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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Truly wireless earphones (Black)

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Our take on the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

I've been waiting to see how Bang & Olufsen would approach the new "100% wire-free" headphone trend. As I expected, their Beoplay E8 truly wireless earphones bring an understated elegance to the high-tech category. This company just has a knack for tasteful style with a touch of flair.

Beoplay E8 Truly wireless earbuds

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 truly wireless headphones sport a cable-free design.

Cord-free and fashion-forward

I've been waiting to see how Bang & Olufsen would approach the new "100% wire-free" headphone trend. As I expected, their Beoplay E8 truly wireless earphones bring an understated elegance to the high-tech category. This company just has a knack for tasteful style with a touch of flair.

Each earbud rests comfortably in-ear without a cord connecting the two. The look is clean and low-key, and music plays wirelessly via Bluetooth®.

Sophisticated sound

A powerful dynamic driver is packed inside each tiny earbud to deliver Bang & Olufsen's crisp, clear sound signature. If you're craving a ton of bass, I'd probably steer you in another direction. B&O headphones offer some thump, but I generally think of their sound presentation as more well-rounded. And they aren't afraid to reveal the acoustic details found in the highs and upper mids.

To tweak the out-of-the-box sound, download the free Beoplay app to your Apple® or Android™ device. You can make tonal adjustments based on mood or genre.

Strong wireless connection

Some truly wireless headphones rely on a Bluetooth connection to each earbud, which can occasionally lead to audio sync and dropout issues. To ensure reliable performance, B&O uses Near Field Magnetic Induction (NMFI) to wirelessly connect the left and right earbuds. It's the same wireless technology used in medical-grade hearing devices.

Intuitive touch controls and Transparency Mode to keep you aware

The E8 earphones are designed primarily for people on the go, so B&O threw in some neat features to make listening more convenient. Both earbuds have a touch panel built in for controlling music and phone calls. For example, you can tap and hold the right earbud to turn up the volume, or tap and hold the left earbud to turn it down.

Bang & Olufsen E8 truly wireless earbuds with touch control

The E8 gives you convenient touch control over music and phone calls.

If you tap the right earbud once, you'll play or pause the track. Do the same to the left earbud, and you'll activate the Transparency mode — you'll instantly hear external sounds. There are three strength levels that you can toggle through by tapping the earbud or using the Beoplay app.

Comfortable fit that stays put

A solid, comfortable fit is key for this style of headphones, because nobody wants to lose one of their earbuds. And B&O has steadily improved their earpiece design with each new pair of in-ears they release. That includes extensive 3D studies of the ear and relentless earbud testing, all to find the most comfortable, secure fit possible.

There are 5 pairs of ear tips included — four sizes of silicone tips and a pair of Comply™ memory foam tips. Comply foam tips are my personal favorite, because they fit snugly but feel light and unobtrusive.

Product Highlights:

  • 100% wire-free headphones
    • no connecting cord between left and right earbuds
  • 5.7mm dynamic drivers housed in aluminum earpieces
Wireless Audio and Phone Calls:
  • Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless music listening and phone calls with compatible smartphones
    • AAC decoding provides high-quality music streaming from compatible devices
  • Near Field Magnetic Induction (NMFI) technology for wireless connection between left and right earbuds
    • strong, reliable wireless transmission without sound quality loss
  • free Beoplay app for Apple and Android allows you to adjust settings and customize the sound
Charging Case, Battery Information, and Accessories:
  • built-in rechargeable batteries offers 4 hours of listening
  • leather-covered carrying case banks up to 8 hours of power to wirelessly recharge headphones
    • 15 minutes inside case provides enough power for 1 hour of listening
  • USB cable included for charging case
  • includes 5 pairs of ear tips for a customized, comfortable fit
    • 4 sizes of silicone tips
    • 1 size of Comply sport foam tips
General Info and Specs:
  • touch controls on each earbud let you answer calls, play/pause music, skip tracks, and control volume
  • Transparency Mode lets you hear external sounds
    • tap left earbud to toggle through three levels of Transparency Mode
  • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • weight: 0.21 ounces (headphones); 1.59 ounces (case)
  • designed by Jakob Wagner
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Left and right E8 ear buds (black)
  • 4 Pairs of silicone ear tips (1 pair installed)
  • 1 Pair of Comply foam ear tips
  • Charging case
  • 50" USB charging cable (Type A USB on one end and Micro-B USB on other end)
  • Quick Start Guide

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(17 Reviews)

Such a let down.

