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Wireless USB DAC

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Our take on the NAD DAC 2

Liberate the music trapped in your computer with NAD's DAC 2. This USB digital-to-analog converter gives you an easy way to send music wirelessly from your computer to your existing home theater or stereo, while providing clear, detailed sound. Anything that you can listen to on your PC or Mac®  you can now enjoy on your best speakers. The DAC 2's two-piece design features point-to-point wireless technology that delivers uncompressed, full-bandwidth audio — including high-resolution music files up to 24-bit/96kHz. And because it's a closed wireless system, you don't even need a Wi-Fi® network to use it. 

High-res music with wireless convenience

Liberate the music trapped in your computer with NAD's DAC 2. This USB digital-to-analog converter gives you an easy way to send music wirelessly from your computer to your existing home theater or stereo, while providing clear, detailed sound. Anything that you can listen to on your PC or Mac®  you can now enjoy on your best speakers. The DAC 2's two-piece design features point-to-point wireless technology that delivers uncompressed, full-bandwidth audio — including high-resolution music files up to 24-bit/96kHz. And because it's a closed wireless system, you don't even need a Wi-Fi® network to use it. 

Simple to set up. Easy to use.

Right from the box, the DAC 2 is ready to play in just moments. Simply plug the included transmitter module into a USB port on your computer, and the DAC 2 becomes your PC's sound card. The transmitter bypasses all of the analog circuitry in your PC and transmits a digital signal directly to the receiver module that's connected to your hi-fi system. The digital signal then gets converted and sent as an analog signal to your stereo amplifier. The DAC 2 uses premium components in a proprietary circuit for accurate, musical sound. It also sports a coaxial digital output that allows downstream digital processing by a different DAC or a home theater receiver.

Product Highlights:

  • high-quality Burr-Brown op amps and digital-to-analog converter for detailed sound
  • supports audio sample rates up to 96kHz/24-bit for streaming high-res music files
  • wireless USB transmitter plugs into your computer
  • Wi-Fi network not required — uses point-to-point 2.4GHz wireless technology for uncompressed, full-audio-bandwidth transmission
  • built-in driver for USB connection
  • stereo RCA and coaxial digital outputs for connection to a stereo or home theater system
  • transmission range: up to 131 feet
  • frequency response: 20Hz to 48kHz (± 0.5 dB)
  • THD + Noise: 0.05%
  • signal-to-noise ratio: greater than 80 dB
  • external power supply with 58" cord included for DAC receiver
  • 7" mini-USB (type-B) to USB (type-A) adapter cable for USB transmitter included
  • 50" stereo audio RCA cable included
  • 5-1/2"W x 2"H x 4-1/16"D (DAC receiver)
  • 1-1/2"W x 5/8"H x 3-1/4"D (wireless transmitter)
  • warranty: 2 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Wireless USB DAC receiver
  • Wireless USB DAC transmitter
  • AC power supply (with attached 58" DC cord)
  • 4 AC plug adapters (US/AU/EU/UK)
  • 7" mini-USB (type-B) to USB (type-A) adapter cable
  • 50" Stereo audio RCA cable
  • Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement

It works exactly as advertised. I ripped my CD's in FLAC format and played them on my laptop via my Marantz 2 channel receiver. It sounds fantastic.

Ed, Goochland, VA


NAD DAC 2 Reviews

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Crutchfield customer from Huddleston, VA on 12/4/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Item worked as expected with no disappointments. Easy to install, minimal space utilization.

Pros: Easy installation. Minimal space consumption. Worked 100% as expected.



Crutchfield customer from Durham, NH on 6/24/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Simple setup out of the box. Sounds amazing. Transmitting through a brick wall between our computer and stereo.



Needs work

Chuck from Morro Bay, CA on 7/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had to return the DAC 2 because only 1 channel worked and I was not getting clear reception in my living room. Crutchfield was very nice about it. The cable included for the transmit box was way too short. But the device is a great idea that under performed in my application. I look forward to a "DAC 3" with better range, updated DAC, and longer cable.

Pros: Great idea, few other affordable products can do the same things.

Cons: Build quality and range a problem.

