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Peachtree nova300

Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC, optional Bluetooth® (Piano Black)

17 Reviews | 2 questions - 3 answers

Item # 731N300PB

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Our take on the Peachtree nova300

With its impressive 300 watts per channel, the Peachtree nova300 can take on demanding speakers and demanding rooms and serve up clear, dynamic sound. This elegant integrated amplifier can accommodate nearly any audio source you can think of, from a turntable to an iPhone®. It even has a discrete amplifier for headphone listening. Designed by a team of world-class engineers and manufactured right here in North America, this stylish integrated amplifier continues Peachtree's tradition of making products that sound every bit as good as they look.

Powerful sound for digital and analog music lovers

With its impressive 300 watts per channel, the Peachtree nova300 can take on demanding speakers and demanding rooms and serve up clear, dynamic sound. This elegant integrated amplifier can accommodate nearly any audio source you can think of, from a turntable to an iPhone®. It even has a discrete amplifier for headphone listening. Designed by a team of world-class engineers and manufactured right here in North America, this stylish integrated amplifier continues Peachtree's tradition of making products that sound every bit as good as they look.

An improved amplifier and premium DAC for high-resolution audio enjoyment

The nova300 uses a new ICEpower® amplifier for lower distortion, less noise, and a simplified overall design. Musical and dynamic, this powerful amplifier can drive just about any set of speakers, since it puts out 300 watts per channel and handles impedances down to 2.5 ohms. Its built-in ES9018K2M Sabre32 Reference digital-to-analog converter delivers precisely detailed sound with a wide range of digital audio signals, all the way up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD.

All music sources are welcome

For digital music sources, the nova300 offers an asynchronous USB input for a computer, along with a coaxial input and two optical inputs that accommodate signals up to 24-bit/192kHz. There's even a dedicated asynchronous USB input for a direct digital wired connection to Apple Lightning devices. Use the cable that came with your iPhone or iPad® to connect your device and listen to your music and apps with the nova's superior processing and sound quality. The included remote lets you control playback and skip tracks on any compatible app. You get analog connections for old-school music sources, too. For vinyl lovers, there's a moving magnet (MM) phono input for a direct turntable connection.

Convenient customizability

The nova300 has Peachtree's sought-after Home Theater Bypass (HTB) feature for easy integration with a multichannel preamp/processor or A/V receiver. With HTB, the nova300's power amplifier drives the front left and right speakers of your home theater. This frees up your receiver to drive the center and surround speakers more efficiently while improving sound quality for your front speakers. The Volume Control Bypass feature puts the Nova300 into "power amp" mode, letting you control volume from a knob or slider on your favorite device or app.

Headphone fans, take note

The nova300 has a discrete, low-impedance headphone amplifier that brings brilliant sound to just about any headphones out there. The speakers and preamp outputs are automatically muted when you plug your headphones in, and the volume knob becomes a headphone volume controller. The system reverts back to an integrated amplifier as soon as you unplug your headphones.

Product Highlights:

  • 300 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at less than 1% THD
  • 450 watts x 2 channels into 4 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at less than 1% THD
    • 2.5-ohm capability allows use with a wide range of speakers
  • ESS Sabre ES9018K2M Reference DAC for high dynamic range, low noise, and jitter elimination
  • latest-generation ICEpower® Class D solid state power amp
  • USB (Type B) port supports PCM digital audio sources up to 32-bit/384 kHz resolution, plus Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files up to 5.6 MHz resolution
  • USB (Type A) port for direct digital audio from Apple® Lightning® devices
  • asynchronous USB technology with advanced noise isolation for reduced timing jitter and better sound on USB input
  • built-in high-performance headphone amplifier drives demanding headphones with ease
  • home theater bypass for easy integration with a multi-channel preamp/processor or A/V receiver
  • high-gloss wood cabinet for a cool retro look
  • wireless remote
  • add Bluetooth® with the optional BT1 adapter (not included)
  • rear-panel USB (Type B) port for connection to a computer
  • front-panel USB (Type A) port for connecting USB memory devices and iPod/iPhone
  • digital audio inputs: 2 Toslink optical, 1 coaxial
  • 2 stereo RCA analog inputs
  • phono input for use with a turntable
  • full-size 1/4" headphone jack (compatible with headphones up to 600 ohms impedance)
  • remote (IR), and 12 volt-trigger connections for use with external controllers
General Features:

