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PSB Imagine X2T

Floor-standing speaker

Item # 760IMNX2T

Experience the kind of clean, balanced sound that has earned PSB speakers a sterling reputation among high-end...

Experience the kind of clean, balanced sound that has earned PSB speakers a sterling reputation among high-end...

Item # 760IMNX2T

In stock
$699.50 each

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About the PSB Imagine X2T

Exceptional performance and value

Experience the kind of clean, balanced sound that has earned PSB speakers a sterling reputation among high-end audio circles. The Imagine X2T borrows from driver technologies developed for PSB's top-tier Synchrony speakers, giving you audiophile sound quality at a budget-friendly price. The Imagine X2T also features clean lines and a sleek cabinet design that won't clutter up your listening room.
PSB Imagine X2T floor-standing speaker detail

Exceptional performance and value

Experience the kind of clean, balanced sound that has earned PSB speakers a sterling reputation among high-end audio circles. The Imagine X2T borrows from driver technologies developed for PSB's top-tier Synchrony speakers, giving you audiophile sound quality at a budget-friendly price. The Imagine X2T also features clean lines and a sleek cabinet design that won't clutter up your listening room.

High-tech drivers produce clean, well-balanced sound

The Imagine X2T features a 1" titanium dome tweeter that effortlessly dishes out smooth, uncolored highs. Just above the tweeter in its own tuned sub-enclosure is a 5-1/4" poly-filled carbon fiber midrange. This unique arrangement of midrange and tweeter is designed to prevent diffraction that can cause coloration of voices and instruments.

The tower's dual 6-1/2" woofers use an advanced clay/ceramic-filled polypropylene cone design. This stiff, lightweight material helps them deliver surprisingly deep bass. Each woofer is contained in its own internal ported chamber, which allows for extended, well-defined bass response uncommon for a speaker of this size.

Got wire?

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Product highlights:

  • frequency response: 30-23,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • sensitivity: 90 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • recommended power: 20-200 watts
  • 1" titanium dome tweeter with neodymium magnets
  • 5-1/4" polypropylene-filled carbon fiber cone midrange
  • dual 6-1/2" clay ceramic-filled polypropylene woofers
  • dual port, bass reflex design
  • two sets of gold-plated five way binding posts — can be bi-wired or bi-amped
  • black ash vinyl finish
  • 9"W x 40-1/8"H x 16-3/4"D
  • weight: 52 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # Imagine X2T

What's in the box:

  • Floor-standing speaker
  • Grille
  • 4 Rubber feet
  • 4 Spiked Feet
  • Wrench
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the PSB Imagine X2T

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Finish MDF/Wood-grain
Color Black
Tweeter Hard-Dome
Tweeter Size (inches) 1
Midrange Size (inches) 5.25
Woofer Size (inches) 6.2
Woofer Composition Clay/Ceramic/Poly
Woofer Surround Rubber
Built-in Powered Sub No
Dolby Atmos Drivers No
Video-Shielded No
Connector Type 5-Way post
Bi-amp Inputs Yes
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years
Power Range 20-200
Frequency Response 30-23k Hz
Sensitivity 90 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Subwoofer Amp Power ---
Height (inches) 40-1/8
Width (inches) 9
Depth (inches) 16-3/4
Weight 52 lbs

Product Research


3-Way Speaker Design: The PSB Imagine X2T floor-standing speaker employs a three-way speaker design with a single 1" tweeter, one 5.25" midrange driver, and two 6.5" bass woofers for a realistic, true-to-nature sound for music and movie soundtracks.

