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PSB Imagine T3

Floor-standing speaker (High-gloss Black)

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Our take on the PSB Imagine T3

With PSB's reputation for exceptional performance and value, you can bet their flagship Imagine T3 tower has what it takes to turn audiophiles' heads. PSB founder Paul Barton and his design team carefully crafted this floor-standing speaker to deliver incredibly natural, dynamic, and detailed sound with pinpoint imaging and deep, powerful bass. PSB always considers how room acoustics can affect the sound of your speakers, so they also designed the T3 to provide clean, consistent performance in virtually any listening room. Ready to hear what it can do in yours?

The flagship of PSB speakers

With PSB's reputation for exceptional performance and value, you can bet their flagship Imagine T3 tower has what it takes to turn audiophiles' heads. PSB founder Paul Barton and his design team carefully crafted this floor-standing speaker to deliver incredibly natural, dynamic, and detailed sound with pinpoint imaging and deep, powerful bass. PSB always considers how room acoustics can affect the sound of your speakers, so they also designed the T3 to provide clean, consistent performance in virtually any listening room. Ready to hear what it can do in yours?

PSB Imagine T3 in cherry

Five-driver array for smooth, balanced sound

PSB uses a hand-selected version of their signature 1" titanium dome tweeter for the T3 to ensure smooth, accurate highs free from distortion and grain. The midrange and woofer cones are made of polymer-coated felted fiberglass, mated to high-temperature fiberglass voice coil formers. Rubber surrounds and highly rigid, non-resonant die-cast aluminum baskets provide precise alignment of all the driver elements for superb accuracy and long-term reliability.

Each woofer operates in its own individually tuned acoustic chamber to help suppress unwanted cabinet resonance and ensure perfectly balanced bass output. PSB even includes two port plugs that let you fine-tune the T3's bass response — a helpful feature for smaller rooms or when the speaker must be placed close to the wall behind it. Working together, the three 7" woofers effectively move as much air as a single woofer several times as large, allowing them to produce stunningly deep and precise bass for a speaker this size.

The midrange also gets its own acoustically sealed sub-enclosure that eliminates interaction with the woofers for greater sonic purity. You'll hear exceptionally clean, detailed, tonally accurate mids. It all adds up to a speaker that'll pull you further into your favorite movie soundtracks and finest music recordings.

Uniform sound from top to bottom

Unlike many speaker designs, the T3's five-driver array places the tweeter just below the midrange and above the top woofer. Having the tweeter positioned lower along the baffle places it closer to ear level for better imaging. The three woofers are strategically placed along the full length of the baffle. Each one uses a different, carefully optimized crossover slope to reduce first acoustic reflections, also known as "floor bounce", that cause uneven frequency response.

A solid cabinet with a luxurious finish

The T3's heavy, rigid cabinet helps eliminate vibrations to maintain the speaker's natural sound. The front baffle is a massive 2" thick MDF panel that locks the drivers firmly in place. Sculpted trim rings around each driver provide a low-diffraction wave guide for the driver cone, to enhance its off-axis performance while hiding the mounting hardware and damping unwanted vibrations. The side panels are constructed using seven layers of laminated MDF to improve the cabinet's stiffness and absorb sonic energy that might otherwise color the sound.

For a solid foundation, each T3 includes a heavy, one-piece aluminum base with adjustable spiked feet — ideal for added stability on carpeted or uneven surfaces. The spikes also provide a more solid mechanical coupling with the floor, and include isolation pucks with rubber dampers to protect hardwood floors. The hand-finished cabinet comes in your choice of piano high-gloss black or book-matched cherry veneers with a high gloss varnish.

