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Crown XLS 1002

DriveCore™ 2 Series power amplifier — 215W x 2 at 8 ohms, 1,100W x 1 at 4 ohms bridged

Item # 859XLS1002

Crown's XLS 1002 2-channel power amplifier can put out 215 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 350 watts at 4 ohms, 550 at...

Crown's XLS 1002 2-channel power amplifier can put out 215 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 350 watts at 4 ohms, 550 at...

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About the Crown XLS 1002

Give your speakers the power they deserve

Crown's XLS 1002 2-channel power amplifier can put out 215 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 350 watts at 4 ohms, 550 at 2 ohms, and up to 1100 watts when bridged — enough to cleanly power a wide variety of loudspeakers. This highly efficient Class D amp employs internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling to keep the internal temperature under control, and an automated rear fan that kicks in when you're pushing the amp hard.

Give your speakers the power they deserve

Crown's XLS 1002 2-channel power amplifier can put out 215 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 350 watts at 4 ohms, 550 at 2 ohms, and up to 1100 watts when bridged — enough to cleanly power a wide variety of loudspeakers. This highly efficient Class D amp employs internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling to keep the internal temperature under control, and an automated rear fan that kicks in when you're pushing the amp hard.

Controls you'll use

The amp's front panel offers independent gain control knobs, LED level/clip indicators, an on/off switch, LCD screen, and three menu control buttons. The LCD screen lets you configure the amp mode, set the limiter, and adjust the crossover configuration with the push of a few buttons. The rear of the XLS 1002 is a veritable treasure trove of connections — balanced XLR, 1/4", and RCA inputs, so you can get creative with your audio sources. The 1/4" line-level outputs let you add more amps to the mix. You'll find binding posts and Neutrik Speakon® outputs for the speakers, plus a built-in circuit breaker to protect against overload.

Technology under the hood

Crown's patented DriveCore technology allows their XLS amps to maintain high efficiency even when they're being powered by untrustworthy AC current. Unstable electrical loads typically introduce heavy noise into most Class D amps, but the DriveCore circuit keeps the distortion to practically zero. So even if you've got to plug in near a lighting rig or other backline gear, XLS amps wipe away interference so your signal always remains clean.

Built-in PureBand™ Crossover System

Are you working with subwoofers, multiple speakers, or floor monitors? You can maximize the XLS 1002's energy by employing its integrated PureBand Crossover System to tailor the sound to fit each of your speakers. It lets you choose the crossover point just about anywhere between 50 and 3000 Hz, and gives you steep 24 dB/octave slopes for seamless transitions between different drivers. Your choice of three different crossover modes, high-pass, low-pass, and bandpass, let you configure your system to nearly any situation or speaker setup, whether you need big-time bass or just need to hear the vocals clearly above the thrash and thunder. And the settings can all be adjusted right from the amp's front panel.

Peakx Limiters keep you out of trouble

Crown's Peakx Limiters give you the confidence to push your system hard without shutting down the entire production. You'll be able to push the volume up safely without fear of sonic distortion littering the audience's ears or wrecking your speakers. Crown put independent Peakx Limiters on every channel, and they're defeatable right from the front panel.

Crown XLS 1002

Crown XLS 1002 rear connection panel


Product highlights:

    General Specifications:
    • 2-channel power amplifier with built-in crossover
    • power output:
      • 215 watts x 2 at 8 ohms
      • 350 watts x 2 at 4 ohms
      • 550 watts x 2 at 2 ohms
      • 700 watts x 1 at 8 ohms in bridged mode
      • 1100 watts x 1 at 4 ohms in bridged mode
    • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz (-1 dB)
    • signal-to-noise ratio: 97 dB
    • total harmonic distortion: 0.5% (20-20,000 Hz)
    • DriveCore circuitry maintains Class D high efficiency with low noise
    • independent right- and left-channel gain controls
    • LCD screen with menu/prev/next buttons
    • sleep mode turns LCD screen off for less distraction
    • security mode prevents tampering
    • rear panel circuit breaker/reset switch
    • defeatable Peakx Limiters for each channel
    • PureBand Crossover System:
      • Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave crossover filter
      • crossover frequency range: 50-3,000 Hz, with points every 1.5 octave centers
      • selectable filter types: low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass
    • internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling
    • flow-through ventilation from front to back, plus automatic rear fan for critical temperatures
    • short circuit, thermal, and current limiting protection
    • front-panel LEDs indicate signal, -10dB and -20dB below clipping, clipping, and temperature
    • integrated rack mount ears
    • inputs: balanced XLR, 1/4", and RCA
    • outputs: two binding posts and two Neutrik Speakon
    • 1/4" line-level outputs can be used to send signal to another amp
    Other Information:

    What's in the box:

    • Power amplifier
    • 3' AC power cord (IEC 3-prong plug)
    • Operation Manual

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    Crutchfield response

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    More details on the Crown XLS 1002

    Russ B.

