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Cerwin-Vega CVM-1224FXUSB

12-channel mixer with effects and USB connection

Item # 849CVM1224

Cerwin Vega has been building audio systems for homes, cars, movie theaters, and concert halls for over 50 years.

Cerwin Vega has been building audio systems for homes, cars, movie theaters, and concert halls for over 50 years.

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Item # 849CVM1224

About the Cerwin-Vega CVM-1224FXUSB

History of innovation 

Cerwin Vega has been building audio systems for homes, cars, movie theaters, and concert halls for over 50 years. Their engineers put this experience and knowledge to work when they created the CVM line of versatile, professional-quality mixers.

History of innovation 

Cerwin Vega has been building audio systems for homes, cars, movie theaters, and concert halls for over 50 years. Their engineers put this experience and knowledge to work when they created the CVM line of versatile, professional-quality mixers.

Adaptable inputs/outputs

Cerwin Vega's CVM-1224FXUSB twelve-channel mixer features six XLR microphone inputs, four mono and four stereo line inputs, plus stereo RCA inputs for your portable devices. Convenient, switchable phantom power allows easy use of condenser mics. Separate auxiliary and effects sends give you extra routing capability and the ability to add color and depth to your sound. Your sounds reach the outside world through a 1/4" main output, stereo RCA outputs, balanced 1/4-inch Control Room outputs, and a 1/4-inch headphone jack. The 1224FXUSB also includes a USB connection for recording to your computer or playing back music.

Control and color your sound

Shape your signal with the CVM-1224FXUSB's flexible controls and digital effects. Each channel features 3-band EQ with up to 15 dB of boost/cut, while all he microphone channels also feature a 75 Hz low-cut filter that eliminates low frequency rumble. The PAN control on the mono channels and the BALANCE control on the stereo channels allow you to precisely position your sounds in the mix. Each channel features AUX and EFX knobs to tweak the amount of signal sent to an individual bus, along with a Gain control to adjust the input level. Individual LEVEL controls govern the output of the channels, the main output, and the headphone/control room output.

The mixer also offers 100 selectable professional-quality programs, including reverb, echo, chorus and flange, that add depth, color, resonance and realism to your mix. You can use the remote control footswitch to turn the effects return on and off, handy if you're running sound off the stage.

Flexible monitoring

The CVM-1224FXUSB's advanced features make it simple to monitor your signal — each channel features a PFL (pre-fade listen) switch with indicator, letting you check out each channel before it reaches the main mix. A PRE/POST switch sets the AUX signal as a pre-fader send for a stage monitor mix, or as a post-fader send, so you can use an outboard effects processor.

Rack and roll

To make installation even more convenient, the CVM-1224FXUSB mounts in a standard 19-inch rack enclosure with its detachable rack ears. This versatile mixer will handle a full range of situations, and its flexible controls and interface are adaptable to any setting. So rack it up and get ready to roll... the flexible and adaptable Cerwin Vega CVM-1224FXUSB is ready to meet your musical needs.



  • six XLR microphone inputs, four mono and four stereo line inputs
  • left and right 1/4" main outputs
  • TAPE IN and REC OUT stereo RCA jacks
  • 1/4" stereo headphone jack and balanced 1/4" control room output
  • USB connection for computer playback and recording
Electronic features:
  • 100 selectable effects (including reverb, echo, chorus and flange)
  • master fader and remote footswitch control for effects return
  • PRE/POST switch on AUX sends
  • PFL (pre-fade listen) switch with indicator lets you audition each channel before it reaches the main mix
  • 3-band EQ for each channel (80, 2500, and 12,000 Hz)
  • 60mm faders for individual channel and main level control
  • gain control for microphone and line inputs
  • low cut switch (high-pass filter at 75Hz) eliminates rumble
  • AUX and EFX controls on each channel adjust the signal sent to each bus
  • PAN and BALANCE controls adjust position and level in the stereo mix
  • switchable phantom power (+48V) allows use of condenser microphones
General features:
  • detachable rack ears for mounting in a standard 19" rack enclosure
  • weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • dimensions: 12-15/16"W x 3-1/2"H x 16-1/2"D
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # CVM1224FXUSB

What's in the box:

  • Analog mixer
  • AC power cord
  • Manual

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Cerwin-Vega CVM-1224FXUSB

Russ B.

