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Yamaha PSR-EW300

76-key digital portable keyboard with built-in speakers

Item # 845PSR300K

A broad palette of sounds and educational features make this keyboard ideal for the player who's ready to grow.

A broad palette of sounds and educational features make this keyboard ideal for the player who's ready to grow.

Discontinued item

Item # 845PSR300K

About the Yamaha PSR-EW300

Improve your keyboard and musical skills

At some point, any player will need help, but what if you want to work at a time when no teacher is available? Yamaha created the PSR-EW300 to give you a wide range of educational features to improve your keyboard and musical skills. This sophisticated portable keyboard also offers a broad variety of sounds, programmed harmonization and accompaniment, and onboard digital effects that give you a full palette of musical options. And with the included Survival Kit, you'll get a foot pedal, stereo headphones,and a two year extended warranty.

Improve your keyboard and musical skills

At some point, any player will need help, but what if you want to work at a time when no teacher is available? Yamaha created the PSR-EW300 to give you a wide range of educational features to improve your keyboard and musical skills. This sophisticated portable keyboard also offers a broad variety of sounds, programmed harmonization and accompaniment, and onboard digital effects that give you a full palette of musical options. And with the included Survival Kit, you'll get a foot pedal, stereo headphones,and a two year extended warranty.

Keys to the music

The PSR-EW300's keyboard features 76 full-sized, touch-sensitive keys that give you a broader range and more expressive dynamics. The user interface includes an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. Dual Voice allows you to trigger two sounds with the same key, and Split Voice maps two different voices onto different areas of the keyboard so you can accompany a treble line with a bass line. A dedicated Piano button on the control panel lets you instantly switch to the Grand Piano setting. Sustain can be controlled with the foot pedal included with the Survival Kit. 

Sounds, styles, and effects

The 574 sampled sounds give the PSR-EW300 its voice, with a full range of instruments including keyboards, strings, wind instruments, percussion, synthesizers, and sound effects. Triggering drums and sound effects is made simple with 16 kit settings. Onboard digital sound processing includes twelve different reverbs, five chorus settings including two flangers, and six types of equalization, while 26 harmonizer presets allow you to play multiple parts with a single key.

165 automated Accompaniment Styles give you multi-instrument tracks to play along, with intelligent Intro, Fill, and Ending options for a more realistic experience. A library of over 100 pre-programmed songs gives you hours of options for practice or a rainy day.

Learning library

You'll also get a powerful array of Yamaha Educational Suite options to take your knowledge to the next level. The expanded Song Lesson feature lets you choose a track from the song library as the basis for a series of lessons using Yamaha's series of free downloadable scores. The software gives you immediate lesson grades so you can monitor your progress. You'll match a particular phrase with Phrase Repeat, work on elementary music and keyboarding skills using the Listening, Timing, and Waiting section, and improve the dynamics of your playing with Touch Tutor.

The 12 Chord Study lessons illustrate chord structure throughout the frequency range, and 12 programmed chord progressions let you play along with familiar structures. The system also includes a Chord Dictionary where you can call up the structure of a chord which displays on the LED display in musical notation and on a keyboard display that shows you which keys to play. Duo Mode lets a teacher and student practice a part together by splitting the keyboard into two identical ranges.  

Get connected

The PSR-EW300 operates on six AA batteries or the included AC adapter. Two 4-3/4" speakers let you hear yourself in stereo, and the 1/4" stereo output jack connects to the included headphones or to your amplification system. With its 1/8" stereo input jack, you can connect the PSR-E300 to your portable devices and play along with your favorite music, while the selectable Melody Suppressor makes room for you to take the lead. A USB to Host jack connects the keyboard to your computer and allows you to record your playing without a separate interface. 

Whether you want to learn or just want to jam, Yamaha's here to help. The PSR-EW300's plethora of sounds and features and host of educational resources let you take your playing to the next level.