    Features & specs

    Number of Channels 2
    Power Class D
    Watts per channel 8 ohms 215
    Watts per channel 4 ohms 350
    Watts per channel 2 ohms 550
    Watts bridged 1100
    Fan cooled Y
    DSP Y
    Filters HPF, LPF, BPass
    Rack spaces 2
    Height (inches) 3-1/2
    Depth (inches) 9
    Width (inches) 19
    Weight 8.6 lbs
    RCA 2
    1/4" 2
    XLR 2
    1/4" ---
    Binding post 2
    Spring post ---

    Product Research


    Overview: Crown's new XLS DriveCore 2 series of power amplifiers feature an upgraded look with a larger display. Like their predecessors, the new XLS amps are equipped with Crown's patented DriveCore technology. The XLS 1002 can drive your speakers with 1100 watts (at 4Ω bridged) of clean power with very low distortion.

    DriveCore: DriveCore Technology seamlessly integrates the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage fusing everything into a chip the size of a dime. The foundational DriveCore circuitry is based on breakthroughs by Crown's own Gerald Stanley with five patents applying to the advanced feedback, modulation, and output stage technologies. DriveCore's front-end drive circuits leverage the inherent efficiency of Class D output stages while also maintaining superb sonic characteristics. The end result is an ultra-efficient one-piece audio amplifier circuit that exhibits the exemplary audio quality of a highly evolved Class AB design.

    Power Rating: The Crown XLS 1002 can power 8Ω, 4Ω, or 2Ω loads, and can be bridged for 8Ω or 4Ω mono operation. The maximum average power in watts at 0.5% THD, 1 kHz is as follows:

    Impedance Load Dual Mode (stereo) Bridged Mode (mono)
    2 ohm 550 watts N/A
    4 ohm 350 watts 1,100 watts
    8 ohm 215 watts 700 watts

    PureBand Crossover System: The PureBand Crossover System in the XLS DriveCore 2 Series adds an enormous amount of flexibility and performance to any system. With this system, the crossover frequency is completely variable allowing the choice of any crossover point between 30Hz and 3kHz on 1/12th octave centers. The use of 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley filters provides steep slopes for a seamless transition between high and low drivers. You can choose from three filter types: Low Pass, High Pass, and Band Pass.

    Peakx Limiters: Peakx Limiters provide the ultimate in performance and protection for your entire system. This advanced algorithm was specifically developed and tuned to work with this amplifier and power-supply to achieve higher SPL with less audible artifacts. This means less distortion, less shutdowns, and maximum safe power delivered to your speakers. The Peakx Limiters can be easily turned on or off by channel right from the front panel eliminating the need to be digging around in the back of the dark rack.

    Inputs: The XLS DriveCore 2 Series amplifiers provide one balanced XLR, one 1/4", and one RCA connector per channel for flexible connectivity. The 1/4" inputs can be used as a loop-thru to distribute signal to additional amplifiers.

    Outputs: The XLS DriveCore 2 Series amps feature two 4-Pole Speakon output connectors that will accept 2-pole or 4-pole Speakon connectors. The Channel 1 Speakon connector is wired for both channels so it can be used for bridged-mono wiring or for stereo wiring of two speakers to a single Speakon connector. There is also one pair of back-panel binding posts per channel that will accept banana plugs or bare wire.

    Level Controls: The amplifier's two channel outputs are equipped with independent Gain (Level) control. These front panel rotary controls let you raise or lower the gain as you view the LED indicators to provide an optimal signal to the amp.

    LED Indicators: The power amplifier features ten LEDs (five for each output channel) to indicate status of amplifier:

    • Single Presence: Two green LED's, one for each channel, illuminate when the channel input signal exceeds -40dBu.
    • -10: Green LED flashes when output signal level exceeds -10dB below clip.
    • -20: Green LED flashes when output signal level exceeds -20dB below clip.
    • Clip: Two red LED's, one for each channel, illuminate when the channel's output is being overdriven.
    • Thermal: Two red LED's, one for each channel, illuminate when thermal compression begins.

