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Definitive Technology W Studio

Powered sound bar with DTS Play-Fi® and wireless subwoofer

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Our take on the Definitive Technology W Studio

When you make a wish list for home theater features, there's a good chance the Definitive Technology W Studio sound bar will cover lots, if not all, of your wants. 5.1-channel sound? Check. Powerful bass for explosive movie effects? Got it. Built-in Wi-Fi® for playing music from smartphones, computers, and Internet services? That too. The ability to sync wirelessly with speakers in other rooms? Of course. Connections for other devices like Blu-ray players and gaming consoles? Sure. A free app so you can control it with your smartphone? Yep. And before you ask: yes, it's all going to sound wonderful.

Definitive Technology W Studio sound bar and subwoofer

The W Studio sound bar and subwoofer offers thrilling sound with movies, TV, or music. Wireless music listening offers lots of options for streaming tunes from smartphones, computers, and services like Pandora.

Satisfy all your home theater needs

When you make a wish list for home theater features, there's a good chance the Definitive Technology W Studio sound bar will cover lots, if not all, of your wants. 5.1-channel sound? Check. Powerful bass for explosive movie effects? Got it. Built-in Wi-Fi® for playing music from smartphones, computers, and Internet services? That too. The ability to sync wirelessly with speakers in other rooms? Of course. Connections for other devices like Blu-ray players and gaming consoles? Sure. A free app so you can control it with your smartphone? Yep. And before you ask: yes, it's all going to sound wonderful.

True 5.1-channel home theater sound

While some sound bars amp up your TV's sound in stereo, the W Studio offers a true 5.1-channel listening experience. Five discrete channels allow more details to shine through with movies and TV shows. With HDMI connections and built-in Dolby® and DTS® surround processing, this system is ready to show off your Blu-ray discs and DVDs in all their multichannel glory. The bar's nine drivers and Definitive's Spatial Array™ processing create a huge soundstage with realistic surround effects, backed by enough power to fill large rooms. Plus, those HDMI connections make it easy to switch between sources like disc players and streaming media boxes without having to switch your TV's input.

Praise for the Definitive Technology W Studio from Sound & Vision

If you never even utilized the W Studio's Play-Fi feature, it's still a killer soundbar. But when you find out that it offers all of Play-Fi's streaming benefits, you'll think, “Wow! That makes TV and movies sound great! But it does even more than that?!”

— From John Sciacca's March, 2015 review in Sound & Vision [Read the full review]

Play loads of music wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet

If you don't think of sound bars as music players, the W Studio will quickly change your perception. When you connect it to your Wi-Fi network, you'll unlock its music streaming and multi-room potential. A free app for Apple® and Android™ is your hub for accessing music stored on your smartphone or tablet. You can also stream music from networked computers and music servers. If you're one of the millions of Spotify® Premium subscribers, Spotify Connect lets you access all your favorite albums and playlists. There's built-in support for Pandora® Internet radio and SiriusXM (SiriusXM requires Android device; iOS support coming in 2015). Plus, you can choose from over 37,000 free Internet radio streams, for a nearly endless supply of music and other programming.

Definitive Technology W Studio sound bar and subwoofer

The W Studio is more than just a sound bar system — it offers multi-room wireless music playback when you add more Definitive W-series speakers and components to other rooms.

Play-Fi® turns every smartphone into its own music system

The key to the Definitive Technology W Studio's wireless music capability is Play-Fi. Developed by audio innovator DTS, Play-Fi allows you to send the same song to multiple speakers, play a different song in every room, or let each member of the family control speakers independently with their own device. Play-Fi can transmit lossless audio at CD quality to up to 16 speakers or components on your network. Best of all, the W Studio can work with other Play-Fi speakers from other manufacturers. That means you can mix and match different brands of wireless speakers, offering more flexibility than closed systems.

An update to one of our favorite sound bar systems

The W Studio is based on Definitive Technology's SoloCinema Studio™ sound bar — a favorite of ours that's admired for its looks as well as its sound. Like its predecessor, the W Studio sounds great with movies and music, offering clear, dynamic sound with the subwoofer delivering deep bass impact from just about anywhere in your room. Getting the W Studio set up is a snap with the free Definitive Technology app for your Apple or Android device.

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W9 - Huge, spacious sound and deep bass make this a formidable wireless speaker.

W Adapt - Add wireless music to your existing stereo.

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W Studio - This sound bar and subwoofer bring wireless music to your home theater.

Product Highlights:

    Sound bar:
    • powered five-channel sound bar with nine built-in speakers
      • three 1" aluminum dome tweeters and six 3" midrange drivers
    • built-in dual-band Wi-Fi allows connection to your wireless home network and wireless communication with other Play-Fi devices (recommended maximum of 16 devices on a network)
    • DTS Play-Fi software allows speaker to communicate with other Definitive Technology W devices, as well as other Play-Fi components and speakers
    • plays music stored on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
    • supports Spotify Connect, Pandora, SiriusXM, TIDAL, and thousands of free Internet radio stations (subscription required for some services; TIDAL only available with iOS devices, with Android support coming soon)
    • Spatial Array™ digital sound processing provides an enveloping theater experience
    • DLNA support for streaming music from compatible networked computers and NAS drives
    • multi-zone synchronous playback (same music plays in multiple zones simultaneously) or multi-stream playback (music individually selected for each player)
    • slim design allows easy placement in front of your TV
    • Dolby® and DTS® surround sound decoding
    • HDMI switching: 3 inputs, 1 output
    • optical digital audio input
    • 3.5mm minijack input for connecting a portable music player
    • USB port for firmware updates and phone charging
    • 43-1/16"W x 3-9/16"H x 3-5/16"D
    • 200-watt built-in amplifier
    • 8" down-firing woofer
    • syncs wirelessly with sound bar
    • bass-reflex (ported) cabinet design
    • 12-1/2"W x 14"H x 14-5/8"D
    • free Definitive Technology/Play-Fi app for Apple and Android devices offers easy music selection and playback
    • plays MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV files; sampling rates up to 24-bit/192kHz (downsamples high-resolution PCM files to 16-bit/48kHz)
      • not compatible with protected files with digital rights management (DRM)
    • remote control
    • IR flasher included for passing remote signals to TV
    • warranty: 5 years (speakers), 3 years (electronics)
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    • requires high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi router and an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet

    What's in the Box:

    • Active soundbar speaker
    • Wireless powered subwoofer
    • AC Power supply (w/ attached 6' DC cord)
    • Two 6' AC power cords
    • Remote control
    • 2 "AAA" batteries
    • 4" male-to-female minijack cable
    • 6.5' IR-flasher cable
    • 4 Magnetic feet
    • 2 Wall-mount spacers
    • Setup Guide
    • Important Product Information

    Featured Video

    This sound bar is amazing! I love the quality of the audio! The coolest feature is/was the ability to program it to use my remote when my remote could not be programed to be used for the sound bar.

    Jake, Pleasant Hill, CA


    Definitive Technology W Studio Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (33 Reviews)

    Great sound, pounding bass, easy to use

    Jake from Pleasant Hill, CA on 9/24/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This sound bar is amazing! I love the quality of the audio! The coolest feature is/was the ability to program it to use my remote when my remote could not be programed to be used for the sound bar.

    Pros: Program it to work with the remote you already have. sound quality sub woofer power

    Cons: no 4k passthrough

    Crystal clear sound, rich bass

    John from Staten Island, NY on 9/13/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Clear sound rich bass, Night feature is an excellent feature really cuts down the commercial volume. Play fi is difficult to use, no 4K Passthrough.

    Pros: Everything but Bluetooth,

    Cons: No 4K pass through. Play fi is difficult to use.

    Definitive Technology Does not stand by the product

    Brandon from Milwaukee, WI on 9/10/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I really liked this sound bar, great sound and I thought it had a great build quality. Here's the problem though, Definitive Technology does not stand by the product. I purchased the Definitive Technology W studio in November of 2015. It is now September 2018 and the soundbar has completely failed. No video and no sound. I called Definitive Technology support, who went through a number of troubleshooting steps and they told me that it is out of warranty and I would need to bring it into a repair shop to have it fixed. They gave me a couple phone numbers and I brought it in and paid a fee to have it looked at. A few days later I got a call from the repair shop and they said Definitive Technology does not have any parts for the soundbar. I couldn't believe it, especially since Definitive Technology told me to bring it to a place to have it repaired. So, I called Definitive Technology and the person gave me two phone numbers to call to get parts. These were Denon repair phone numbers and when I called them both part companies said they don't sell Definitive Technology parts. So, I called Definitive Technology back and was told, on the third call, that they don't sell parts for the Definitive Technology Studio. They offered me nothing after giving me the run around and wasting my time and money having me bring it in to a repair facility when they don't even sell parts. Do not buy, you'll spend 1400 on something that cannot be repaired when it breaks.

    Pros: Great sound.

    Cons: No parts available Risky buy, when it fails, you'll lose.

    Disappointing Sound--Easy setup!

    Al from Weston, CT on 7/10/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Looking for a soundbar to play both music and tv. Wanted to control all components (TV, Apple TV, BluRay player and preamp) through the soundbar and this was recommended. Setup was easy and HDMI and aux connections worked well..No real bass from subwoofer and bass/treble was not adjustable. When compared with sound from Bose soundbar (with subwoofer) it sounded very "tinny". Returned for a Yamaha YSP 2700 which I am eagerly awaiting. Definitive app worked well and setup was no problem. Sound is a very personal decision, so all the mechanics of this soundbar and its connection are recommended, but the sound output wasn't for me!

    Pros: Easy setup, loved the multiple HDMI inputs and the 3.5mm aux jack. sleek look and the magnetic rubber feet worked well

    Cons: Sounded "tinny" to me and no separate treble/bass adjustment. Even with subwoofer turned up to "max" there was no real discernable bass in either TV or music

    Great sound!

    Guest from Madisonville, La on 6/26/2018

    WOW!!! Amazing sound!! I wasn't sure that a sound bar could be this good but I was wrong!! It's unbelievable!

    Pros: Everything

    Cons: None

    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Michael from Middle River, MD on 5/24/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Definitive W Studio has awesome sound and bass. This unit makes you feel like you are in a theater.

    Pros: All good


    Definitive Technology W Studio

    N from Lee's Summit, MO on 4/9/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great product!!!! Sound is crisp and clear even at maximum output levels.

    Pros: Easy to install and sound is amazing

    Cons: A little pricy but worth it

    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Crutchfield customer from Saint Charles, MO on 2/13/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Crisp, clear audio and good bass are key with Definitive Technology products. Dialogue is clean and adjustable, as is the bass. Really shines playing music. Play-fi works well and suspect other people's complajnts are related to routers that don't meet requirements. Been a Polk audio fan for years and splurged on the Def Tech, who are sister companies. It is a quality product, but not sure it's worth 3X a Polk soundbar. But, it is a step up.

    Pros: Hi Fidelity, quality, design, pure sound separation

    Cons: No bluetooth High price

    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Robert from New Rochelle, NY on 1/4/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is the sound bar I've been looking for for years! Awesome sound at various volume levels. Very easy to hook up - I use it with a Panasonic smart TV, Samsung DVR/cable box, Samsung DVD, and Harmony remote. Everything works seemlessly! Love how commercials are not louder than the show, and how you can adjust the dialogue level. Music through WiFi (Pandora, Amazon, etc) sounds great. Received great buying advice from Andy @ Crutchfield!