Product highlights:

  • 76-key touch-sensitive keyboard
  • includes Survival Kit: power adapter, foot switch, stereo headphones,and 2-year extended warranty
  • 48-voice polyphony
  • 574 digital voice presets
  • 18 drum/effects kits
  • 10 programmed arpeggio types
  • built-in effects:
    • 12 reverbs
    • 5 chorus including 2 flangers
    • 6 EQ presets
    • 26 harmony types
    • 150 arpeggio types
  • sustain controlled by sustain pedal (sold separately)
  • intelligent automatic accompaniment with 165 preset styles and auto Intro/Fill/Ending
  • 154 preset songs including 52 tutorial tracks
  • Song Lesson features include:
    • Listening, Timing, and Waiting evaluation with real-time feedback
    • Phrase Repeat and A-B Repeat
    • Chord Study
    • Chord Progression
    • Chord Dictionary
More information:
  • Duo Mode splits keyboard so two players can practice the same part together
  • 1/8" stereo input
  • 1/4" stereo output
  • USB to host jack
  • two 4-3/4" speakers powered by 5-watt amp
  • operates on 6 AA batteries or included AC adapter
  • music rest included
  • dimensions: 45-3/8"W x 4-5/8"H x 14-1/2"D
  • weight: 13-11/16 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the box:

  • This package contains 2 individually boxed items:
  • PSR-EW300
  • Digital keyboard
  • Attachable music rest
  • Owner's manual
  • Product registration/ID code card
  • SK B2 Survival Kit:
  • 6' AC Power supply (12VDC/1A output)
  • Headphones w/ 80" cord (1/4" TRS)
  • Foot switch w/ 82" cord (1/4" TS)
  • Product Registration/Extended Warranty card
  • JoyTunes app redemption card (iOS)
  • Link-To-Learn Registration code
  • Playground Sessions Free Trial card
  • PianoMarvel software promo code
  • Rebate registration card

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Yamaha PSR-EW300

Russ B.

Product Research



Overview: The Yamaha PSR-EW300 is an all-round keyboard that is ideal as a starter instrument but also a robust alternative for experienced players who seek advanced features for their live performance and/or for their composing. With a wide 76-note, touch-sensitive keyboard, dual 2.5W amplified speakers, and its wide range of features, controls, and connectivity make the PSR-EW300 a long-lasting musical companion as you grow and hone your skills.

Selectable Voices: The Yamaha PSR-EW300 has 574 Voices, or instrument sounds, including piano, organ, guitar, bass, strings, saxophone, trumpet, and many more. You can even play two (dual) Voices simultaneously across the entire range of the keyboard on select Voice Presets. If you want to quickly pull up piano Voice, a dedicated front-panel Portable Grand button lets you select Voice "001 Grand Piano". The PSR-EW300 also features 62 Drum and SFX Voices arranged in 18 Drum Kits.

  • Number of Voices:
    • 197 Panel Voices
    • 339 XGlite Voices
    • 18 Drum/SFX kits
    • 20 Arpeggios

AWM (Advanced Wave Memory): AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling uses digital technology to record the sound of an acoustic piano. AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious sound by using pairs of waveforms (L and R) captured with two microphones.

Built-In Speakers: The PSR-EW300 features a pair of  built-in 4.7" speakers, powered by an internal 2.5W+2.5W amplifier.

Touch-Sensitive Keys: The Yamaha PSR-EW300 features a touch-sensitive keyboard that will accurately reflect your playing style; playing the keys harder will produce louder tones, while playing softly will produce a quieter sound. The PSR-EW300 offers 4 Touch Response settings:

  • Soft: Produces relatively high volume even when playing lightly. This can help maintain a consistently loud playing volume.
  • Medium: Produces a fairly "standard" keyboard response.
  • Hard: The keys must be played strongly to produce louder playing volume. This setting is best for a wide dynamic range and optimum expressive control of the sound, from pianissimo to fortissimo.
  • Fixed: All notes are produces at the same volume no matter how hard the keys are played.

