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Definitive Technology ProSub 800

Powered subwoofer (Black)

Item # 735PSUB8B

Add the excitement of deep, rumbling bass to your home theater with Definitive's ProSub 800.

Add the excitement of deep, rumbling bass to your home theater with Definitive's ProSub 800.

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Item # 735PSUB8B

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About the Definitive Technology ProSub 800

Unique woofer design for big bass

Add the excitement of deep, rumbling bass to your home theater with Definitive's ProSub 800. A front-mounted 8" woofer works together with a pressure-coupled low bass radiator on the bottom of the enclosure to produce hard-hitting bass. The combined output of this pair is comparable to that of a traditional 10" woofer, but with greater speed, musicality, and control. The woofer is encased in an incredibly rigid basket engineered to hold the massive magnet structure and large voice coil in absolute alignment. And the non-resonant cabinet uses multiple internal bracings to make sure that you hear clean bass without sound-muddying vibrations.

Unique woofer design for big bass

Add the excitement of deep, rumbling bass to your home theater with Definitive's ProSub 800. A front-mounted 8" woofer works together with a pressure-coupled low bass radiator on the bottom of the enclosure to produce hard-hitting bass. The combined output of this pair is comparable to that of a traditional 10" woofer, but with greater speed, musicality, and control. The woofer is encased in an incredibly rigid basket engineered to hold the massive magnet structure and large voice coil in absolute alignment. And the non-resonant cabinet uses multiple internal bracings to make sure that you hear clean bass without sound-muddying vibrations.

Advanced crossover system

A 300-watt amplifier and advanced crossover ensure accurate bass response. The continuously variable low-pass crossover allows you to precisely control the frequencies that your subwoofer handles. And the built-in high-pass crossover is a nice touch: it prevents your main speakers from overloading with low frequencies if you hook them up through the subwoofer's speaker-level outputs. A side volume control makes adjustments fast and easy, so you can seamlessly blend the ProSub 800 in with the rest of your system.


Product highlights:

  • bass-reflex (passive radiator) enclosure
  • 8" woofer pressure-coupled to an 8" low bass radiator
  • built-in 300-watt amplifier
  • frequency response: 20-150 Hz
  • continuously variable low-pass 40-150 Hz crossover
  • automatically powers off when it no longer receives signal from the receiver
  • speaker-level inputs and outputs
  • 80 Hz fixed high-pass crossover for speaker-level outputs
  • LFE input for use with home theater receiver's subwoofer output
  • matte black finish
  • 10-5/16"W x 12-7/8"H x 16-5/8"D
  • warranty: 5 years woofer, 3 years amplifier
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # NDJA

What's in the box:

  • 8" Powered subwoofer
  • Detachable grille (installed)
  • 7' AC power cord
  • Owner's Manual
  • Online Product Registration card

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Definitive Technology ProSub 800

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Passive Radiator
Video Shielded No
Woofer Size (inches) 8
Woofer Composition Polymer
Firing Direction Front
Wireless No
Preamp-Level Inputs Yes
Speaker-Level Inputs Yes
Speaker-Level Outputs Yes
Low-Pass Crossover Freq 40-150 Hz
High-Pass Crossover Freq 80 Hz
Phase Switch No
Amplifier Output (watts) 300
Frequency Response 20-150 Hz
Height (inches) 12-7/8
Width (inches) 10-5/16
Depth (inches) 16-5/8
Weight 26 lbs
Speaker Parts Warranty 5 Years
Speaker Labor Warranty 5 Years
Amplifier Parts Warranty 3 Years
Amplifier Labor Warranty 3 Years

Product Research



Passive Radiator Design: The ProSub 800 features a 300-watt (RMS) amplifier driving a high-excursion 8-inch front-mounted direct-radiating woofer that is pressure-coupled to an 8-inch low-bass passive radiator on the bottom of the enclosure. The net radiating area of the ProSub 800 is 27% greater than a single 10 inch woofer but with better speed, pitch definition, and control.