    Pros: Awesome sound

    Cons: None


    James from Orlando, FL on 1/3/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After months of comparing this product along side the Sonos and Samsung equivalents and reading countless reviews and watching videos, I made the plunge. Having been a Crutchfield customer for 20 years I knew I could rely on them. It was delivered quicker than expected and in perfect condition. As for the reviews, don't even consider the negative reviews. I have been using the DefTech for two weeks now and continue to be impressed. I have had zero issues and total delight. The sound is phenomenal. It is crisp, spatious and sounds great with all music and movies. I can't wait to add more play fi devices. If you're debating, for the price, this is the way to go. It is solid and very user friendly. I can't say enough good things about the DefTech W Studio!

    Pros: Everything!

    Cons: I only have one.

    Definitive Tech W Studio

    David from Spencerport, NY on 12/26/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    If you are simply looking for a great sound bar for your TV this is it. You will not be disappointed in the sound. I have listened to many sound bars and this is one of the best. For me this worked best for my set up. Using HD cables simply plug your cable box and dvd player or game system into the back of the sound bar plug another cable from the HDMI out to your TV and your ready to go. I can simply access Netflix, vudu and other apps through the dvd player so any other additional cables are not necessary. I installed the definitive tech app and set it up through the sound bar. It was not difficult and only took about 10 minutes. For me, it did not add anything that I could not access through my dvd player. I suppose if you use your home network to access music then this would work for you. For me, I just use Pandora or amazon music through the dvd and the sound is excellent for a sound bar. The remote is simple to use and allows for adjusting the bass. For me the middle setting seemed great for the bedroom which is where I set it up. The only real negative is what many others have said and that is lack of Bluetooth capability. It would be nice to simply connect my iPhone via Bluetooth and play my library music. One would think that future versions of this system would include this capability. If this had Bluetooth I would have given it a 5 star rating.

    Pros: easy set up

    Cons: no Bluetooth.

    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Crutchfield customer from Moses Lake, WA on 10/30/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The item arrived timely and in good shape. Set up was easy with the help of Crutchfield support. I had to purchase a couple HDMI cords to connect roku and DVD player. The sound is clear and crisp. Crutchfield support also helped me program the DT and Direct TV remotes with the sound bar and everything was working fine until the morning after set up when my TV screen said it recognized a new device. I followed the TV instructions on screen and that was a mistake. Now I must use both remotes to adjust sound up and down, and mute. I have followed Youtube video instructions concerning programming, the same as support staff helped me with, but nothing seems to work, or reestablish the ability to use only one remote to adjust sound. I do not understand these kind of things, and I am frustrated that I managed to screw up what was working. The sound bar is great and I would recommend it. We particularly like the digital enhancement and that the sound does not increase during commercials. That feature saves the sanity of my wife; well worth the cost.



    Rich & Elegant Sound!

    Crutchfield customer from Pleasant Prairie, WI on 9/19/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Researched sound bars for my finished basement for the last year and couldn't find anything sound-wise that came close to the Bose Smart Touch 300. I have moderate hearing loss and a lot of the sound from TV/music/movies is lost with me because of it. My main priority with the sound has to be how crisp the sound is. Most of the sound bars I was listening to sounded the same, if not worse, than my current setup (Yamaha RX-V496 receiver and Infinity Entra One bookshelf speakers). Not saying my current setup is bad, but technology has come a long ways in the last 10+ year since I've had it! I decided to drive an extra few miles to my closest brick and mortar store to listen to a few more sound bars I haven't heard yet. The W Studio was the last one I listened to and within seconds of hearing it, I was sold. I never did any research on the W-Studio, mainly because it was out of my price range but it was on sale...but it was the last day of the sale. I walked around the store reading reviews before making up my mind. As luck would have it, my favorite online retailer, Crutchfield, had it on sale as well! Free shipping, no tax...done and done! I wasn't about to drop an additional 10% in sales tax (Deerfield, IL). I've had it for just about a week and I can't believe what I've been missing out on all these years. The sound is absolutely incredible. TV, music, movies, I can't get enough of it! Thanks Crutchfield!!! And no, I've not had one issue with Play-Fi.

    Pros: Clarity, bass, set-up, everyday TV listening, Play-Fi

    Cons: None yet

    Elegant design, rich, detailed sounds d

    Crutchfield customer from Millersville, MD on 9/1/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I've yearned to bring Definitive Technology into the house for for years. I finally took the plunge and I continue to be amazed by this product. Incredibly accurate imaging and sonic detail. It replaces a set of beloved Mirage OM10s driven by a Denon AVR-3300 in our 2 story great room, filling the when open-concept home with sound. It looks great on our brick fireplace mantle and we constantly stream Pandora through its optical input. The whole family enjoys it....and we don't even have a TV above it yet. The system sounds best when you place the a sub closest to the sound bar, firing in the same direction. Don't fear scratch & dent, trust Crutchfield and save a few bucks!



    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Joe from Birmingham, MI on 4/13/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    the absolute worst. Go with the SONOS instead. Playfi would randomly disconnect / connect. The controller has a delayed response time. Not user friendly. Sound is phenomenal but not worth the headache. Again, go with SONOS...I returned this product and went with SONOS and I couldn't be happier.

    Pros: Sounds Great

    Cons: Doesn't always work.

    worth the price

    Scot from Elverson, PA on 3/28/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    We replaced an older 5.1 system with the soundbar to start. I went with the W studio to avoid all the speaker wires. The wireless sub is GREAT. We always had trouble with hearing the speaking audio from the old speakers, and I'm happy to say that this is no longer an issue. We will be pairing this with another set of w7's or w9's for rear speakers.