Features & specs

Mic inputs 6
Line inputs 12 x 1/4"
Phantom power +48V
Channel EQ 3-band
Master EQ N
Monitors 2 x 1/4"
Effects Y
Talkback N
Height (inches) 3-1/2
Depth (inches) 16-1/2
Width (inches) 12-15/16
Weight 7.5 lbs

Product Research


CVM Series Analog Mixer: The Cerwin-Vega CVM-1224FX-USB 12ch analog mixer is part of Cerwin-Vega's CVM line-up of professional audio mixers which are designed for live performance and recording applications. Built using premium-grade components that deliver precision audio performance, the mixer features a commercial-grade metal housing for reliability and longevity. The mixer's clear markings and color-coordinated knobs also allow for intuitive operation, including fast adjustment and easy operation in low-light situations. Its compact to fit almost any work area and built-tough to travel from venue to venue.

12 Mixing Input Channels: The Cerwin-Vega CVM-1224FX-USB features four Mono and four Stereo line inputs with six XLR microphone inputs.

  • Channels 1-4: 3-pin XLR-type connectors are used for balanced low impedance microphone inputs. Standard 1/4" phone jacks are used for balanced or unbalanced line level signals, like electronic keyboards, synthesizers, turntables, tape-decks, and line outputs from other mixers.
  • Channels 5/6-7/8: 3-pin XLR-type connectors are used for balanced low impedance microphone inputs. Standard 1/4" phone jacks are used for unbalanced stereo line inputs.
  • Channels 9/10-11/12: Standard 1/4" phone jacks and RCA-pin jacks are used for unbalanced stereo line inputs.
Note: A phantom power (+48V) switch can be used for easy connection of condenser microphones that typically require an external power supply.

Main & Monitoring Outputs: The mixer uses dual 3-pin XLR connectors or 1/4" phone jacks to deliver stereo output of the mixed signal to your power amplifier driving your main speakers or powered speakers. The mixer also includes 1/4" phone jacks to output a stereo mixed signal to your monitoring system. In addition, there is a 1/4" headphone jack to monitor the mixed signal with a pair of headphones.

Gain & Level Control: The Cerwin-Vega CVM-1224FX-USB features the following Gain and Level controls.
  • Gain Control: According to the level of the input signal, use this Gain control knob to adjust the input to an appropriate level for each channel. The best balance of S/N and dynamic range will be achieved if you adjust the Gain control so that the peak indicator lights occasionally. This control adjusts the channel's mic input sensitivity between -50dB and -6dB and the line input sensitivity between -30dB and +14dB. The mono/stereo combination input channels have a sensitivity of +20dB to -20dB.
  • Channel Level Volume: The Channel Level Volume determines the level of the signal that is sent from each input channel to the master mixing and effect buses. It is the settings of the input channel faders that determine the mix, or the balance of sound levels between the instruments or other sources connected to the inputs. When a channel is not being used, its volume should be set at the minimum position to prevent the addition of unwanted noise to the main program signal.
  • Master Volume: This volume adjusts the final level of the combined signals from all channels. A vertical row of ten LED shows the continuous output level of mixer's MAIN Output (L/R).

Peak LED Indicators: The Peak LED indicators let you check the level of the signal input to each channel. The peak indicator lights when the input signal reaches 5dB below the channel's clipping point. This indicator shows the level of the Post-EQ / pre-fader signal. If the Peak indicator lights more than briefly on high-level transients, you should use the Gain control to decrease the input sensitivity of the channel. If this does not work, reduce the output level of the connected source.