PowerField Technology Amplifier: The ProSub 800 incorporates Definitive's proprietary PowerField technology, by which the amplifier is specifically engineered in conjunction with the driver for optimum load matching and power transfer characteristics. The Definitive ProSub 800 powered subwoofer incorporates a unique, patented, digitally-coupled infinite power source amplifier with a high-current direct coupled power supply and discrete MOSFET output devices to ensure perfect high-definition resolution and reproduction of the most dynamic program material and demanding sub-bass transients. Construction quality is absolutely state-of-the-art, with only the highest quality components used including mil-spec glass epoxy circuit boards and precision resistors and capacitors for many years of faultless superior performance.

High-Definition Subwoofer: The powerful, high-definition 8" polymer subwoofer driver is specifically engineered by Definitive Technology to deliver rock-solid low distortion bass, reaching down to the lowest subsonic frequencies (20-150Hz), with superior transient response. The special ultra-stiff, low-mass cone (for super-fast transient response) is joined to a specially formulated surround and long-throw voice coil and spider. The ultra-rigid basket is engineered to hold the woofer's massive magnet structure and large voice coil in absolute alignment. The high temperature voice coil is made of aluminum wound with triple insulated ultra-pure copper wire and baked in epoxy for increased power handling.

Non-Resonant Cabinet: The cabinet of a loudspeaker plays a large part in its sonic performance. Resonance and vibration can add unwanted distortion as well as drain away important energy from the system. The Definitive Technology ProSub 800 powered subwoofer utilizes a monocoque cabinet, which has been specifically engineered to be totally inert and vibration free, to ensure you of pure sonic reproduction. Monocoque means that the cabinet is of a unitized construction where all panels are permanently joined together into one solid structure. The cabinet walls themselves are high-density medite fused together by space-age polymer adhesives. The front and rear baffles are extra thick and the cabinet, itself, incorporates multiple internal braces to ensure total solidity.

Protection Circuits: The Definitive Technology ProSub 800 features two protection circuits that ensure that the subwoofer can never be overdriven.

Integrated/Adjustable Feet: The ProSub 800 features four integrated feet with rubber tips so you can place it securely and safely on your home's floor. Each foot's height is adjustable to help you place the powered sub on an uneven surface.

Placement: The Definitive Technology powered subwoofer has been designed to operate at frequencies generally below 150 Hz. Because low-frequency information in this range essentially is non-directional, your subwoofer can be located anywhere in your listening room that is most convenient. Also the continuously variable low-pass filter operate at a very fast roll-off, ensuring great performance wherever you place the subwoofer. There are, however, some general rules that you should bear in mind when locating the powered sub.

  • For maximum output the subwoofer should be placed in a corner or against the wall.
  • Corner placement will increase the subwoofer's efficiency, which in turn will increase your system's maximum output and improve the dynamic capability of the subwoofer.


Subwoofer Controls: A complete array of controls allows the ProSub 800 to be perfectly integrated with any stereo or multi-channel audio system, and tuned for optimum performance in any room.

Volume Control: The ProSub 800 features a convenient front-side-mounted volume control that makes adjustments fast and easy. This precision level control allows you to perfectly adjust the volume of the subwoofer to match your system and room as well as to fulfill your own personal sonic preferences.

Variable Low-Pass Crossover: The Definitive Technology ProSub 800 powered subwoofer has a continuously adjustable low-pass filter control which allows you to choose a roll-off of from 40 to 150 Hz for the high end of the subwoofer. This unique "dual stage" roll-off (24dB/oct) is extremely steep which ensures perfect blending with your main speakers as well as eliminating unwanted midrange from the subwoofer. This is especially important because it gives you much greater flexibility in placing your subwoofer in your room without being able to hear where it is located.

Auto Turn-On Circuit: The powered subwoofer has a special power circuit which automatically turns the powered subwoofer on when a signal is fed to the loudspeaker and turns it off when there is no signal present. There is also a manual on-off switch on the rear-panel.

LED Indicator: The red LED on the back panel of the powered subwoofer will light up when a signal is sensed and the amplifier turns on. It will automatically turn off with the powered subwoofer, a little while after the signal is discontinued.


