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DJI RoboMaster S1

Smart educational robot

Item # 964ROBOMST

This modular, programmable robot offers several ways to mix learning with remote-controlled fun.

This modular, programmable robot offers several ways to mix learning with remote-controlled fun.

Item # 964ROBOMST

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About the DJI RoboMaster S1

Fun and educational

The DJI RoboMaster S1 is modular and programmable — you build it your way and tell it what to do — which is ideal for learning, and fun. It comes with 46 parts ready for assembly, including innovative Mecanum wheels that provide omnidirectional four-wheel drive, and a blaster that can fire the included gel beads at a target. It's designed to spark imagination and creativity.
DJI RoboMaster S1 with Python code

Learn to code the fun way: write commands for the RoboMaster S1 using Python (shown here) or Scratch 3.0 visual programming.

Fun and educational

The DJI RoboMaster S1 is modular and programmable — you build it your way and tell it what to do — which is ideal for learning, and fun. It comes with 46 parts ready for assembly, including innovative Mecanum wheels that provide omnidirectional four-wheel drive, and a blaster that can fire the included gel beads at a target. It's designed to spark imagination and creativity.

Note: The use or purchase of this product may be subject to state and or local regulations or prohibition. Please make sure that there are no restrictions or prohibitions in your area prior to purchase. Currently prohibited in Washington D.C. and North Dakota.

Write your own control code

You can steer the RoboMaster S1 manually, or program it to do specific tasks. It's compatible with visual-based Scratch 3.0 and Python code. In this mode, you can use a computer or mobile device to program the S1 via Wi-Fi, or use the intriguing option of direct control through a compatible router. Connection via router provides broader signal coverage, which lets multiple robots operate simultaneously on the same network.

Programmable artificial intelligence

The S1's artificial intelligence (AI) modules can be programmed to execute custom commands in response to visual and auditory cues: 

  • two or three consecutive hand claps
  • human gestures such as hand or arm signals
  • it can detect and respond to other RoboMaster S1 units
  • 44 kinds of official Vision Markers, including numbers, letters, and special characters that can be downloaded for personal use
  • it can detect and follow blue, red, and green tracks under 1" wide

Like many of DJI's aerial drones, the S1 can be programmed to follow a moving subject wherever it goes, too.


Product highlights:

  • Featured in our article: Best drones for 2023
  • modular design with 46 customizable components
  • controllable via Wi-Fi or directly with a router
  • low-latency HD first person view (FPV)
  • blaster and camera mounted on 2-axis mechanical gimbal
  • innovative Mecanum wheels provide omnidirectional four-wheel drive
  • top speed: 7.5 mph
  • multiple "Battle" modes
    • blaster fires gel beads (bottle of beads included)
    • sensors register "hits" from beads or infrared beams
  • customizable control via Scratch 3.0 and Python coding
  • programmable artificial intelligence (AI) modules
    • recognize vision markers (7 included) and a series of downlodable shapes, numbers and letters
    • teach your robot to recognize and react to other S1 robots
    • follow a specific subject with individual recognition
    • cruise a pre-programmed route via line recognition
    • trigger programmed responses by clapping your hands or making physical gestures
  • take manual control with the included motion controller
  • RoboMaster app offers interactive educational resources and competition modes
  • records to microSD memory card
  • intelligent battery and charger included
  • The use or purchase of this product may be subject to state and or local regulations or prohibition. Please make sure that there are no restrictions or prohibitions in your area prior to purchase
    • Currently prohibited in Washington D.C. and North Dakota
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # CP.RM.00000103.01

What's in the box:

  • Intelligent controller
  • Motion controller
  • Gimbal
  • Camera
  • Blaster
  • 4 Brushless Motor/ESC
  • 4 Motor mounting plates
  • Chassis front armor
  • Chassis rear armor
  • Chassis left armor
  • Chassis right armor
  • Wheel mounting plate
  • 4 Wheel damping rings
  • 48 Wheel rollers
  • X-Shaped front shaft cover
  • 4 Detectors
  • Intelligent Battery
  • Intelligent battery charger
  • AC power cable
  • Camera cable
  • 13' Data cable
  • Two 9' data cables
  • Four 4.75' data cables
  • Cable retainer
  • 2 Left threaded inner hubs
  • 2 Left threaded outer hubs
  • 2 Right threaded inner hubs
  • 2 Right threaded outer hubs
  • 4 Damping ring brackets
  • Chassis cabin cover
  • Chassis cover
  • Chassis middle frame
  • Front axle module base
  • Front axle cover
  • 7 Vision markers
  • Speaker
  • Grease tube
  • Bottle of gel beads
  • Gel bead container
  • Screwdriver handle
  • Screw box
  • Safety goggles
  • Roll of masking tape
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Disclaimer And Safety Guidelines
  • Contact Card

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the DJI RoboMaster S1

Stacey B.

