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Yamaha MG20XU

20-channel mixer — with compression, effects, USB connection, and DAW software

Item # 845MG20XU

Yamaha used their extensive acoustical knowledge and engineering skills in offering you the MG20XU mixer.

Yamaha used their extensive acoustical knowledge and engineering skills in offering you the MG20XU mixer.

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About the Yamaha MG20XU

Reliable control of your music

Yamaha used their extensive acoustical knowledge and engineering skills in offering you the MG20XU mixer. This 20-channel workhorse can bring order and balance to your music, and help you make it all sound great, whether produced in church, home studio, dance club, or on the road.

Reliable control of your music

Yamaha used their extensive acoustical knowledge and engineering skills in offering you the MG20XU mixer. This 20-channel workhorse can bring order and balance to your music, and help you make it all sound great, whether produced in church, home studio, dance club, or on the road.

20 inputs

The sixteen microphone inputs feature Yamaha's D-PRE mic preamps, designed for their high-end recording consoles, which use a special Class A amplifier circuit to faithfully reproduce a microphone's signal without sacrificing warmth. The MG20XU also offers stereo line-level inputs that can accommodate unbalanced signals via 1/4" TS or RCA plugs.

Yamaha MG20XU

MG20XU outputs and USB connection

Analog outputs and digital interface

In addition to the main left/right stereo outputs, the MG20XU sports 4 auxiliary and 4 subgroup outputs, presenting you with an array of output channels for PA speakers, different monitor mixes, outboard processors, and recording. The MG20XU features digital interface via USB, allowing 2-channel 24-bit/192K Hz recording and playback. For laying down studio tracks, Yamaha includes a downloadable version of Cubase AI software that provides musicians a powerful tool to help shape and preserve their work.

Effects onboard

The MG20XU includes Yamaha's SPX digital multi-effects processor that offers 24 different editable audio effects like reverbs and delays that add atmosphere and spatial feeling to the mix. Eight channels of the MG20XU come loaded with a one-knob audio compressor, for smoothing out sounds that don't always maintain consistent levels, like vocals or horns.

Yamaha MG20XU

Universal features

All channels offer 3 bands of EQ to help you adjust voices and instruments. You'll find the peak lights, pre-fader listen bus, and LED meter handy for keeping channels clean and distortion-free. The MG20XU comes in a powder-coated steel chassis that's ready to endure the occasional but inevitable bumps that occur along the way. It also comes with a rack-mount kit, so you can protect this mixer even better when you're on the road.


Product highlights:

    20-channel mixer
    • channels 1-12:
      • mono mic/line inputs (XLR and 1/4" TRS)
      • switchable 26 dB pad
    • channels 13/14 and 15/16:
      • mono mic and stereo line inputs (XLR and 1/4" TS)
    • channels 17/18 and 19/20:
      • mono mic and stereo line inputs (XLR and RCA)
    • all microphone inputs:
      • D-PRE Class A microphone preamps
      • phantom power (+48 volts)
      • switchable high-pass filter (80 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
    • 3-band EQ on all channels (+/-15 dB)
      • chs 1-12: high: 10,000 Hz (shelving), mid: 250-5,000 Hz (peaking), low: 100 Hz (shelving)
      • chs 13-20: high: 10,000 Hz (shelving), mid: 2,500 Hz (peaking), low: 100 Hz (shelving)
    • peak lights on all channels
    Special features
    • 24-bit/192k Hz 2-in/2-out USB 2.0 audio interface
    • works with select iOS devices via Apple® iPad® Camera Connection Kit — Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (sold separately)
    • Cubase AI4 digital audio workstation software (download version)
      • system requirements: 2 GB RAM and Mac OS X Version 10.7 or later, or Windows 7 or later
    • onboard digital effects: 24 different programs
      • 10 reverbs
      • 4 delays
      • 3 chorusing
      • 7 others (including pitch change)
    • dynamic compression available on chs 1-8 (single-knob control)
    • 3 auxiliary buses: Aux 1: pre-fader, Aux 2: pre-/post-fader (switchable), Aux 3: post-fader
    • effects/Aux 4 bus (post-fader) also allows you to use your own effects
    • 4 subgroups (two stereo pairs) with direct outputs
    General features
    • LED output meter with peak indicator
    • PFL (pre-fader listen) for metering and monitoring individual channels
    • on/off, pan, and stereo/group assignment controls on each channel
    • headphone and monitor outputs
    • rack mount kit included
    • metal chassis
    • weight: 15.7 lbs
    • dimensions: 17-9/16"W x 5-1/8"H x 19-3/4"D
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    • MFR # MG20XU

    What's in the box:

    • 20-Channel mixing console
    • AC power cord
    • Owner's Manual
    • Technical Specifications

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    Crutchfield response

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    More details on the Yamaha MG20XU

    Russ B.