Playing Duo: This function allows two different players to play the instrument, one on the left and the other on the right, over the same octave range. The two available Voices can also be split so that each player is playing a different Voice or sound. In this mode the left player's sound will be played through the left speaker and the right player's sound through the right speaker. The F#3 key becomes the split point in this mode.

Harmony/Arpeggio: Tap into instant inspiration by adding Harmony or Arpeggio notes to the selected Voice.

  • Arpeggio: 50 Arpeggio types will automatically create a variety of interesting phrases based on the note you are holding down. Hold Mode frees your hands, allowing you to improvise over the pattern. The 50 Arpeggio patterns adjust and morph around the notes and chords you play on the keyboard allowing for almost limitless creativity.
  • Harmony: 25 Harmony types allow you to apply harmony parts, such as a duet or trio, or add tremolo or echo effects to the played Voice.

Effects: This instrument features 12 built-in Reverb and 5 Chorus effect settings as well as Master EQ that can add extra depth and expression to the sound creating a realistic acoustic ambience. Although the appropriate effects are called up automatically when you select each of the Voices, you can change each as well as control the depth of the effect.

  • Reverb: Twelve types are available including Hall, Room, Stage, and Plate. The Reverb Level lets you vary the amount of the selected effect.
  • Chorus: Five types are available including 3 Chorus and 2 Flanger effects, also with control over the amount of effect.
  • Master EQ: This changes the overall equalization of the output sound. Options include: Speaker, Headphone, Boost, Piano, Bright, and Mild.

Transpose: You can shift the pitch of the entire keyboard up or down in semitones in order to facilitate playing in difficult key signatures, or to easily match the pitch of the keyboard to the range of a singer or other instruments. Selectable from +12 to -12.


Song Playback: The PSR-EW300 includes 160 internal songs divided into 4 Groups; Demo, Preset, User and Download. Songs can be set to playback individually or can be set to automatically play all internal Songs in succession. Song types include:

  • 001-154: All Preset Songs (including Demo Songs 001-003).
  • 155-159: User Song.
  • 160: Download (songs transferred from a computer).

Background Music Source (BGM): A front-panel Demo button lets you playback the 3 internal Demo Songs repeatedly, using the PSR-EW300 as a background music playback device. All of the internal Songs can be set for BGM playback as well.

Playback Features:

  • Random: Songs can be set to playback in either Normal or Random mode.
  • Playback Controls: Pressing the Demo button starts playback of the selected Song, with additional controls for Fast Forward, Fast Reverse, and Pause.
  • Metronome/Temp: The Metronome feature is convenient for practicing with an accurate tempo. Time Signature and Volume can be adjusted. A front-panel Tap Tempo button lets you beat-match the tempo to your favorite songs.
  • A-B Repeat: This lets you select a specific section of a Song to be repeated, with the A and B points marking the Start and End points for playback.
  • Voice Selection: The front-panel Voice button lets you change the selected Song's melody Voice to a different Voice.
  • Part On/Off: Songs consist of two parts, left hand and right hand parts, both of which can be individually selected to play or be muted. Front-panel Part L and R buttons let you quickly select either or both for playback.

Rhythm & Accompaniment (Styles): The PSR-EW300 includes an Auto Accompaniment feature that can automatically play an appropriate rhythm "style" (rhythm + bass + chord accompaniment), controlled by playing chords with your left hand. A wide range of musical styles are available with 165 Preset Styles to choose from. The default "split-point" on the keyboard is F#2, but can be changed in the Function menu.

  • Style Variations: Each Style consists of 4 sections that let you vary the arrangement of the accompaniment to match the song you are playing; Intro, Main, Auto-Fill, and Ending.

Quick Recording (User Songs): This feature lets you record and store your own songs to one of the 5 User Song Presets. Quick Recording can be activated with the front-panel REC button.


Song Lesson: Any of the included Songs can be selected for left-hand, right-hand, or both-hands lessons. Three Song Lesson Types are available to help you improve your playing:

  • Listen&Learn (Lesson 1): This is used for critical listening of the selected Song, without playing along.
  • Timing (Lesson 2): This lets you concentrate on playing the notes with correct timing. In this mode, if wrong notes are played, the correct notes will be shown in the display and output from the speakers.
  • Waiting (Lesson 3): This lesson is for playing the correct notes shown in the display. The Song will pause until you play the right note and the playback tempo will change to match the speed you are playing.