Product Research


RoboMaster S1 Educational Robot: RoboMaster S1 is DJI's intelligent educational robot that lets your dive into the world of robotics, programming, and AI through exciting features and game-play. The RoboMaster S1 offers comprehensive control and an immersive driving experience thanks to the omni-directional chassis, agile, Mechanum wheels, flexible gimbal, and stable, low-latency image transmission in first person view (FPV). Its also equipped with various sensors that can detect claps, gestures, hits, and more. It even lets you target objects and battle other robots with the included Blaster. The RoboMaster S1 seamlessly combines competitive game-play with math and physics knowledge to make learning more fun.

Note: To comply with local laws and regulations, the RoboMaster S1 will not be sold in Washington, D.C. or North Dakota.

Powerful CPU & Advanced Components: The DJI RoboMaster S1 employs a powerful built-in CPU and numerous advanced components in a modular design.

  • Modular Design: The DJI RoboMaster S1 features a modular design, allowing you to build your own S1 for a hands-on learning experience.
  • Intelligent Controller: Using a powerful CPU, the RoboMaster S1's Intelligent Controller can simultaneously support functions such as low-latency high-definition image transmission, AI (artificial intelligence) computing, and programming development. It also coordinates transmission seamlessly to execute command signals.
  • Motion Controller: The Motion Controller is the core module for the S1's chassis movement, providing omni-directional wheel motion and motor management system.
  • High-Performance Motor: The S1 comes with a customized M3508I motor that features an integrated FOC ESC with an output torque of up to 250 mNm. Linear Hall-effect sensors with advanced algorithms allow closed-loop control for added precision. Additional safety mechanisms deliver outstanding stability.

RoboMaster App: The RoboMaster app is required for control of the DJI S1 robot. The RoboMaster app is available for Apple iOS (10.0.2+), Android OS (5.0+), and Windows (7/8/10). Using the RoboMaster app, you can operate the S1 from your compatible Windows PC via its keyboard and mouse, from your compatible mobile device's touchscreen, or from the optional Gamepad (sold separately). When using the Gamepad with a touchscreen smartphone device, the robot can also be operated using an external mouse, which can be connected through a dedicated USB port. With the RoboMaster app, multi-platform interactions and various operation methods for the S1 are supported, along with rich educational resources and several competition modes.

  • Multi-Platform Use: The RoboMaster app allows users with different systems and platforms (Apple, Android, or Windows) to play together at the same time.
  • Various Operation Methods: The S1 can be operated using a computer or a smart device via the touchscreen, gyro, and Gamepad
  • Flexible Programming & Sharing: You'll be able to write programs easily and apply them or share with friends in an instant - all using the RoboMaster app.
  • Flexible Game-Play: Games and competitions are designed to allow a high degree of freedom and creative options. Use custom Vision Markers and parameters, and even design your own game-play area.
  • Access to Course Learning: You can access Project-Based courses and videos to expand your knowledge and gain key insights into the world of robotics.
  • Firmware Updates: Firmware software updates are done wirelessly over WiFi through the RoboMaster app; requires an Internet connection.

WiFi Connectivity: Once the RoboMaster app is installed on your compatible Windows PC or mobile device, you can connect your computer or mobile device to the RoboMaster S1 directly through its built-in WiFi, or via your home's network WiFi router. When connecting directly via WiFi, your mobile device or computer connects to the WiFi of the S1. Connection via your home's network WiFi router provides broader signal coverage, which allows multiple control methods for robots to operate simultaneously on the same network (the encryption mode of your WiFi router needs to be WPA or WPA2-PSK). The S1 has a wireless range of 229' to 459' using its built-in WiFi or a wireless range of 328' to 984' using your home's network WiFi router.

Optional Gamepad (sold separately): By connecting your compatible Apple iOS or Android OS device (running the RoboMaster app) to the optional Gamepad (sold separately), you get joystick and push-button control of the DJI RoboMaster S1 robot. Your compatible mobile device fits onto the gamepad and plugs into the Gamepad's USB port using the cable that came with your mobile device. There is an additional USB port that can be used to connect a mouse for more precision control of the S1.

4WD Omni-directional Movement:The DJI RoboMaster S1 comes with four Mecanum wheels, each with 12 rollers that allow 4WD omni-directional movement and precision control. The S1 can move forward, traverse, skew, rotate or a combination of movements at once. Front axes suspension allows for added versatility during operation. Flat surfaces such as wood, carpet, tile, and concrete are optimal for operating the S1. Users should avoid surfaces that are too smooth as the S1 wheels may have problems gaining enough traction for precise control. Surfaces with fine particles like sand or dirt should be avoided. The robots speed range varies by direction; 0-3.5m/s (forward), 0-2.5m/s (backward), 0-2.8m/s (sidewards).