    Pros: Easy to set up

    Cons: There are 2 ios apps that aren't incredibly intuitive.


    Joe from Prescott, AZ on 1/25/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This sound bar is incredible, for the first time in a long time I can understand all of the dialogue when watching my shows and movies. When listening to music, it fills the room better than my previous audio visual receiver system which cost me about $3,000. I couldn't be happier.

    Pros: Well made, great looks, easy to install and superb sound

    Cons: None


    DEFINITIVE FAN from St George, UT on 10/9/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    For the non-technical person, the manual versus online youtube demos is somewhat conflicting... definitive assumes that you want to have their remote control all connected devices to it but by doing that, a lot of the functions available with other components is unattainable.

    Pros: clean, simple solution for a wireless 5 channel system

    Cons: definitive PC app upgrade cumbersome

    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Crutchfield customer from Evergreen, Colorado on 9/27/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very nice product. Many reviews complain about the lack of Bluetooth but that is not an issue for me. The playfi app is great and it's wonderful not worrying about how far away you are from the system like you would with BT. Movies sound great and the music bumps. My only gripe, which is minor and not worth deducting a star, is definitive playfi seems to drain my phone battery at a faster rate than BT. I assume this will be addressed down the road.



    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Crutchfield customer from Houston Texas on 9/19/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Downsizied my Definitive BP 10 speakers from 10 years . Purchased the W Studio and a W7 . The sound from the sound bar and sub is amazing ! My wife happy no more speaker wire !!



    Great sound, not optimal for 4K TV

    Stephen from Torrance, CA on 9/15/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a great sounding system. Like any sound bar, it doesn't replicate a full 5.1 system, but it's about as good as you can get without forking over another two grand for a proper home theater setup. Music sounds great, and unlike other reviews I have had no issues using the app or playfi for music streaming. TV and movies sound good, though I am having to use an optical cable from my TV in order to watch Netflix. It is important to note, this soundbar does not support HDMI ARC so if you are watching anything using you smart TV functions you will have to use an optical cable. Otherwise I have everything connected to the bar through HDMI and it works great. Another important note is that this bar uses HDMI 1.4, not 2.0. Not an issue for me, but if you have a newer 4K TV this will limit your frame rate and HDR capabilities.

    Pros: Great sound, well built

    Cons: No Bluetooth, HDMI 1.4

    Very Nice Sound

    Oscar from Knoxville, TN on 8/1/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    We replaced a pretty good 5.1 system with this sound bar when the old receiver began turning itself off on occasion. Dialog clarity was our main concern. The W Studio sound bar has proven to be up to the task. We can even understand the British mysteries with the center channel in the default center. Since we have an Apple TV plugged into the HDMI 2 slot, I didn't think the hi-resolution musical reproduction capabilities would be that important to me. I was mistaken about that. Playing music through the Plex server on my iMac and controlled by the Definitive app on my iphone could not be easier. This was a bonus. I don't miss the rear speakers from the 5.1 system because the bar has a way of filling the room with sound. You can tell the direction the sound is coming from but you have a sense that the sound is all around you. This could be a result of having the sub located along the wall and behind the TV viewing area.

    Pros: Dialog clarity and overall great sound.

    Cons: The Comcast remote controls the cable box, the TV and the W Studio bar. When I choose "All On" on the remote, the devices turn on one at a time in the following order: the cable box, the TV and the W Studio bar. Since the sound bar has to be on to pass the the ir signal out the back to the TV, the TV fails to turn on. If I programmed the remote to reverse the order of the TV and bar, the TV would fail to turn off when I execute the all off command. Small but annoying problem.

    High End sound

    Crutchfield customer from Safety Harbor, FL on 6/17/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    We took a few weeks deciding on just the right bar for our new room and we have been happily surprised by the sound quality out of such a small box.

    Pros: Quick set-up Great Sound Strong Bass

    Cons: None Yet

    Third times a charm

    ttsound from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL on 6/14/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After trying two other relatively high end sound bars, I settled on this one. This is the most powerful sounding and by far the most solid feeling sound bar and sub. The sub is excellent with a nice full sound. The sound bar with the Play-fi features is very versatile although I did have issues getting it set up requiring two phone calls to DT. They answered fairly quickly and were able to resolve the set up problems by the second call. I use my network backup drive and Android phone as a music servers which works great. The only limitation on playing music I have found is that the sound bar software will not process wma audio files. I ended up converting mine to mp3 which solved the issue. I would say the dialogue clarity is a little disappointing versus the other two soundbars I tried. It's better than an inexpensive soundbar and there is a center channel boost which helps but I felt the Sonos and Yamaha bars did a little better job in this area. If that's your primary need, this may not be the best choice. In all other features, this unit was tops though. Really loving it.

    Pros: Great, full sound for music and movies. Play-fi features are very useful allowing me to play all my music through the bar. I know there has been some angst about the Play-fi app but my experience has been good once set up and has been very reliable and stable. The sub is fantastic. I use as the soundbar as the hub in my system with the TV a slave to the sound bar.

    Cons: Set up was difficult and I'm fairly competent technically. Required two phone calls to DT. The dialogue clarity isn't quite as good as the Sonos or Yamaha bars I tried.