Chord Study: Songs 113-124 (Chord Study category) can be used for learning and practicing various musical chords, ranging from simple, single chords to more complex arrangements using both hands. A graphic depiction of the keyboard is displayed on the front-panel LCD screen with each chord's keys highlighted for easy interpretation.

Duo Mode (Lessons): The aforementioned Duo mode allows two people to play the keyboard in either a split mode, with two different Voices, or in "normal" mode, with the same Voice across the keyboard. This can also be used for giving lessons, with the "teacher" on the left side and the "student" on the right.


Apple iOS Apps: By connecting Yamaha PSR-EW300 to an Apple iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, you can use apps on that device together with the digital keyboard for a variety of musical purposes, take advantage of various convenient functions, and get more enjoyment out of digital keyboard. Your compatible iOS device can be connected to the Yamaha PSR-EW300 via a wired connection; requires Apple's Camera Connection Kit or Yamaha's i-UX1 Wired MIDI interface Cable (both sold separately).

  • Chord Tracker (iOS 8.1 or later): The Chord Tracker app allows you to play back songs from your iOS device's song library wirelessly through the keyboard's speaker system. Chord Tracker analyzes the audio songs stored in your iOS device and then displays the chord symbols for you. It can even create an XF song file that plays back the entire song using the keyboard's accompaniment Styles.
  • MusicSoft Manager (iOS 8.1 or later): You can use this app to connect the Yamaha digital piano with an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You can then can transfer the content to the piano using a WiFi connection. You can also backup your instrument data or restore data to your instrument. Use the Dropbox or iTunes file sharing feature to transfer data from your computer to the digital piano.
  • Sound Controller (iOS 8.1 or later): Sound Controller adds fun controllers like pitch bend, modulation, X/Y pad and even a MIDI arpeggiator to connected digital piano.
  • My Music Recorder (iOS 8.1 or later): My Music Recorder is a recording application which allows parent to record their children's music performances and post their children's music performance to YouTube or send it with e-mail. You can give your child a stamp in reward for the music performance; the more you use My Music Recorder application, the more stamps you get.
  • Visual Performer (iOS 8.1 or later): Visual Performer is an app for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch that creates graphic animation by playing the digital piano. There are 10 types of graphic animations plus projected images from your iOS device's camera. You can even create your original animation by combining with two patterns or even by using the camera.
Note: Currently the PSR-EW300 does not support Android applications.


  • Headphone Jack: Any pair of stereo headphones with a 1/4" stereo phone plug can be plugged in here for convenient monitoring. The speakers are automatically shut off when a plug is inserted into this jack. The Headphone jack can also be used as the audio output for playing through an outboard amplifier or set of powered speakers.
  • Sustain: A dedicated front-panel Sustain button that can add a fixed, automatic sustain to the keyboard Voices. A rear-panel 1/4" jack lets you use an optional footswitch, such as the Yamaha FC4A (sold separately), for turning the Sustain on and off.
  • Aux Input: A rear-panel 3.5mm Auxiliary Input lets you play audio from a portable playback device through the PSR-EW300's built-in speakers, letting you play along with your favorite music. The playback device's volume control will be used to balance the blended sounds. This input also can be used for sampling external sounds.
  • USB To Host: A USB type-B (2.0) can be used for connecting a computer or smart device, letting you transfer songs and sounds to and from the keyboard, as well as sending and receiving MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) data for editing sounds, pitch, etc. on music production software (sold separately). The USB To Host port also lets you connect a smart device and use select Apps that let you expand the PSR-EW300's functionality.
  • Power: The PSR-EW300 can be powered by either the included AC power supply or with batteries. A bottom-panel battery compartment can hold 6 "AA" cell batteries (not included) for portable use.

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