Excellent for the $$

C from Houston, TX on 4/18/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm using this with a Mac running OS X, playing tracks streamed from iTunes playlists. Quality can be enhanced with Channel D Pure Music although I haven't bought it yet and doubt much improvement. If you want to play uncompressed music, this is a good way to go. Over time I ripped 400 CD's to AIFF and have spent significant time assembling playlists with music categories and ratings for filters. I suspect Pure Music would help organize this better. Before doing this I considered other streamers including the Cambridge. Unfortunately, these don't work with iTunes and I wasn't prepared to sacrifice all the time spent (transferring from AIFF to WAV is easy but you lose the album info). I'd be back at square one. If you are playing compressed music, the bandwidth is overkill but nothing is lost. The playlists enabled me to eliminate the rock tunes I didn't choose to hear (still have the CD's), listening through B&W PM1's in the study. iTunes is not a great vehicle to play classical music albums unless the tracks are unconnected. Recommend this 'toy' to anyone. Please see Con for connectivity.

Pros: - high quality sound from uncompressed audio (AIFF for me, same as WAV with album info)

Cons: - problems if obstructed, more distant line of sight (I have 2 DAC2's for 2 systems with 1 computer, one excellent but the other a problem some 18-20 feet away with wall/furniture obstruction - works intermittently, trying to find the sweet spot, worked fine when I tried it before buying 2d)

Crystal Clear

Ed from Goochland, VA on 4/4/2017

It works exactly as advertised. I ripped my CD's in FLAC format and played them on my laptop via my Marantz 2 channel receiver. It sounds fantastic.

Pros: Just plug in. It works.

Cons: None.


Bob from Mount Vernon, NY on 1/13/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had problems with this NAD DAC 2 streaming Sirius/XM with Google Chrome, Sirius recommended that I should try using Microsoft's Internet Explorer/Edge browser, and since I switched to IE/Edge - Sirius/XM runs without any hick-ups or buffering. That being said - this is a good sounding DAC & I'm happy



Great Sound!

William from Columbia, MD on 10/1/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Good sound easy set-up.

Pros: Easy set up great sound easiest most inexpensive way to enjoy HD sound

Cons: None

Sound investment

al from salt lake city on 6/27/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product works as advertised puts bluetooth to shame awesome sound transmittal and reproduction.


Cons: None

Buy it

ds from RI on 6/8/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sounds *so* much better than Bluetooth. CD quality sound from Spotify, finally. It may actually sound better than my Denon DVD player, which was top of the line high end when it was purchased. Connects instantly; no fussing with glitchy Bluetooth pairing.

Pros: Outstanding sound; ease of use.

Cons: Mini USB cable that came with it is too short. I'm using it with my laptop. and the unit is at present just dangling. Ordered a longer cable.


Ed S from chandler, AZ on 2/16/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've only used the NAD DAC 2 wireless DAC for a couple of weeks and so far I am satisfied. The range and clarity of the signal is best when restricted to 60ft and direct line of sight. More than that and the transition/reception falls off even with the channel selection mode adjusted.I use it mainly to play internet radio over my MacPro and the sound quality through my stereo is very good.

Pros: Easy to set up and good sound quality.

Cons: Restricted to distance and line of sight, so the computer has to be moved around for it to work optimally.


Mr. G from Florida on 7/6/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got the the wireless DAC to hook my Mac computer to my stereo witch is on the opposite side of the room. It works very well, the digital to analog converter does give higher quality sound than a direct connection to the Mac. The instructions should have but did not tell you to go to sound preferences and change it to external to make it work. Otherwise Avery good Product.

Pros: Easy to install, good performance for price.

Cons: None

Best kept secret, plays any sound App on PC

Ron from Trinity Fl on 6/5/2015

Started building new wired stereo with DAC 1. Since then have searched exhaustively for a better solution. This is the easiest and most flexible. Just plug into USB port and play hi quality sound through my 3 Russound amps in a closet. I play from my patio or piano room, no problem. The center of my house is open so not a lot of partitions to block signal. My CD collection is on a NAS USB drive so I don't need a laptop with a lot of memory.

Pros: Easy setup, flexible, quality sound, full control of apps; volume, skip, change station, now playing, etc.

Cons: Need laptop with USB port.

Flat, Even, Wireless, Delivery!

Nizodizo from Ohio on 5/8/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This thing is cool! If you have a killer sound system, it is like having the entire CD store at your finger tips. I personally prefer vinyl but records are not cheap anymore and digital is catching up ("trust me, it is not there yet."). So why not test out what you like before you buy.