Product Highlights:

  • frequency response: 24-23,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • sensitivity: 91 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum
  • recommended power: 20-300 watts
  • hand-selected 1" titanium dome tweeter with neodymium magnet
  • 5-1/4" compressed felt/fiberglass cone midrange with mastic compound coating
  • three 7" compressed felt/fiberglass cone woofers with mastic compound coating
  • non-resonant die-cast aluminum alloy baskets and rubber surrounds provide precision driver alignment for high performance
  • individually tuned, three-chamber bass reflex design
  • two included port plugs let you seal one or more of the bass ports to adjust for room acoustics or user preference
  • seven-layer MDF cabinets with 2" thick MDF front panel for a rigid, acoustically inert structure
  • one-piece aluminum base with adjustable spikes and floor protectors
  • hand-finished cabinet available in piano high-gloss black or book-matched real wood cherry veneers with a high-gloss varnish
  • three sets of gold-plated five way binding posts — can be bi- or tri-wired, bi- or tri-amped
  • 11-3/4"W x 47-1/4"H x 15-3/4"D
  • weight: 71 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Floor-standing loudspeaker
  • Grille
  • 4 Threaded knobs (for spikes)
  • 4 Spike feet
  • 4 Isolation pucks
  • 2 Port plugs
  • Two 4-prong input terminal jumpers (pre-installed)
  • 2-Prong terminal jumper
  • Quick Start Speaker Guide
  • Warranty Card

These are simply the best speakers you have ever heard. I have them connected to a Nad M32 amp, and they are stunning.

Paul, Rohnert Park, CA


PSB Imagine T3 Reviews

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(7 Reviews)

PSB Imagine T3

Paul from Rohnert Park, CA on 10/20/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are simply the best speakers you have ever heard. I have them connected to a Nad M32 amp, and they are stunning.

Pros: Everything

Cons: None

These are the ones !

Guest from India on 11/5/2017

Just wait for the break in ! Don't get fooled for the demo pair at the store in your town wouldn't have run in .. to know what these are capable of !...give it a run of 25 to 40 hrs Neutral .. smooth highs ..awesome mid range .. lows that kick u .. in ur ( need some room behind speakers ) .. to round it off ..a non boxey sound ! Driving with my NAD m3 amp and NAD m51 dac ... SUblime ! Keepers for many many years




John from Altoona, PA on 7/4/2017

Well built and fairly balanced! They reach down to 24 hz! Owned for 3 years! They have bass, but sound better and warmer with a quality sub! Driving mine with Anthem 525 amp at 225 watts per channel! Makes them sing! The more power the better they sound! Your talking 7000.00 a pair! My opinion is unless you have a muscle amp, probably best to give consideration to other towers!

Pros: Balanced, Warmth, basic bass, beautiful cherry finish!

Cons: Muscle amp needed to make them sing!

Awesome Speakers,!

Steven M from Sanford, NC on 5/6/2017

Best Speakers I've ever owned! They are truly amazing! Very balanced sound and you do not need a subwoofer. They play down to 20hz with proper placement. The red wood cabinet is gorgeous!

Pros: Balanced sound Beautiful workmanship Can play down to 20hz!

Cons: None at all!

T3's are Amazing speakers

Guest from Ft Worth, TX on 11/13/2016

The psb t3's are an absolutely beautiful set of speakers to listen to and observe in person; I have the gloss black and they are audio idols just waiting for praise. Sound from these speakers is just amazingly transparent and spot on; every little detail of the mids, highs, and lows are just so quick to response, rebound and reproduce perfect reproduction of every instrument. I am a studio musician and producer with over 20 years experience and I have been a fan of psb's products for years and the t3's deliver on every level. Within the realm of speakers I've owned and had personal experience: Martin Logan-quest Z's, infinity prelude p-fr's, PSB Stratus golds and silvers, and much to my delight, the PSB T3's are my favorite. I don't think anyone will find anything but sheer enjoyment from these speakers.

Pros: The speaker is beautiful, powerful, and amazing transparency

Cons: Not one!!!

