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Google Wifi

Expandable dual-band mesh Wi-Fi® router

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Our take on the Google Wifi

This Google Wifi router module provides strong, fast wireless signal for up to 1,500 square feet, which is pretty impressive on its own. If you find some dead spots, or move to a bigger place, however, you can add more modules, so your network grows with you. A speedy quad-core processor and beamforming keep traffic moving quickly in a busy household.

Strong, fast mesh Wi-Fi from Google

This Google Wifi router module provides strong, fast wireless signal for up to 1,500 square feet, which is pretty impressive on its own. If you find some dead spots, or move to a bigger place, however, you can add more modules, so your network grows with you. A speedy quad-core processor and beamforming keep traffic moving quickly in a busy household.

Convenient app-based control

The free Google Wifi app helps you set up and control your mesh network from a mobile device. You can see which household devices are using the network at a glance, pause internet for the kids to make bedtime easier, and prioritize a specific device — like your big-screen TV — so content streams without glitching. It's a powerful tool, right in the palm of your hand.

Keep your data and your family safe

Built-in parental controls let you set up "time out" periods and limit access to specific websites, so you're in charge of when your kids are online, and where they go. Google also uses the tough WPA2-PSK security protocol to help keep your network secure.

Product Highlights:

  • covers up to 1,500 square feet with strong, fast Wi-Fi
  • 802.11ac simultaneous dual-band 2.4 & 5GHz Wi-Fi (1200 Mbps)
  • expandable: add more modules to create a seamless mesh Wi-Fi network
  • speedy quad-core processor
  • beamforming directs Wi-Fi where it's needed most
  • dual auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports for WAN and/or LAN connectivity
  • free Google Wifi app lets you set up, control, and troubleshoot your network from your mobile device
  • parental controls limit internet access for younger users
  • WPA2-PSK security protocol keeps your data safe
  • 4-1/8" diameter x 2-3/4" high
  • weight: 12 oz.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • WiFi router
  • AC power adapter (attached 5.5' cord)
  • 6.5' Ethernet cable
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Product/Warranty Information

Google Wifi Reviews

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Simple and smart

Crutchfield customer from Carlsbad, CA on 2/10/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy setup and you save time and space in your home placing this, work much better than the router provided by the internet provider, does support the much higher bandwidth, there is no impact even when you have more than 6 devices actively connected to this router. Easy setup for the guest and kids Wifi endpoint.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Google WiFi: Google WiFi replaces your old router and works with your modem and ISP (Internet Service Provider) to create a mesh network and increase your home's WiFi coverage. Google WiFi works differently than a traditional router; traditional routers have limited range and when you add WiFi extenders you end up degrading your speed. Google WiFi works together with multiple access points, creating a "mesh network" to cover your home with a reliably strong, fast WiFi signal

Note: Google WiFi is a mesh router; you'll still need service from your ISP, as well as a modem. Google WiFi cannot be used as an extender for your current router. Google WiFi will replace your router with one or more Google WiFi points.

Mesh WiFi Network: Google WiFi creates a Mesh WiFi Network throughout your home. A mesh network is a group of routers that communicate wirelessly to each other to create a single WiFi network that provides a blanket of connectivity. This allows you to have multiple sources of powerful WiFi throughout your home, instead of just a single router. Since WiFi is broadcasted from each WiFi point (and not just a single router), Google WiFi is a connected system that provides better coverage over a wider space. The system is flexible and scalable, so if you have a larger home, connect as many points as needed to get better WiFi in every room. The WiFi points connect wirelessly, so you don't need to run Ethernet cables throughout your house making installation a lot simpler and faster.

  • These coverage estimates are for homes with timber frames. Homes made of other materials may see different WiFi coverage.
  • Google WiFi points work best when they can see each other with a clear line of sight. Barriers like heavy furniture and walls made of thick concrete or brick can influence WiFi performance. With additional Wifi points, it'll be easier to strategically place them in a way that avoids obstructions.
  • Crowded WiFi areas like apartment buildings can result in crowded WiFi channels and reduced WiFi performance. In these environments, the closer you are to a WiFi point, the better your WiFi performance will be.

