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Touchscreen remote control for a HELIX DSP

Item # 975DIRECTR

Helix's DIRECTOR wired remote gives you HELIX DSP users greater control over the sound, so you can tweak and change...

Helix's DIRECTOR wired remote gives you HELIX DSP users greater control over the sound, so you can tweak and change...

Discontinued item

Item # 975DIRECTR


Master control

Helix's DIRECTOR wired remote gives you HELIX DSP users greater control over the sound, so you can tweak and change audio settings from the driver's seat without needing to plug in your laptop or run the tuning app. The  DIRECTOR 's main functions include volume control of all sources, subwoofer level, source selection, and switching between saved sound setups.

Master control

Helix's DIRECTOR wired remote gives you HELIX DSP users greater control over the sound, so you can tweak and change audio settings from the driver's seat without needing to plug in your laptop or run the tuning app. The DIRECTOR's main functions include volume control of all sources, subwoofer level, source selection, and switching between saved sound setups.

Single knob and touchscreen

The 2.8-inch touchscreen comes housed in a tough aluminum chassis, and you can rotate the display so you can mount your DIRECTOR with the knob on the left- or right-hand side for convenience. The display also dims and brightens automatically according to your vehicle's lighting status for maximum visibility.

Save processor setups

The DIRECTOR stores up to 20 sound setups in its memory, so you can apply up to 22 different setups (including the two setups saved in your DSP processor), and amaze yourself and friends with the wide variety of fantastic sounds you can achieve.

USB connection

The DIRECTOR's USB port serves as the system's connection to your computer and the DSP PC-Tool app, allowing you to install your DSP device in a more convenient but less accessible spot like in the trunk or under a seat.

Control the Bluetooth® option

If your HELIX DSP processor includes an optional HEC BT module, you can use your DIRECTOR to control Bluetooth connection functions, like pairing and disconnecting, and Bluetooth control functions, like play, pause, and skip track.


Product highlights:

  • wired remote control for a HELIX DSP processor (supported by Audiotec Fischer DSP PC-Tool app)
  • works with HELIX, MATCH, and BRAX DSP devices
  • controls include selection and volume of all sources, subwoofer volume, and sound setup selection
  • switch between 22 stored DSP setups (20 in Director, 2 in DSP)
  • controls Bluetooth connection and control functions of optional HEC BT (Helix expansion card for Bluetooth) module in DSP
Other Features:
  • 2.8-inch touchscreen with 180-degree display rotation and auto-dimming
  • 17-foot connection cable
  • USB port for computer connection and firmware updates
  • aluminum housing
  • dimensions: 5-3/8"W x 2-1/8"H x 2-3/16"D (with connectors)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # Director

What's in the box:

  • Controller
  • 16' 7" Control cable with attached 12" power/ ground/ dimmer wires
  • 40" USB cable (Type-A on one end mini type-B on other end)
  • 2mm Allen wrench
  • Quick-start guide (English / German)

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the HELIX DIRECTOR

Mark G.

Product Research


Overview: The Helix Director is a wired remote control designed specifically to interface with Helix/Match processors and amplifiers. Its 2.8" full-color touchscreen display along with intuitive menu navigation allow easy access to many of the connected amplifier or processors functions such as: volume control of all sources, subwoofer volume, source selection, switching between sound setups, as well as configuration and control of the HEC BT optional Bluetooth module (sold separately). The Helix Director also provides memory for an additional 20 sound setups and includes a USB cable for direct access to your DSP device. The display is housed in a solid aluminum body and features an adjustable image that can be flipped 180˚ to match the mounting configuration.

Connections: The Helix Director gets connected to the DSP/amplifier via the provided control cable. A USB connection to a laptop will be necessary for the initial setup and configuration, which is done through the DSP PC-Tool software. This is the same software needed to initially configure the DSP/amplifier as well. Once the Director is "activated" through the DSP/amp, any further configurations using a PC will be done through a USB connection to the Director.

Main Options: The main screen of the Helix Director uses four assignable soft key buttons to access the functions of the DSP/amplifier. Some of the functions may only be available on certain DSP/Amps and/or after installing one of the optional Helix Extension Cards, which adds additional features. All of the functions that can assignable to these soft keys are as follows: Master Volume, Subwoofer Volume, Sound Setups, Bluetooth Connect, Tone Control, HEC/Aux Volume, Input Select, Voltage Monitor, Bluetooth Control, Menu, and Bypass EQ (Match DSP products only).

Master Volume: This screen will display both the Master and Subwoofer volume scales.