What's in the Box:

  • Stereo integrated amplifier
  • 6' AC power cord
  • Remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Instruction booket


Kevin, Olympia, WA


Peachtree nova300 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(17 Reviews)

Peachtree nova300

Tony from Shelbyville, IN on 8/15/2018

I love the 300. It's pretty amazing to play HD Track FLAC files directly from my laptop as well as connecting TIDAL from my iphone directly to the AMP. I have a 20+ pair of Klipsch KG 5.5 floor standing speakers and a Martin Logan wireless sub woofer and the 300. I can't imagine what it would be like to really crank it up. The 300 never even breaks a sweat!

Pros: Small size and modern look. Ease of use. Built in DAC chip and ease of use with both my laptop and iphone.

Cons: Buttons are a little small. Would prefer an attenuated volume control.

Peachtree nova300

Kevin from Olympia, WA on 3/19/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)




Peachtree nova300

Whitney from Charlotte, NC on 2/11/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome piece of equipment. Easy to use and fantastic sound. I highly recommend.



Excellent sound but severely flawed

Jeff S. from Keller, TX on 1/22/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought the unit to drive a pair of SVS Ultra Towers. Based on excellent reviews, I had very high expectations for this amp. While the sound is excellent, I had to return the unit due to two major issues. First, the level of pop noise when switching inputs is absolutely not acceptable. The manual states that this could be caused by static from physically pressing the input buttons but I tried using the remote and the result was exactly the same. The pop noise gets worse when the volume is set to more than 50% or when the input is set to "amp mode." Not even my old and cheap HTIB had this issue. Second, I experienced random failures on both optical inputs wherein the amp will stop producing output to the speakers. I have not experienced this issue while using the same AppleTV for years to stream music to my Pioneer receiver so I'm sure that the issue is with the nova since a hard power reset is the only way to correct the problem. Minor issues are that the input buttons are not firmly set and too many turns of the volume knob or presses of the remote needed to get to the desired volume level. At this price point, I expect to be fully impressed and satisfied the very first time but with these two major flaws, I didn't even bother to ask for a replacement unit.

Pros: excellent sound - lots of inputs - high power

Cons: pop noise - erratic behavior of both optical inputs - input selector buttons not firmly set - too many knob turns or button presses to get to desired volume level

Peachtree nova300

Crutchfield customer from Jersey City, NJ on 1/10/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Fine integrated option with lots of power. Build is decent, although the wobbly feel of the buttons and volume control don't quite match the price point. DAC sounds very pleasant for being built-in, and the unit is extremely quiet and retrieves impressive detail. Easy to listen to, low fatigue, occasional unexpected wow factor during well-known tracks. Compared to the original Peachtree Nova, this is a significantly different device. But what makes the Nova300 frustrating to use in real life is the volume control. There are just too many increments, and no stop or position indicator as you turn the dial up and down. Same for the remote. You might have to press volume up 10-15 times just to find the right volume, then down five when the song changes. Worse, the only volume indicator on the unit is the 8 blue LEDS above the source buttons, which is just not enough range to provide feedback for where your volume position is. Just wasn't practical for day to day use, so had to return the unit. No regrets.

Pros: Good sound Good power Quiet

Cons: Impractical volume control Uninspiring remote

Peachtree nova300

Crutchfield customer from Aberdeen, WA on 12/17/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound and looks beautiful.



Superb sound

Hart from Kennesaw, GA on 12/9/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Phenomenal sound, easy to install and operate. Crutchfield was superb to work with as I was evaluating alternatives.

Pros: Easy to setup, high end integrated system with Music hall sound, clean simple solution that is all about the music.

Cons: Still wish that it had the exposed tube but love the loop connectivity.

Peachtree nova300

Crutchfield customer from Quincy, MA on 12/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This amplifier is amazing, I mainly has it connected to my computer and Ls50 speakers. My music become more alive and and detail. Love the combination.



Peachtree nova300

Crutchfield customer from Carrollton, TX on 11/30/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I first purchased the Nova 150 which I was pleased with. Then decided to upgrade to the Nova 300 driving pair of Klipsch Cornwall III and pair of SVS SB2000 subs. WOW!! The Nova 300 even at low volume levels sounds superb! The clarity, detail and warmth from the amp is kind of surprising considering it's solid state. Very well built unit and the wood looks beautiful. I'm using external preamp for my turntable so really can't comment on that area. Overall I'm very excited about this unit although the buttons don't really feel high end I can live with that considering the sound.



