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Sumiko Pearl

Moving magnet phono cartridge

Item # 782PEARL

It delivers gripping performance that'll keep your toes tapping from the very first note to the very last drum roll.

It delivers gripping performance that'll keep your toes tapping from the very first note to the very last drum roll.


Item # 782PEARL

Ships free

Out of stock

$119.99 -$11.70 Outlet savings


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About the Sumiko Pearl

Out-of-this-world sound at a down-to-earth price

With its extended frequency response and groove-hugging elliptical diamond stylus, the Sumiko Pearl delivers the kind of gripping performance that'll keep your toes tapping from the very first note to the very last drum roll. Cymbal splashes come across as natural, open, and airy, while bass lines are rendered tight, deep, and tuneful. Even surface noise, one of vinyl's Achilles heels, is pushed far off into the background. You'll enjoy sparkling clarity and warmth with every disc in your treasured vinyl library.

Product highlights:

  • moving-magnet design
  • 0.2 x 0.8mm bonded elliptical diamond stylus
  • alloy tube cantilever
  • frequency response 12-30,000 Hz
  • output voltage: 4 mV
  • stereo separation: 30 dB
  • channel balance: 0.5 dB
  • tracking force range: 1.5-2 grams
  • recommended tracking force: 2 grams
  • load impedance: 47k ohms
  • cartridge weight: 6 grams
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # Pearl

What's in the box:

  • Turntable cartridge (MM)
  • Plastic stylus guard
  • Plastic case
  • 2 Mounting screws
  • 2 Nuts
  • 2 Plastic washers
  • Small screwdriver
  • Brush
  • Instructions

Scratch & Dent items may be missing non-essential accessories. In some cases the manufacturer's accessories have been replaced with generic equivalents.

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Sumiko Pearl

Stacey B.

Product Research


Overview: The Sumiko Pearl is a moving magnet phono cartridge with an alloy cantilever, bonded elliptical stylus, and 4.0 mV output. The Pearl cartridge offers superior construction and sound quality with an emphasis on real world performance.

Compatibility: The Sumiko Pearl turntable cartridge is an ideal replacement for any standard 1/2" mount turntable or headshell.

  • Turntables: The Sumiko Pearl turntable cartridge supports turntables manufactured by Pro-Ject, Technics, Sony, Pioneer, Dual, Kenwood, Marantz, Denon, etc..
  • Cartridges: The Sumiko Pearl turntable cartridge replaces any standard 1/2" mount cartridge from Shure, Audio Technica, Ortofon, Pickering, Empire, Grado, etc..

