall plates are included for a clean and finished look.


Selective Call Distribution Module (IC5010):

  • Width = 4.266"
  • Height = 2.389"
  • Depth = 1.639"

Selective Call Room Unit (IC7001-WH):

  • Width = 3.625"
  • Height = 4.25"
  • Depth = 1.1875"

2-Gang Deco Wall Plates (TP262-W):

  • Width = 4.8125"
  • Height = 4.75"
  • Depth = 0.25"

AC Power Supply (PW1030):

  • Width = 4.504"
  • Height = 1.223"
  • Depth = 1.778"

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The Crutchfield A/V Design Group will be best suited to help you determine compatibility between your existing On-Q system and the Selective Call Intercom Kit. This specially-trained group of advisors can give you more details and recommend the necessary accessories to complete the installation if it's feasible. You can contact them directly by phone (1.800.555.9407) and find more info about their services here: I hope that helps! [ Larry  Nov 17, 2016 ]  Staff