Great Sound -- Limited WiFi Range

djf from Annapolis, MD on 12/28/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I loved the rich and nuanced sound of high res music through the DAC 2 when connected to my MacBook. But I wanted to use it primarily with my iMac which was not within line of sight (though less than 50' away). The wireless connection was weak on all 3 channels with multiple drop-outs. So unfortunately I returned it for the Audioengine D2 which has solid wireless connectivity and fine sound.

Pros: Audio quality and easy installation.

Cons: Weak wireless range.

Easy to set up and works well

RZB from Petaluma CA on 6/27/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works as advertised

Pros: Easy to set up and use

Cons: Have not found any yet


Jack G. from Clearwater, FL on 1/19/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Signal faded and sometimes was distorted. Transmitter and receiver were only one room apart. Also,,I noticed no noticeable sound quality improvement versus playing straight digital MP3 format. I returned it without any issues--just as you would expect from Crutchfield.

Pros: Easy to hook up.

Cons: See review. Could use a bit longer USB cable so unit could be placed without almost dangling from my PC.


quebecois20 from Waddell, AZ on 11/5/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easdily adapted to my laptop and great sound from my sound system Recommend it to everyone.




Hands-on research

Product Research



Overview: The NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analog Converter lets you wirelessly stream your high-resolution music from your computer (PC/Mac) to your Hi-Fi stereo system with high performance sound. The NAD DAC 2 uses point-to-point 2.4GHz wireless technology which means you can just plug in the two-piece DAC 2 and start enjoying computer audio from your home entertainment system in minutes.

2.4GHz Wireless Connection: You don't need a Wi-Fi network to connect the NAD DAC 2 to your computer and home audio system. The NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analog Converter uses point-to-point 2.4GHz wireless technology which features the full audio bandwidth (20-20kHz) and remains uncompressed to maintain HD sound quality.

Simple Installation: The NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analog Converter consists of a wireless Receiver and Transmitter. Simply plug the DAC 2's Transmitter into your computer's USB port and it becomes a sound card that transmits your computer's high-resolution audio wirelessly to the DAC 2's Receiver, which connects to your home receiver via a stereo analog or coaxial digital connection.

Note: There are Channel switches (1-3) on the Receiver and Transmitter. Make sure these switches are set to the same number.

Wireless USB DAC Transmitter: The DAC 2's Transmitter consists of a mini-USB (type-B) connector with a mini-USB (type-B) to USB (type-A) adapter cable. Using the included USB cable, the DAC 2's Transmitter plugs into your computer's USB (type-A) port and bypasses all the analog circuitry in your PC and then wirelessly transmits high-resolution audio directly to the DAC 2's Receiver, which is connected to your hi-fi system, using the native digital format for the best possible sound.

Wireless USB DAC Receiver: The DAC 2's Receiver consists of a integrated Digital-to-Analog Converter with analog & digital audio outputs. Once the wireless HD audio is received at the DAC 2's Receiver from the DAC 2's Transmitter, the digital signal is converted and sent as an analog signal to your home receiver through stereo analog audio outputs. There is also a coax digital output that allows downstream digital processing.

24-Bit/192kHz DAC: To achieve the best possible sound, the DAC 2's Transmitter digitally transmits the HD audio from your Mac or PC to the DAC 2's Receiver, which then converts the digital signal to analog using premium Burr-Brown OPAmps (TI PCM1781) and 24-bit/192kHz Delta-Signma DACs with selected passive components in a proprietary NAD circuit.

Compatible Sampling Rates: The NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analog Converter supports high-resolution audio sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz.

Audio Outputs: The NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analog Converter is fitted with both analog & digital audio outputs

  • Analog Output: The NAD DAC 2 features one stereo audio RCA output to connect to your home stereo receiver.
  • Digital Output: The NAD DAC 2 features one coaxial digital output to connect to your home theater receiver.

AC Power Supply: The NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analog Converter includes an external AC power adapter.