    Main Menu: The amplifier's back-lit LCD screen allow you to navigate through the main menu and make adjustments to the amplifier right from the front panel:

    • Amp Mode: Allows you to select one of three amplifier modes:
      • Stereo: Channels 1 and 2 function as independent amplifiers
      • Bridge: The output is set into a bridge configuration
      • Input-Y: Drives the two channels with the same input signal
    • Crossover: Lets you select the filter type and frequency for each amplifier output channel. In Stereo or Input-Y mode, you will first be prompted to select which amp channel to set up. Once the channel has been selected, or if you are in Bridge Mode, you can choose from the following: Low Pass, Band Pass, or High Pass
    • Input Sensitivity: Input Sensitivity enables you to set the input sensitivity for the optimal system performance. You can choose from:
      • .775V - High: For sources with inherently low output levels, select this mode to drive the amplifier to full power. Typically, sources that use the RCA connections require the High setting.
      • 1.4V - Normal: For all other audio sources, the input sensitivity should be set to normal
    • System Menu: The System Menu lets you select the following:
      • Display Sleep: Sets the display to go into sleep mode after a predetermined idle time: 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, or sleep mode off.
      • Lighting: Lets you toggle on or off the blue panel lights and the green signal level indicators. The thermal and clip indicators cannot be turned off.
      • Security: Allows you to lock the menu buttons so that the settings cannot be disturbed once they have been set up.
      • System Information: Lets you access additional information, such as the model number, internal temperatures and voltages, firmware version, etc.
      • Factory Reset: Lets you reset the amplifier to the factory default settings. This allows you to start your setup from the beginning, if you desire.

    Flow-Through & Forced-Air Cooling: The XLS DriveCore 2 Series amplifiers employ flow-through, front-to-back ventilation and internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling for rapid, uniform heat dissipation.

    Aux Connector: A 3-pin Aux connector on the rear panel lets you remotely trigger sleep mode through a contact closure on pins 1 and 2. An amp status signal is available on pin 3.

    Specifications: The Crown XLS 1002 DriveCore 2 series amplifier has the following specifications:

    • Sensitivity: 0.775Vrms or 1.4Vrms (selectable)
    • Frequency Response: +0dB, -1dB (at 1W, 20Hz to 20kHz)
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >97dB
    • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.5%
    • Intermodulation Distortion: <0.3% (60Hz and 7kHz at 4:1, full rated output to -30dB)
    • Damping Factor: >200 (8Ω, 10Hz-400Hz)
    • Crosstalk: >85dB (at 1kHz), >55dB (at 20kHz)
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 19"
      • Height: 3.5"
      • Depth: 9" (including protrusions)
      • Weight: 8.6 pounds

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    Customer Q&A

    Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
    for low frequencies. bass speakers, hope it works right [ Angel  Oct 19, 2019 ]
    Due to professional and user positive reviews. [ chris  Jul 31, 2019 ]
    Price, power and online review. [ ROGER  Jul 27, 2019 ]
    I like the look, I needed a reliable sub amp, good power rating, can handle low ohm loads, active x-over Hi/BP/ low, home friendly use, way better than sub plate amps I was considering and good customer reviews. [ JOEY  Jun 21, 2019 ]
    High power rating , affordable. [ Glenn  Feb 28, 2019 ]
    I needed a power amp for the front's on my home theater setup, but since it's the holidays, I couldn't spend too much on my self. After doing a lot of research on this model, along with the price,I thought I'd give it a try. [ Beosker  Dec 28, 2018 ]
    Have one already. Great unit [ GREGORY M  Dec 25, 2018 ]
    Upgrade from an older crown xls 802 unit. [ Jeff  Sep 12, 2018 ]
    Harmon makes fantastic products, And Crutchfield provides incredible service... [ Mike  Jun 24, 2018 ]
    Lucy helped me out a lot with this total order [ Tim  Jun 06, 2018 ]
    needed more power for my speakers [ Richard  Apr 17, 2018 ]
    People have rated this product high and this crown is of very good quality, very dependable. A very satisfied customer. [ LUIS  Mar 11, 2018 ]
    This amp will hook up to the rca outputs of my home equipment and I can wire regular home speakers to it. The cost for the power is way better than any home equipment. I don't know why peoples would pay a grand for a home amplifier when this is available for $300. [ FRANK H  Oct 04, 2017 ]
    Crown still has better quality components than most other manufacturers, and this XLS series amp has been recommended by a variety of others. [ John  Oct 01, 2017 ]
    We purchased the Crown XLS 1002 to power our center and surround HT speakers. We had already purchased the 1502 for the mains and were very impressed. Having two Crowns in our audio arsenal will provide the volume we want with the clarity we require. I think you just can't go wrong with Crown. Had Crowns in the past for stage performances and they always came through. [ M  Aug 28, 2017 ]
    Crutchfield customer service and it will carry a 2ohm load according to specs. [ Frank  Jun 23, 2017 ]
    I chose this amp to power my Cerwin Vega! E 715s. [ michael  Oct 14, 2016 ]
    For my system [ Efrain  May 14, 2016 ]
    Cory recommended. Cory's Bio: [ J  Jan 27, 2016 ]

