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Yamaha DXS15

15" powered subwoofer — 950W peak


Our take on the Yamaha DXS15

Big bass used to mean huge cabinets, heavy amps, and roadies with bad backs. Yamaha has changed all that. The compact DXS15 powered subwoofer delivers expansive bass without taking up too much space.

A powerful sub that's ready for the road

Big bass used to mean huge cabinets, heavy amps, and roadies with bad backs. Yamaha has changed all that. The compact DXS15 powered subwoofer delivers expansive bass without taking up too much space.

Powerful and efficient

Yamaha's engineers placed a high-efficiency 950-watt Class D amp and a 15" high-output woofer in a sturdy wooden enclosure that's optimized for impressive output. Yamaha's sophisticated low frequency processing means this sub can produce surprisingly loud bass at sound pressure levels up to 132 dB. This sub matches up perfectly with Yamaha's DSR and DXR powered speakers, and the sub's built-in pole sockets make it easy to mount a speaker directly over the sub. You can set the sub's crossover point at 80, 100, or 120 Hz so it'll match up with just about any powered speaker.

Fits in most vehicles

D-XSUB Processing offers three different bass modes, so you can adapt the sub to live bands, DJs, and other applications. This sub will add depth and richness to any show, whether it's a small club, a medium-sized hall, or even outdoors. You'll get the sound you want in a sub that's small enough to fit into most vehicles.

Product Highlights:

  • PA subwoofer
  • 15" woofer with 2.5" voice coil in an efficient bandpass enclosure
  • socket accepts standard 1-3/8" speaker stands
  • built-in amp: 600 watts RMS (950 peak)
  • maximum SPL: 132 dB
  • inputs: stereo XLR
  • outputs: stereo XLR
  • power consumption: 120 watts
  • frequency range: 45-160 Hz
  • dimensions: 18-7/8" W x 24-3/8" H x 24-1/2" D
  • optional protective cover available
  • weight: 84 lbs.
  • warranty: 7 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Active subwoofer
  • Owner's Manual

Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Drivers per speaker 1
Woofer Size (inches) 15
Tweeter Size (inches) N/A
System Frequency response 45-160
Maximum SPL 132
Built-in Amplifier Yes
RMS Power rating 600
Program Power rating ---
Peak Power rating 950
Mic Inputs 0
Line Inputs XLR (2)
Tone Controls D-XSUB processing
Width (inches) 18-7/8
Height (inches) 24-3/8
Depth (inches) 24-1/2
Weight 83.8 lbs

Product Research


Powered Subwoofer: The DXS series power subwoofer features a customized, high-power handling 15" woofer with superior damping, for a clean, accurate delivery of the massive power produced by its 600W RMS/950W Peak Class-D high-efficiency amplifier. The DXS series powered sub has an all-new band-pass design that produces extremely high SPL by drastically reducing the distortion.

D-XSUB Processing: D-XSUB is a newly-developed processing technology exclusively for subwoofers that dynamically controls the low frequency range. Powerful D-XSUB processing allows you to choose from either Normal, Boost or Xtended LF settings. You can select either mode in accordance with various applications and musical genres.

  • Normal mode gives you the ideally balanced low-frequency response.
  • Boost mode provides a more tight and focused bass.
  • Xtended LF mode drops the low end frequencies down-even further for thunderous bottom end that delivers.

Low-Pass Filter: The powered sub features a variable low-pass filter. You can set the low-pass filter's cutoff frequency at 120Hz, 100Hz, or 80Hz. The filter will cut the frequency components above the specified threshold. If you are using the DXS series sub along with a DXR series PA speaker, match this frequency to DXR's HPF switch setting.

Polarity Switch: In most cases, the Normal setting is recommend. However, the Inverted setting may improve low-range response, depending on the type and location of the speaker system. Try both settings and select the one that produces the best low-end sound.

Balanced Inputs & Outputs: The powered subwoofer features a balanced stereo XLR input for connection to a DXR-series speaker's "through"-output or the balanced XLR output of a mixer. The balanced stereo XLR outputs allow the powered sub's input signal to be passed through unaffected to another sub, mixer, or component.

DSP-Controlled Advanced Protection System: Powerful protection circuits ensure secure protection in the speaker unit, amplifier unit, and power supply unit. This
protection functionality promotes optimal performance of each component and optimum reliability without distortion even in challenging environments. LED indicators will light and the speaker output will be muted in the following situations.

  • If amplifier overheating is detected
  • If DC output is detected
  • If over-current is detected

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