Rob from Arlington, VA on 11/18/2018

Pairing is horrendous. Sound was nothing near what I expected. Not what I expected from B & O. Pre-ordered the new Sennheiser, got to be better.

Pros: Comfortable App sound control was nice

Cons: Virtually every other thing about them. Sound quality, pairing is a total mess, battery life-not great.

If they fit - great sound

Steve from Miami, FL on 11/6/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love these. Finally free of the cord! The key to them is that they lay outside your ear canal (so you must be sure they fit your ear). I was able to try them on in a B&O store before buying here. If they fit you'll be quite pleased with sound and freedom. And if they don't fit, Crutchfield has a great return policy.

Pros: sound, cord freedom



Crutchfield customer from Buffalo on 10/1/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Quiet disappointed. Got these as a possible replacement to the Bose since I didn't like the stiff controls on the Bose. Bottom line the E8 are terrible. Sound is unacceptable, tinny , no base, no depth. Didn't like the controls either. All these companies proporting to have simple setup, but I find them confusing and non-intuitive. Bose has great sound so I'll live with the control issue.



Crutchfield response on 10/2/2018 : This customer contacted our Customer Support team and set up a return. Purchases from Crutchfield can be returned or exchanged within 60 days.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Jeff from Moorhead, MN on 9/17/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was VERY disappointed by these earbuds. I have always been a Bose fan and thought these would be much better. They have very good highs but NO bass what so ever... I tried the multiple ear tips that came with them and no luck. They also did not stay in my ears while working out. I had the Bose Sound Sport buds prior to this and got frustrated with the cord that runs between the two buds. I also tried the Apple wireless buds and these were the WORST by far. I did end up purchasing the Bose Sound Sport Free true wireless buds and LOVE them. Sound awesome, but you do look like Frankenstein a bit with them in.

Pros: Very good highs Nice size and styling Love the battery case App was awesome!

Cons: NO bass Would not stay in ear

Extremely clear and powerful sound

William from Live Oak, TX on 7/13/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are incredibly nice earbuds. The materials look and feel well built. They sound amazing especially with the adjustments that you can make with the app. I have had many B&O headphones before and this one definitely does not disappoint. Bass is well rouded and you feel every beat and it commads your attention to whatever you're listening to. The case is well done also. The magnetic fit is perfect. I"m just not a fan of the strap hanging from it... totally unnecessary to me. The touchpads on each bud is responsive and works well for the most part. It takes some getting used to especially while trying to pair and turning it on. They seem to get better after using for a while. Sometimes the sound may go out just for a split second, but it has not happened very often and it's not a huge deal to me... if you're not paying attention you may not even notice. Overall, these are excellent earbuds. Takes a little getting used to while handling them, but the sound and comfort is impressive!

Pros: Great fit, look and sound

Cons: A bit "touchy"... can accidentally trigger functions on the touch pad while placing them in your ear.

Great Sound! Could improve the software though.

