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IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands

Aluminum isolation stands for medium-sized monitors and bookshelf speakers (Black)

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Our take on the IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands

I love what IsoAcoustics' stands do for the performance of professional studio monitors and bookshelf speakers — helping them deliver cleaner, tighter, more accurate sound. And now, their new Aperta stands not only bring out the best in your speakers' sound, their sleek and stylish sculpted aluminum construction lends them an elegant look, as well. 

IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands

The IsoAcoustics Aperta speaker isolation stands feature sturdy, all-metal construction and are available in your choice of Black or Aluminum finishes.

Better sound with an elegant look

I love what IsoAcoustics' stands do for the performance of professional studio monitors and bookshelf speakers — helping them deliver cleaner, tighter, more accurate sound. And now, their new Aperta stands not only bring out the best in your speakers' sound, their sleek and stylish sculpted aluminum construction lends them an elegant look, as well. 

How do they work?

The Aperta monitor stands employ the same principles as the best professional studios to simulate speaker "flotation." Thanks to a patented design, the IsoAcoustics stands eliminate the transfer of energy from your speakers to surrounding surfaces, which means you'll hear clearer, more transparent sound with every listen.

Full tilt boogie

IsoAcoustics makes sure you can aim your speakers for the best possible sound. The Aperta stands feature a unique integrated tilt adjustment system that enables you to dial-in the perfect tilt angle so that your speakers' tweeters are pointed directly at your ears. Fine gradation markings on the stands ensure precise angle adjustments. The Aperta isolators measure 6-1/8" wide by 7-1/2" deep to accommodate medium size studio monitors and speakers at least 6" wide and weighing up to 35 pounds. 


  • pair of adjustable stands support up to 35 lbs. each
  • recommended for speakers with a footprint measuring at least 6-1/8"W x 7-1/2"D
  • sturdy, sculpted aluminum construction
  • precision integrated tilt adjustment system for setting exact speaker angles
  • each stand measures 6-1/8"W x 7-1/2"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 2 Upper isolation sections (black)
  • 2 Lower isolation sections (black)
  • 4 Tube risers (2.381" length - unadjustable)
  • 4 Tube risers (2.415" to 3.1" length - adjustable)
  • Installation Guide

Its hard to believe what these little stands can do! My speakers sound better than ever!

steve, Lawrenceville, NJ


IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands Reviews

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(7 Reviews)

IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands

Crutchfield customer from Brea, CA on 3/19/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Not sure that this help or anything, but look great on my desk.



IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands

Crutchfield customer from Alexandria, VA on 1/11/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have the IsoAcoustics L8R155 plastic stands for my desktop monitors, and got the Aperta for my living room towers because they have a slightly higher weight rating and I thought the (silver) aluminum would look sleek. I was wrong. Look closely at the photos before buying. The aluminum is a cheap-looking powder coat that is not at all representative of the price. The plastic isoacoustic stands look better to me and they have the benefit of providing two different heights, which the Aperta do not. For about half the price, honestly save your money and get the L8R155. Functionally the Aperta are great, but so are the plastic ones.



Skeptical and surprised

D from Indianapolis on 8/29/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Admittedly, I doubted how a thee (3) inch elevation and 2 degree forward tilt of my Focal 705s would enhance the midrange of my music; however, listening is believing. I not only heard more midrange instruments and subtle foot taps from live acoustic performances, but elevating the 705s also provided a more subtle and eloquent bass - no more muffled-shake-the-floor for my music. Sometimes hear subtleties I missed before, so listening experience is brand new and refreshing.

Pros: Great idea and design. Leave it to the Canadians, eh?

Cons: Way too pricey.

Good solution for my problem

Crutchfield customer from Wilmington, NC on 6/16/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very practical solution for the problem (height of the speakers on my computer desk) with the added benefit of allowing the speakers to vibrate properly, enhancing the sound. They seem overpriced, but are well designed and easy to use.

Pros: good function

Cons: high price


steve from Lawrenceville, NJ on 7/11/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Its hard to believe what these little stands can do! My speakers sound better than ever!




Tony from Rochester NY on 5/1/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I needed desktop speaker stands for my KEF X300A speakers and these are perfect! I prefer the aluminum to plastic and these are the perfect size for the KEF's. Highly recommended.

Pros: Build quality - all metal!


isoacoustics Aperta speaker stands

Alex from Hawaii on 1/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Having used several types of speaker isolation for stand mount monitor loudspeakers these are by far the most effective at absorbing unwanted resonance traveling from speaker through metal stands into the wooden floor in my application. The added feature of tilting forward or backwards is quite handy especially with high stands 28" in this case and larger than normal monitor loudspeakers 18 1/2 inches tall which I just purchased.

