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Mackie Thump12BST

Thump Boosted 12" 2-way powered PA speaker with Bluetooth® control and streaming — 1,300W peak

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Our take on the Mackie Thump12BST

Mackie's Thump12BST powered PA speaker offers serious performance with a reasonable price tag. The Thump12BST uses a 1,000-watt amp to power its 12" woofer and a separate 300-watt amp to drive the 1.4" horn-loaded tweeter. The built-in time alignment and crossover circuitry result in maximum performance from the two drivers. To make sure the show will go on, Mackie incorporates a subsonic filter to protect against woofer over-excursion, a thermal shutdown and reset circuit, and independent limiters for the high- and low-frequency amplifiers, so you can't push your drivers too far.

A very versatile powered speaker

Mackie's Thump12BST powered PA speaker offers serious performance with a reasonable price tag. The Thump12BST uses a 1,000-watt amp to power its 12" woofer and a separate 300-watt amp to drive the 1.4" horn-loaded tweeter. The built-in time alignment and crossover circuitry result in maximum performance from the two drivers. To make sure the show will go on, Mackie incorporates a subsonic filter to protect against woofer over-excursion, a thermal shutdown and reset circuit, and independent limiters for the high- and low-frequency amplifiers, so you can't push your drivers too far.

Connect and control

The Thump12BST features a 3-channel input mixer — 2 combo XLR/TRS inputs plus a stereo Bluetooth input for wireless streaming from a compatible device. The analog inputs feature Mackie's super-quiet Vita™ preamps with Wide-Z™ technology that allows them to handle microphone, instrument, and line-level signals. An XLR output provides the mixed signal so you can daisy-chain additional speakers for larger events.

Wireless features

The Thump12BST lets you wirelessly stream music from your compatible device. You can also use your phone or tablet to adjust the settings and control your Thump12BST wirelessly using Mackie's Thump Connect™ app. In addition, you can use this Bluetooth connection to stream to and control a second Thump12BST up to 328 feet away.

Note: The 328-foot (100-meter) range works with your compatible device running Bluetooth 4.2 or later. The range of earlier-version Bluetooth devices will be shorter.

Speaker modes

You can set the EQ contour of your Thump12BST for six different applications:

  1. Music — when playing back recordings
  2. Live — when reinforcing a band
  3. Speech — when reinforcing voice only
  4. Music with sub — when playing back recordings with a subwoofer, like the Mackie Thump 18S
  5. Live with sub — when reinforcing a band with a subwoofer, like the Mackie Thump 18S
  6. Stage Monitor — when used as a floor wedge

Versatile applications

The Thump12BST's tough polypropylene cabinet includes four handles for portability, along with a perforated metal grille to protect the speaker. Using the included pole insert, you can mount this Thump speaker on a tripod stand or on a speaker pole mounted over a powered sub. Its angled design even lets you use it as a floor monitor in a live performance. And whatever your application, the Thump12BST continues Mackie's tradition of high performance, making it easy for you to get your Thump on.

Mackie Thump 12BST

Thump 12BST connection and control panel

Product Highlights:

  • 2-way powered PA speaker
  • 12" high-output woofer
  • 1.4" titanium dome compression driver
  • bi-amplified with 1300 watts total power: 1000 watts to woofer, 300 watts to tweeter
  • max SPL: 126 dB
  • frequency response: 50-23,000 Hz
  • selectable speaker modes: Music, Live, Speech, Music with Sub, Live with Sub, Stage Monitor
  • multi-colored display with single-knob control
  • Power Factor Correction optimizes the power supply for different AC power conditions
Bluetooth Features:
  • adjustments made via Thump Connect™ control app for iOS and Android devices
  • stream music from compatible devices
  • wireless streaming and control to a second Thump BST speaker
  • up to 328-foot (100m) range with compatible device using Bluetooth 4.2 and up
Other Features:
  • 3-channel input mixer (2 combo XLR/TRS + stereo Bluetooth) with input and master volume controls
  • mix output (XLR)
  • polypropylene enclosure with weather-resistant perforated metal grille
  • 35mm socket for pole mounting and 3 M10 fly points for hanging
  • 4 handles
  • dimensions: 14"W x 24-3/8"H x 14"D
  • weight: 29.3 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Powered speaker
  • 70" AC power cord (IEC 3-pin)
  • Owner's manual (Eng / Span / Fren / Others)