Great sounding amp!!

Crutchfield customer from Kissimmee, FL on 11/20/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just love this thing. I only received it a week ago so I can't wait until, as they say, it's broken in. The sound is so great and the outside appearance of the ebony mocha unit speaks for itself. You will not regret purchasing this unit. Tyler from Crutchfield caught my 1980's stereo frame of mind up to modern day in just a few days. Crutchfield customer service is the best in any business. If you're looking for a powerful, great sounding, beautiful looking amp... look no further.

Pros: Apprearance, amazing sound, able to hook up my XM2GO

Cons: Not really a con because it's solvable... but I would like if it had its own bluetooth.


Ed from Port Saint Lucie, FL on 11/8/2017

I am going to be honest about this review. For the past 10 years I have owned high quality sound systems, from NAD components to Pioneer Elite THX certified receivers. I currently use the NAD Direct Digital Amplifier C 390DD which in my opinion is one of the finest and best sounding amplifiers out there. With that being said, now let me tell you something about the Peachtree Nova 300. At first I was going to purchase the newest NAD M32 but I thought why not take a chance with totally different brand altogether. What is the worst it could happen-- I don't like it and sent it back, right. When I received the Nova300 and plugged my MacBook to start my audition I was just on disbelieved to the fact of clean and balanced this amp sounded. The sound coming out of this amp is simply well composed. The mids are well pronounced and the bass is in perfect tune. Compared to the NAD C390DD the Nova300 is much more natural but in the other hand the C390DD is a little bit more detailed than the Nova. Power, hands down the Nova has the upper-hand with 300 watts of pure power it takes my PSBs "Goldi" to new highs. Don't get me wrong the NAD can also deliver but the Nova is much more authoritative in that department. In conclusion all I can say is that it is too early to make a full review due to the fact that I have only owned the Peachtree less than 20/days. I will have to wait about a couple of weeks more to allow for full break in period. But so far, so good.

Pros: Clean and balanced power. Faithful sounding.

Cons: Packaging could be more upscaled.

A class by itself

Rick from De Pere, WI on 11/1/2017

I have owned the Nova300 for about a month after about 3 years of "demoing" various integrated amps and separates. I've owned nearly every brand in the under $3,000 space. The Nova300 outperforms them all. After reading several professional reviews, I decided to trade in my Marantz PM14s1 for the Nova300. It was a good decision. The Nova300 brings music to life. There is a depth and impact to the music that the Marantz and many other amps simply didn't possess. The soundstage is wide and extends beyond the speakers. Vocals are locked dead center. There are details in the music that I hadn't heard before. With 300 watts of power, I won't have to feel limited when I upgrade my speakers as the Nova300 can power virtually anything in my price range. And, the Nova300 is made in North America which is pretty cool. The remote is solid and works effectively. I engaged the MM phono input and it sounds very nice. I prefer an integrated Phono vs an external. To me, simplicity is better and the Nova 300 is simple in design. No bass and treble controls (I never use them anyway) or Pure Direct switch. Just turn on the amp, select your source and your are listening to music with no worries about "tweaking" the sound. Aside from the great sound, I really like the look of this amp. I cannot recommend this amp more.

Pros: Outstanding sound. Excellent control. Aesthetically pleasing. Powerful. Finesse. Dynamic.

Cons: None.

The Suger Ray of amps.

Mark from Los Osos, CA on 8/3/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Big thing in a small package, this 18 lb. butt kicker rocks can not believe the sound. Buy this amp you will not be disappointed.



Best Integrated Amp for $2500

Paul from Carlsbad, CA on 7/9/2017

I replaced my NAD 660DD integrated amp with the Peachtree Nova 300. The improvement in sound was fabulous. The bass is tighter, the mid section and treble sounds great. Great soundstage, nice warmer sound than the NAD. The best integrated amp I've owned. I've compared a Creek, the NAD, and the Peachtree - all cost around $2500. The Peachtree sounds the best on my PSB Synchrony One speakers, by far.

Pros: Great sound, tight bass, plenty of power, good deal for the price. Peachtree accepts trade ins. Has headphone jack and phono jack included. Plenty of inputs/outputs. Excellent sound. Buy it you won't be disappointed.