Sample Rate: 96kHz/24-bit

THD+N: 0.05% (ref 0dBFS)

Signal-to-Noise: > 80dB

Analog Output Level: 2V

Coax SPDIF: 500mV +/- 50mV

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 48,000Hz (+/- 0.5dB)

Time Delay: <18ms

RF Band: 2.4GHz

Transmission Range: 131' (40m)


DAC Receiver:

  • W = 5.5"
  • H = 2.0"
  • D = 3.8125"

Wireless Transmitter:

  • W = 1.5"
  • H = 0.625"
  • D = 3.25"

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

I have this product already and really love it, but I broke it yesterday [ Michael  Apr 23, 2018 ]
Much less expensive than Audioengine and does the same thing. [ Michael  Nov 26, 2017 ]
Use existing stereo system with digital library. [ Douglas  Oct 05, 2016 ]
Price and NAD reputation. As described it seems to fit my needs [ William  Sep 05, 2016 ]
Great Mfg [ Robert  Apr 03, 2016 ]
Switching from an ARCAM wireless DAC that provided nothing but spotty connectivity to the NAD DAC. Adding this to a NAD system that has provided trouble free quality performance at a reasonable price. [ Gregg  Mar 16, 2016 ]
I was looking for a replacement for the Audioengine D2 wireless DAC's which did not perform well. I wanted to give the plug and play wireless DAC one more chance before looking for a more expensive alternative. [ Edward  Feb 03, 2016 ]