  • 1" Tweeter: The PSB Imagine X2T features a 1" titanium dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooled high-tempeature voice coil and a neodymium magnet structure for extended high frequency response that remains distortion free even at extreme volume levels. A carefully engineered phase plug (the little plate in front of the dome) extends high frequency response and helps control the inevitable high frequency breakup mode while protecting the delicate dome from prying fingers.
  • 5.25" Midrange: The Imagine X2T utilizes a separate 5.25" midrange driver in its own tuned enclosure for ideal dispersion and low distortion at high SPLs; this midrange driver is designed specifically for the Imagine X2T. Featuring an injection-molded poly-filled carbon fiber cone, the 5.25" midrange driver features a novel shape and filleted surround to optimize the reproduction of voices.
  • Dual 6.5" Woofers: The PSB Imagine X2T houses two 6.5" proprietary injection-molded clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene cones with rubber surrounds that have been refined to improve stiffness, internal damping, and low mass.  Each 6.5" woofer has its own separate acoustic chamber tuned with a front-facing port to achieve incredible control and spatial, dynamic sound quality. Dividing and individually porting the chamber eliminates standing waves inside the X2T's tall, slim speaker cabinet. The placement of the woofers in multiple positions also reduces the first reflection phenomenon, minimizing the negative effects of the primary "floor bounce" reflections, creating a much more accurate and tuneful bass performance. The result being low distortion bass response that speaks with powerful authority.

Bass Reflex Cabinet: The Imagine X2T floor-standing speaker utilizes a bass reflex enclosure with two front-firing ports for greater efficiency and bigger bass response. The cabinet's front baffle is made from 1-1/4" thick MDF and is extremely rigid to prevent unwanted distortion and vibration. The narrow cabinet design helps prevent diffraction effects that can create early acoustic reflections that color the sound of voices and instruments. The black ash wood-grain finish complements the crisp, clean lines, and slim cabinet to integrate seamlessly with almost any decor.

Dual Binding Posts: The Imagine X2T floor-standing speaker features dual 5-way, gold-plated binding posts that can accept bare wire (up to 8AWG), spade-lugs, pin-connectors, and banana plugs (single or dual). The two sets of binding posts are shorted together by a gold-plated jumper. With the jumper removed the Imagine X2T can be bi-wired or bi-amplified.

NRC (Nation Research Council): Through many years of research at the National Research Council (NRC) in Canada, home to one of the world's most advanced acoustical laboratories, PSB's design team has learned not only what people love to hear, but also how they hear it in a room. Critical to the Imagine X series design is this research into human perception of sound using double-blind listening tests. Double-blind testing removes any listener bias to give us the most accurate test result. It allows PSB to understand what is most important to listeners and allows us to create the ideal blend of performance and price for every application. In 1974, PSB was the first company to use the NRC for loudspeaker development and remains the most active user of the facility today. PSB's experience with the NRC, how they interpret the data and implement it into the design of the Imagine X series speakers, gives PSB a real advantage in speaker design.

Rubber & Spiked Feet: The PSB Imagine X2T floor-standing speaker comes with four rubber feet and four spiked feet. The rubber feet should be used on hardwood and tiles floors, while the spikes should be used on carpeted flooring. The feet thread into the bottom of the speaker and are adjustable to level the speaker up with your floors. The rubber feet add approximately 0.375" to the height of the speaker, while the spiked feet add approximately 1.0" to the height of the speaker.

Applications: All PSB's Imagine X series speakers are carefully matched in timbre, giving you flexibility to combine any of the models to work together in many different rooms and system setups; from a simple stereo application to a complex home theater system.

