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WyreStorm HDBaseT™ AMP-001-010

HDMI-over-Ethernet receiver and repeater with built-in stereo amplifier

Item # 876AMP001

The Wyrestorm AMP-001-010 offers three distinct functions for your HDBaseT distributed A/V system in a single box.

The Wyrestorm AMP-001-010 offers three distinct functions for your HDBaseT distributed A/V system in a single box.

Item # 876AMP001

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About the WyreStorm HDBaseT™ AMP-001-010

Power speakers in your WyreStorm distributed audio system

The Wyrestorm AMP-001-010 offers three distinct functions for your HDBaseT distributed A/V system in a single box. First, it's an HDMI-over-Ethernet receiver for signals sent across CAT-6 Ethernet cable. Second, it offers signal pass-through to another zone. And finally, it has a built-in stereo amplifier for powering a pair of connected speakers in one zone.  

Power speakers in your WyreStorm distributed audio system

The Wyrestorm AMP-001-010 offers three distinct functions for your HDBaseT distributed A/V system in a single box. First, it's an HDMI-over-Ethernet receiver for signals sent across CAT-6 Ethernet cable. Second, it offers signal pass-through to another zone. And finally, it has a built-in stereo amplifier for powering a pair of connected speakers in one zone.  

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Product highlights:

  • HDBaseT repeater, receiver, and Class D stereo amplifier
  • receives audio and video from compatible WyreStorm transmitters and matrices through CAT-6 Ethernet cable
Video Features:
  • supports 1080p video transmission up to 70 meters/230 ft.
  • HDMI output for connection to a TV or display
  • HDMI version 1.4
  • supports 3D-encoded content
  • does not support 4K or HDR-encoded content
Audio Features:
  • 25 watts x 2 built-in amplifier
  • spring terminal speaker connections
  • mono RCA subwoofer output
  • stereo RCA outputs for connection to a secondary amplifier
  • 3.5mm stereo minijack input for a "local" audio source
  • supports multi-channel audio formats, including Dolby® and DTS®
  • supports stereo PCM audio signals
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel) for sending audio from your TV to the WyreStorm transmitting device
Power and Control:
  • 2-way PoH (Power over HDBaseT) for flexible installation options
    • supply power to a single unit and share power between two units
    • 50 meters/164 ft. maximum PoH range
  • 18-volt DC power supply included
  • bi-directional IR pass-through for relaying remote control commands
  • RS-232 control when connected to a compatible HDBaseT transmission device with routable RS-232 capability
  • LED indicators for power, signal status, and more
  • EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) management via DIP switches
Dimensions and Warranty:

What's in the box:

  • HDBT digital amplifier
  • AC power supply (attached 6' DC cord)
  • 4' AC power cord
  • Remote control (CR2025 3V battery installed)
  • IR Transmitter
  • IR receiver
  • 6.5' USB serial cable
  • 2 Installation brackets
  • 4 Screws
  • USB flash drive (contains control software and digital product manual)
  • Instruction Manual

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the WyreStorm HDBaseT™ AMP-001-010

Stacey B.

Product Research


HDBaseT Receiver w/ Integrated 2.1 Audio Amplifier: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 is a unique HDBaseT Class D digital audio amplifier with receiving and repeating functionality that fundamentally changes the way to approach the design of multi-room audio-visual systems. It simplifies, combines and improves the relationship between HDMI, HDBaseT, and stereo audio for integrators; as well as incorporates 3:1 audio switching from centralized AV sources, ARC, or local audio input; plus can be used centrally, in-line or as a display device for one of the most flexible and powerful applications of HDBaseT technology.

Applications: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 is capable of being used locally as a standalone amplifier and receiver or as part of a larger, cascaded distribution containing WyreStorm Presentation Switcher, Pro Plus HDBaseT matrix or full HDBaseT.

  • Basic: At its most basic, the AMP-001-010 can extract stereo audio direct from the digital audio within the HDBaseT signal and amplify it locally, removing the need for any extra breakout boxes and converters. A single Cat5e/6 cable is all that's required between the source and amplifier; the amp provides spring clip terminals for stereo speakers, a dedicated subwoofer output plus an HDMI feed for the display, all fully controllable via IR or RS232.
  • Typical: Typically, a simple residential system might consist of AV sources (set top box, media server etc) routed to the amplifier via a TX-70-PP HDBaseT transmitter; speakers and a subwoofer would be connected directly to the AMP-001-010. The ARC (Audio Return Channel) functionality of the amp allows audio from a connected Smart TV to be played into the system, giving the listener instant access to a multitude of streaming services. Personal audio can also be input via a 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack, if required. Should more amplification be needed in any particular zone, a larger amp can be hooked up using a pair of pre-outs, without sacrificing ARC, repeating, receiving and audio switching capabilities.
  • Expanded: Additionally, the system can be expanded across a network. More WyreStorm HDBaseT amps can be added via a single Cat 5e/6cable, connecting to more speakers and displays, all being fed either from the same centralized AV input, or from individual local sources. Up to seven AMP-001-010 units can be added to single network, potentially covering a distance of 1610' with full HD video, amplified 2.1 audio and IR/RS-232 control.
  • Commercial: For a larger commercial project, the AMP-001-010 could be added to the multiple outputs of an HDBaseT matrix switcher for a system containing up to 56 screens, spanning a distance of up to 2.4 miles.

