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SVS PB-3000

Powered subwoofer with app control (Black Ash)

Item # 946PB3KBA

I've had a craving for deep bass since my teenage years (which, admittedly, led to some roughly assembled...

I've had a craving for deep bass since my teenage years (which, admittedly, led to some roughly assembled...

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About the SVS PB-3000

Kramer Crane

A new subwoofer masterpiece from SVS

I've had a craving for deep bass since my teenage years (which, admittedly, led to some roughly assembled DIY sub enclosures back in the 90s). Thankfully, the engineers at SVS know a bit more than I do about building sub enclosures. Their all-new PB-3000 is one of the company's most ambitious subs to date, delivering staggering levels of high-quality bass at a relatively modest price. Use it with confidence in even the largest rooms for exceptional performance with music, movies, and video game soundtracks.

A new subwoofer masterpiece from SVS

I've had a craving for deep bass since my teenage years (which, admittedly, led to some roughly assembled DIY sub enclosures back in the 90s). Thankfully, the engineers at SVS know a bit more than I do about building sub enclosures. Their all-new PB-3000 is one of the company's most ambitious subs to date, delivering staggering levels of high-quality bass at a relatively modest price. Use it with confidence in even the largest rooms for exceptional performance with music, movies, and video game soundtracks.

SVS PB-3000 Powered subwoofer

The PB-3000 sports SVS's new dual-port design to reinforce low-frequency output (shown with grille removed).

Goal number one: move a lot of air

I'll get into the more nuanced aspects of this sub in a moment. But first things first: the PB-3000's most notable trait is its sheer brute strength. Its heavily braced enclosure houses a newly designed high-excursion 13" woofer.

This exceptionally large surface area means there's a ton of bass wave generation. And its ported box design means that the backward motion of the driver also contributes to wave creation, further reinforcing low-frequency extension.

This mammoth driver is powered by a 800-watt RMS amplifier, which allows it to produce commanding bass all the way down to 16 Hz (that's dipping into subsonic territory — bass you feel but can't hear). 

Simple control from the sub or your phone

SVS has made the PB-3000 a breeze to operate and control. On the back panel is a new Intelligent Control Interface, which uses touch buttons and an LED bar to make changing DSP settings, volume, and other audio adjustments straightforward.

You can also control this sub via a free app on your phone, which lets you select your room's layout, change audio settings, tweak crossover and volume levels, and switch listening modes right from your seat.

Bass tailored to your room

SVS knows that a sub's performance is largely determined by the acoustics of your room, and your subwoofer's position within it. Thankfully, this sub doesn't have to be wrangled into the one and only perfect spot in your room. It offers a host of sound adjustments that let you get great sound wherever it's located.

Use the app to adjust crossover frequencies, parametric EQ settings, polarity, room gain, and other bass management functions. You can even save up to three groups of tailored settings as presets. These let you set up and switch between "listening modes" for a particular time of day or entertainment source. For instance, you can easily dial the bass down for nighttime listening.


Product highlights:

  • frequency response: 16-260 Hz (±3 dB)
  • built-in Class D amplifier delivers 800 watts RMS of continuous power (2,500 watts peak dynamic power)
  • front-firing 13" aluminum vented cone
  • bass reflex (ported) design with dual front-firing ports
  • rear-panel Intelligent Control Interface with backlit touch controls and LED display
  • full-featured control via Bluetooth® for Apple® and Android™ devices
    • app-based control of crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, and other bass management functions
    • bi-directional feedback shows adjustments in real time in both app and the subwoofer's display
    • selectable room gain compensation control with adjustable frequency and slope to better match bass to room size
  • three digital Parametric EQ filters with adjustable frequency, cut/boost, and Q values
  • variable low-pass crossover
  • variable phase control (0-180°)
  • line-level/LFE RCA inputs
  • main power on/off switch plus auto standby/on mode
  • detachable high-current 6-foot power cord
  • non-resonant steel mesh grille
  • black ash wood veneer finish
  • 18-5/16"W x 21-15/16"H x 26"D (with grille)
  • weight: 82.2 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # PB3000-BK Ash

What's in the box:

  • Powered subwoofer
  • Grille
  • 6.5' AC power cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Online Registration Card
  • SVS brochure

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More details on the SVS PB-3000