Natural Sound

KT from Alabama on 6/13/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced my synchrony one speaker system with this one. The upgrade is worth it. The cherry wood is a definite upgrade from the old model, pictures will not convey the look of this cabinet. The synchrony one cabinet had a "plastic" look and feel to the cabinet, this model feels and looks like wood you see on cruise ships. The grills have a much better design and come off and on easier than the prior model. The synchrony one had great sound, but these seem to have a bigger presence to them. The music sounds very natural and has a live feel to it. I have noticed they use more power than the prior model, not enough to upgrade your amp, but you have to turn the volume up a bit as compared to the synchrony one's. The only negative about the speakers are the feet. The speakers bottoms are attached to a metal plate that you thread the carpet spike in. If you do not have carpet, you have to use these pods that the spikes set on. It is a two person job to set the speakers on these pods because the pods do not attach to the spikes.I think they should have offered a threaded bolt with the flat surface on them as well as the threaded bolts with the carpet spike. You can't move the speakers on a hard wood floor without the pods coming off of the speaker, which exposes your wood floor to the spikes.

Pros: Great sound and quality workmanship.

Cons: Poor design for hardwood floors.

Sounds Sweet!

Honolulu Howard from Hawaii on 2/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I just set these speakers up a few days ago. It is too soon for me to provide a comprehensive review. They are hooked up to a NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier and a NAD M50 Digital Music Player. I use the M50 to play Hi Rez Flac files and CD's as well. (Perhaps I should add that to my ears the majority of the Hi Rez files I play sound no better than the majority of the CD's I play. I suppose that is a different subject though.) I want to say the sound is simply wonderful. The word "sweet" comes to my mind when I listen to them. Others who have listened to them say the word sweet describes them as well. I am sure they will sound even better after they are broken in and I tweak the placement. It should probably be noted that I have them hooked up to a very high quality amplifier and digital music player. In fact, NAD is a sister company to PSB. These speakers are night and day as compared to the Polk Audio LSi M 707 that I replaced them with.

Pros: Sweet and Musical. Good looking. Outstanding Fit and Finish.

Cons: No directions on how to unpack them. I had to go real slow on the first box to make sure I didn't damage them. Second box went quick once I figured it out.


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Finish MDF/Lacquer
Color Gloss Black
Tweeter Dome
Tweeter Size (inches) 1"
Midrange Size (inches) 5.25
Woofer Size (inches) 7"
Woofer Composition Compressed felt/Fiberglass
Woofer Surround Rubber
Built-in Powered Sub No
Video-Shielded No
Connector Type 5-Way post
Bi-amp Inputs Yes
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years
Power Range 20-300
Frequency Response 24-23k Hz
Sensitivity 91 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Subwoofer Amp Power ---
Height (inches) 47-1/4
Width (inches) 11-3/4
Depth (inches) 15-3/4
Weight 71 lbs

Product Research


High Resolution Tweeter: The Imagine T3 is using a hand-selected version of PSB's famous titanium dome tweeter. This 1" dome features a neodymium magnet, high temperature voice coil and ferrofluid cooling, allowing it to keep pace with the high power handling of the rest of the speaker. Several years spent perfecting the production process has resulted in a tweeter with extremely smooth response and amazingly low distortion compared with other well-known tweeter designs. The integrated 'phase plug' is ingeniously designed to extend high frequency response while also creating an 'air spring' that effectively dampens the metal dome's 'oil can' resonance. Although this resonance is beyond the audible range, if not well suppressed it can affect the audible range. Excellent power handling allows PSB to ideally place the crossover point at 1,800Hz, which enhances the dispersion and integration with the midrange driver.

Dedicated Midrange Driver: The majority of musical information is reproduced in what we call the midrange. It sounds a little boring next to woofers and tweeters, but the range between 200Hz and 2,000Hz contains most of the musical information related to pitch and timbre of instruments and voice. It just happens to be the most sensitive range for our ears, too. The Imagine T3 uses a specially developed 5.25" midrange driver, and tunes and isolates it in its own sealed chamber. The result is a lifelike presence that is palpable. The 5.25" size has a nearly perfect combination of low distortion, high output capability, and ideal dispersion over the desired frequency range, allowing it to integrate smoothly with the woofers and tweeter.