    Features & specs

    Mic inputs 16
    Line inputs Phone (4), RCA (4)
    Phantom power +48V
    Channel EQ 3-band
    Master EQ N
    Monitors Phone (L/R)
    Effects Built-in
    Talkback N
    Height (inches) 5-1/8
    Depth (inches) 19-3/4
    Width (inches) 17-9/16
    Weight 15.7 lbs

    Product Research


    D-PRE (Discrete Class-A Mic Preamps): This MG Series mixing console features Yamaha's studio-grade discrete class-A D-PRE preamps, which utilize an inverted Darlington circuit comprising two cascading transistors in a configuration that provides more power with lower impedance. Delivering fat, natural sounding bass and smooth, soaring highs, with very low distortion, D-PRE preamps possess an impressively wide frequency range that allow them to handle signal from any audio source without overly amplifying any specific elements of the sound. Having such a pure sonic platform to build on will ultimately save you time and effort by eliminating the need for excessive EQ-ing or additional effects processing in order to "fix" your mix.

    High Quality Sound Op-Amp: The MG Series mixer features new, high-quality, custom made MG01 op-amps that we developed in cooperation with the semiconductor manufacturer. Although many other Op-amps prioritize electrical design and efficiency, we worked directly with the semiconductor manufacturer to focus on sound quality first. MG01 op-amps feature redesigned circuitry in which even the internal components and wiring have been optimized, and use materials such as high-quality silicon wafers and copper wire to achieve superb resolution.

    20-Channel Inputs: The Yamaha MG Series mixer provides twenty total channel inputs; there eight Mic/Line mono input jacks (Ch1-Ch12), four Mic/Line stereo/mono input jacks (Ch 13/14-15/16), and four Line stereo input channels (Ch17/18-19/20). The four Mic/Line mono input jacks utilize high-quality Neutrik connectors which can support both XLR and phone plugs; use these to connect a microphone, an instrument, or an audio device. The four Mic/Line stereo/mono input jacks support either XLR-type connectors or phone plugs to connect an electric keyboard or other audio device. The four Line stereo input jacks only support phono-plugs for line-level instruments and devices.

    Stereo & Monitor Outputs: The main stereo outputs consist of stereo XLR-type connectors and phono plugs to connect to powered speakers or a powered amp. The mixer also features a standard 1/4" headphone jack for private listening. In addition, there is a stereo monitor output which consists of phone plugs to connect to a monitoring system. Rugged and dependable, these professional connectors ensure stable signal transmission even in the most demanding environments.

    Aux/Effect Sends/Group: The MG Series mixer features AUX sends for expanding your sound reinforcement or recording setup, allowing you to incorporate additional effects, output to external recording devices, or feed to an monitoring system. The mixer also features two stereo group buses that can be used for convenient channel grouping.

    Switchable Phantom Power & PAD Switch: With +48V phantom power (for the Mic channels), the MG Series console allows you to take full advantage of the greater frequency response and high sound quality of condenser microphones. The Mic/Line Ch 1-12 input channels feature a PAD switch; the PAD Switch attenuates high input signals that often accompany mic'ed instruments during performance, avoiding the clipping that can seriously affect your mix.

    Gain Knobs & Level Faders: The Mic/Line channels offer independent gain control to determine the basic volume level of each channel. The Level faders determine the volume of the signal from each input channel to the main mixing output.

    1-Knob Compression: Compression plays an essential role in just about any recording or sound reinforcement environment by altering the level of dynamics of an audio signal when you need livelier guitars, punchier bass lines, a tighter snare, or a cleaner vocal sound. However, it can take countless hours to master the complexities of even the most basic outboard compression units and use them effectively. Originally a Yamaha innovation, 1-knob compressors are now an industry standard that gives you instant access to optimized compression settings via a single rotary control. 1-Knob compressors are found on Mic/Line input channels 1-12.

    EQ & High-Pass Filters: The MG Series mixer benefits from Yamaha's unparalleled experience in designing pro audio gear, featuring 3-band equalizers with sweeping mid (High = 10kHz, Mid = 250-5kHz, & Low = 100 Hz) on channels 1-12 and 3-band equalizers with fixed mid (High = 10kHz, Mid = 2.5kHz, & Low = 100 Hz) on channels 13/14-19/20 for precise control of your sound. High-pass filters (80Hz) for channels 1-12 allow you to eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise, for a smoother, cleaner mix.