Crutchfield customer from Conover, NC on 4/21/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Overall, these headphones are great! They do require a small "burn in" period to get the full sound out of them so if they sound a little weird out of the box then play them for a while at a moderate volume, although not Max. The app used to pair these was straightforward but it confused me a little, initially, because I am so used to going straight to the bluetooth settings but in this case I had to go to the app first for some reason. For being truly wireless, minimalistic, intuitive, and with decent battery life, these really do impress with sound quality. The sound is genuine, uncolored and detailed. It is a plus that they offer a unique EQ customization in the app to enhance the sound a little but it is no traditional EQ and it takes some playing with in order to understand what quadrant does what but I suppose that just adds to the novelty of the product. My only real complaint with these earphones are the occasional dropouts in the left earbud. It is very slight and really doesn't bother me, especially when listening to these for a prolonged period of time, they battery claims 4 hours per full charge but in average listening at 50-60% volume but I cleared that number no problem and will get around 4.5 and sometimes 5 hours out of them if I listen at low volume without the ambient microphones on. Like I said, given the constraints of technology, manufacturing and budget, I feel that these are probably the best sounding totally wireless earbuds as of this review. Happy.



Pairing/usability is atrocious

Richard from Franktown, CO on 1/9/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Based on sound alone, I'd give these 4 stars compared to other BT headsets, but only 3 stars based on sound quality in general for ear-bud type headphones. However, I would give these only 1 star based on ease of use. Pairing was the biggest issue, primarily because of the required interface with the Beoplay software. I followed it's lead to update the firmware, but no improvement. I requested a replacement set (which Crutchfield's excellent customer service quickly provided), but no improvement. In summary, over three hours of trying, with two different sets of headphones, and with both my phone (S6) and tablet (Galaxy Pro 8.4), I got the things to connect a total of one time. Far, far more cumbersome than any of the three much cheaper sets of BT headphones that I own. Additionally, the buttons lack a tactile "click". If everything worked properly, this wouldn't be a big issue. But considering all the pushing I was doing to turn on, turn on pairing, etc., not knowing for sure if the units had even registered my push was making the situation worse. And lastly (and maybe I just missed something in the directions), I don't believe there is a method to manually turn the units off. They stop playing when you remove them or click to pause, but you want to be sure you've turned them "off" when you're done using them so as to conserve the paltry battery life.

Pros: Fit well enough due to decent range of tip sizes; sound was good for a wireless BT set.

Cons: Pairing is pathetic, not helped at all by required Beoplay software

Close but not perfect!

Jay from San Francisco, CA on 1/6/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These earbuds have phenomenal audio quality especially for wire free buds, they fit well and the design is very sleek. However, the touchpad controls on the side of each earbud are very finicky. Sometimes they don't turn on when I remove them from the charging case, or one does but the other doesn't (despite being fully charged, according to the beoplay mobile app). Then, turning them on is a problem since the touch sensitive side panel doesn't always respond to your tap. Also, adjusting the volume or skipping tracks using the touch panels is difficult, and there is no audio feedback for volume adjustments so at first you may not realize it's even working.

Pros: Great sound quality Premium quality and design Compact charging case Mobile app is intuitive and easy to set up Easy and effective equalizer options in mobile app

Cons: Touch panel is difficult to use and not responsive to taps Lack of audio cues or feedback when wearing headset (no battery announcement, connection status, etc) Slight discomfort after wearing for more than 1 hr Highest cost option on market so I expected perfection

Awesome sound and fit

Allison from Nashville, TN on 12/28/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love them! The sound is awesome - usually use Bose products and these are perfect!

Pros: Sound

Cons: none

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Crutchfield customer from Decatur, IL on 12/27/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

As advertised, and sound beyond expectations! Transparency mode needs a lot of work!!



Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Crutchfield customer from Jonesboro, GA on 12/22/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

To much background noise when you're on phone



Best in class sound.