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Customer Q&A

14 questions already asked

does it works with a Teac TN-350?
[ Daniel  Jan 06, 2021 ]
2 answers
Couldn't say specifically; I installed it on our 1980s vintage Mitsubishi turntable and it works great.
[ Karen  Jan 06, 2021 ]
Yes, no problem.
[ Brian  Jan 06, 2021 ]
Harman Kardon T20 : will the Pearl be compatible?
[ Princeton  Nov 25, 2020 ]
4 answers
i have mine hooked up to my Rega P3, it came with longer screws which i needed because of the size
[ ROBERT M  Nov 28, 2020 ]
So I looked at HK T20 as I am not familiar with it, but it looks like the Pearl will fit just fine. Mounting screws and wiring look the same. You should be fine with the Pearl.
[ Larry  Nov 26, 2020 ]
Looking at the headshell again, the cartridge mounting area is short. The Pearl may be too wide.
[ Thomas M.  Nov 26, 2020 ]
It should work fine. I'm using on a Sanyo TP 1012. The headshells look similar.
[ Thomas M.  Nov 26, 2020 ]
Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK and Sumiko Pearl?
[ R  Sep 16, 2020 ]
1 answer
Hi! If you are in need of product advice, or would like to check compatibility, please give us a call at 1-800-324-9695, or chat with us online. We will be happy to provide you with personalized recommendations and advice.
[ Jess  Oct 02, 2020 ]  Staff
Considering this cartridge for a Dual 1218 turntable. Is this a good match for the Dual? T
[ J  Jun 29, 2020 ]
3 answers
I have a CS5000 Dual turntable and I am very pleased with this cartridge
[ RICHARD  Jun 30, 2020 ]
I have an old Dual turntable, and I am very pleased with this cartridge.
[ RICHARD  Jun 30, 2020 ]
I will check your owners manual first, and read the spec on this cartridge, It is a very good cartridge for my own setup, the quality of sound coming out from this a cartridge is more than Just Fine can describe.
[ DONG-KUEN  Jun 29, 2020 ]
Will this cartridge work in a marantz tt530 turntable ?
[ Michael  May 01, 2020 ]
1 answer
If your Marantz TT530 connects with a standard four pin headshell (and I believe it does but would need to get a closer look to be 100% sure) it shouldn't be a problem. Love this cart by the way, well worth the investment for sound.
[ Joseph  May 01, 2020 ]
Will this fit on an Onkyo CP1500F? The original Cartridge is an AT120E
[ Denis  Apr 30, 2020 ]
3 answers
Fits my Technics SL-1500 (40 years old). Looking at photos online at the Onkyo it should. Same basic setup.
[ Alan  May 17, 2020 ]
It should be a direct replacement. I replaced my AT912Sa with the Sumiko Pearl, removed the head quick connect from time arm, omitted the flat washers that came with it. Great sound and value. Cliff M.
[ Cliff  May 04, 2020 ]
Yes, if you take the time to align & know how to setup the cartridge correctly with leads it should be a good upgrade.
[ Brian  May 04, 2020 ]
will this fit my rega p3,does it have a replaceable stylus?
[ kevin  Feb 27, 2020 ]
3 answers
[ ROBERT M  Nov 28, 2020 ]
[ Brian  May 04, 2020 ]
Cannot answer these questions. However it performs wonderfully well for my Technics 1200 MK2.
[ Julian  Feb 28, 2020 ]
thrones td 160 recommends not to use mounting screws from cartridge vendor, is this true with the pearl?
[ gary  Sep 16, 2019 ]
3 answers
I don't know what reason(s) Thornes has for making such a statement; but I've used the mounting screws the came with the Sumiko Pearl cartridge and have had no problems.
[ Gregory  Sep 19, 2019 ]
I never heard that before, I used the metal ones from Sumiko and hooked it up to my years old Tannoy Micro and was deeply impressed. Maybe thrones has super ears.or has another reason for not using them, I don't know. Happy listening, BN
[ billyN  Sep 17, 2019 ]
I used the screws I received with the new Pearl. They are simple aluminum screws with plastic washers. Ask thrones td 160 (??) why the recommendation and what they would use instead and why.
[ Julian  Sep 16, 2019 ]
Why do these people use mm when the term is mil. The other used term is micron which is shown totally different. Why would you buy from anyone who doesn't know the terms?
[ David  Jul 18, 2017 ]
3 answers
[ ROBERT M  Nov 28, 2020 ]
the mm stands for moving magnet.
[ pioneer  Jul 18, 2017 ]