    Remarkable Sound to Complement TV Viewing or Listening

    Careful Listener from Middleton, WI on 4/7/2016

    After researching a sound system for a master bedroom with a sitting area, I chose the DefinitiveTechnology W Studio. The quality of sound, spoken voice (especially in Night Mode) and movies are exactly what I needed (and hoped they would be,) I'm critical when things don't work or match reviews, so I was pleased that I had no difficulties setting up the sound bar and subwoofer, using three HDMI inputs from the sources: Cable, Apple TV/Roku and a quality Blue Ray Player. With Blue Ray, there is remarkable Digital Dolby and DTS sound reproduction. Yes the W Studio is costly. Yes it is reliable. Yes the remote and the firmware needs some tweaking and improvement. Fortunately I found a local showroom that was kind enough to unpack the W Studio so that I could audition the unit. I've had only enjoyment since the purchase. The W Studio is in my master bedroom. It's soundstage is somewhere between a 3.1 and a 5.1 system. It is a sound bar and not a 5 speaker system, but its performance is remarkable with an acceptable sound field. My home's major sound room includes Rotel amps, and pre-amps/receiver with B&W speakers. Comparing systems: A true surround system is preferable, but the W Studio's sound quality and wi fi subwoofer competes very well - especially in the odd angled room it is in. I purchased this before the price adjustment, but otherwise I am totally pleased with the results and my decision. I love the clear voice option and the sound presence.

    Pros: Exceptional sound bar. Wide soundstage for this type of set-up. Outstanding subwoofer enhances movie experience. Night mode allows clear voice and doesn't interfere with my spouse's sleep.

    Cons: No blue tooth, but hopefully USB Dongle similar to Definitive Technology's sister company's

    Great Product

    Ken B. from Havertown, PA on 2/4/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Awesome sound, easy set up. I can't wait to hook up the new Samsung 4K SHD DVD player (on backorder). I have the Definitive Technology tower speakers on my home stereo system so I knew the sound would be fantastic. Normally I would need to hear the soundbar first before purchasing but with the DT's this wasn't necessary due to my history with them. It was a no brainer for me. Treat yourself, sit back and enjoy!

    Pros: Awesome sound.

    Cons: None

    Expensive for what you get.

    Tony from Tennessee on 12/1/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Sounds great! Does not work well with Play-Fi. Doesn't always work and you have to wait for software updates or reconnect to your router. Drops out when playing thru Play-Fi. Play-Fi is a great concept, it just needs a lot of work to perfect it.



    Awesome Sound!!!

    Axeman from New York on 10/19/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This soundbar sounds great with both movies and music. I'm very impressed with the quality and ease of use after first setting it up. The separation you get while playing music is outstanding! Five stars for sound, but I'll have to give it 4 for the issues in setting up and connecting.

    Pros: Great sound, especially for music lovers.

    Cons: A bit difficult to get set up. Still having issues with the PC App. Kept disconnecting the soundbar from my wireless network until I got the hang of it.

    Worth the price

    Mark W. from California on 9/26/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this to upgrade a decade old Yamaha soundbar. I have purchased several Definitive products over the years and this one like the others does not disappoint. Small footprint for a soundbar with excellent sound supported by the wireless sub. Vocals are clear for movies and tv and music sounds great - the sub can certainly rock a good sized room during either use. Play fi technology means that I can play my hi-def FLAC music files from my networked computer. Internet radio through the Definitive app is a nice plus as well as access to streaming music apps (although not all). I expect to add other pieces from this line up through the house.

    Pros: Sound quality Ease of use

    Cons: None noted

    Definitive Technology W Studio - Incredible Sound!

    STR from North Carolina on 4/12/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The W Studio wireless sound bar and subwoofer is an incredible sounding speaker system. Set up was easy although I recommend downloading the full user's manual from the Definitive Technology website prior to installation just in case an issue arises. The setup manual provided with the speaker system covers only the basic setup. I was pleasantly surprised with the sound from this unit. Setup with the PlayFi was easy and I can now stream Pandora or music from my iPod easily to the speakers. Audiophile reviews rate the W Studio as a bit on the expensive side but well worth the money. I completely agree. I can't wait to purchase additional wireless speakers in the future and pair them with the W Studio in order to have multi-room music capability

    Pros: Fantastic Sound Sleek Design Easy setup

    Cons: I did have to resync the subwoofer with the soundbar after the first few days. However, this was straightforward.

    Great Sound and well worth it

    AK from NJ on 1/13/2015

    This Soundbar sounds great and works great. I have some very high end speakers and sound system in my basement and I was surprised how good the WStudio sounded. Very impressive base and full sound. Ply-fi works well with PC and iPhone. Turn it up, turn it up and you will be very happy. I found out the issues from other def tech soundbars have been fixed and that is why I purchased the W Studiio. The remote is a great idea since you can turn up the base or center channel and get the sound you want from wherever your sitting or standing. You don't really get 5.1 sound from this system but you will impressed with the sound you do get. I can't see why anyone who purchases a recent new unit would give this system anything less than 5 stars for the money it costs. I have a 20k speaker system in my house so I know what good sound sounds like. AK, NJ

    Pros: Sounds great for movies and music Sub is surprising and kicks but You don't need Blue tooth, Play-fi is not compressed liked Bluetooth and you can get CD quality sound with play-fi using the Apple Cloud versions of the songs you like

    Cons: I did not like the packaging, it comes in one big box in a strange shape instead of 2 boxes and the box I received was not in good shape and partially broken. play-fi would sometimes go on and off for a second or two but I fixed this issue with a new ASUS AC router and making my primary play-fi speaker the one that is closest to the router

    Definitive Technology W Studio

    Bryan S. from Bastrop Texas on 12/4/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Horrible sound. The subwoofer cut on and off during play.