Jose from Texas on 12/12/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Have beee using it for a week, coming from the much lauded AirPods, which are the obvious comparison. Sound Quality: Amazing, obviously blows the AirPods out of the water. The soundstage, definition and bass are great. Definite my go to headphones at the moment. The sound tweaking via the app does provide a much needed boost that the Pods don't have. No complaints here. Fit: Changed to the Comply tips and the E8 fir snuggly in both my ear canals. The isolation is dead on. Controls: As with the pods, you have to learn how to operate them... how fast do you have to press, where, etc. Controls are plenty so you DO need to learn them. Features: The much touted transparency mode is ok, though it was going to be clearer but is better than total isolation. As someone else mentioned, if you go into "ambient" setting, you should be able to immediately auto pause the music. Bluetooth range: This could have been better, my AirPods could connect up to a really long range, and these don't. This is useful when using them with my Apple Tv.. this is what I miss the most from my AirPods. Overall, if you want to have external sound, go to the AirPods, if u can manage transparency then these are it. Im giving them 4 stars due to the bluetooth range. If you don't need them for night listening with a long range device, then these babies are perfect.

Pros: Sound quality, controls, fit, design.

Cons: Bluetooth range.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Milica from Coral Springs, FL on 12/10/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound,very happy



Not for me...

David from Philadelphia, PA on 11/9/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

1) Sound Quality - Outstanding for wireless buds, balanced and clear. The Beoplay app includes an intuitive equalizer to suit individual taste. 2) Sound Isolation - Near perfect, and why Transparency mode is so important. But here's where things go sideways... 3) Wireless - The Bluetooth connection is through the right bud, with the left bud acting as a "slave" through NFC. Occasionally the left bud will momentarily, but very noticeably, drop out. 4) Transparency - The only usable mode is "Ambient", which silences your music and ports in amplified outside sound. The flaw here is that it doesn't pause your music, and if you pause your music first, you can't activate Transparency mode at all. The other two modes, "Social" and "Commuting", lower the volume of your music to different degrees, but port in so little outside sound that the point of Transparency mode is completely lost. 5) Headset - Using these for phone calls only works in a totally silent room. The mic picks up everything happening around you, drowning you out completely to the person on the other end. But the straw that broke the camel's back was not B&O's fault - the bud didn't fit my left ear well. I tried all the tips, but I could only manage an hour with it in, tops. Unfortunately, all these things add up to a decision to return them. On paper, they had everything I was looking for, but the inadequate execution of important functions combined with my weird anato

Pros: Great sound quality. Excellent sound isolation.

Cons: Left bud occasionally drops out. Transparency modes are not intuitive and poorly balance outside sound. Very poor call quality.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Crutchfield customer from San Francisco, CA on 11/2/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The fit is perfect And it has really awesome sound from them. You could leave the music on and talk at the same time with people around you with the transparency feature with the beo play app. I like the touch feature of the earphones as it is really responsive. Great earpiece.

Pros: Very comfortable and great sound

Cons: Can't think of any

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Crutchfield customer from Beloit, WI on 11/2/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to use, secure fit, and fantastic audio! The sound is even more amazing with foam tips.



Good sound, poor connectivity

Greg from Shavano Park, TX on 11/2/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Earbud connectivity for left earbud is a challenge. Overall sound is very good and battery life a little less than expected.

Pros: Sound is great!

Cons: Left earbud connectivity is challenging, drops frequently


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Fit Style In-ear/Earbud
Earcup Type Semi-open
Earcup Width x Height 0.813" x 0.85"
Noise-canceling No
Mic For Taking Calls Yes
iPhone Control Yes
Lightning Connector No
Android Control Yes
Frequency Response 20-20k Hz
Sensitivity N/A dB
Impedance N/A
Weight 0.46 ounces
Cord Length None
1/4-inch Adapter Included No
Storage Case
Charging Case Yes
Volume Control Yes
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years

Product Research


Overview: The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay E8s are truly wireless earphones. There are no connecting cables whatsoever -- just two separate earbuds that fit comfortably in your ears. The Jakob Wagner-designed E8s are made of premium materials, so they look like jewelry. Touch controls on each earbud let you play/pause music, switch tracks, take phone calls, and activate voice commands, all without touching your smartphone. The E8 earbuds have built-in rechargeable batteries, and charge inside of the included hard clam-shell case.

