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Music Hall Classic

Semi-automatic belt-drive turntable with built-in phono preamp

Item # 823CLSCWN

This 'table offers a nice mix of good looks, sound quality, convenience, and affordability.

This 'table offers a nice mix of good looks, sound quality, convenience, and affordability.

Item # 823CLSCWN

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About the Music Hall Classic

Classic look and sound

The Classic is a good name for this turntable. It makes your records sound good, thanks to a factory-installed Music Hall Spirit cartridge, and it looks good, too. It features a solid base in dark walnut, and adjustable vibration-damping feet. It's super-convenient to set up and use, thanks to a built-in phono preamp that lets you connect directly to your receiver or a pair of powered speakers. The 'table is also semi-automatic, which is a very handy feature. Read on to learn a bit more about that.

Classic look and sound

The Classic is a good name for this turntable. It makes your records sound good, thanks to a factory-installed Music Hall Spirit cartridge, and it looks good, too. It features a solid base in dark walnut, and adjustable vibration-damping feet. It's super-convenient to set up and use, thanks to a built-in phono preamp that lets you connect directly to your receiver or a pair of powered speakers. The 'table is also semi-automatic, which is a very handy feature. Read on to learn a bit more about that.

My hands-off experience with the Music Hall Classic

I usually use this space to tell you about my hands-on experience with a product, but this is a different kind of story. When my colleague Jeff Miller and I attended the 2019 Capital Audiofest in Washington, D.C., we spotted the Music Hall booth almost immediately. To our great delight, company founder Roy Hall was there, and he gave us a personal demonstration of the Classic. He was proud of the sound quality, good looks, and solid build of the 'table, but he really wanted to show off its convenient semi-automatic action.

He put a record on and placed the needle at the end of a side. When the tonearm reached the final groove, it gently lifted off the vinyl and the motor switched off automatically (note: the tonearm does not automatically return to its resting position).

I listen to music while puttering around the house, and I liked the notion that I could keep working until I found a good stopping point, and the Classic could take care of itself. The smooth, quiet motion of the semi-automatic lift and motor shutoff function is reassuring.

I also really like the Classic's solid base and the elegant dark walnut veneer. Getting an early demo courtesy of the 'table's designer was a rare treat!


Product highlights:

  • switchable built-in phono preamp
  • aluminum platter with felt mat
    • when switch is set to LINE, turntable must be connected to a standard line input (labeled AUX, CD, or TAPE)
    • when switch is set to PHONO, turntable must be connected to an outboard phono preamp or dedicated phono input
  • factory mounted Music Hall Spirit moving magnet cartridge on removable head shell
  • tonearm automatically lifts and platter stops spinning at the end of a side
    • tonearm must be returned to rest manually
  • medium density fiberboard (MDF) base with adjustable vibration-damping feet
  • dark walnut wood veneer
  • electronic speed control (33-1/3 and 45 rpm)
  • signal to noise ratio: 65 dB
  • wow and flutter: .12%
Dimensions and warranty:

What's in the box:

  • Turntable
  • Tone-arm (installed)
  • Cartridge w/ stylus
  • AC power adapter (attached 58" DC cord)
  • 3 AC plug inserts (US/EU/UK)
  • Platter
  • Belt (installed on platter)
  • Felt mat
  • 45 RPM adapter
  • Counterweight
  • Dust cover
  • 2 Hinges
  • 57" Stereo RCA cable (w/ grounding wire)
  • Instruction Manual