    Pros: Well built HDMI

    Cons: Spend your money on something else

    Solid Feel

    eph from PA on 12/3/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    If you are a speaker person, then you know that a solid feel is important because flex causes distortion and loss of sound quality. This is the most rock solid sound bar I have ever seen. Don't be fooled by the flimsy, $300-500 alternatives. You get what you pay for. Play-fi setup was easy and works great. Can't wait to try linking in another play-fi device, non-Dtech, to see how they work together.




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Enclosure Bass Reflex
    Design Bar
    Pieces in System 2
    Color Black
    Tweeter 1" Dome (3)
    Midrange 3" Cone (6)
    Woofer None
    Separate Subwoofer Yes
    Subwoofer Driver 8" Cone
    Surround Sound Decoding 5.1-channel
    Dolby Atmos No
    DTS:X No
    Dialogue Enhancement Yes
    Auto Volume Yes
    4K Video Compatible No
    HDR Video Compatible No
    Audio Return Channel No
    Remote IR Passthrough Yes
    Works with TV Remote (IR) Yes
    Voice Control No
    Apple AirPlay N
    Control by App Apple iOS, Android
    Bluetooth Connectivity No
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Wall-mountable Yes
    Mounting Bracket Included No
    Surface Mount Stand Included Yes
    Speaker Parts Warranty 5 Years
    Speaker Labor Warranty 5 Years
    Amplifier Parts Warranty 3 Years
    Amplifier Labor Warranty 3 Years
    System Frequency Response Not Given
    Powered System Yes
    Sound Bar RMS Power 120 watt
    Subwoofer RMS Power 200 watt
    Inputs and Outputs
    Mini Stereo Audio Inputs 1
    RCA Stereo Audio Inputs None
    Optical Digital Audio Inputs 1
    Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs None
    HDMI Inputs 3
    HDMI Outputs 1
    USB Port No
    Subwoofer Output Wireless
    Sound Bar (inches) 3-9/16H x 43-1/8W x 3-5/16D
    Sound Bar Weight Not Given
    Subwoofer (inches) 14H x 12-1/2W x 14-5/8D
    Subwoofer Weight Not Given

    Product Research

    Soundbar Speaker & Subwoofer System
    Wireless Music Streaming & Multiroom Capability

    Soundbar Speaker & Subwoofer System

    W Studio Home Theater System: The Definitive Technology W Studio consists of a wireless soundbar speaker with accompanying wireless subwoofer that blends high-performance home theater and musical sound with wireless music streaming and multiroom capability. The system has been designed to deliver a virtual 5.1-channel sound experience without the need for an AV receiver or rear speakers. Its the perfect compliment to your high-definition or Ultra-HD flat-panel TV. Plus, it works seamlessly with Definitive Technology's DTS Play-Fi wireless speakers for multiroom audio throughout your home.

    • Active Soundbar Speaker: The active soundbar speaker houses three 1" pure aluminum dome tweeters and six 3" polymer composite midrange drivers for accurate, clear natural sound. Each driver and tweeter in the soundbar is powered by its own digital amplifier. A total of 120-watts powers the soundbar to lifelike volume levels to fill even large rooms with high impact and low-distortion sound. The active soundbar features an extremely rigid and resonance-free enclosure constructed of MDF and ABS "polystone" for superior sound.
    • Wireless Powered Sub: The wireless powered sub features a down-firing 8" high excursion woofer housed in a bass reflex enclosure (with down-firing port) that is powered by an integrated 200W digital amplifier to provide you with all the impact you want from your favorite music and movie soundtracks. An acoustically inert cabinet and integrated rubber feet prevent against unwanted audible distortion. The subwoofer connects to the soundbar speaker wirelessly via 2.4GHz with a range of up to 45', so there are no additional cables to run. The wireless powered sub does require AC power.

    Spatial Array & TruSurroundHD4 Technologies: The Definitive Technology W Studio incorporates Spatial Array and TruSurroundHD4 technologies, unique patented technologies that create an immersive surround sound from one soundbar speaker without the need for a room full of speakers. Spatial Array Surround technology uses subtle, but complex directional cues to completely free the sound from the speaker enclosure and convince your ear/brain listening mechanism that you are surrounded multiple speakers. TruSurround HD4 elevates the sound from the speaker axis, accentuates the perception of deep bass, adjusts the high frequencies making voice and dialog much clearer, and provides a greater enveloping sound. Since both of these technologies do not depend on bouncing sound off walls, it works in virtually any room and set-up configuration.

    Dolby Digital/DTS + Dolby Pro Logic II Processing: The W Studio supports Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1ch  format for maximum audio performance. You will enjoy music and movies with full dynamic impact and the highest definition, clarity and detail. The system also offers Dolby Pro Logic II processing which transforms stereo content into full-range surround sound.

    Digital + Analog Connections (including HDMI): The W Studio soundbar speaker has a full-array of inputs including HDMI (3), digital optical (1), and analog (1) allowing you to connect your Blu-Ray player, cable/satellite tuner, gaming console as well as a legacy source such as a VCR. The three HDMI inputs support both audio (up 5.1ch) and video (up to 1080p) signals for convenient hookup and neat wire management. There is also a HDMI output that feeds the audio/video signal (up to 5.1ch/1080p) from your AV source through the soundbar speaker to your flat-panel TV. The optical (toslink) digital input supports 2.1ch to 5.1ch audio. The analog (3.5mm) input supports 2ch audio only.

    Note: The digital optical output terminals of most newer flat-panel TVs only send an audio signal in 5.1ch when receiving Dolby Digital/DTS surround sound from the TV's built-in tuner, network connection, or connected USB device; and will output only 2ch stereo from sources connected to the TV via HDMI, or RCA (like your Blue-ray/DVD player or satellite/cable box). That's why Crutchfield recommends connecting your Blu-ray/DVD player, cable/satellite receiver, and gaming console directly to the W Studio soundbar speaker's 3 HDMI inputs and connect the soundbar speaker's HDMI output to your TV; you'll also need to connect your TV's optical digital output to the soundbar speaker's optical digital input since the system's HDMI output is not ARC-enabled.