Line-Level & Speaker-Level Connections: The Definitive Technology ProSub 800 powered subwoofer has a complete range of inputs and outputs to allow easy and effective hookup to any system. The ProSub 800 has a separate direct-in LFE low-level input. Speaker level inputs are provided in case you do not have a subwoofer output.

LFE Input: The Definitive Technology powered subwoofer has a low-level direct LFE input for Dolby Digital soundtracks, which bypasses the crossover network. If you are connecting the subwoofer to an AV receiver without a dedicated subwoofer or LFE preamp output, but does features a stereo RCA output, you will need to use a stereo RCA cable along with an RCA Y-adapter.

Note: When using the LFE input with a receiver that has an internal x-over you should set the x-over on the sub to 150Hz.

Speaker Level In: The Speaker Level inputs (binding posts) are designed to be used on receivers or amplifiers that do not incorporate any RCA type subwoofer outputs. If your receiver is equipped with an RCA type subwoofer outputs, these speaker level inputs should not be utilized.

Speaker Level Output:The ProSub 800 also features speaker level outputs (binding posts), so you can connect your front (main speakers) through the powered subwoofer. The ProSub 800 has a built-in speaker level high-pass crossover preset at 80 Hz (6dB/oct).

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
It's a Definitive sub-woofer. This will be the second one for me. [ Stephen  Jan 04, 2019 ]
needed great sounding sub [ C  Nov 02, 2018 ]
Mainly features, frequency and price to finish complete a speaker setup I currently possess but can't use w/o a subwoofer. [ Christopher  Jul 08, 2018 ]
To add a subwoofer [ Jeffrey  Jun 30, 2018 ]
Read good things and it fit into the space available [ WILLIAM  Jun 11, 2018 ]
=>Dolly's excellent recommendation. I asked Dolly to review my AV system previously purchased from Crutchfield. Her recommendation incorporated my key considerations. I decided to purchase the DT ProSub 800 after confirming the specs met my needs and examining the customer reviews. My appreciation to Dolly and Crutchfield for the superb customer service. Crutchfield's website has always been easy to navigate, but was impressed that I easily found my 2009 subwoofer purchase in my prior orders. [ GARY  Jan 31, 2018 ]
Recommended by Carson & Ryan [ Terry  Jan 29, 2018 ]
Excellent reviews and it fits the spot I have for it [ Edward  Dec 29, 2017 ]
I needed a subwoofer for a small home gym in an extra bedroom. Floor space is tight but I enjoy quality sound and this is small and I hope it sounds as good as all the reviews say. [ RICK D.  Dec 26, 2017 ]
I've used this sub a few times. I normally go for the 1000 but the budget is limited this time. My customers always like the sound and the easy volume control. [ Greg  Dec 17, 2017 ]
Great reviews! [ Edwin  Dec 03, 2017 ]
Talked to Rusty!! [ sal  Nov 25, 2017 ]
Tom helped me choose this sub for price and quality [ Jason  Nov 11, 2017 ]
great basic sub for a good price. frequency response is much better than most in this price range. [ DOUGLAS  Oct 15, 2017 ]
Recommendations by multiple audiophile sites and manufacturer reputation. Price was good, too. [ Richard C.  Oct 04, 2017 ]
I have the 600 sub. This will finish my 7.2 surround sound system [ greg  Sep 17, 2017 ]
size and performance [ Steven  Aug 12, 2017 ]
Replacing my BP2004 floor speakers with SM65's and this subwoofer due to space restrictions. [ Bert  Jul 17, 2017 ]
Andy suggested! [ Thomas  Jul 04, 2017 ]
Good reviews and price point. Needed a smaller sub for aesthetic reasons but also good sound and quality. Heard this one at a retailer and liked it. [ CHRISTOPHER  Jun 13, 2017 ]
Small, high-performance sound. [ PATRICK  Jun 04, 2017 ]
DT is not good about publishing performance specs but these were on sale with 60 day return option and shipping included so I rolled the dice because of Crutchfield's customer service. [ Frank  May 27, 2017 ]