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Music Hall Classic

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Color Walnut
Operation Semi Automatic
Speeds 33-1/3, 45
Drive Type Belt
Pitch Control No
Phono Preamp Built-in
USB Output No
Bluetooth Built-In No
45 RPM Adapter Yes
Audio Cable Detachable
Power Cable Detachable (12-volt DC adapter)
Materials and Construction
Plinth MDF
Platter Aluminum
Tone Arm Shape Straight
Tone Arm Material Aluminum
Tone Arm Lift Finger, Lever
Cartridge Info
Included Cartridge MH Spirit
Cartridge Type MM
Removable Headshell No
Tracking Weight 2.0 g (20mN)
Frequency Response 20-20,000
Output Voltage 3.5
Load Impedance 47,000
Load Capacitance 100-200
Audio Specs
Signal to Noise Ratio 65
Wow and Flutter 0.12
Dimensions and Warranty
Width (Inches) 17.1875
Height (Inches) 6.25
Depth (Inches) 15.5625
Weight 15.2 lbs.
Turntable Parts Warranty 1 Year
Turntable Labor Warranty 1 Year
Cartridge Parts Warranty 1 Year
Cartridge Labor Warranty 1 Year
The Music Hall Classic replaces these items:

Product Research


2-Speed Control: A built-in speed control circuit ensures the accuracy of the Music Hall Classic turntable's two speeds (33-1/3 and 45 RPM). A 45 RMP adapter is included. The turntable's electronic speed control regulates the belt-drive motor for precise speed and optimum sound quality.

Music Hall Spirit MM Cartridge: A quality Music Hall Spirit moving magnet (MM) cartridge is included (requires mounting and alignment). Developed and built specially for Music Hall by Audio Technica, the Spirit MM catridge incorporates a low-mass cantilever and an elliptical stylus tip.

Semi-Automatic Operation: At the end of the record the Classic turntable automatically lifts the tonearm and turns off the power (you will still need to manually return the tonearm to its rest). You will also still need to manually place the tonearm on your record to begin playback.

Vibration Damping: The Music Hall Classic turntable comes with an aluminum platter and a felt mat to help dampen ambient vibration. The belt comes pre-mounted to the platter, making setup easier and quicker. The Classic also features a MDF Plinth and adjustable vibration damping feet to prevent unwanted resonance. The MDF plinth features a walnut wood veneer finish.

Built-in Switchable Preamp: A built-in phono preamplifier allows connection of the turntable to an AV receiver, integrated amplifier, or powered speakers that do not have a dedicated phono input. The built-in phono preamp can be turned off when using an AV receiver or integrated amp with a phono input (MM).

Stereo RCA Output: The Music Hall Classic is outfitted with a stereo RCA output and comes with a 5' stereo RCA cable to connect the turntable to your AV receiver, integrated amplifier, or powered speakers.

Dust Cover: The Music Hall Classic comes supplied with a dust cover to prevent dust build-up on the turntable.

AC Power Adapter: The Music Hall Classic comes with an external AC power adapter that plugs into the back of the turntable and into an AC wall outlet or surge protector (sold separately - see Accessories Tab).

Loading accessories...