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Customer Q&A

6 questions already asked

I have these speakers with a Denon 6300 . Should I buy a 200watt Amp or is the Denon enough?
[ Eric  May 04, 2020 ]
1 answer
I powered them up with Denon AVR-X2100W. They sounded awesome. I never tried with an amp. But, I am sure, it will sound better. But, for me, the Denon was sufficient.
[ Vaiyapuri  May 04, 2020 ]
I see the specs indicate the speaker weighs 52 that the actual weight of the cabinet or the shipping weight?
[ Mark  Jul 12, 2017 ]
1 answer
Thanks for your questions. Yes 52 pounds is the correct product weight. The shipping weight is 67 pounds. Hope this helps.
[ Kenny  Jul 13, 2017 ]  Staff
how manny rms is each tower ?
[ don  Feb 01, 2017 ]
3 answers
Max output is rated at 130 watts per channel.
[ DOUGLAS C  Dec 23, 2019 ]
IFor you don't have the manual you can message psb and they will comply
[ PHILLIP  Feb 03, 2017 ]
I Don't remember but they will handle plenty ofpower. Try to Google it.
[ PHILLIP  Feb 03, 2017 ]
I am looking to couple these x2t's (as rear surround) with my t3's (front stereo) and am wandering if anyone has any experience with this combo? I run status golds (front stereo) & stratus silvers (rear surround) in my living room system, and I love how well they compliment each other.
[ 91scalloped  Nov 13, 2016 ]
3 answers
I Think they are overkill assurrounds but go for it.ypu will need plenty of power s
[ PHILLIP  Feb 03, 2017 ]
Sorry to be slow in reply. You are way beyond me as I am using the X2Ts as my main front speakers! I would love to see the room you have your stereo in. That's a lot of sound! Good luck, Doc
[ R  Nov 21, 2016 ]
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat for further assistance. They can go into more specific details regarding the compatibility of the speakers you want to use. I hope that helps!
[ Larry  Nov 20, 2016 ]  Staff
Mine are sitting on a short nap Carpet. I didn't use the spikes or rubber feet. Does it make any difference?
[ John  Mar 15, 2016 ]
10 answers
Sorry for answering so late. The SPIKES play a big role in keeping each tower firmly ' attached ' to your carpet so they won't move around. The other advantage of the SPIKES is, it gets the speaker up off the carpet and will help in giving you a cleaner less muddy sound. You can also level each speaker if needed. Hope this helps; break them in for awhile and you should be very happy!! I am! Take care, Stephen B.
[ Stephen  Sep 18, 2016 ]
John , Stephen again. Hope the answer helped. Remember we hear differently, but speakers are designed to sound a specific way; You just have to move them around, little at a time, till you find that sweet spot. Good luck!! Stephen
[ Stephen  Mar 21, 2016 ]
I agree with John. Tremendous difference. Spikes hold the speaker firmly in place. ( for carpet ) The Tower acts as one big speaker; if it is not coupled to the floor, the individual drivers will not perform or sound as good as they were intended. the individual drivers move the air that " brings " the sound to you. If the entire tower is ,because it isn't set in place properly, sounds, music and with out getting to technical ( and sounded a bit snobbish ) you will never hear the speakers the way they were designed. By the way......I love mine I hope you do too! Stephen
[ Stephen  Mar 21, 2016 ]
Yes it does , speakers should be firmly attached to floor to prevent vibrations , etc--- it will make a difference in the sound
[ Ken  Mar 17, 2016 ]
The second step in the quick start part of the owner's guide is to install either the spikes or rubber feet depending on the floor. I would lean toward doing what the manufacturer suggests. Going back a few decades, one of the biggest improvements I made was to place some short stands under my old Genesis One speakers, as I was told back then it is best to surround your speakers with air. Then again hearing is subjective, so my recommendation is to select a couple of your favorite pieces of music and listen to them with and without the spikes and choose which configuration sounds the best to you.
[ Paul  Mar 16, 2016 ]
I use the spikes and couples them nicely to the floor. Real stable. Not sure if it improves the sound though. Might focus things a bit.
[ David  Mar 15, 2016 ]
Mine are also on short carpet and I don't use the spikes you can use some rubber or wood under the feet instead of spikes if you want to. You might hear a difference in sound depending on the position of the speakers
[ PHILLIP  Mar 15, 2016 ]
I love these speakers! I put the rubber feet on them and I was reading that it is good for the sound from the cabinet. I would recomend getting them off the floor. Mine sound amazing.
[ MATTHEW  Mar 15, 2016 ]
I would definitely put either feet on for a comparison. I think you will hear a difference in the lower half of the frequencies.
[ Max  Mar 15, 2016 ]
John, mine are also sitting on short carpet with no spikes (only one set got delivered with my speakers and I've failed to call to have them sent) or rubber feet. They sound great to me the way they are. Maybe someone else who is using the spikes or feet will chime in. Regards, Mark J
[ Mark  Mar 15, 2016 ]
How does the PSB Imagine X2T compare in sound to the imagine T2?
[ Steve S.  Jun 14, 2014 ]
1 answer
Thanks for your question. For information on comparing two or more models I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences and help you make the best choice for your system and your budget.
[ Krissy  Jun 15, 2014 ]  Staff

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