Cons: Does not automatically turn off when not in use. No bluetooth.

Clean power

jon from St Augustine, Fl on 3/1/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I gave this a lot of thought, not cheap no bells or whistles just clean power. I looked at a lot of more expensive amps that didn't have the thd presented here. After doing my research and sticking to my decision to get clean power with input selections and a strong dac I made the jump. The look is retro which sits nicely in my living room and it's all simply handle by the remote control. I bought this to run a single set of speakers off my Sonos connect downloading Tidal files and it rocks I couldn't be more pleased. While I haven't cranked yet due to speaker break in time and sure it will.

Pros: Simple, clean and powerful

Cons: No bells or whistles

Peachtree nova300

DA from Chevy Chase, MD on 2/12/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I upgraded to the Nova 300 from the Nova150. With my PSB Synchrony I speakers the result was unbelievable. Changed the sound massively in terms of detail, power, performance, and verve. This is the best integrated amplifier I have ever used. Better and warmer in than any non tube super amp. Sounded, frankly, tubular. Bass response is huge increase for the power hungry PSBs. The DAC is ridiculously good. Anyone who cares about true high fidelity sound should buy this amp.



Peachtree nova300

eric from PA on 12/24/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Truly stunning. I replaced a separate DAC, pre-amp, and monoblocks with this one unit and am not missing it at all. I ended up having a system that was way too revealing both with upstream components and speakers. Not that this isn't revealing, but this definitely has a warmer sound that takes away the digital harshness and lends itself more towards tube performance. Driving this exclusively with USB so I cannot speak to the phono input, but the USB DAC is a great improvement over the Nova 220SE which I had last year and the amplifier performance fixes a lot of the lack of bottom end from that unit as well. Cannot recommend enough and I am not even through burn-in yet.




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Performance Specs
Watts RMS per Channel (8-ohms) 300
Watts RMS per Channel (6-ohms) Not given
Watts RMS per Channel (4-ohms) 450
Frequency Bandwidth 1k
THD 0.005%
Minimum Impedance 2.5 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio 111
Digital Music Features
Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Yes
High-resolution Audio Playback PCM, DSD
Bluetooth Optional
Wi-Fi N/A
Total Analog Inputs 2
Phono Input Yes
Optical Digital Inputs 2
Coaxial Digital Inputs 1
USB Input Type-B/Type-A
Preamp Outputs Stereo
Headphone Output 1/4"
Dimensions and Warranty
Width (inches) 14-1/8
Height (inches) 4-1/2
Depth (inches) 14-5/8
Weight (pounds) 17
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years

Product Research


Integrated Amplifier: The Peachtree Audio nova300 integrated amplifier combines an ES9018K2M SABRE32 Reference DAC, ICEPower amplification, discrete headphone amplifier, and a MM Phono input circuit. Its combination of high output power, transparent sound, and digital and analog connectivity make it simple to enjoy all of your music with uncompromising sound quality.

ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre32 DAC: The nova300 utilizes the highly regarded ES9018K2M SABRE32 Reference DAC. The ES9018K2M SABRE32 Reference DAC is capable of accepting an extremely wide range of inputs all the way up to 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.2MHz DSD (double-DSD). The DAC exhibits exemplary dynamic range, jitter elimination and low noise characteristics to satisfy even the most demanding listeners.

ICEPower Amplification: The nova300 incorporates the latest generation of ICEPower amplification, with an impressive 300 watts per channel. The amplifier utilizes ICEpower's innovative and patented Hybrid Controlled Oscillation Modulator (HCOM) feedback and control techniques to ensure high output, wide bandwidth, low noise, robust stability and a simplified overall design. HCOM incorporates separate feedback loops after the power stage and after the output filter. This lets the system address specific issues related to the power stage and output filter independently, resulting in lower distortion, less noise on the output, a less load-dependent frequency response, and a very low output impedance compared to other class D amps. This new amplifier technology is extremely powerful, dynamic, quiet and most importantly - musical. Relatively small size and superior efficiency allows the nova chassis that is even smaller than its predecessors, without the large, heavy and expensive heat sinking common in class A/B amplifiers. The amplifier in the nova300 is capable of driving an extremely wide range of speakers with impedances as low as 2.5Ω and as high as 16Ω. Combine that with a power output of 300 watts per channel and you can be sure this new nova will easily drive your favorite loudspeaker.