Network Assist: Network Assist technology ensures that Google WiFi always chooses the fastest route from your device to the internet. This means that you get faster WiFi speeds for things like streaming and gaming. Google WiFi's Network Assist takes care of things behind the scenes by always connecting you to fastest WiFi point, placing you on the least congested channel, and using the fasted band for your devices.

Simultaneous Dual-Band 802.11ac: The Google WiFi offers support for simultaneous dual-band (2.4GHz + 5GHz) WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) for reliable and fast wireless networking speeds up to 1200Mbps.

Ethernet Jacks: The Google WiFi has two Ethernet (RJ-45) jacks - 1 WAN and 1 LAN. The primary Google WiFi router needs to be connected to your modem and ISP via its WAN Ethernet jack and Ethernet cable. Additional Google WiFi points do not require a hardwired Ethernet connection and can be linked via WiFi (although they can be connected to each other via Ethernet, if you prefer a hardwired connection). A network device that requires a hardwired connection can also be connected to the Google WiFi's LAN Ethernet jack.

Google WiFi App: The Google WiFi app (for Apple iOS 10.0+ and Android OS 4.0.3+) lets you set up and control Google WiFi right from your compatible smartphone or tablet. It puts you in control of your network by allowing you to easily share your WiFi password, see what devices are online, prioritize devices for better performance, or pause WiFi on kids' devices. The app also provides insights to help you get the most out of your Google WiFi Mesh network.

Family-Friendly Controls: Through the Google WiFi app, you can schedule a regular WiFi pause on your kids' devices, like at bedtime or dinnertime. Plus, you'll have the ability to block access to millions of explicit websites.

Cloud-Based Security: Industry-leading hardware and cloud-based security that automatically updates itself means you're always protected. Google WiFi has several built-in security measures to protect you online.

  • Firewall: Google WiFi's firewall creates a barrier between your WiFi network and the Internet, protecting your data from unsolicited connections or connection attempts. It's a stateful firewall, which keeps track of connections (TCP streams, UDP communication) traveling across it. Only data associated with a known active connection is allowed through the firewall.
  • WPA 2: Google WiFi supports WPA2, which is the latest and most popular WiFi encryption protocol. This makes sure that only people with the correct passphrase can join your wireless network. Google WiFi doesn't support older protocols like WPA and WEP because they have been deemed unsecure by the WiFi Alliance and industry experts. There are also known and documented attacks against WEP and WPA. WPS, a mechanism that lets a device join a wireless network without entering a password, is also not supported for security reasons.
  • Automatic Updates: Google WiFi receives automatic software updates to make sure you always have the latest security. These updates include open source components and go through several rigorous reviews.
  • TLS: All communication between Google WiFi and Google is secured by Transport Layer Security (TLS). This is a protocol that ensures privacy between a device and a server, making sure no one else sees or tampers with the message.
Note: Settings like UPnP and port forwarding allow devices to bypass the firewall and have an open connection, leaving them potentially vulnerable.

Mounting Placement, & Installation: The primary Google WiFi point needs to be connected to your modem with broadband internet connection via Ethernet and to a nearby electrical outlet using the included AC power adapter. Additional Google WiFi points can be connected via WiFi, but still will require a nearby electrical outlet using the included AC power adapter. As a general rule, WiFi points work best when they're no more than two rooms away from each other. Setup and configuration will be done through the Google WiFi app on your Apple iOS or Android OS device. If possible, place the Google WiFi in plain view like on a shelf or TV stand; it also helps to choose a central location at eye level.

System Requirements: Here is what you'll need to use Google WiFi -

  • Google WiFi mesh network router(s) with Google Account
  • Google WiFi app for Apple iOS 10.0+ or Android 4.0.3+
  • Mode and ISP (Internet Service Provider) w/ broadband internet connection
  • Ethernet cable for primary WiFi point
  • AC Power

AC Power: Each Google WiFi point comes with an AC power adapter and will require a nearby electrical outlet. 

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