I thought this subwoofer was at the optimal price vs. performance point for my needs. Sure, there are better units at a much higher price (outside of my budget), but it would be of no use without a complete replacement of the rest of my system. [ Larry  May 03, 2017 ]
Match Definitive stereo and center channel speakers [ D  Apr 28, 2017 ]
Kay from your customer service dept. made several positive suggestions about DefTech so it helped me make a decision to buy. Thanks Kay! [ STEVE  Mar 14, 2017 ]
Good fit for my space - like DT - good reviews. [ Greg  Feb 12, 2017 ]
on sale wanted small sub [ Gregory  Feb 04, 2017 ]
Recommended by friends and family [ Manoj  Jan 18, 2017 ]
Power, Size, Price [ John  Dec 26, 2016 ]
In my budget. [ Christopher  Dec 23, 2016 ]
Great reviews, good price, [ Richard  Dec 22, 2016 ]
Recommended by Jasan [ Judy  Nov 27, 2016 ]
Compact size for placement [ Matthew  Nov 25, 2016 ]
I purchased a complete Definitive Technology surround sound speaker set a year ago and I couldn't be happier. The sound quality is amazing even in a very large open floor plan. I'm getting an additional sub (though not needed at all!) to simply make my system even more amazing. Keep up the great work, Crutchfield! [ Kristopher  Nov 09, 2016 ]
I chose this Definitive Technology ProSub 800 to complement my Definitive Technology stereo pair in my office. I am not looking for bone rattling base but expect to enjoy the benefit of freeing up the main amplifier to drive the stereo pair. [ H  Nov 07, 2016 ]
Estimated best value for my limited placement space. [ Russ  Oct 27, 2016 ]
I originally chose this subwoofer because it offered multiple wiring options and because it did not have a rear firing port, which I don't care for. The Prosub 800 has made a huge difference in the sound of my stereo and also has a small footprint in the room. I could not pass up getting a second one when the Prosub 800 went on sale again. [ William W.  Oct 20, 2016 ]
Balance between performance and size constraints. Big SWs are great, but not necessarily work with room decor or significant others expectations. This SW allows me to make it disappear. [ Michael  Oct 05, 2016 ]
to replace my current sub. All my home system is Definitive. The price was right [ Raul  Sep 24, 2016 ]
has the punch we need for surround sound and stereo listening [ Cheryll  Aug 02, 2016 ]
Was looking to add an additional sub to compliment my existing Klipsch 10' sub. I've had great luck in the past mixing brands and configurations to achieve a complete and powerful sound. [ Bill  Jul 24, 2016 ]
Built in high pass filter with stereo out jacks lets me use my older existing audio receiver (and speakers) that doesn't have subwoofer port [ Ralph  Jun 27, 2016 ]
Compact, works well in my small apartment. I now have two of these. [ Lyle  Jun 25, 2016 ]
I am adding a 2nd sub and chose the same as I already have. [ Lyle  May 30, 2016 ]
Definitive speakers have always worked well. Have several sets of Pro Monitor 1000's. [ Robert  Apr 08, 2016 ]
Ryan [ kevin  Nov 25, 2017 ]
Right combo of features, high ratings, effusive reviews, and price point. I have bought Definitive speakers before, and don't doubt I'm going to get a high-performance product. [ Guest  Jul 21, 2017 ]
Because it's a good sub and the white goes with white furniture [ JEFF  Jun 22, 2017 ]
Chose this a couple years ago. It went with the other Definitive gear that I bought. [ MARK  Nov 29, 2016 ]
Highly positive online reviews from owners of this unit. Also important that this unit is white to blend in with look of my living room. [ Olaf  Aug 09, 2016 ]
This is the third Definitive Technology 800 I have purchased from Crutchfield. The first was for my home theater room, I paired the second with my in-ceiling speakers in the living area. Surprising power & clarity from such a compact unit. The one I ordered today will go with a Yamaha soundbar that I have in the family room. I hooked up one of the ones I bought previously, and it complimented the soundbar very nicely. A great unit! [ KEN  Jul 31, 2016 ]
rated very high for the price and look good in white [ Chris  Jul 14, 2016 ]