Extensive Power Supply & Grounding Design: The nova300 utilizes an extensive power supply and grounding design to ensure the noise floor is pushed as far down as possible to allow the music to shine through. Peachtree's engineers spent hours upon hours determining the optimal power supply filtering and grounding scheme to prevent any unwanted noise from finding its way into the signal path. As a result, the nova300 achieves a remarkable dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. Turn up the nova300 to full volume without music playing, put your ear to the speaker and enjoy the lack of noise.

Asynchronous USB Inputs: The nova300 includes an asynchronous USB-B for a computer and an asynchronous USB-A for Apple iOS devices with Lightning connector. The USB-A port also features exclusive Peachtree DyNEC (Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit) technology.

  • USB-B Input for Computer Audio (Windows or Mac): The nova300's asynchronous USB-B input allows direct digital connection to your Windows or Mac computer for PCM and DSD audio playback. Asynchronous technology allows the digital clock inside nova300 to control the flow of data coming from your computer. This method of communication leads to less jitter (timing errors) for the unit's ESS Reference Sabre32 DAC to deal with which results in clearer more defined sound. The unit supports 16-32bit, 44.1-384kHz PCM music files and 2.8824-5.6448MHz, 1-bit DSD music files. For playback of files above 96kHz, Windows requires installation of Peachtree Audio's USB 2.0 driver on your PC before it will be compatible.
  • USB-A Input for Apple iOS Lightning Devices (w/ DyNEC): The nova300 includes a dedicated asynchronous USB-A connection on the rear-panel that provides a direct digital wired connection to Apple iOS Lightning equipped devices. The exclusive Peachtree DyNEC (Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit) eliminates all audible power supply and screen noise that can be created by plugging in an Apple iOS device. Once all sources of noise are eliminated, music files are "handed off" to our internal ESS SABRE32 Reference DAC - further improving performance via asynchronous connection, and eliminating any timing errors caused by jitter. With DyNEC and an asynchronous connection, Peachtree's dedicated iOS input lets you hear your music with all the clarity, dynamics and emotion the artist intended. Simply use the cable that came with your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad and enjoy the music and apps of your mobile device with the DAC and sound quality of the nova300. Compatible with the following Apple iOS Lightning equipped devices - iPod touch (5th gen and newer), iPhone (5 and newer), & iPad (Air/mini/Pro).

Optical/Coaxial Digital Inputs: The nova300 is equipped with two optical (toslink) and one coaxial (RCA) digital inputs for connecting external digital audio sources such as your Blu-ray/DVD player or cable/satellite box. The optical and coaxial digital inputs support up to 16-24bit, 44.1-192kHz PCM 2ch audio.

Phono Input: The nova300 includes a moving magnet (MM) phono input for direct connection of a turntable. This custom designed Phono input circuit accommodates a wide range of MM cartridge outputs. With the nova300 you no longer need an external phono preamp unless you are using a lower output moving coil (MC) cartridge. In that case, the internal phono preamp in the nova300 can be bypassed, allowing the phono input to accept line-level signals from a dedicated phono preamp or any other line-level device.

Discrete Headphone Amp: The nova300 is outfitted with a newly designed, discrete low-impedance headphone amplifier. It can easily drive any headphones on the market, and drive them well. The signal-to-noise ratio of the circuitry will impress even the most die-hard headphone enthusiast. When you plug headphones in, the speakers and preamp outputs are automatically muted and the volume knob becomes a dedicated headphone volume controller. Unplug the headphones, and the system reverts back to being an integrated amplifier. The nova300 is fitted with a full-size 1/4" headphone jack on the front-panel.

Binding-Post Speaker Terminals: The unit's binding-post speaker terminals are clearly marked red-positive and black-negative for proper polarity connections. The amplifier's binding-post speaker terminals will accommodate bare wire (up to 10AWG), banana plugs (single only), & pin-connectors. Use speakers with a nominal impedance between 2.5-16Ω.