Customer Q&A

11 questions already asked

Do I need speakers and a receiver for this? I am new to turntables and really want to play my inherited albums.
[ Linda  Nov 17, 2022 ]
1 answer
Greetings Linda, and thank you for your question. We offer great advise over the phone as well as chat, you are more than welcome to phone in or chat. For now, the better turntables like the Music Hall do not have any way of playing back the sound. They would either need to be connected to a receiver, integrated amp, then from one of those to wired speakers. Option two, is a pair of powered speakers. Those have their own built in amplifier and would not need a receiver, or integrated amp. Just the turntable, and powered speakers. Excellent choice on turntables I might add.
[ Thomas J.  Nov 17, 2022 ]  Staff
Does it include a dust cover?
[ Barry  Oct 08, 2022 ]
1 answer
Absolutely, Barry. This gorgeous Music Hall Classic turntable does come with a dust cover included, though not pictured on the website. Music Hall knows that you are going to want to keep the beautiful wood finish spotless!
[ Bo  Oct 08, 2022 ]  Staff
45 adapter, where do I store it? Nice upgrade from my AT-LP60XBT!
[ Greg  Nov 23, 2021 ]
3 answers
There is a 45 adapter that sits on the upper left hand side of the turntable.
[ ROBERT  Nov 26, 2021 ]
I have this 'table and store mine in the back left corner just inside the dust cover. My previous turntable had a small indent for it there and it's the perfect spot, doesn't interfere with anything, is out of the way and handy at the same time. You're going to love this turntable, man - cheers!
[ CRAIG  Nov 24, 2021 ]
I just leave it on the deck. There is no specific location to store it on the unit. Best answer is in a place you won't lose it.
[ KYLE  Nov 23, 2021 ]
Can someone measure the height with the dust cover up (in its staying position)? I'm trying to see if it will fit in my cabinet. Thank you.
[ Randall Wetmore  Aug 14, 2021 ]
2 answers
Hi with the dust cover up the height is 16". With it down the unit measures 6.25" It's a great turntable!
[ Miki  Aug 15, 2021 ]
16" tight... anything less than that you will not achieve your outcome
[ MICHAEL  Aug 15, 2021 ]
just received my MH Classic and installed the Audio-Technica VM530EN/H. I have been playing a lot of stuff I haven't listened to for 20+ years. The first few days was just fine. I think I have the weight set correctly and antiskid working well. i have it set to auto stop. all of a sudden today half way thru the album the blue light starts flashing for the speed. then around the last track it just picks up the tone arm part way though the song. Nothing has changed on he settings. if I flip it to non auto stop it does not do this. Any suggestions?
[ DAVID  Jun 19, 2021 ]
5 answers
The auto-stop/lift is triggered by silence at the end of the record, not mechanically. So, for example, if you happen to listen to The Beatles Sgt Pepper, the needle will never lift after the end of "A Day in the Life" because of the purposely placed sound in the run out groove of that record. Normally, records have no purposeful sound in the run out groove, so electronics in this turntable "hears" the silence, and triggers the Stop/Lift. It seems if you switched cartridges, your output might be lower, and the silence between the tracks on the LP could be triggering the stop/lift. Does the song you hear last have a long, quiet ending? None of this has anything to do with the tracking weight or anti-skid. It seems to me either the electronics in the turntable are bad or not compatible with the output of your cartridge. Maybe there is a secret adjustment process for this, I'd reach out to the manufacturer directly. I am still using the stock cartridge and have not problems with auto stop/lift, barring a couple LPs that have a scratch in the run out groove, so I have to go stop them myself. (kind of the opposite of your problem).
[ WILLIAM  Oct 03, 2021 ]
If it does that more than once I would return it. I haven't ever had mine do that, it is not normal. Mine was intermittently going out on the left channel and I exchanged it and now have had no problems. Good luck.
[ Greg  Jul 14, 2021 ]
Call Crutchfield and send it back. Maybe you can exchange it for a new one that will work better for you. A lot of the reviews have stated problems w/ the semi-auto function for that turntable. I had issues with the one I bought, altho different from yours.The auto lift wouldn't engage until the stylus "bumped" into the last groove 5 or 6 times. It also made a squealing sound when the arm lifted.
[ Doug  Jul 13, 2021 ]