    5 questions already asked

    I'd like to pair this up with my marantz sr7012 to drive my klipsck rp8000f. Anybody have any thoughts to share? thanks
    [ Michael  May 29, 2019 ]
    2 answers
    I'm using a audio source 310 for my Polk rti a9 and it works great for me, got lots of buzzing when I tried the crown amp.
    [ Richard  Jun 05, 2019 ]
    Good solid amp with excellent sound and power Would be excellent Choice to power main speakers
    [ DARREN  May 29, 2019 ]
    Can this Crown amplifier be connected to the Front L/R preouts of an AV receiver to boost the sound from the front speakers? If so what interconnects are needed? Basic RCA cables or something else?
    [ James  Apr 03, 2018 ]
    4 answers
    Yes, that's how I have mine hooked up.
    [ mike  Apr 06, 2018 ]
    You can use basic RCA cables to go from the AV receiver signal out to the Crown signal in. You would then connect your speaker cables to the crown. The Crown also accepts XLR cables but your receiver probably doesn't have those. Should work great, lots of power with the Crown.
    [ John  Apr 04, 2018 ]
    This particular amp has both RCA and XLR inputs. Depending on your receivers output the 1002 could boost your output on those two channels by a significant amount. Basic RCA cables will work just fine and provide you with an unbalanced input. XLR inputs will provide you with a balanced input but should be matched to an appropriate receiver or processor .
    [ William  Apr 04, 2018 ]
    Yes but I wouldn't use basic RCA. I used Shielded twisted RCA cables. Sound great.
    [ Joel  Apr 03, 2018 ]
    How does this perform with a Dolby Atmos set-up?
    [ Herschel  Mar 19, 2018 ]
    6 answers
    I have no idea
    [ Randall  Mar 30, 2018 ]
    Been using this amp for the time being to run my side Surrounds in a theater system . Its a great amp and I Ultimately will be using this amp and one more to run My 2 pairs of Atmos speakers
    [ DARREN  Mar 26, 2018 ]
    I have two JL Audio 12" subs in custom boxes that are hooked up to this amp and it sounds amazing on Atmos. The amp is turned about 3/4 of the up and it shakes the house. I have a Denon receiver, which provides enough power to the rest of my system.
    [ Joey  Mar 26, 2018 ]
    Step it up to the next size... yes it's more money but you need extra power to drive your Atmos speakers. I assume your hooking up your front speakers or a center speaker with the Crown XLS 1002.. I'm happy with the XLS 1002 but if I could do it over I would've went bigger Amp.
    [ Robert  Mar 26, 2018 ]
    Don't have a answer. I'm using it for mid s and tweeters. 6 250 watts x 2 Soundcraftsmen Amps. pushing 24 12" subs
    [ Randall  Mar 26, 2018 ]
    No idea on an atmos system. Installed it in a 30,000 sq ft brewery taproom, and with it powering 4 speakers and a subwoofer, the place ROCKS.
    [ JOSHUA P  Mar 26, 2018 ]
    Do this amp have a fixed gain input so both volumed on my AVR and the Amp would be synced?
    [ Mitchell  Nov 29, 2017 ]
    1 answer
    You can set the gain range for the amp for the left and right channel independently. Then your AVR will control the volume from there.
    [ Frederick  Nov 30, 2017 ]
    Will this AMP (Crown XLS 1002) go to sleep or in by pass when its not sensing a signal in?? I know there is a contact closure to make this happen but some amps can sense the line in and bypass when no signal is detected for a period of time.
    [ paul  Jul 16, 2017 ]
    4 answers
    I don't believe it does, but it stays quite cool to the touch; I keep mine on all the time; occasionally the fan comes on; it is really a good machine; you need not worry about it overheating; I have used it for about a year with no problems
    [ Dev  Jul 18, 2017 ]
    Its been awhile since I installed three of these units to power three zones, but as I recall they did have a sleep function
    [ RICHARD  Jul 17, 2017 ]
    No. Atl least the blue light stays on.
    [ DENNIS  Jul 17, 2017 ]
    The amp will NOT go to sleep or standby when no signal is passing. The fan might stop, but the amplifier will still be "on". Apparently there is a remote turn, something like a 12V-turn on, on the Phoenix connectors on the back, but from what I've heard, it needs an adapter made by Crown that senses power voltage and not signal voltage.
    [ Anibal  Jul 17, 2017 ]

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