Pros: Aesthetically good looking, the ability to tilt the speakers forward or backwards, rubber mounting surfaces both top and bottom. Protects the bottom of the speaker from damage.

Cons: Since the speakers are essentially floating a bit they are not as stable as if one was to use say Blutak and adhere the speaker cabinet to the top of the stands, which BTW usually damages the underside of the speaker.


Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The IsoAcoustics Aperta (pronounced A-pair-tah) sculpted aluminum speaker stands are designed to raise your speakers or studio monitors off of the tabletop or floor and angle them toward your ears. "Aperta" is the Italian word for "open", and describes the look of the stands as well as the spatial openness of the sound that comes from your speakers. The stands have a unique floating design which isolates and decouples the speaker from the mounting surface to eliminate acoustic distortion. The Apertas have a unique integrated tilt adjustment that lets you tilt the speakers between 1° and 6°.

Note: This package includes a pair of speaker stands.

Application: The Aperta Studio Monitor stands are designed for medium-sized studio monitors, bookshelf, and desktop speakers. They should be used with speakers with dimensions greater than 6" wide and 7.5" deep, and weighing up to 35 pounds each.

PIF Principles: IsoAcoustics Aperta stands are designed to support the PIF Principles of acoustic design:

  • Placement: The proximity to adjacent and nearby surfaces. The stands raise the speakers off the supporting surface and away from adjacent surfaces to reduce reflections.
  • Isolation: The stands decouple the speakers from the supporting surface to reduce the energy from exciting other objects. The speaker is allowed for float independently.
  • Focus: By raising and tilting the speakers, the stands create an ideal listening position. The speakers should be tilted to the listeners ear level, and positioned to form an equilateral triangle from the speakers to the listener.

Angle Adjustment: The Aperta speaker stands feature top and bottom aluminum isolation sections that are held together with tube inserts (0.639" diameter) on each corner. Two of the tube inserts feature threaded tilt adjustment screws that lengthen the insert from 2.4" to 3.1", enabling you to dial-in the optimum tilt angle. The screws have gradation marks in 1° increments for precision angle adjustments of 1° to 6°. To obtain a downward angle, the adjustable tube inserts should be placed in the rear. For an upward angle, the adjustable tubes should be placed in the front.

Isolators: On each corner of the stands are high-modulus co-polymer isolators. The combination of the isolators and aluminum tube inserts significantly absorbs and dissipates the energy coming from the speakers so that it does not travel to the mounting surface. This allows the speaker to "float" independently, eliminating acoustic distortion.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

I like the isolation, the tilt property And the polished aluminum to contrast with black ML bookshelf speakers I ordered. [ Richard  Apr 14, 2018 ]
Recommended by many [ Philip  Jun 08, 2017 ]
wanted some stands for my desktop. Planning on adding an amplifier to my computer speakers and wanted to try out these stands for my Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 55's. [ Lyle  Dec 26, 2016 ]
Recommended by speaker manufacturer. [ Mark  Dec 14, 2016 ]

2 questions already asked

Each speaker sits on each stand. I have had no problems with speaker stability on the stand. [ JOSEPH  Feb 20, 2019 ]
The speaker cabinets rest atop the stands. These stands are great and have improved the midrange in my Focal speakers and reduced the bass reflex from the floor (I have hardwoods, so the low ends dominated until I elevated the speakers just a few inches). Worth the investment. [ DAVID  Feb 20, 2019 ]
It sits on the stands. You don't want them would defeat the purpose. [ Edward  Feb 20, 2019 ]
They do not attach, the rubber top pieces and the weight of the speaker keeps everything in place. The feet on my KEF LS50 Wireless line up perfectly for an even better bond. You could always use a bit of Blue Tac to improve the adherence. [ GREG  Feb 20, 2019 ]
Hi, Toby. They just sit on top of them with no attachment. But they sit securely, with no slippage. And they work well for a clean sound from the speakers. [ SUSAN A  Feb 20, 2019 ]
The speaker just sits on them. I use them on the floor of my apartment and have the stands adjusted to tilt the speakers upward. Works great! [ Paul  Feb 20, 2019 ]
No attachment. Speakers sit freely on the stand. Highly recommended. [ Paul  Feb 19, 2019 ]
The speaker just sits on top of the stand [ Arthur  Feb 19, 2019 ]
I have a pair of Triangle Genese Trio's that the stands are supporting and with the weight of the speakers on them the height has raised a hair over 2 7/8 ". Mind you the Triangles are pretty substantial monitors and weight around 25 lbs. so if your speakers are lighter than that I'd say 3 " height increase. [ Alex  Mar 20, 2016 ]

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