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Ported
Woofer Size (inches) 13
Woofer Composition Aluminum
Firing Direction Front
Amplifier Output (watts) 800
Frequency Response 16-200 Hz
Preamp-Level Inputs Stereo RCA/LFE
Speaker-Level Inputs No
Speaker-Level Outputs No
Wireless Optional
Low-Pass Crossover Freq 30-200 Hz
High-Pass Crossover Freq None
Phase Switch Yes
App Control No
Remote No
Other Info
Height (inches) 21-15/16
Width (inches) 18-5/16
Depth (inches) 26
Weight 82.2 lbs
Speaker Parts Warranty 5 Years
Speaker Labor Warranty 5 Years
Amplifier Parts Warranty 5 Years
Amplifier Labor Warranty 5 Years

Product Research


13" High Output Woofer: The SVS PB-3000 features an all-new 13" aluminum vented cone woofer and composite fiber dustcap with exceptional stiffness-to-mass ratio, plus a long-throw parabolic surround and proprietary injection molded gasket that ensures longevity and flawless pistonic motion for pinpoint control and accuracy. A flat edge wound split-wind voice coil within the motor assembly provides effortless, on-demand power at the highest excursion levels, while reducing mass and improving overall driver efficiency. The dual ferrite magnet motor assembly, weighing nearly 25lbs, generates massive amounts of current to produce extreme driver excursion with precise control for deep, accurate, and authoritative bass.

Sledge STA800D2 Amplifier: Conservatively rated at 800 watts RMS / 2500 watts Peak power, the Sledge STA-800D2 amplifier maximizes the full potential of the 13"driver with effortless power and absolute control. The innovative design combines the efficiency of a Class D amplifier with the ability to move large amounts of current through the fully discrete MOSFETs, enabling immense output with exceptional precision resulting in outstanding real-world subwoofer performance at all volume levels. The Sledge STA800D2 amplifier utilizes a sophisticated 50Mhz High Resolution Analog Devices Audio DSP that is one of the most advanced digital processors ever used in a subwoofer. Its the "brains" behind the serious brawn of the Class D amplifier that maintains pinpoint accuracy and pristine sound quality through advanced in-room tuning, optimized frequency response curves, powerful DSP controls and more.

Acoustically Inert Ported Cabinet: The PB-3000 utilizes a dual front-firing port cabinet design for maximizing airflow, driver motion and amplifier power, while eliminating potential for port turbulence. A double-thick MDF front baffle and extensive internal bracing in the acoustically optimized PB-3000 Series cabinet create a resonance-free environment that serves as a blank canvas for uncompromised subwoofer performance. Acoustic insulation eliminates all coloration or resonance from the cabinet, even when the deepest low frequencies are played at reference volume. The subwoofer cabinet also includes protective, non-resonant steel mesh grille and custom elastomer feet for reducing noise artifacts within a room.

Rear-Panel Intelligent Control Interface (ICI): The Intelligent Control Interface (ICI) on the rear-panel of the PB-3000 cabinet provides control options for the subwoofer's most critical functions. Adjustments can be made for volume (-60 to 0dB) based on listening preferences and content to achieve full and balanced bass response. Other features of the ICI include a low-pass filter (30-200Hz) to ensure smooth sonic transitions and seamless blending with loudspeakers and phase control (0-180°) to shift timing of subwoofer output to align with main speakers or additional subwoofers.

SVS Subwoofer App: The SVS Subwoofer app (for Apple iOS 8.0+ and Android OS 4.3+) ) is the most convenient way ever to control volume, access multiple DSP functions and program custom presets for one-touch tuning optimized for music, movies, gaming, and more from your Bluetooth-connected Apple iOS or Android mobile device. Adjust crossover frequencies, a three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and more from your favorite seat. The SVS subwoofer app also allows advanced customization so you can name the subwoofer for easy preset switching, choose the subwoofer standby mode and reset the subwoofer to factory settings. Bluetooth connectivity allows full control, even when the subwoofer is out of sight and bi-directional feedback shows adjustments in real-time on both the app and rear-panel subwoofer interface.