Note: The RoboMaster S1 is not waterproof.

Artificial Intelligence Applications: AI technology lets the S1 recognize gestures, sounds, and even other S1 robots. Playing with the RoboMaster S1 opens the doorway to AI learning, giving you a practical introduction to the technologies of tomorrow. Explore mathematical principles involving robotic control and motion mechanics through the S1's six programmable artificial intelligence modules. Get an in-depth understanding of AI as you develop these skills and many more. The DJI RoboMaster S1 education robot offer 6 Programmable AI (Artificial Intelligence) Modes.

  • Line Recognition: The S1 can be programmed to automatically follow a line on the ground. The more math and physics knowledge that is applied, the more adeptly the S1 will be able to complete this task. Line Recognition offers you practical experience with automatic driving principles, robotic control, mathematics, and physics. The S1 can detect and follow blue, red, and green tracks with a width of approximately 0.6" to 1".
  • Vision Marker Recognition: The S1 can identify 44 kinds of official Vision Markers, which are comprised primarily of numbers, letters, and special characters. By utilizing Vision Markers to create "traffic lights" and other obstacles, your can write your own programs that allow the S1 to drive automatically and execute complex tasks. Use these 44 Vision Markers to expand the possibilities for coding and combat.
  • Individual Recognition: Thanks to advanced computer vision technology, the S1 is able to identify and track any individual you select in its FOV. The identified subject should be within 3.3' to 9.8' of the S1 robot.
  • Clap Recognition: The S1 is equipped with a built-in clap recognition feature which can be programmed for unique responses. The S1 can recognize two or three consecutive claps and be programmed to execute custom responses.
  • Gesture Recognition: The S1 can recognize various physical human gestures (such as hand or arm signals) and can be programmed for custom, user-defined responses.
  • Robot Recognition: The S1 can recognize other S1 units and leverage that to provide even more options for fun and creativity.

2-Axis Mechanical Gimbal: The S1 is equipped with a 2-axis gimbal to provide a stable platform for the included camera and blaster. The 2-axis gimbal offers an expansive field of view for the FPV camera, as well as accurate shooting for the blaster. The built-in direct drive brushless motor works together with the IMU and advanced algorithms to allow gimbal movements with a vibration control accuracy within +/-0.02-degrees, delivering smooth image transmission and a precision control experience. You can control the angle of the gimbal on both pitch and yaw axes. The pitch axis control range is -20 degrees to +35 degrees, while the yaw axis control range is +/-250 degrees. The maximum rotation speed of the gimbal is 540 degrees per second.

5MP Camera: The included camera features a 1/4" CMOS sensor with 5 million pixels and a FOV (field of view) of 120 degrees, allowing you to control the S1 from a first person perspective, as well a capture photos and videos.

  • FPV (First Person View): The DJI RoboMaster S1 provides low-latency HD FPV through its 5MP camera and intelligent controller. The 5MP camera lets you experience an exhilarating FPV (First Person View) driving experience that includes omni-directional movement, target shooting, and more.
  • Photo & Video Capture: In addition to first person view, the camera allows you to capture 2560x1440 JPEG photos and record 720p or 1080p MP4 videos. JPEG photos and MP4 videos can be recorded onto an inserted microSD card (up to 64GB), sent to your mobile device, or shared to social media using the RoboMaster app. When using a microSD card, your can record in 1080p. If you are recording without a microSD card, you are limited to 720p. Playback of your recorded videos in the RoboMaster app is always in 720p, regardless of how they were recorded. Video and photos recorded onto a microSD card can be exported to an external device, such as your laptop or computer.

Blaster & Intelligent Armor: The RoboMaster S1 includes a Blaster on a 2-axis gimbal and is covered with intelligent sensing armor (safety goggles should be worn when using the blaster). The included blaster can shoot gel beads or infrared beams, and provides a high-level accuracy and stability thanks to the 2-axis gimbal The Blaster uses LED lights to outline launch trajectories for its gel beads and infrared beams. Vivid sound effects and recoil action add to the experience for an immersive battle simulation. The S1's blasting function meets the safety requirements of major countries and regions around the world. The body of the S1 is covered in armor, and each piece has a hit detection module that can instantly detect physical hits and feed back to the intelligent controller. These six intelligent armor panels cover the S1 to detect gel bead or infrared beam strikes. The referee system can analyze and communicate hit data, incorporating it into game play in real-time. *Safety goggles should be worn when using the blaster.

  • Gell Beads: For added safety, the Blaster uses non-toxic gel bead projectiles and even features limitations on launching rate and angle. The launch speed of the gel beads from the blaster is about 26 m/s with a controllable launch frequency of 1-8 rounds per seconds. The S1 has an additional angle limit protection to make sure that it cannot launch gel beads when the pitch angle is higher than 10 degrees. Approximately 430 gel beads can be loaded at a time.
  • Infrared: The blaster integrates a narrow infrared unit with an affect range of up to 6m in indoor lightning. Within the effective range, the effective angle gradually decreases with increasing distance and the effective shot width varies from 40 to 10 degrees. The infrared beams are safe and cannot cause any physical damage.

