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Furman PL-PRO C

20-amp power line conditioner and surge protector with voltmeter

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Our take on the Furman PL-PRO C

If you have a heavy-duty 20-amp circuit powering your audio equipment, Furman's PL-PRO C power conditioner creates a layer of protection between the AC wall socket and your gear. Its eight rear-panel AC outlets can accommodate 20-amp or standard 15-amp AC plugs.

Furman puts the "pro" in protection

Furman PL-PRO C

The eight rear-panel AC outlets can handle 20-amp or 15-amp plugs.

If you have a heavy-duty 20-amp circuit powering your audio equipment, Furman's PL-PRO C power conditioner creates a layer of protection between the AC wall socket and your gear. Its eight rear-panel AC outlets can accommodate 20-amp or standard 15-amp AC plugs.

You can count on Furman to maximize both the protection and the sonic performance of your system. Their exclusive technologies were originally developed to meet the extreme AC power demands of pro recording, film, and broadcast studios.

Continuous power monitoring and protection

The PL-PRO C constantly monitors incoming AC, and if it detects a significant overvoltage condition, it automatically shuts off power to all connected equipment. In the case of a sudden voltage spike, many surge suppressors are designed to "take a bullet" and sacrifice internal parts to save your gear. It's a noble effort, but it leaves your system out of commission while you send the suppressor back to the factory for repair or replacement. With Furman's Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus system (SMP), damaging transient voltages are safely absorbed, clamped and dissipated — no sacrificed parts, no service calls, and no down time.

In addition to high-voltage spikes from unforeseen events like lightning strikes, Furman's overvoltage circuitry will protect against accidental connections to 208 or 240VAC by shutting off the incoming power until the overvoltage condition is corrected.

The segmented multicolor LED display lets you easily verify that the power to your rig is in the safe operating range. The display is bright enough to easily see from across a room, even in poor lighting.

Hear the signal, not the noise

The PL-PRO C also features Furman's wide-bandwidth filtration, which reduces the AC line noise that can mask low-level and ambient details of your mixes, from natural room sounds to added effects. The eight AC outlets on the back panel are divided into two banks, to isolate your system's digital gear from analog components and amplifiers. The single switched outlet on the front works with 15-amp AC plugs only. For convenience, a USB charging port is provided on the front panel for powering or charging a smartphone, tablet, or other device that charges via USB.

Product Highlights:

  • 9 AC outlets — 8 rear, 1 front (rear-panel outlets are compatible with 15-amp and 20-amp AC plugs):
    • one isolated bank of 5 outlets
    • one isolated bank of 3 widely spaced outlets to accommodate bulky AC power transformers (wall warts)
    • single switched convenience AC outlet on the front panel
  • 10-foot 12-gauge heavy-duty power cable with 20-amp NEMA 5-20P plug (requires a 20-amp circuit and a 5-20R T slot receptacle)
  • 20-segment LED tri-color AC voltage meter (allows easy verification of voltage range from a distance or in poor lighting)
  • front-panel USB charging port
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) surge suppression system can withstand multiple catastrophic voltage spikes and keep protecting your gear
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown circuitry monitors incoming AC and automatically cuts off power to connected equipment if overvoltage is detected
  • wide-bandwidth EMI/RFI noise filtering for clearer sound
  • zero ground contamination circuitry ensures delivery of pure AC
  • maximum current rating: 20 amps
  • BNC connector on the rear panel allows connection of any standard gooseneck lamp
  • 19"W x 1-3/4"H x 10-1/2"D (1U rack space)
  • weight: 12 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Rack-mountable (1U rack space) 9-outlet component style surge protector/power conditioner with attached 10' power cord (3-prong plug)
  • Owner's Manual

Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Type Rack mount
Total AC Outlets 9
USB Connections Type A
RF-EMI Filtering Yes
Joule Rating Not given
Width (inches) 19
Height (inches) 1-3/4
Depth (inches) 10-1/2
Weight (pounds) 12
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years

Product Research


Overview: The Furman Classic Series PL-Pro C is rack-mountable power conditioner, designed for use by audio/video professionals, contractors, broadcasters, and musicians. It has 8 high-quality AC outlets on the rear panel, plus a front panel convenience outlet, all controlled by a single switch. It features a multi-segment LED voltmeter on the front panel so you can confirm at a glance you're running at optimal voltage levels. The unit is equipped with rack ears, and takes up 1U of rack space. The PL-Pro C has a flexible, 10' power cord with three 12-gauge conductors and a NEMA 20 plug (requires a special 20-amp receptacle with perpendicular blades).