10 questions already asked

Very likely access for diagnostics to D>A operation or op amp. It isn't instrumental to the use of the device. Are you concerned about it? [ L M C  May 08, 2018 ]
Used for connecting to diagnostic electronics if the DAC 2 needs servicing. [ Dan  May 07, 2018 ]
Actually, I can't answer this because I run 2 stereo systems, each with only 2 high quality speakers. This is a question for NAD. However, I believe the DAC 2 does nothing to the signal except to transmit the computer digital output to the DAC receiver, straight D to A limited to 24 bit/192kHz (transmission limited to 96kHz). The beauty of the device (other than being cheap) is it replaces the computer sound card. The weakness (may be) not improvement from jitter. For what I play through this, doesn't matter. If you are playing hi res classical music, may matter. There is not a lot of technical information available for the device, hence talk to NAD. I tried to attach the data sheet (available on NAD website), could not. [ L M C  Mar 06, 2018 ]
For best results the NAD Dac2 is best used by sending a pure digital signal to a separate DAC which converts the digital to analog. Unless you have an MQA converter chip in your DAC, you will not get the full advantage of MQA. [ Dan  Mar 06, 2018 ]
I believe the device, like all DAC's , decodes before sending. I have mine hooked to a laptop and am able to play Tidal Masters. I use an older NAD integrated that is not MQA compatible by itself. With the DAC it sounds great. I do download flac files and it also decodes those. [ William  Mar 06, 2018 ]
The NAD DAC 2's transmitter consists of a mini-USB (type-B) connector with a mini-USB (type-B) to USB (type-A) adapter cable; which requires a connection into your computer's USB (type-A) port in order to receive power and wirelessly stream audio from your computer to the NAD wireless receiver. If you would like to discuss in more detail, feel free to contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Larry  May 03, 2017 ]  Staff
Yes. RCA cables if no digital input via coax. [ L M C  Mar 06, 2018 ]
Yes [ William  Apr 28, 2017 ]
Im very pleased with it it hooked up to tape 1 on my Onkyo TX8255 receiver, considering it is a dig to analog unit, dont see any difference between amp or receiver. mine isn't line of sight, about 16 ft around 1 corner of the room, works great! [ Jeff  Apr 26, 2017 ]
I have the receiver DAC connected into the "aux in"connection, left and right channel, of a integrated amplifier (preamp/amp combination). My integrated amplifier is not designated as a digital or analog amplifier, and the wireless DAC works fine. I would assume that you would either need to connect it to an integrated amplifier like mine or connect it to a pre-amplifier first. hope this helps. [ Edward  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Yes. That is how I use mine. [ JAMES  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Yes. That is what I did. [ ROBERT  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Yes. RCA jacks, shown in specs. [ L M C  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Yes. I hooked it up to my Yamaha A-S501 and it works great! [ Steven  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Anything with RCA inputs. Yes. PS~ I'm pretty happy with mine! [ Brad  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Yes. Just plugs into any line level input--CD, Aux, etc. It's a great sounding unit--way better than bluetooth, and better than Chromecast. [ don s  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Sure, the receiver end has two RCA analog outputs which can be used to connect an analog amp. [ Lingyun  Apr 26, 2017 ]
NAD does not sell the receiver separately so, while they do not state that the transmitter & receiver are uniquely paired, the absence of the receiver sold separately would indicate they do not support the option. You can also contact NAD directly for confirmation: 800-263-4641 I hope that helps. My Bio: [ Ryan  Mar 10, 2017 ]  Staff
Hi Donovan, discovered inadvertently in cleaning out cables that the input port to the transmitter is the same USB connector as for a camera port. My camera cable fits fine. Means your camera cable to your MacBook should work. I have several camera cables, thrown some away. Would give you one if you lived here :-) [ L M C  Sep 22, 2016 ]
Hi Donovan - If your Mac has USB C, you could buy a USB C to USB adaptor cable, but you would lose the ability to power you Mac. You could also buy a USB C adaptor cable that has USB, power and HDMI from Apple. That's what I use with my NAD DAC 2 and it works great. [ Gregg  Sep 22, 2016 ]
I don't believe the NAD DAC 2 was meant to be used by anything except for a computer with a USB connection. I don't think an iPhone or iPad will work as the music source. [ Jason  Sep 21, 2016 ]
Sorry I'm not much help here as I use my Nad DAC 2 directly from my laptop. The transmitter is plugged into my computer and the receiver is plugged into my integrated amplifier. No problems except it doesn't work outside of 50ft, direct line of site of each other. Other than that I am happy with it. Good luck. [ Edward  Sep 21, 2016 ]
Hi Donovan. My DAC is through my iMac so USB. You must have a MacBook, depending on vintage will have ports that can go to a USB. I recommend you go to the Apple store, tell them your model, and purchase a connector. For example, new MacBooks have USB-C mini ... so get a USB-C mini to USB-C cable. Amusingly, I have to go the other way with my external portable backup drives that only have USB-C mini (looks like the port on the NAD sending unit is a USB-C as an example). [ L M C  Sep 21, 2016 ]
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: The NAD wireless DAC is meant for a computer connection. Your can use the Bluetooth on your phone to send music wirelessly to a receiver. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Aug 18, 2015 ]  Staff
On Mac OS X the volume setting is "fixed" when the Sound setting is set to "USB". I suspect Windows has a similar feature. Re playback you will get the best results if you rip your CD's uncompressed (flac, aiff). I'm skeptical MP3/4's will sound better although they certainly won't sound worse. [ L M C  May 08, 2018 ]