    Built-in SPX Digital Effects (Optional Foot-Switch): The MG Series mixer features Yamaha's acclaimed SPX digital multi-effect processor, offering a comprehensive suite of 24 editable digital effects perfect for enhancing your mix, whether adding depth to a speaking engagement or breathing new color and atmosphere into a live band performance. In particular, the high-quality reverb and delay expand the spatial quality of the sound with remarkable realism and naturalness. You can even connect an optional FC5 foot switch (sold separately) for effect on/off control.

    Pan & Balance: The Pan knob (on all Mic/Line channels) adjusts the volume balance of each channel sent to the mixer's outputs, and determines the positioning of the sound image between left and right (stereo L/R). The Balance dial (on all Line mono/stereo channels) determines the volume balance of the stereo channels sent to the mixer's outputs.

    Pre-Fader Listen (PFL): The PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) switch lets you monitor the channel's pre-fader signal, before any level adjustment. When the switch is "On", the pre-fader signal is output to your monitor speakers for monitoring.

    LED Level Metering: Easy-to-read LED level metering allows output levels to be monitored with precision.

    USB (Type-B) Port: MG Series mixing consoles feature flexible digital connectivity for quick and easy high-resolution playback of digital content. Simply connect to your PC via USB. The USB protocol uses asynchronous data transfer. Audio data is transferred based on highly precise audio clock signal from the MG, for high quality recording and playback.

    Cubase AI Software: The Yamaha MG Series mixer comes bundled with Downloadable Steinberg's Cubase AI software. As one of the most advanced, comprehensive DAW suites available, Steinberg's Cubase has led the charge, providing users with a powerful and flexible platform for music production. Cubase AI offers these same core technologies and interface that have won Cubase worldwide acclaim. System Requirements for Cubase AI are as follows:

    • Operating System: Mac OS X ver.10.7-10.8*, Windows 7, Windows 8*
    • CPU: Mac: Intel Dual Core; Windows: Intel or AMD Dual Core
    • Audio Hardware: Mac: CoreAudio compatible audio hardware; Windows: Windows compatible audio hardware**
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Free Hard Drive Space: 8 GB
    • Display Resolution: 1280 x 800 recommended
    • Drive: DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
    • Other: Internet connection required for installation, activation, account setup, and personal/product registration.
    * Native 32-bit and 64-bit Cubase version included
    ** ASIO-compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance

    Metal Chassis: The MG Series mixer features a rugged, impact-resistant, powder-coated metal chassis, offering an unrivalled level of durability. With a sleek design contoured for optimal convection cooling, the internal layout separates the power supply from the analog circuitry for superior noise reduction, and further extends the life of the components inside. To further ensure reliable performance, knob control placement above the surface of the chassis diverts any impact or pressure on the knobs to the chassis itself and not the circuit board or components underneath.

    Internal Power Supply: The MG Series mixer features a universal switching power supply. This power supply supports input voltages of 100 V to 240 V, for stable operation even in environments where power voltage fluctuates easily. Lowering the impedance of the power supply has resulted in improved sound quality with a faster attack. An AC inlet allows simple installation in environments where portability is required, as well as when mounting the mixing console in a rack.

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    Customer Q&A

    Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
    Roy suggested :) [ Satishbabu  Sep 22, 2019 ]

    2 questions already asked

    Since the "AUX outputs" 1-4, are set up to be used for your monitor speakers, how are you suppose to listen to your monitor mix if there is no AUX "Headphone" feature? Never used a mixer that didn't have a way to hear your monitor mix output feed, what am I missing? Thanks!
    [ bob  May 30, 2017 ]
    2 answers
    There is a headphone jack
    [ Bradley  May 31, 2017 ]
    If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings on the product and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer, or try our online support center:
    [ Krissy  May 31, 2017 ]  Staff
    Can I hook a blue tooth unit up to my MG20XU, so people in my church with hearing aids that have that can use blue tooth ?
    [ wayne  Apr 17, 2017 ]
    1 answer
    Hi Wayne. I spoke with a couple of our Pro experts and they said you certainly could connect a Bluetooth unit, but Bluetooth likely would not be the best solution. Bluetooth is very limited in distance, and also is limited by the number of connections. We don't carry any gear for this type of soluction, but they recommended either an induction loop type system (compatible with many types of hearing aids) or an RF system. Williams Sound is one of the companies that they mentioned. Best of luck.
    [ Jeff  Apr 25, 2017 ]  Staff

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