Have you tried in-plugging the entire unit for 2-3 minutes? Mine was shutting off early (on auto), and a simple "re-set" solved the issue.
[ JAMES  Jul 13, 2021 ]
Hi David. What you are describing is the way that the auto stop function is supposed to work, except that it shouldn't activate until the arm reached the end of the run-out groove, almost to the label. Yours seems to be activating too soon. It may not be calibrated correctly. For now, I would suggest shutting off the auto stop until you can have it checked out. The best thing to do would be to contact Crutchfield support or Music Hall.
[ Will  Jul 13, 2021 ]
Can you upgrade the cartridge with a Ortofon 2m Blue mm?
[ Bob  May 26, 2021 ]
1 answer
The Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge will work with this turntable
[ Paul  Jun 09, 2021 ]  Staff
How is the isolation on this table? Also, can the arm be raised or lowered for other cartridges?
[ L  Mar 07, 2021 ]
3 answers
The isolation on this turntable is good, and could be perfect with a high-end set of feet. My set-up is a bit suspect as the unit sits on a shelf in a nook that is about 47" wide and 37" deep and about 5' above two subs. I cannot see how you could adjust the arm to accommodate a different cartridge. I would suggest reaching out to the Crutchfield or Music Hall folks directly. They are a treasure trove of knowledge and can give super technical advise. I'll just say that since hooking mine up I've dug out my decent-sized record collection and am adding new vinyl every week and going through tons of stuff I already had. I play it loud, and it sounds amazing.
[ CRAIG  Mar 08, 2021 ]
It had some LF rumble when I first got it, mainly becauseI had it set up on a piece of furniture that wasn't really the right place for it. I added a set of IsoAcoustics OREA Graphite isolators and the rumble reduced dramatically. The arm cannot be adjusted vertically.
[ Will  Mar 08, 2021 ]
Hard to say about first one other than good for me. The arm as far I known would not raise or lower other than adjusting the counter weight I suppose.
[ PAUL  Mar 07, 2021 ]
What is the speed control accuracy on this model? I don't like to hear Bowie running too slow or fast!
[ Sylvia  Feb 10, 2021 ]
3 answers
It does not have a self monitoring speed adjustment like my old Technics, however It seems to be precise.
[ Marianne  Feb 11, 2021 ]
Probably better to let a rep answer this one. R Nadlin
[ RICHARD R  Feb 11, 2021 ]
I find the speed control very accurate as 33 and 45 sound perfect. This is a great turntable and highly recommend.
[ ANDREW  Feb 10, 2021 ]
Has anyone upgraded the factory installed cartridge? What did you upgrade to and how do like the result?
[ Will  Nov 01, 2020 ]
3 answers
Tip: I am looking to replace the stock cartridge, but before I do, I will order a second headshell. This way I can keep the original cartridge handy for A/B comparison, or to play a record that my new cartridge won't track or something. I have not decided on an upgrade yet.
[ WILLIAM  Oct 03, 2021 ]
I upgraded to the Audio-Technica VM750SH. Installed today, the overall quality and clarity difference from the factory cartridge is incredible. The response is great. I don't have a way to A/B with the factory cartridge, but I had been using the stock stylus for a couple weeks since the turntable arrived. My ears got trained to the factory cartridge so I can say with certitude that the AT 750 is a significant upgrade. I almost went with the AT 650SLC but decided on the 750SH for budget reasons.
[ CHRISTOPHER  Nov 03, 2020 ]
Yes; I upgraded to the AT-VM540ML, without shims, and love the sound. Deeper base, more upfront mid-range and clearer highs. I also replaced the feet with the MNP Tech brand for the Classic which also helped. Much easier to adjust the feet to ensure the platter/table is absolutely flat/level. Awesome turntable for the price and appreciate Crutchfield's outstanding customer service - second to none! Bill G.
[ William  Nov 02, 2020 ]
Does it come with a flip up dust cover?
[ Blaine  Aug 05, 2020 ]
5 answers
Also, it is a flip up style, not a lift off/on.
[ Leon  Aug 13, 2020 ]
Yes it does.
[ Erick  Aug 13, 2020 ]
[ Will  Aug 12, 2020 ]
Yes, it comes with clear plastic flip.up dust cover. I have not had any problems with it so far, it works fine.
[ Greg  Aug 12, 2020 ]
Yes, it does come with a flip up dust cover.
[ Kenneth  Aug 12, 2020 ]
Can you up grade the platter on this table?
[ Steven  Apr 08, 2020 ]
1 answer
I'm sure you can if you find a replacement that fits. Music hall's acri-plat might be a good replacement.
[ Abhishek  Apr 09, 2020 ]

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