It is important to remember that the DAC 2 is used to transfer a digital signal wirelessly. The 24bit 96,000Hz capability far exceeds any mp3 file. I play flac files from the PC and the unit works perfectly. Once it receives the signal from the computer, it converts it to analogue and sends it to your receiver or amplifier. Your only limitation is what the amplifier and speakers can handle. The quality of conversion makes any software audio enhancements of mp3 files unnecessary. The DAC 2 is intended to enhance the file signal in the analogue conversion. I do not use any equalizer or Bass and Treble adjustments. It is easily the best sound quality enhancement for the money in my entire system. It costs less than the speaker cables. If you are playing digital files from a computer, without a doubt, get it. The NAD DAC 2 becomes the sound card for your computer, and with 24 bit 96kHz digital capability anything you can hear on your PC, including Studio Quality HD Audio, is digitally transmitted to your Hi-Fi! To enhance your experience there are several smartphone apps available to remotely operate your PC or Mac and deliver the rich user interface of the computer right to your fingertips. The Transmitter digitally transmits the audio from your Mac or PC to the DAC 2 Receiver, which then converts the digital signal to analogue using premium parts like Burr-Brown OPAmps and 24/192 Delta-Sigma DACs with selected passive components in a proprietary NAD circuit. You want to reduce the volume of your computer software playing the files so that your receiver or amp is playing at least 50 to 75 %. This will allow your audio system to have a more accurate playback of both high and low frequencies. [ THOMAS MARK  Oct 13, 2014 ]
This unit includes AC plug adapters for US, AU, EU, and UK. [ Jeff  Sep 26, 2014 ]  Staff
Yes, it does. And if there is too much mass and distance from transmitter to receiver, the signal breaks up. I was using one unit then thought to send music to the LR main stereo, tried it out. Unfortunately, I didn't try it out long enough or in enough situations before buying. I now have an extra NAD DAC 2 that doesn't work for what I wanted to do. The alternative was a $1K Cambridge that didn't accommodate iTunes play lists for my ripped uncompressed tracks ... aside from cost doesn't work. Since this operates at 2.4GHz, try a 2.4 phone and check reception. This isn't infallible. The amount of information transferred is orders of magnitude less. [ L M C  Mar 06, 2018 ]
Mark, great answer and thanks. I have a NAD CD changer and agree on the quality but this may just be a limitation of the DAC using its own dedicated system. Either I will try this product or come up with another solution for streaming my digitized library. [ Fred C.  Feb 27, 2014 ]
NAD makes really good stuff so I was a little disappointed when I tried the DAC-2. It worked ok line of sight for about 20'. Unfortunately I had no luck using it with a wall between the units. WiFi works just fine in the same area from a WAP that is further away. Probably worth a try though. These things seem to depend on your particular situation. As far as interfaces go it's really simple. It's just a USB audio device. No setup in my case. The PC just found the new audio device and started using it. I have several wired DACs and similar for those. [ MARK  Feb 27, 2014 ]
I do not recommend it. I couldn't get it to work well in the next room (same level). I returned it to Crutchfield. It should perform much better especially for its price. [ JACK  Feb 27, 2014 ]
No, it will not work floor to floor, or room to room even without a direct sight line. I absolutely love this product, of course I wish it had more range too, but you can't have everything. I use it on iTunes as well and it works flawlessly. You just have to change your output from the headphone jack to the USB port [ Michael  Feb 27, 2014 ]
I had mine set up pretty much in line from computer to amp. It worked great, and the lack of wires. There is really no interface to speak of. The NAD DAC2 takes control of your sound card, and becomes another audio out channel. How that interfaces with iTunes is unknown to me as I do not use it. In the players I do use, it is simply a matter of selecting the NAD Audio Driver as the output and off you go. [ Rich  Feb 26, 2014 ]
Hi Fred,My set up was only 25 ft away and in another room. It worked ok, but if someone walked in front on reliever, the signal was lost. Sound was great when it worked, but when I had people over, signal kept dropping when someone walked in front of receiver. Maybe if you put it up high it would work better. I bought an inexpensive DAC online and hooked it up to my Apple TV optical out and that worked fantastic. Not just my computer streams to it, but also iPhone and iPad. And the sound is really good. Plus the DAC 2 has to be set as sound output on computer. If you want to listen just to computer speakers , you have to open prefences and change sound output. Hope this helps. BTW, I've been a recording engineer for over 30 years, so audio is my life.Bobby [ ROBERT  Feb 26, 2014 ]
I had a similar problem, only mine was wishing to listen in 2 places. After trying out the first unit in the living room furthest from the transmitter, it seemed to work, bought a second unit to get the receiver (with D>A). Unfortunately, I was wrong and the interference killed listening pleasure. Noow have a spare :-( Reorienting the transmitter and receiver didn't help adequately. [ L M C  May 08, 2018 ]
I purchased the NAD DAC 2 in order to address, what seems to me, a similar situation as yours. Our home computer is on our second floor with the main stereo system on our first floor. I, too, wanted to be able to stream music from the itunes library on the computer upstairs to the hifi system on the first floor. The NAD DAC 2 works splendidly!! I first had trouble with a great deal of interference and thought I may have to return the product. The receiving unit was initially placed inside a cabinet, in close proximity to our staircase, containing a blu-ray player, integrated amp and an aging NAD CD player. With this configuration, any time someone ascended or descended the stairs, the music would cut off, hesitate, or garble. I then repositioned the receiving unit out the BACK of the cabinet (still using very short (~18 in.) RCA cables) with a now relatively clear "path" to the transmitter unit atop the stairs, with nearly perfect results (there is now, only VERY rarely an occasional "hiccup" when initiating a listening session from itunes via apple remote (there are no issues DURING listening or switching tracks etc. even with 4 active kids supplying potential "interference" problems)! I would not hesitate to recommend this product with the proviso that there may be some optimization of signal path required for it to work properly. Great sound! Fantastic convenience! Hopefully this helps you with you query :) [ NATHAN  Dec 21, 2013 ]
Hi I have been using this DAC for the past few months and have fnd it to be excellent for thr price paid However if the dac reciever and the tranmitter are not in line of sight, it will not work properly. They have to be truely on line of sight. If you move even to the next room, it will not work properly and the songs will skip Trust that helps. [ SOMVEER  Dec 21, 2013 ]
From your computer. [ Rich  Dec 21, 2013 ]