  • Volume Level: The Volume Level (-60 to 0dB) affects how loud the subwoofer plays. It should be adjusted to match the output level of your loudspeakers. Setting the level too high will cause the bass to seem bloated and is the single most common cause of bad sounding subwoofers. Setting it too low, will cause your movie or music soundtracks to sound "thin" and less dynamic.
  • Low Pass Crossover: This Low Pass Crossover affects the upper frequency limit of the powered sub. The control range is 30-200Hz, along with a "LFE" (disabled) setting. The slope of the low pass crossover can be set 6, 12, 18, or 24dB/octave. For connection to a home theater receiver, the low pass should be set to "LFE" (disabled). For stereo receiver, it should be adjusted to blend with the natural roll-off frequency of your loudspeakers.
  • Phase Adjustment: The Phase Adjustment (0-180°) solves sound wave cancellation issues at specific frequencies and perfectly aligns the arrival of output from speakers and subwoofers to your listening position. Normally set to 0° if the subwoofer is near the main speakers. Adjusting Phase shifts timing of the subwoofer output to align with the main speakers or additional subwoofers.
  • Polarity Switch: In some cases, reversing polarity (Positive or Negative) solves dips or humps at the crossover frequency between a subwoofer and speaker and can be used to fix bass nulls or overly boomy spots in the listening area. Reversing the electrical polarity of the subwoofer amplifier makes it so the woofer moves in when speaker drivers move out and is normally set to positive.
  • Parametric EQ: The built-in Parametric EQ is a powerful tool for removing peaks and dips in your listening area, and for creating custom subwoofer output based on personal listening preferences. It allows you to set the desired center frequency of the filter (20-200Hz), increase or decrease the SPL dB of the filter (-12 to 6.0dB), or adjust the bandwidth of the filter (0.2-10.0).
  • Room Gain Compensation: The Room Gain Compensation feature fixes bloated sounding bass by optimizing low frequency output and extension when too much sound wave density is being created by a small room. The RGC frequency can be set to 25, 31, or 40Hz; while the RGC slope can be set to 6 or 12dB.
  • Presets: You can store up to three preset settings for movie, music and custom. This enables easy switching to optimize the PB-3000's output and settings based on your specific listening preferences with different kinds of content. If using the SVS App, these presets can be renamed as desired.

RCA Inputs & Outputs: Unbalanced RCA inputs are used for line-level connection between your receiver and the powered sub. For a single mono connection to a home theater receiver, use the R/LFE input. For stereo receivers, use both the L/R inputs. Use the Left and Right RCA outputs on the PB-3000 to daisy-chain additional powered subwoofers.

Note: If you want to add wireless connectivity via the SVS SoundPath Wireless Adapter (946SNDPATH, sold separately), the PB-3000 conveniently includes a USB input on the rear cabinet to easily power the wireless receiver.

Placement Options: The location of your subwoofer in the listening environment can affect its performance. If possible, start with corner placement on the same wall as the front speakers, or anywhere along the front stage in between or outside of your main speakers.

  • Corner Placement: Corner placement of a subwoofer reduces the potential to encounter nulls, which are acoustic cancellation points or "dead spots" in the room. While this can often make for hugely impactful bass, it can sometimes result in a "boomy" sound depending on your listening position. If you experience this, you can use the tuning controls to blend your PB-3000 more smoothly with your speakers or try pulling it further away from the walls to smooth out the bass response.
  • Front Placement: Front of the room placement in between or just to the side of the front channel speakers is another common choice. Front of the room placement usually results in the best blending with the main speakers and center channel and minimizes localization effects.
  • Side Wall Placement: Side wall placement is less frequently used but can be an effective subwoofer location for excellent accuracy and output.

Note: To maximize the bass output and impact of your home theater, two PB-3000 can be paired; one on either side of your room.

Auto On/Standby: With the "Auto On/Standby" feature activated, the powered sub will automatically turn-on when an audio signal is sensed and automatically turn off if there is no audio signal for several minutes. There is also a Main Power On/Off switch located on the back of the powered sub.

3V-12V Trigger Input: When in standby mode, the powered sub's trigger input (3.5mm) can be used to automatically turn on the powered subwoofer if a signal is sent to this input from another component in the system (like your AV receiver) that features a trigger output.