    Audio Enhancements: The W Studio soundbar speaker system offers a variety of audio adjustments to enhance your overall listening experience.

    • Music/Movie Modes: The Music/Movie modes optimize the system's sound characteristics such as bass level and surround effect intensity to best match what you're listening to - a movie or music soundtrack.
    • Bass Control: The remote's Bass control lets you optimize the system's bass loudness to match the program material, your taste or your mood.
    • Center Control: The Center control adjusts the volume of the channel that handles almost all of the dialogue duties in order to correct for differences in dialogue intelligibility from program to program.
    • Night Mode: Night Mode is a useful feature to use late at night if other family members are asleep. When Night Mode (Dynamic Range Compression) is turned on, peaks in the audio signal are compressed. This makes it easier to hear at low volume levels. At the same time more intense sounds (like explosions) are reduced.

    Remote Control: The W Studio system puts you in control, simply and comfortably with its ergonomic IR remote. As you slide your finger over the remote you'll notice that all the controls are shaped with concave and convex forms to make it easy to use even in the dark. It fits perfectly in your hand, your thumb naturally falling on the most often used control (Volume). For greater convenience, you can program the W Studio to respond to the power, volume, mute, and source select commands of your TV or cable/satellite box remote. The soundbar speaker's IR output and the included IR flasher allow the unit to be placed in front of a TV (for example, when used on a table top) without disrupting your TV's remote functions. The soundbar's IR input can be used for custom home automation systems.

    Mounting Options: The W Studio soundbar speaker offers a variety of mounting options. Supplied hardware enable the soundbar to be placed in one of three places; flat on a shelf under your flat-panel TV, raised above your TV's integrated pedestal stand, or mounted on a wall. The supplied magnetic riser feet enable you to raise the soundbar speaker (up to 5/8") in order to clear your TV's pedestal stand.  If you prefer to wall mount the sound bar, it has built-in keyhole slots (spaced 32" apart). Because the powered subwoofer is wireless, you can select practically any location that best fits your lifestyle and décor. The subwoofer's unobtrusive cube form factor tucks out of the way nicely behind furniture.

    Wireless Music Streaming & Multiroom Capability

    Definitive Technology Wireless Collection: The W Studio is part of Definitive Technology's Wireless Collection which is wireless solution for distributing music anywhere in your home or office. Stream select online music services, Internet radio, and your personal digital music library all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    DTS Play-Fi Wireless Technology: Definitive Technology's Wireless Collection employ DTS Play-Fi wireless technology for wireless sound that is reliable and high-quality. DTS Play-Fi combines DTS audio and WiFi wireless technology to wirelessly stream high-definition "lossless" audio with no impact on sound quality. DTS Play-Fi will stream pure, bit-for-bit, lossless audio, for uncompromised quality sound; up to 16-bit/48kHz. DTS Play-Fi has a range of up to 100' from your wireless router.

    Note: All DTS Play-Fi enabled products work seamlessly together, so there's no hassle adding more speakers, or choosing more than one audio brand (like Polk, Phorus, Wren, etc..) in your home.

    WiFi Network: The Definitive Technology Wireless Collection system uses your home's wireless (WiFi) network for whole-house audio entertainment. The W Studio connects to your home's wireless network via WiFi (802.11 g/n). A dual-band (2.4/5GHZ) "N" or better router is recommended for the most reliable wireless network connection.

    Simple Setup: There are two methods for connecting the DTS Play-Fi soundbar speaker to your home network. You can perform WiFi setup via the free Definitive Technology App on your Apple iOS/Android mobile device or Windows PC (this setup allows you to connect multiple Play-Fi device at once to your network). You can also use the WPS button on the soundbar speaker if your wireless router supports WPS (this setup only allows you to connect one Play-Fi device at a time to your network).

    Definitive Technology App: Download the free Definitive Technology App onto your Apple iOS (8.0+) device, Android (4.0+) smartphone/tablet, or Windows (7/8) PC for easy and convenient management of your music from your mobile device or computer. From the app you can initially set up the Definitive Technology wireless system, as well as add, link, and control all your Definitive Technology Wireless Collection and DTS Play-Fi speakers. You'll be able stream music directly from the system's built-in music online services, or music on your mobile device or PC to multiple Wireless Collection series and DTS Play-Fi enabled speakers through out your home. The app lets you browse your music by artist, album, genre, or title; and provides album art. You can choose to play the same music in each zone or a different song in each room.

    Variety Of Sources: The Definitive Technology Wireless Collection supports a variety of music sources.

    • Mobile Device (Apple iOS + Android):You are able to wirelessly stream your music files from your music library on your Apple iOS (6.0+) or Android (2.2+) device to the Definitive Technology Wireless collection system through the free Definitive Technology app.
    • Online Music Services: From the free Definitive Technology app on your mobile device or computer, you can share and listen to to Pandora, Spotify Connect, SiriusXM, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Songza, Rhapsody, and Internet Radio.
    • Computer Music Library: The Definitive Technology wireless system is DLNA compliant for playback of various music files stored on your Windows PC (7/8) or DLNA-certified NAS drives connected to your home network. Use the free Definitive Technology app on your mobile device or computer to access these music files. MAC OSX computers and laptops require third party software to be visible on the network (Twonky, Plex, Servio etc.) as they do not support DLNA.
    Supported Music Files: Definitive Technology's Wireless Collection and DTS Play-Fi support music formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WAV. The system will recognize music files up to 24-bit/192kHz and wirelessly stream these files at up to 16-bit/48kHz (CD quality sound). Some down-sampling may occur to ensure virtually lossless distribution throughout a home network.