HDBaseT Technology: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 is outfitted with an HDBaseT input and HDBaseT output pass-through, delivering 1080p HD video and HD multichannel audio, along with PoH pass-through, as well as bi-directional IR and RS232 control, plus ARC (Audio Return Channel) - all on a single Cat5e/6 cable that removes the need for additional control, video cables and power supplies on installations, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

  • Fully Cascadable: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 is fully cascadable over multiple 230' distances up to 7x using just a single Cat5e/6 cable. The AMP-001-010 can be used as both an HDBaseT repeater to extend the transmission as well as a Receiver, with the inclusion of up to 7 units connected along a single cable run. A maximum number of seven AMP-001-010(s) can be daisy-chained.
  • Optional Receiver: The WyreStorm RX-1UTP-IR-70 receiver (sold separately) is required to extend the final leg of the distribution a further 230' or if HDMI output and IR/RS232 control only is required.
Note: 230' is the maximum recommended transmission distance for this classification of HDBaseT equipment and denotes perfect transmission conditions - including straight cable runs with no electrical interference, bends, kinks, patch panels or wall outlets. If any of the above are a factor in your installation, transmission range may be affected - take care to avoid where possible.

HDMI 1.4: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 is equipped with a HDMI 1.4 output supporting high definition video up to 1080p and multichannel audio up to 7.1ch (including DTS-HD Master Audio & Dolby TrueHD). Use a high-speed HDMI cable no longer than 49'.

  • EDID (Extended Display Identification Data): EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is data generated from each display in the system to communicate the capabilities of the device (720p, 2ch Audio, 1080p, 7.1ch Audio). There are 4 DIP switches to configure EDID setting. For added convenience and ease of installation, on the underside of the AMP-001-010 you will a brief explanation of the EDID DIP settings.
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel): The AMP-001-010 also supports ARC (Audio Return Channel), freeing up the audio from your TV to be played back through the WyreStorm AMP-001-010.

Built-In Digital Amplifier: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 is equipped with a built-in Class D amplifier rated at 25 watts x 2 channel. The amplifier has the capability to drive 4, 6, & 8 Ohm speaker loads.

  • Spring-Clip Terminals: The built-in amplifier utilizes four spring-clip terminals for connection of speaker wire up to 14AWG.
  • Sub Out: For increased bass range, a powered subwoofer can be connected to the mono-RCA subwoofer output of the AMP-001-010. This sub out is full-range and requires an external low-pass crossover in the powered sub.
  • Audio Out: Using the Audio Pre-Out you can connect the AMP-001-010 to a multiroom audio amplifier system or separate power amplifier, and expand beyond a basic stereo pair.

Note: In such cases where an AV receiver is being used, the sub out of the AMP-001-010 should be connected to the Sub input of the AV receiver and your powered subwoofer connected to the AV receiver's LFE output. Likewise, speakers should be connected directly to the AV receiver rather than the spring terminal connectors of the AMP-001-010.

Local Input: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 features a 3.5mm minijack input for connection of a local line-level audio source (such as a MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, or computer).

Remote Control: The WyreStorm AMP-001-010 can be controlled locally via the front-panel, or remotely using the included IR handset. In addition, the AMP-001-010 can transmit discreet wide-band, two-way IR control signal and serial control commands together within the HDMI signal over a single Cat5e/6. It features one IR RX 3.5mm port, one IR TX  3.5mm port, and a 3-Pin, RS-232 connector. One IR emitter and one IR receiver is included in the box.

On-Screen User Interface: The AMP-001-010 offers an on-screen user interface through the provided USB/Serial cable and your connected computer. The on-screen user interface allows you to adjust Master Volume, Sub Volume, Bass & Treble, EQ (Normal/Pop/Classic/Metal/Jazz/Rock), Audio Out (HDMI Source/HDMI ARC/Local Input), and EDID (HDMI/HDBT/3D/2D).

PoH (Power-over-HDBaseT) Pass-Through: The AMP-001-010 is capable of Power-over-HDBaseT pass-through distances up to 164' when used between PoH-enabled devices, such as a MX-PP-POH matrix or POH transmitters and receivers (all sold separately) - removing the need for additional mains power for the receiver at the display end while maintaining all the features of individual amps in the distribution.

Note: The AMP-001-010 will still require mains power for operation, but are able to pass-through power from a PoH transmission device to a PoH receiver to negate the need for mains power at the display end.

Mounting Options: The AMP-001-010's compact size means there are multiple installation options for the HDBT digital amplifier. It can be located in a ceiling void and coupled to in-ceiling/in-wall speakers, wall-mounted next to a data plate, or even parked in a centralized rack with the matrix switcher and routed to each zone with conventional speaker cable and one Cat5e/6 cable.

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