Mackie Thump12BST Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(2 Reviews)

Mackie Thump12BST

Crutchfield customer from Portsmouth, OH on 8/14/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We purchased this product for use in our Group Fitness Studio for classes. It took a minute for me to figure out how to understand the controls on the back of the unit. I love the Bluetooth feature and that is also has 2 channels to plug in external devices. This way our instructors and can just walk in, turn it on and either Bluetooth their device/phone/iPod/iPad to the speaker or they can still plug into it just like our old speaker. I can also plug in a microphone or CD player to the speaker at the same time. No need for a mixer or amp. However, the phone application that is compatible with this device is somewhat confusing. I preferred using the normal volume controls on my device once I got the sound levels where I wanted them. I have instructors who are not tech savvy and would have a hard time trying to figure out how to change the Hi/Mid/Lows on this speaker.

Pros: Great sound, multiple device plug in options, Bluetooth

Cons: Level and channel controls could be a challenge for some people. No one has time to be frustrated right before an event.

Mackie Thump12BST

Crutchfield customer from Phoenix, AZ on 7/3/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great Speaker!




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Drivers per speaker 2
Woofer Size (inches) 12
Tweeter Size (inches) 1.4"
System Frequency response 50-23,000
Maximum SPL 126
RMS Power rating Not given
Program Power rating Not given
Peak Power rating 1300
Mic Inputs 2 XLR/TRS combo
Line Inputs 1/4" TRS (2)
Tone Controls 3-Band EQ, HPF
Width (inches) 14
Height (inches) 24-3/8
Depth (inches) 14
Weight 29.3 lbs

Product Research


Overview: The Mackie Thump12BST is a portable powered loudspeaker designed for live use in small venues and performance centers. With 2 input channels and Bluetooth audio streaming, all being driven by 1300 watts of power, the Thump12BST is perfect for musicians, DJs, schools, and houses of worship.

Inputs/Outputs: Each of the Thump12BST's 2 input channels feature combination XLR/TRS jacks that can accept balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/4") signals. A third Mix Out XLR jack (balanced) is provided to output the main signal to another powered speaker.

Configuration: All of the configuration and settings are done through an on-screen menu system. The rear-panel includes a 1.5" x 1.5" LCD screen along with a selection dial for navigating the menu options. Settings can also be made from a Bluetooth paired smartphone using the Thump Connect app. The following options are available in the menu:

  • Mixer: The Mixer screen displays both input channels, the Bluetooth channel, and the Main output channel via virtual faders. These also display the level value for each channel, above the fader, and include a 3-band EQ for each input as well. The three EQ ranges are High: (6 kHz for channels 1 and 2, 12 kHz for Bluetooth), Mid: 2.5 kHz, and Low: 80 Hz, with an adjustment range of +/-12 dB for each. There's also a high-pass filter available with cutoff options from 20 Hz to 400 Hz at 12 dB/octave.
  • Speaker Mode: Six Speaker Modes are available that tailor the sound to best suit each particular application.
    • Music: This mode is full-range, but increases the bass and high frequencies. Designed for DJs and music playback applications.
    • Live: This mode boosts mid and high-frequencies, while rolling off the low-end, lessening thumps and the proximity effect. Ideal for singer/songwriters.
    • Speech: Rolls off low frequencies while boosting mid and high frequencies critical for speech applications.
    • Music + Sub: This mode rolls off the low end to match properly with the Thump18S subwoofer.
    • Live + Sub: Similar to Music + Sub, this mode also rolls off the low end to match properly with the Thump18S subwoofer.
    • Monitor: This mode rolls off the low frequencies and reduces the 2 kHz range to ensure maximum gain before feedback in monitor applications.
  • Bluetooth: The Thump12BST can be paired to a Bluetooth enabled device for audio streaming. It can also be Linked to another Thump12BST powered speaker and operate in Stereo mode, where each speaker is treated as a stereo pair, or Zone mode, where a mixed signal is sent to both speakers. In Stereo mode, the main level control affects both speakers. In Zone mode, each speaker's volume can be independently controlled. The Bluetooth menu setting gives options for Pairing, Linking speakers, and Stereo or Zone mode. If two speakers are connected and used in Stereo mode, you can specify which speaker will be the left and right.
  • Configuration: The Configuration menu gives the following options:
    • Front LED: On/Off. Determines if the blue power LED on the front grill will illuminate when the unit is powered on.
    • Auto Pair BT: This setting allows a previously paired device to auto reconnect if both the device and the speaker are powered on and in range.
    • Auto Link BT: This allows two previously paired speakers to automatically re-link if both are powered on and within range.
    • About: Displays the current information about the speaker: Bluetooth version, firmware version, etc.
    • Restore: This option will restore the speaker's options back to factory default.
  • Lock: A pass-code can be entered to lock the controls from unwanted use.
  • LCD: This option allows you to change the brightness of the LCD and also choose which menu option will be displayed on the LCD screen (default is the Mixer screen).