Quality Built: The Beoplay E8s are crafted from high quality materials and designed to last for years. The durable, textured rubber and polymer housing features an anodized aluminum ring surrounding the laser-etched B&O logo and touch panel. The top-grain leather-wrapped charging box has a braided textile cord. The earphones are resistant to sweat and water, and weigh approximately 1/4 ounce each.

Drivers: The E8s are equipped with high quality 5.7mm electro-dynamic drivers. These drivers are tuned by Bang & Olufsen's sound engineers to deliver the powerful and natural B&O Signature Sound. Digital Signal Processing and the B&O Beoplay app allow you to further tune and equalize the sound to your taste.

ToneTouch: The B&O Beoplay app lets you customize the sound of your E8 earbuds. The ToneTouch feature lets you choose from four sound presets, or fine-tune your E8s to match your current mood and activity using your device's touchscreen. On the app, you can drag the white dot around the screen to change the sound, and pinch with two fingers to increase the spaciousness of the sound.

Transparency Mode: B&O Play has developed a new technology called Transparency Mode. You can shut out the world and concentrate on your music, or let your surroundings blend in so you're more aware. Using the B&O Beoplay app, Transparency Mode lets you choose from four levels of transparency.

Note: The Beoplay App is available for iOS 8.0 or later, and for Android 5.0 and up.

Microphones: Each earbud has a built-in microphone for making phone calls, and using your smartphone's built-in voice recognition like Siri and Google Now.

Bluetooth: The E8s connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.2. Pairing the earbuds to your smartphone or tablet requires touching and holding both earbuds for at least 5 seconds.

Touch Controls: The Beoplay E8 features intuitive touch control that lets you play/pause, change tracks, take calls, and activate voice commands, by simply tapping on the earpiece. Touch control operations include:

Activity Action Left (Slave) Right (Master)
Music Playback 1 Tap Transparency On/Play/Pause
2 Taps Previous Track Next Track
Touch/Hold Volume Down Volume Up
Phone Calls 1 Tap Answer Call Answer Call
2 Taps End Call End Call
Touch/Hold Reject Call Reject Call
General Touch/Hold (5 sec) Bluetooth Pairing Bluetooth Pairing
3 Taps --- Voice Activation

Ear Tips: The E8 comes with four pairs (XS, S, M, and L) of silicone rubber ear tips, ensuring you get an airtight fit regardless of the shape or size of your ear. In addition, the E8 includes one pair of Comply memory foam ear tips that enhance the noise cancelling capabilities of the earphones.

Rechargeable Batteries: The E8 earbuds are configured as a master (right) and slave (left). The Right earbud has an 85 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, while the left has a 60 mAh battery. The charging case contains its own 365 mAh rechargeable battery, which is enough for two additional charges. Fully charged earbuds provide up to 4 hours playback time at moderate volume. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the earbuds in the case. A 20 minute quick charge will give you approximately 1 hour of playback time. The earbuds charge in the provided case with the supplied Micro USB cable.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Drivers: 5.7mm electro-dynamic
  • Dimensions:
    • Earbuds: Width 0.813", Height 0.85", Depth 0.988"
    • Case: Width 2.89", Height 1.327", Depth 1.844"
  • Weight:
    • Earbuds: 0.25 ounces (right), 0.21 oz. (left)
    • Case: 1.7 ounces

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

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best true wireless. I own a pair [ Raymond  Sep 08, 2018 ]
Reviews indicate best sound for wireless earbuds. [ Matthew  Nov 15, 2018 ]
I want to try these before I try out the Bose QC 20. I prefer noise isolation and wireless. [ JESSICA M.  Mar 14, 2018 ]
Requested by wife [ Dell  Dec 17, 2017 ]
They were a requested gift [ Shari  Dec 12, 2017 ]

1 question already asked

These are not rated for sport use nor ok to get wet. I'd recommend that you get a different set of headphones for workouts. You can contact an advisor on 1-800-324-9695 for a personal recommendation on a set of headphones! My Bio: [ Paul  Dec 06, 2017 ]  Staff