Notes: The gel beads are made of safe, non-toxic gel that softens and expands when soaked in water. At normal temperature, soak them in water for about four hours. The recommended proportion is 500 gel beads (about a full bottle top's worth) per 1000ml of water. The gel beads will begin to evaporate and shrink shortly after they are removed from water, so it's recommended to use them within 24 hours (in normal temperature and moisture conditions). You can also keep them into a sealed bottle to prolong the storage time.

Play Modes: The DJI RoboMaster S1 offers a Solo and Battle mode within the RoboMaster app, allowing you you practice your skills and compete against others.

  • Solo Mode: In Solo mode of the RoboMaster app, you can explore two single-player modes - Target Practice and Target Race.
    • Target Practice: In Target Practice, you try and hit the vision markers as fast as possible before time expires. High scores can be compared with other users.
    • Target Race: In Target Race, you can race to vision markers and hit them as fast a possible before time expires. High scores can be compared with other users.
  • Battle Mode: In Battle mode, you can experience a variety of multi-player games - including Race and Free-For-All. When you select Battle mode in the RoboMaster app, game rules are automatically detected and implemented with the S1 referee system, letting users enjoy a fair gaming experience. A maximum of six S1 units can operate at the same time during Battle mode.
    • Race: Compete against opponents on your own custom track. Unlock special skills like extreme speed by recognizing specific Vision Markers, or unleash weapons like dizziness against competitors to gain an edge and win the race.
    • Free-For-All: There can only be one winner in this competition of wits and speed. Use custom skills to get an edge and defeat opponents in this thrilling battle mode that utilizes the S1's unique referee system and intelligent sensing armor.

Note: For Battle mode, it is recommended to use a router that supports 5GHz to reduce signal interference. If you use a router that only supports 2.4GHz, you should choose a 3x3 MIMO Router.

46 Programmable Components: Up to 46 customizable components give you unlimited space for innovation and six PWM ports support customized accessories, allowing you to explore the possibilities of the S1 and the robotic world. Customizable components include 7 motors, 6 Hit Detectors, 7 infrared sensors, 1 visual sensor, 1 microphone, 1 speaker, 2 Gyroscopes, and 21 LED lights. All of them can be operated and/or configured. PWM (Pulse Wide Modulation) is a technology that is generally used to control actuators such as servos, LEDs, and drivers.

Custom Coding: The S1 enables your to apply your classroom knowledge to compile custom coding, unlocking unique functions. The S1 only supports the official programming platform provided in the RoboMaster app known as RoboMaster Lab. This feature is available on Apple iOS and Android devices, as well as laptops and computers. You can program, connect, and operate the S1 directly when using RoboMaster Lab. You'll be able to write programming using Scratch and Python programming languages. You can directly run your programs in RoboMaster Lab to see how they affect the S1. You can also set your program as a Custom Skill or Autonomous Program. Custom skills need to be selected using icons on the FPV interface as you control the robot in the app. Autonomous Programs are written into the robot itself and can be synced by pressing the Autonomous Program Button on the S1. You can also share your programs with others through the RoboMaster app.

  • Scratch 3.0: Scratch 3.0 offers classic visual programming language, widely used in global primary and secondary schools.
  • Python: Python is a widely used programming language in the field of artificial intelligence. *Only Python Beta is currently available.

2 Watt Speaker: The included 2 watt speakers provides you with a more immersive experiences with sound effects, such as when the S1 launches gel beads or is hit by another S1 robot.

Rechargeable Battery: The intelligent rechargeable LiPo battery (2400maH/10.8V) of the RoboMaster S1 can last for 35 minutes of continuous use. This was measured with the S1 moving at a constant speed of 2.0m/s on a flat surface. The battery life on standby is about 100 minutes. You can charge the battery of the S1 with the included intelligent battery charger. It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Educational Resources: The RoboMaster S1 was designed by DJI's top engineers to ensure its programmable components and curriculum works hand-in-hand to give users unlimited learning potential. There are abundant teaching resources in the RoboMaster app, including project-based tutorials, video courses, programming guides, and more, that allow users without programming experience to get started quickly.

  • Road To Mastery: The Road to Mastery is a series of projects that range from beginner to expert that enhance your understanding of programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • RoboAcademy: RoboAcademy offers video courses and programming guides that allow users to enhance their knowledge of mathematics, physics, and basic programming. These lessons let users of any level understand complex principles in an engaging and fun way.

Support: DJI offers a variety of instructional videos, video courses, and programming guide to help you learn, use, and enjoy the RoboMaster S1.

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