3 Woofer Transitional Array: Three 7-inch woofers are arranged in PSB's three-woofer transitional array, where all the woofers combine to produce the longest wavelengths of sound in the lowest frequencies. At higher musical frequencies, woofers are strategically attenuated until only the woofer adjacent to the midrange is active, creating a perfect transition with uniform off-axis response. The position of each woofer, and the exact crossover slope, has been carefully optimized to reduce first acoustic reflections, also known as 'floor bounce'. Floor bounce is responsible for response irregularities, and occurs for all speakers unless compensated for, as in the Imagine T3. Another advantage to using multiple woofers is more efficient transfer of energy into the air compared to a single larger woofer. The varying positions also tend to excite a broader spectrum of room resonances, thus preventing the 'one note bass boom' that often occurs with powerful full-range speakers. Utilizing smaller cones with large motors results in higher sensitivity and more accurate piston motion of the cone for faster transient response and lower distortion.

Advanced Driver Technology: Proven engineering combined with advanced technology in PSB's all-new drivers reduce distortion and respond more faithfully to musical transient, which is accomplished in two ways. Firstly, a copper cap is precision fitted over the pole piece of the motor structure to dramatically reduce 3rd harmonic distortion. Secondly, a symmetrical drive design is used to create a more uniform magnetic field in the motor (driver) coil which makes the cone motion more linear by reducing 2nd harmonic distortion, especially at high volume levels where the cone motion is greatest. The woofers and midrange utilize polymer coated felted fiberglass cones mated to a high temperature fiberglass voice coil. Rubber surrounds and a highly rigid non-resonant die cast aluminum alloy chassis provide precision alignment of all speaker components for high performance and excellent reliability. Combined with amplitude-perfect acoustic Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossovers, these advanced drivers provide the lowest distortion and highest power handling of any PSB speaker.

Individual Bass Chambers: The Imagine T3's tall and slender cabinet not only looks great, but also places the more directional tweeter right at ear level for best imaging. When used as bass chambers, however, tall narrow enclosures tend to have a serious 'pipe resonance' that can ruin bass transients and performance. PSB addresses this issue by using individually tuned chambers for each woofer. The dividers for these chambers also add significant structural rigidity to the cabinet, further suppressing resonances. Since each chamber has its own rear firing tuning port, you can fine-tune the in-room response with the supplied port plugs. These work by reducing overall acoustic output in the lowest frequencies, which can be beneficial in smaller rooms or when the speaker must be placed close to the wall behind. Additionally, the bottom woofer can be disconnected from the amp and shorted using the provided woofer shorting bar, thus creating a 'bass trap' or damper to further suppress room resonances.

Industrial Designed Enclosure: The sleek and distinctive Imagine enclosure was designed by the renowned industrial designer, David Farrage of DF-ID, and carefully engineered by PSB. The Imagine T3 employs seven layers of MDF (a dense, non-resonant wood material) and a unique process that employs space-age materials to create a beautifully curved, yet acoustically inert structure. The front baffle is a massive 2" thick MDF panel that provides a solid foundation for the drive units. The carefully sculpted trim rings around each driver provide a perfect low diffraction transition to the driver cone enhancing off-axis performance while hiding the fixing hardware and dampening unwanted vibrations. The hand-finished cabinet is available in piano high gloss black and in book-matched cherry veneers with a high gloss varnish.

Multiple Binding Post Terminals: The T3 features multiple input terminals for bi-amping and tri-amping if desired, along with the unique ability to use one woofer as a bass trap to tame room resonances, and to adjust the bass to perform perfectly in a wide range of room sizes and shape. These binding post terminals will accept spade connectors, banana plugs (single or dual), pin connectors, and bare wire (up to 8 gauge).

Aluminum Plinth & Floor Spikes: The PSB Imagine T3 includes a one-piece aluminum plinth with adjustable spikes, ideal for use on carpet to gain stability and give a clean mechanical interface with the floor; even with uneven floors. Isolation pucks with carefully engineered rubber dampers are also included for hardwood floors to prevent damage. The isolation pucks add 0.75" to the overall height of the speaker.

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Freakin Beautiful!!!! [ Martin  Nov 25, 2016 ]
I owned a pair of 7PT's and was very happy with them and I liked what I read from owners of these T3's and the online reviews. [ DUANE  Apr 08, 2017 ]

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They are made by our soon-to-be former trade partners in Canada, specifically Pickering, Ontario. [ David  Jun 01, 2018 ]