    Critical Listening Mode: For those who wish to hear high resolution audio as originally intended, Critical Listening mode will enable native rendering of high resolution files up to 24-bit/96kHz, with no down-sampling or network synchronization adjustment. In this way, audio files retain their original audio integrity. Critical Listening Mode is only available on one DTS Play-Fi speaker and not supported for multiroom audio distribution.

    Maximum Number of Rooms/Zones Supported: You can play the same source in each zone or a different song in each room. Eight separate wireless source devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), each with its own source, are supported simultaneously and any wireless source device can stream to eight DTS Play-Fi playback devices. Due to the bandwidth limitations of most wireless networks, no more than 16 wireless DTS Play-Fi products on a single WiFi network at one given time is recommended.

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

    Q & A

    Customer Q&A

    Crutchfield asked  
    Why did you buy this?

    Based on the reviews. Currently using a receiver based home theatre with center channel speaker definitive technology , Bose 301's for front left/right, rear def techs left/right, and SVS subwoofer. Wanting a simpler setup. Willing to try with the 60 day return policy. [ James  Jul 25, 2018 ]
    For conference room. Wanted wireless capability. [ Randal  Mar 27, 2018 ]
    Love the crutchfield no risk if it doesn't work out attitude. [ Paul  Jan 30, 2018 ]
    was not happy with polk 9600bt. will return it. [ Tom  Jan 28, 2018 ]
    had all features i need, excellent feedback on it for good sound. was on sale . [ ROBERT  Dec 20, 2017 ]
    Price and reviews and Stone's assistance with my purchase. [ JOHN  Dec 19, 2017 ]
    Peyton gave me a great recommendation on a sound bar. I have limited knowledge of tech devices and used to do some research on important features, compare products, and then make a selection. I just can't do that as much anymore. Crutchfield employees are great in that they can explain features and products and help to differentiate them for me. I really appreciate their knowledge and courteous service! [ GEORGE M.  Dec 15, 2017 ]
    Hogan helped me find a sound bar with a surround technology other than bouncing sound off walls. [ Michael  Aug 12, 2017 ]
    I spoke with the representative about the issues my parents are having with hearing dialogue in TV and movies, and also that the trouble and effort required to set up a true surround-sound system would be beyond them, and I was directed to this system as having a very controllable mid-range and excellent sound clarity, while also coming with a remote--instead of relying on integration with smart phones which, again, my parents would not spend the effort learning to do. [ Warren  Jul 31, 2017 ]
    Previous experience with Definitive Technology [ GARY  May 26, 2017 ]
    Sounded amazing in person. Tried less expensive Sony and Klipsch options, but was disappointed. [ Jacob  Apr 13, 2017 ]
    Looking for wireless soundbar and speakers [ Scot  Mar 15, 2017 ]
    the review and price was super -- thanks [ Thomas  Mar 03, 2017 ]
    A couple different reviews said the W Studio had the best sound quality of many soundbars, plus it's $300 less than the Sonos Playbar and Sonos subwoofer which I was also considering (and one review said W Studio's sound beat the Playbar's). [ Cynthia  Dec 18, 2016 ]
    Sound clarity [ Kevin  Oct 10, 2016 ]
    Gread sounding soundbar primarily, demoed it locally, there isn't a whole lot of choice in the great sounding soundbar space, you either lack features such as Airplay/ etc, or connectivity or sound is substandard and tinny. I did like some of the Zvox soundbases and Klipsch was rather good sounding for the price but sound, connectivity and form factor was key for me for the bedroom. [ Denzil  Aug 29, 2016 ]
    I reviewed many sound bars and listened to my top choices at a local electronics store and found the sound to be superior and the options what I needed. Although this product is costly, many of the other high end products did not include the subwoofer in the base price and would ultimately cost a lot more. [ Jon  Jul 20, 2016 ]
    Reviews on Crutchfield, CNET and PCMag. [ Thomas E.  May 16, 2016 ]
    Good reviews! I was pleased with Def Tech in past. [ Sharri  Apr 03, 2016 ]
    Peyton from Crutchfield recommended it [ Scott  Jan 15, 2016 ]
    Reviews from crutch field and also other sites [ Chris  Dec 17, 2015 ]

    2 questions already asked

    I'm sure everyone has their own personal listening preferences. I find that this system likes to be driven and added volume improves the sound, particularly on the music setting. Because there is no crossover on the sub, in many instances I find that boosting the bass +3 or higher provides a fuller sound. [ Gene  Dec 27, 2017 ]
    I returned it because it just did not give me the sound for the money they were charging for it [ Dennis  Dec 27, 2017 ]
    to be honest i was originally disappointed with sound. Here is what i did. Number one i bought an hdmi splitter so that my Direct tv goes right into the soundbar. I also have blu ray player going thru there also. Bass module placement unimportant. Tweaked center channel volume plus bass but most important instead of having it face foward i put foam wedge to cause dolby atmos effect basicaly sound coming off ceiling instead of right at you. Also for music from my ipad i 8nstalled Kaiser equalizer which dramatically improved music via wifi. Now give it a ten. A good equalizer for your music a must. Adeles hello just has so much depth. Foam is available at any good arts and craft store. By bouncing sound of ceiling you get a more surround sound effect. Just use single edge razor blade on foam. You can use 25 or 35 degree angle [ MICHAEL S  Dec 27, 2017 ]
    yes, but not happy with W/7 rear speakers not compatible to play with the TV. I guess sonos is a better way to go . [ FRED  Apr 08, 2015 ]