4 questions already asked

300 watts RMS or Peak? The specification is unclear
[ Sriram  Dec 31, 2018 ]
2 answers
Sorry, I have no idea.
[ JOSEPH P  Dec 31, 2018 ]
Unfortunately I can't answer that as I don't really know the specs. I have had for over a year and love it though. It does a great job.
[ TODD  Dec 31, 2018 ]
Would I be able to hookup this sub to my existing home stereo by way of hooking it up with rca going to back of my stereo speakers out rca on one end to speaker wire other end?
[ Sean  Oct 10, 2018 ]
2 answers
There are no RCA hookups on the subwoofer. Two sets of wire hookups that can accommodate monster cable are available as well as a lfe cable outlet. Mine is connected to the lfe. Wire your system with speaker wire of your choice and enjoy deep bass and distinct drums in every form of music. The subwoofer is quality throughout with adjustable bass input so you pump it up or calm it down at will. The crossover is automatic if using life and adjustable if not. There are no other hookups on the subwoofer.
[ JOSEPH A  Oct 18, 2018 ]
It's not 100% clear to me what you are describing, but you cannot go out RCA from any device in your system to another device with speaker wire. There are two ways to hook up this sub: 1. out from the stereo/receiver's LFE(sub) output with an rca to the sub's LFE(sub) input with rca. 2. speaker wire from your stereo/receiver's speaker left and right output into the sub's high level input speaker wire terminals, then out from the sub's high level output speaker wire terminals to your speakers. The second method is not ideal for multichannel setup(5.1, 7.1, etc), but works well for stereo setups with an old amplifier/stereo that does not have an LFE/sub output.
[ Thomas  Oct 15, 2018 ]
I am looking for a clean modern white sub woofer budget at $800 - but must deliver thumping - when watching a movie...need to not only hear it - but feel it in the chest...any body know if this one can deliver that experience, if not any other recommendations...? if its not while, not a major deal. thanks very much!!!
[ Greg  Aug 08, 2015 ]
5 answers
Greg, I searched for quite some time and ended up with this one. Don't be fooled by its compact size....this puppy delivers clear bass sound that will shake the floor and windows and hopefully deliver the thumping you desire. For regular TV viewing, I leave the volume dial on the side just past 1/2 way, and I am quite pleased. It is quite easy to adjust to your liking for movies. VERY HANDY.
[ Allen B.  Aug 10, 2015 ]
I would say no, I have had mine cranked all the way up and though it shakes the walls it's not thumping in your chest. I'd look at SVS subwoofers in piano white.
[ JASON  Aug 09, 2015 ]
If you are looking for a big thump, this is probably not a good choice unless youbdo 2. I had to have white and it suited my needs, but only due to the color. I alphabet other Def white speakers and I wish there were more white choices. I think DefTech has larger subs, I would go with those if you are looking for thump. These have great sound but don't give you that chest pounding.
[ kyle  Aug 08, 2015 ]
Greg- Look no further. I have the Definitive Tech. Sub. hooked up to my Samsung 60" HDTV and I absolutely love it. I had to back off on the sub woofer volume as it was rattling the windows. It's been installed for 2 years and I haven't had one issue with it. I don't think you will be disappointed. Pull the trigger. GVN
[ GARY  Aug 08, 2015 ]
The prosub 800 is great and delivers tasty base for my music system. If you are really looking for serious base for your home theater, I would look to the prosub 1000. I'm very happy with it for my music and it does have n adjustment for output, but if you really want to feel it, you may be better served with a different unit. Good Luck, BIll
[ Bill  Aug 08, 2015 ]

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Definitive Technology ProSub 1000
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Larger woofer for deeper bass

The Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 offers these features:
  • uses a 10" woofer pressure-coupled to a 10" low bass radiator for deeper, richer bass
  • reproduces frequencies down to 18 Hz