Applications: The PL-Pro C is recommended for professional audio and video applications, and can be installed in permanent or portable rack systems. They can be used to protect your mixing boards, amps, preamps, and effects generators from power spikes and surges when you go on the road. In the recording studio, the RFI/EMI filtering can give you cleaner recordings by removing noise cause by dirty AC power. In addition, the front panel lights can also help you see the controls on your equipment when you're working in a darkened night club, bar, or other venue.

AC Outlets: The PL-Pro C has eight 3-pronged outlets on the rear panel, divided into two isolated banks to minimize inter-component interference and noise contamination. The three outlets in Bank 1 are widely spaced to accommodate bulky AC power transformers ("wall warts"). Bank 2 has five outlets spaced narrowly apart to accommodate standard-sized AC plugs. There is a single 3-pronged outlet on the front panel, providing a convenient place to temporarily plug in a device, when needed.

USB Charging Port: For convenience, a Type-A USB charging port is provided on the front panel for powering or charging a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or other device that charges via USB.

SMP (Series Multi-stage Protection): Furman's exclusive SMP technology provides the highest level of surge and spike protection available.

EVS (Extreme Voltage Shutdown): The PL-ProC will shut itself off when it detects dangerous voltage irregularities, protecting the connected equipment from unsafe conditions.

LiFT (Linear Filtering Technology): The PL-Pro C filters the incoming AC power to insure your equipment is receiving clean power for optimum audio and video performance.

LED Indicators: Two front panel status LEDs indicate when the surge protection and noise filtering are working (Protection OK), and can alert you when the voltage is outside of the normal range (Extreme Voltage).

LED Voltmeter: The PL-Pro C has a three-color, multi-segment LED AC voltage meter that displays the incoming voltage in 2-volt steps from 90 to 128 volts. This bar-graph volt meter indicates optimal voltage in green LEDs, with moderate and extremely high or low voltages in yellow and red, respectively. In addition, abnormal conditions are indicated by special flashing patterns: the single left-most LED flashing indicates marginally low voltage; all LEDs flashing indicates marginally high voltage; and no LEDs lit except the Extreme Voltage LED indicates the unit's has shut down power because the voltage has exceeded 140 volts.

Pull-out Lights: The PL-Pro C features two "smooth track" retractable LED lights that illuminate the front panels of the equipment in the rack. The round "tubes" pull out 3", rotate approximately 90 degrees, and contain three LEDs each (one white and two amber). The lights can be turned on/off or dimmed with the front panel switch.

BNC Lamp Connector: In addition to the front panel lights, a BNC connector is provided for powering a standard gooseneck lamp (not included) for rear rack illumination. It is rated for 12VAC 500mA.


  • Maximum Output Current: 20 Amps
  • Operating Voltage: 90 to 139 VAC
  • Over Voltage Shutdown: 140 VAC
  • Spike Protection Mode: Line to neutral, zero ground leakage
  • Spike Clamping Voltage: 188 VAC peak @ 3000 Amps, 133 VAC RMS
  • Response Time: 1 nanosecond
  • Maximum Surge Current: 6500 Amps
  • Noise Attenuation: 10dB @ 10 kHz, 40dB @ 100 kHz, 50dB @ 500 kHz
  • Dimensions: 19" W x 10.5" D x 1.75" H
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Power Consumption: 15 VA

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Any item that requires AC power, yes. [ Ryan  May 24, 2018 ]  Staff
Hi Ross. I checked with one of our Pro-Audio specialists and they said "If he buys a 20 amp power conditioner and has 15 amp circuits/outlets then he will need an adapter to connect the plug to his outlet. If he doesn't want to use adapters the PL-Plus C (756PLPLUSC) is essentially the same product with 15 amp capacity. The power wire is a little smaller at 14 gauge but with the decreased draw the larger cable shouldn't be necessary. " [ Jeff  Dec 29, 2017 ]  Staff