Chassis: Designed for portability and durability, the Thump12BST features a rugged polypropylene chassis with a textured finish and a perforated metal grill with weather-resistant coating. It includes 4 built-in carry-handles, three M10 mounting points for suspending or "flying" the speaker, and a standard 35mm socket for pole-mounting.

Protections: The Thump12BST incorporates various safety features which include:

  • Limiting: A compression circuit which helps protect it from damaging transient peaks. The compressor is designed to be transparent and isn't noticeable under normal conditions.
  • Over Excursion: A subsonic filter circuit prior to the power amp prevents ultra-low frequencies from being amplified, which helps keep the driver from bottoming out.
  • Thermal: If the amplifier overheats, a built-in thermal switch will activate, muting the signal. After it has cooled down sufficiently, the switch will reset itself and resumes normal operation.


  • Frequency Range:
    • -10 dB: 50 Hz - 23 kHz
    • -3 dB: 57 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle: 90˚
  • Vertical Coverage Angle: 60˚
  • Maximum SPL Peak: 126 dB
  • Low Frequency Driver: 12"
  • High Frequency Driver: 1.4" Titanium dome compression driver
  • Total Peak Power: 1300 Watts
  • Low Frequency Amp:
    • Peak Power: 1000 Watts
    • THD: < 1%
    • Amplifier: Class D
  • High Frequency Amp:
    • Peak Power: 300 Watts
    • THD: < 1%
    • Amplifier: Class AB
  • Channel EQ: 3-Band, HPF
    • Low: +/- 12 dB @ 80 Hz
    • Mid: +/- 12 dB @ 2.5 kHz
    • High: +/- 12 dB @ 6 kHz (Ch. 1/2), @ 12 kHz (Bluetooth)
    • HPF: 20 Hz - 400 Hz @ 12 dB/octave (Ch. 1/2 only)
  • Main EQ: 6 Speaker modes
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR (balanced) / 1/4" (unbalanced)
  • Impedance:
    • Mic/Line: 8 kΩ balanced
    • 1/4" TS: 1 MΩ unbalanced
  • Mix Out: Male XLR balanced
  • Mix Out Impedance: 600Ω
  • Crossover:
    • Type: 24 dB / octave
    • Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz
  • Bluetooth:
    • Protocol: 3.0
    • Function: Audio streaming and user interface control
    • Class: 1
  • Display LEDs: Defeatable front power, Speaker Control
  • Status Information: Input and output levels, EQ speaker voicing
  • Protections: Peak and RMS limiting, power supply and amplifier thermal protection
  • Input Power: 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
  • AC Connector: 3-pin IEC
  • Power Supply: Switchmode
  • Enclosure: Polypropylene
  • Grill: Perforated metal with weather-resistant coating
  • Finish: Black, textured
  • Handles: One on each side, one on top, one on bottom
  • Operating Temperature: 32 - 104˚ F
  • Dimensions: Width - 14.0", Height - 24.375", Depth - 14.0"
  • Weight: 29.3 lbs.

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Customer Q&A

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I needed a new PA speaker, this one with bluetooth and other multiple inputs and built in mixer fits the bill perfectly for backyard events. Just cant beat the price and customer service of Crutchfield. [ Jeffrey  Oct 09, 2018 ]
New mackie app very nice sound amazing [ juan  Aug 07, 2018 ]
Love Mackie products! We use them in our studios for Group X classes [ Debbie  Jul 20, 2018 ]