3-Band EQ: The 3-Band channel equalizer is designed to control the High, Mid, and Low frequencies of each input channel.

Control Max. Boost/Cut Frequency Type
High +/-15 dB 12 kHz Shelving
Mid +/-12 dB 2.5 kHz Peaking
Low + -15 dB 80Hz Shelving

High Pass Filter: The Low Cut (HPF) switch toggles the filter, with a cut-off frequency at 75Hz, to eliminate background microphone rumble.

Pan & Balance: The Cerwin-Vega CVM-1224FX-USB analog  mixer provides Pan controls for mono channels and balance for stereo channels.

  • Pan: This control pans the channel signal across the master L and R buses, thus determining the perceived position of the sound from that channel in the output stereo sound field. If a PAN control is set all the way to the left, for example, the sound from that channel will be heard from the left speaker system only. If it is set all the way to the right, the sound will be heard from the right speaker system only. Intermediate settings will cause the sound to appear at corresponding locations in the stereo soundfield.
  • Balance: This control adjusts the balance or the L/R position of the stereo input signal. Turning the BALANCE control to the left of center moves the apparent source toward the MAIN L moves the source toward the MAIN R bus.

Built-in Digital Effects: The CVM-1224FX-USB gives you complete access to 100 VFX presets that digitally energize vocals and sounds. The VFX programs feature a 24 Bit Digital Effects processor with high quality, studio grade effects like Delay, Chorus, and Reverb. With an optional foot switch (sold separately) connected, you can use your foot to toggle the digital effects on or off.

PFL (Pre-Fade Listen): The PFL (pre-fade listen) switch with adjacent indicator allows you to listen to each channel before it reaches the main mix. When this switch is depressed, the channel input signal can be routed to the PFL bus. This switch allows you to monitor the pre-fader channel input signal through headphone outputs and control room (monitor) outputs.

Tape In/Record Output: The mixer also features TAPE In and REC Out RCA jacks, which enable users to directly connect to a CD/MP3 player or an audio recorder. The Tape In consists of RCA pin jacks that input a stereo sound source; use these jacks when you want to connect a CD or DAT directly to the mixer for monitoring. The REC Out consists of stereo RCA pin jacks and send the pre-fader signal from the mixer's master bus for recording by a connected tape deck.

Sends & Return w/ Pre/Post Switch: The Insert, AUX and EFX sends (all 1/4") allow connection to external dynamics, equalization and effects units giving a high level of customization and returned to the mixer through its Return inputs which consists of unbalanced 1/4" phone-type line input jacks. The signal received by these jacks is sent to the MAIN bus and AUX bus. These jacks are typically used to receive a return signal from an external effect (reverb, delay, etc.). You can use the AUX and EFX controls to adjust the level of the signal sent to the respective bus. The Pre/Post switch determines whether the AUX signal is Pre or Post fader. Pre means not affected by the position of the channel fader. Post means is affected by the position of the channel fader. Since the EFX control is placed after the channel fader, the signal level will be affected by the channel fader setting.

Alt 3/4 Bus: The ALT 3/4 bus consist of unbalanced 1/4" phone-type jacks. Use these jacks to connect to the input jack of a digital recorder, external mixer, or other such device. You can adjust the final level of the combined stereo signal sent to the ALT 3/4 output jacks.

USB Interface: The built-in stereo USB audio interface allows you to record and playback from a desktop or laptop computer using virtually any digital recording software. Playback adjustment is made using the TAPE IN/USB level knob. Connecting the audio mixer to your computer is a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes. Since the Cerwin-Vega audio mixer is USB compliant, you can use either a MAC (OS X) computer or Windows (7/Vista/XP) PC. A standard USB Type-A to Type-B cable is required to connect the mixer to a computer or laptop. The mixers USB interface supports up to 16-bit, 44.1kHz audio.

Rack Mountable: The 12-channel analog mixer features detachable rack ears for mounting in a standard 19" rack enclosure.

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