They mean mil. For some reason several sites that show the specs have mm on the end which is incorrect. The published specs from Sumiko and in the manual are specified in mil. or more correctly don't specify but we know it is mil. Regardless this is a great cartridge. I run mine on a Marantz TT-S1 since I did not want to ruin the $900 Clear Audio Virtuoso Wood cartridge it came with. Similar specs and the sound is out of this world for a ~$100 cartridge that I paid next to nothing for with Discover and Crutchfield bucks. One of the best budget audiophile cartridges I have tried over several decades. More natural sounding that the Sure, Ortophon and others in this price category. Tonearm and table matching is important with any cartridge and mileage may vary. Phono pre-amp also makes a difference. I run a ProJect tube box with this set-up and it is a great match.
[ Barry  Jul 18, 2017 ]
Will the sumiko pearl cartridge be compatible with the Pioneer pl510a turntable?
[ John C.  Jun 10, 2017 ]
1 answer
We do not offer Pioneer turntables but Sumiko does list Pioneer as a compatible manufacturer. The cartridge is an ideal replacement for any standard 1/2" mount turntable or headshell. I hope that helps. My Bio:
[ Ryan  Jun 14, 2017 ]  Staff
Will the sumiko pearl,fit my pioneer pl 510a turntable's standard headshell?
[ John C.  Jun 09, 2017 ]
4 answers
Hi John. I recently hooked up a sumiko pearl to my 1978 pioneer pl-540 turntable and it fit the headshell just fine. All the pioneer turntables I have dealt with would fit this cartridge. If you have any problems I am sure Crutchfield will take care of you, their customer service is superior. Good luck, this cartridge provides a nice overall sound for a variety of music for the money.
[ STEVEN  Jun 12, 2017 ]
Hello John I'm not sure if you have recieved an answer to your inquiry about the fit of the Sumiko Pearl cartridge. If the Pioneer headshell is the original (black anodized Technique type) then yes it should fit. I installed one of these replacing an ADC cartridge/stylus on my uncles Pioneer Pl 15d. ( shorter headshell wires were also used due to decay of old original wires.) He really enjoys the result ... Good Luck and happy spinning.. Stephen P.
[ Jazzing67  Jun 10, 2017 ]
yes I have mine in a pioneer pl51 this is a good cart. Enjoy it
[ pioneer  Jun 10, 2017 ]
Sorry, I have no experience with the Pioneer PL 510a. Maybe consult the manufacturer.
[ RICHARD  Jun 10, 2017 ]
Would this cartridge be compatible with a vintage Technics SL 1950 turntable?
[ David  Jun 06, 2017 ]
3 answers
According to your owner's manual on page 2, the answer is yes. You will need to mount it on the headshell, and instructions are provided. The only issue is if the cartridge height is greater than 20mm, it could interfere with playing records that are stacked high. You should check this before you purchase.
[ Danno  Jun 06, 2017 ]
I have mine on an MCS 6700 turntable that was made by Technics back int the late 70's to mid 80's. If I remember the 1950 is very similar to the MCS. Search for the MCS and find a picture to compare to your table and if the cartridge holder is similar it should be fine. You will need a stylus gage to get it set properly. Hope that will help. It is an awesome cartridge, best I have ever owned.
[ Larry  Jun 06, 2017 ]
Hi David i can't answer this question because this cartridge was not compatible with my Scot Semi-automatic belt-drive turntable. The reason being that this unit uses a T4P type plug-in cartridge and didn't fit the tone arm.. I had to send it back for a refund
[ Michael  Jun 06, 2017 ]
Is the stylus in the Sumiko Pearl cartridge replaceable?
[ Michael  Jan 23, 2016 ]
4 answers
Yes, but you will have to visit another site or a hi-fi store to do so.
[ Steven  Jan 25, 2016 ]
Yes it is. Replacement I believe runs about $70.
[ JAMES  Jan 24, 2016 ]
I don't know.
[ RONALD D  Jan 24, 2016 ]
Yes, but be sure you are ordering a genuine Sumiko replacement, will cost around $70. Happy listening!!
[ DENNIS L  Jan 24, 2016 ]
I have a pro ject perspect turntable straight,solid carbon tone-arm,& fixed heADshell. I believe it is a1/2" standard mount.i would like to know if this cartdge. will worh on my turntable? or if here is a better match? thanx,dave c.
[ David  Jun 17, 2014 ]
1 answer
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: Thanks for contacting us. Without knowing the exact model Pro-ject turntable you have, we cannot verify 100% compatibility. However, looking at all the current models that Pro-ject, the Sumiko Pearl cartridge is compatible. If you want make 100% sure prior to ordering, you can contact Pro-ject at 510.843.4500 If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat.
[ Krissy  Jun 18, 2014 ]  Staff

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