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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

I have a 15x15x8 ft - 1800 cubic ft L shaped living room in an apartment and I was thinking of getting 2 of these subs would this be to much or just enough to give me that chest slam and low frequencies I'm after when watching movies which is my primary preference thanks for any assistance in my purchasing decision?
[ Mark  Jul 06, 2021 ]
11 answers
In an apartment? I have a room about the size of yours and 'just one' PB3000. My built in cabinets with glass doors rattle. The gas fireplace rattles. The windows rattle. My surround speakers wall brackets are coming loose. The French doors that close the room off rattle. Upstairs in the house, the kids bed springs rattle, closet doors rattle. In the garage, all the things in the cabinets rattle. Kitchen lights rattle. I have the isolation feet. Once you hear/feel this sub you will laugh at the entire concept of tiny rubber blobs trying to keep this thing from rattling everything. There is no world where those feet will keep the bass from pissing everyone off. My floor still flexes. All of your neighbors will complain literally all the time as soon as you roll this thing into your apartment, but they do keep the sub from dancing. I'd recommend immediately looking for a house about 100 feet away from any sensitive neighbors. And then getting 2.
[ AARON  Jul 08, 2021 ]
I have one of these units for a 20x20x10 living room and I think it's ample. The only reason you would want two is to reduce the number of modes (better positioning). As far as power one is more than enough unless you really want to burn your cash.
[ KYLE  Jul 07, 2021 ]
It will definitely give u chest thumping bass feel sorry for ur neighbors
[ WILLIAM  Jul 07, 2021 ]
Hey Mark, I honestly can't imagine having two of these in my 7500 cubic ft room which is basically 24 x 24 x 14. I ordered the port plugs from SVS because the ported sub was just a bit to much. If I had to do it again I would by the SB 3000. It sounds better with music as a none ported sub and hits hard during movies. I am shocked with how much base this PB 3000 gives off. It's kinda ridiculous. The APP is great to make easy adjustments to the base volume. I know "they" say two subs is always better than one but this thing moves so much air in my room I can't really tell where the sub is located. If I were you I would order one of these and see how it goes. You maybe be happier with two PB 2000 if you want two subs. Last night we watched "Independence Day" The base was so hard hitting and subsonic that even my 16 year old and 23 year old sons looked at me like... "dude... this base is sick!". lol Oh... and get the subwoofer isolation system. It really helps with the room rattle. Even with one of these you neighbors will probably not be stoked on you. I close up my windows and slider doors before I put on a movie now, just to be respectful of my neighbors.
[ Ari  Jul 07, 2021 ]
These are BIG. I have one in a larger room than yours and it is more than adequate for this bass centric soul. As it is, volume is kept relatively low and it provides amazing definition. Two would be overkill, IMHO.
[ JAN  Jul 06, 2021 ]
I have the same exact room dimensions as you do. I had a PB3000 for about 3 months before I was forced to sell it. Since then I purchased two (2) PB2000's. I'm driving both of the 2000's at maybe half power and it fills my room and then some. If you buy two (2) of the PB3000's, I highly doubt you would come anywhere close to pushing them half way. This is coming from someone has owned both.
[ CHRISTOPHER  Jul 06, 2021 ]
Yes .. but keep in mind it will be only as good as your system output!! Another point is overall placement with sub output.. It will take some time to dial in .. PB-3000 will hurt you .BIG SOUND!!
[ WAYNE  Jul 06, 2021 ]
Too much is subjective but I would say you would need isolation pads under these to fully appreciate without getting evicted
[ CHRISTOPHER  Jul 06, 2021 ]
One will shake your chairs for sure. Two would provide coverage for more seating positions. If it's an apartment with neighbors they will also feel this sub for sure, so be aware of that. Chest slam volumes will rattle their windows and walls. What's nice about this sub is bluetooth app adjustments so you can turn down the sensitivity when you don't want to go crazy and still get good lows.
[ Rob  Jul 06, 2021 ]
Buy one. I had called SVS directly prior to placing my order. Based on what I told them, they initially recommended a bigger subwoofer. When I explained I could not cost-justify that expense, they suggested I "settle" for TWO PB-3000s. I had a feeling even that would be overkill, but I nonetheless purchased two. Well, I've installed just one, am quite satisfied, and am pondering what to do with the second.
[ RAPHAEL  Jul 06, 2021 ]
If you have room. Go for two. It's also worth considering the PC-4000. I started with two PB-3000's and ended up going with the PC-4000s. Less footprint and noticeably better sounding bass.
[ STEVEN  Jul 06, 2021 ]

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