Home Theater Bypass (HTB): Home Theater Bypass (HTB) allows for easy integration with a multi-channel preamp/processor or audio/video receiver, so that the power amplifier in the nova300 drives the front left and right speakers for stereo and multi-channel listening. The nova300 amplifier section is likely more powerful and better sounding than many AV receiver available today, and relieving the AVR from driving the front left and right speakers makes it much easier for the receiver to drive the center and surround speakers. When listening to stereo music the nova300 becomes your control center, and you can enjoy the full benefit of its reference DAC and ultra-low-noise circuitry. If the HTB input isn't needed it can be configured as a standard analog line-level input.

Input/Output Loop & Preamp Output: The nova300 includes an extremely useful loop (output/input) feature, allowing you to add an external tube buffer, equalizer or other processor into the signal path as desired. The LOOP button on the remote control engages and disengages the loop audio path utilizing high-performance relays. The stereo RCA preamp-outputs allow you to use an external amplifier with the nova300; they also provide connections for a powered subwoofer.

Volume Control Bypass ("Power Amp Mode"): The nova300 provides a Volume Control Bypass feature on its digital inputs which puts the nova300 into a "power amp" mode. This is particularly useful if you have a connected source with its own volume control. For example - if you have a favorite device or app with a volume slider built right into the interface, simply bypass the nova300 volume control for that input and use the app slider instead.

Remote Control: The nova300 comes supplied with an IR remote control for wireless operation of the integrated amplifier. The remote control offers the same functions as the nova300's front-panel controls, plus adds a mute button and basic playback control (Play/Pause & Previous/Next Track) for your connected Apple iOS Lightning equipped device. The remote is powered by two "AAA" batteries (supplied). The remote control IR sensor is located in the center of the nova300's front-panel. The integrated amp also includes a rear-panel IR input & 12V trigger output.

  • IR Input: The IR input (3.5mm) accepts input from an Infrared (IR) repeater/distribution system.
  • 12V Trigger Output: The 12V trigger output (3.5mm) enables power on/off control of another component with a 12V trigger input.

Optional Accessories: Peachtree Audio offers an optional Bluetooth receiver and WiFi module (both sold separately) for the nova300 integrated amplifier, so you can enjoy wireless audio playback.

  • Bluetooth Receiver: The Peachtree BT1 add-on Bluetooth music receiver (731BT1, sold separately) enables wireless connection of your Bluetooth-enabled devices (such as your Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows PC, Mac computer, etc.) to the nova300 integrated amplifier. Now, you will be able to listen to music files and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled devices through the nova300. The BT1 Bluetooth receiver can plug into the nova300's stereo RCA analog input or optical digital input.
  • WiFi Module (Coming Soon): The nova300 was designed to accommodate Peachtree's add-on Wi-Fi module (sold separately), which is currently under development (no ETA). Peachtree engineers have even reserved an input button on the front-panel for it. This will allow you to stream audio directly into the nova300 without the need for connecting any wires.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Very nice amp [ Troy  Feb 10, 2018 ]
Rave reviews in multiple publications Phono input and remote control Plenty of Power for B&W speakers Apple and Digital friendly Looks good moderate size [ George  Nov 08, 2017 ]
I love peachtree audio products [ DALE  Nov 16, 2016 ]
Reviews [ J  May 09, 2018 ]
Positive reviews I had seen on your site and elsewhere. Peachtree's reputation. Features, power and styling. [ Jonathan  Dec 24, 2017 ]
Based on a lot of internet research and reviews. [ Anthony Barnes  Aug 15, 2017 ]
Outstanding spec's and reviews, recommended by ( knowledgeable, friendly, patient, helpful) crutchfield advisor, generous return policy, on sale. Whats not to like? [ Bruce  Nov 26, 2016 ]

2 questions already asked

I can guarantee that you'll love the amp - it is outstanding! Now, to answer your question...I looked into that before I purchased and I don't have a more definitive answer than what you have heard - sometime in the 4th quarter. Sorry! Happy Holidays! [ MONTY  Dec 06, 2017 ]
Chris I believe the module was included with the peachtree when it was shipped to me . this may have changed , as i've had mine for some time now , (11 months ) . [ Bruce  Dec 06, 2017 ]
Thanks for your question! The Peachtree nova300 includes an extremely useful loop (output/input) connection, allowing you to add an external equalizer or other processor into the signal path. It also incorporates the latest generation of ICEPower amplification, with an impressive 300 watts per channel; which should be plenty for your McIntosh speakers! For more details or to discuss further, please contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Thanks :) [ Larry  Apr 03, 2018 ]  Staff