Sound Setups: The Sound Setups menu is used to select from 22 different memory slots where DSP configurations can be saved. Setups 1 and 2 are saved in the DSP/Amp itself while the other 20 are saved in the Director's memory.

Bluetooth Connect: This allows direct control of the optional HEC/MEC BT extension module giving the following Bluetooth functions: Connect, Pair, Disconnect, and Volume control.

Bluetooth Control: As soon as a connection to a Bluetooth device is established (with optional HEC/MEC BT extension module), the Bluetooth Control menu will be available which gives volume, play/pause, skip forward, and skip backwards functions for Bluetooth Audio.

Tone Control: The Tone Control option features adjustments for bass and treble. Each has a selectable center frequency, ranging from 10Hz to 100Hz for bass and 1000Hz to 20kHz for treble, and allows +/- 6 dB of adjustment for each.

Input Select: This menu is used to select the different input sources depending on the connected device. Options will be: Main, HEC/MEC Aux (with optional HEC/MEC AUX extension card), and Digital Optical. A volume control is provided for the active source.

Voltage Monitor: This function will display the supply voltage as well as the temperature of the connected DSP/amp (temperature won't be displayed for the Match PP62DSP amp).

Bypass EQ: The Bypass EQ function lets you deactivate the MATCH Sound Upgrade (equalization, time alignment, high- and low-pass filter) when connected to a MATCH DSP product.

Menu: The Menu button, when pressed, will display five sub-menu selections for more detailed settings. Each of the five sub-menus and their options are as follows:

  • Display Settings:
    • Display Rotation: The display can be rotated 180˚ to position the Control Dial on either side of the display.
    • Backlight Mode: There are four Backlight modes to choose from and a brightness Timeout which allows the display to automatically adjust to a certain brightness level after the display hasn't been used for a pre-determined amount of time. Range for Timeout is 0 - 60 seconds. The four Backlight modes are:
      • Auto (High): The backlight is automatically dimmed if the illumination wire gets between 8 and 18 volts.
      • Auto (Low): The backlight is automatically dimmed if the illumination wire gets a ground signal.
      • Dim: The backlight is dimmed all the time. The amount is determined by the Backlight Level setting.
      • On: The backlight is set to full brightness all the time.
    • Backlight Level: This menu has two adjustments: one sets the brightness level when dimming occurs, while the other sets the brightness level when timeout occurs.
    • Screensaver: The screensaver function will switch the display to the Voltage Monitor screen when the set amount of time has expired. Options are 15, 30, or 60 seconds.
  • Usability Settings:
    • Startup Volume: Allows startup volume limiter configuration for the AUX and Optical Digital sources. Choices are Off, -15, -30, and -45 dB.
    • Knob Sensitivity: This adjustment sets the sensitivity of the control dial when using the Sound Setup menu and has two options:
      • Low: To change the Sound Setup, the control dial needs to be rotated by 3 steps within a short time.
      • High: The Sound Setup changes by each step of the control dial.
    • PS Mode: The Director checks the status of the Power Save Mode of the connected DSP/amp and will automatically put the display into standby mode if it detects the connected unit's Power Save Mode is on and has entered standby. Options are Enabled/Disabled.
    • Mute/ATT Function: This setting changes whether Mute or ATT (attenuation) occurs when the control dial on the Director is pushed. Four options are available Mute, -15, -30, and -45 dB Attenuation levels.
    • Auto Source: The Auto Source function will change the source automatically when a signal is detected on that input. Options are Enabled/Disabled.
  • System: This menu has three options:
    • Reset to Defaults: This will reset the Director back to default values including the configuration and saved Sound Setups 3 - 22.
    • System Info: Lists the connected hardware model number, OS version, and current firmware version.
    • Update: This screen is used when performing a firmware update using the Director Updater software.
  • Design: The Design menu has two main options for customizing the user interface; Font Design and Screen Design.
    • Font Design: This allows you to change the font style and size for the display. Three font styles are available; Tahoma, SanSerif, and LCD with two font sizes available.
    • Screen Design: This setting allows you to change the background color of the user interface. Six colors are available; Standard (default), Brown, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Green.
  • Unused Functions: This icon is used to access all of the unassigned soft keys depending on the product and installed accessories.

Compatibility: The Director is compatible with the following DSP/amplifiers:


  • NOX4 DSP



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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

Hi, How much is the AUX Module for Helix DSP PRO?
[ Alin  Dec 04, 2016 ]
1 answer
We don't currently carry any AUX modules for the Helix DSP PRO; you may want to try checking the manufacturer's website ( for more information on that. If you have further questions, feel free to contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. I hope that helps!
[ Larry  Dec 07, 2016 ]  Staff

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