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8-channel car amplifier with digital signal processing — 75 watts RMS x 8

Item # 975VEIGHT

HELIX'S V EIGHT DSP combines an 8-channel amplifier with a powerful digital signal processor so you can create a...

HELIX'S V EIGHT DSP combines an 8-channel amplifier with a powerful digital signal processor so you can create a...

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Item # 975VEIGHT


A powerful way to achieve high-fidelity

HELIX'S V EIGHT DSP combines an 8-channel amplifier with a powerful digital signal processor so you can create a spectacular world of sound inside your vehicle. The amp section sends out 75 watts RMS per channel to eight different speakers, adding serious power and definition to your music, no matter what style you listen to. And the processor allows you to tune the sound to get the finest performance from your system.

A powerful way to achieve high-fidelity

HELIX'S V EIGHT DSP combines an 8-channel amplifier with a powerful digital signal processor so you can create a spectacular world of sound inside your vehicle. The amp section sends out 75 watts RMS per channel to eight different speakers, adding serious power and definition to your music, no matter what style you listen to. And the processor allows you to tune the sound to get the finest performance from your system.

High-tech digital electronics

HELIX uses their "Pure Class GD" amplifier technology to improve the frequency response and damping factor of the traditional Class D amp, as well as to lower distortion. The V EIGHT DSP processes its digital signals at 64-bit resolution and 48 KHz sampling rate so you'll get very high fidelity along with virtually no noise or distortion.

Computer-controlled sound processing

Once you've downloaded the application and software from Audiotec Fischer (HELIX's parent company), you plug your personal computer or laptop into the processor's USB port. A detailed control panel will appear on your computer screen that lets you set virtually every tunable audio parameter to achieve the best musical fidelity possible in your car. The visual display shows the resulting sound curve of each setting, so you'll know for sure how your adjustments are affecting audio output.Helix V EIGHT DSP

V EIGHT DSP power and output connections

Switcher, EQ, time alignment, and more

The HELIX V EIGHT DSP processor accepts up to six inputs, which you can sum together and assign to up to ten outputs (eight powered, two line-level) — perfect for when you're running separate tweeters, mids, and woofers in the front, 2-way speakers in the rear, and a couple high-powered subwoofers as well. Each channel features its own output volume and a 30-band paragraphic equalizer with precise 0.25 dB adjustment steps that give you incredible control over the sound. The paragraphic EQ works like a graphic equalizer, but with adjustable center frequency and bandwidth for each slider, so you can get in between the preset bands to smooth out any rough spots.

Time alignment lets you correct for each speaker's placement in your vehicle, so the sound from every speaker will hit your ears at the same time, centering the stereo image for your sitting position and creating an exciting, visceral soundstage, almost like a band playing on your dashboard.

Detailed filter section for fine tuning

You can configure almost any type of high-pass and low-pass filter on each channel in order to dial in the sound of each speaker. Not only can you adjust a crossover's frequency, but you can also choose the slope, its "filter characteristics," and its "Q-factor," which adds a bump at the crossover point for certain settings. Filters and EQ can be set separately for each channel, or channels can be linked together for common settings.

Save your settings

Don't worry, you won't have to drive around with your computer plugged in. You simply download your settings to the amp/processor, after saving them on your laptop. The V EIGHT DSP can store two settings at once, so you can toggle between them to see which sounds better. The optional DIRECTOR remote control can store 20 additional setups, so you'll have plenty of sound options for fun and variety.

Digital and analog inputs

The HELIX V EIGHT DSP can use up to 6 preamp or speaker-level inputs to get its signal, so you can hook it into to almost any factory or aftermarket system. It also features an optical digital input so you can play music directly from your compatible device and maintain the highest sound quality possible. When you connect both analog and digital inputs, the HELIX V EIGHT DSP normally prioritizes the digital input if active, then switches to the analog source if not.

If you get the optional URC 2A or DIRECTOR remote control, you can manually switch between the analog and digital inputs. You'll need to get a remote in order to manually control your digital source's volume.

Power Save Mode

Many newer vehicles feature accessory circuits that remain on for several minutes after the engine shuts off, so an aftermarket amplifier could possibly drain your vehicle's battery. The V EIGHT DSP solves this problem by turning off the amps connected to its remote output after not sensing music for 60 seconds. It'll turn the amps back on within a second after sensing the signal.Helix V EIGHT DSP

Inputs on the HELIX V EIGHT DSP


Product highlights:

  • 8-channel car amplifier with digital signal processing
  • 75 watts RMS x 8 at 4 ohms (120 watts RMS x 8 at 2 ohms)
  • non-bridgeable
  • download DSP PC-Tool Software from Audiotec Fischer
  • DSP adjustments and settings made via computer (Windows only) or optional remote control
  • Burr/Brown A/D and D/A converters
  • 64-bit resolution at 48 KHz sampling rate
  • 6 assignable inputs: 6 RCA preamp, 6 speaker-level, 1 optical SPDIF
  • 8 powered outputs, 2 line-level outputs (10 channels of processing)
  • channel settings can be separate or linked together
Adjustment Details:
  • time alignment in 3.5 mm increments
  • 30-band paragraphic EQ with 0.25 dB steps and fine tuning
  • adjustable high- and low-pass filters (20-20,480 Hz)
  • selectable filter slopes (6, 12, 18, 24, 30 dB/octave)
  • selectable filter characteristics (including Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz, and Chebyshev)
  • phase adjustment:
    • switchable 0/180 degrees on channels designated full-range
    • adjustable 0 to 348.75 degrees in 11.25-degree increments on channels designated subwoofer or mid/high
  • AutoSet real-time analyzer simplifies equalization (requires optional HELIX MTK1 measurement tool kit for this function)
Other Features:

What's in the box:

  • 8-channel amplifier
  • Two 30A ATO fuses (installed internally)
  • 59" USB cable (Type A USB on one end and Mini-B 2.0 USB on other end)
  • 4 Self-tapping screws (length=3/4")
  • 4mm Allen wrench
  • 2mm Allen wrench
  • Owner's Manual (Eng/Ger)

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Eric from Toms River, NJ on 12/29/2017

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

My HU is alpine, my amps are helix, my speakers are Focal, and my subs are FI. I have the focal flax series 4" in my dash I installed the tweeters in the A pillars, I have 6.5" in the front door and I have the 6x9" coax in the rear deck. All being fun fully active from the Helix V-Eight. I have the spxl1000 running a trio of 10" subs in a 4th order where the 8" port is installed thru my rear deck, so ALL THE BASSAND SOUND is going into the cabin and not rattling my trunk.. this is a SQ build, but I can ground and pound with anyone! Let me tell you once you get the DSP of the V - Eight dialed in ( took me a few weeks) and you put on something from enya, or the hobbit movie, something with a full orchestra and singing and some modern instruments, prepare to loose all bodily function and enter into Hi-Fi Nirvana. You should wear a diaper, you will loos control of all bodily function when you hear these amps and these speakers sing like angels from on high. I literally had tears in my eyes.The complete euphoria I hear everyday is nothing short of magical. These amps are ones of the best ever produced. They are so warm and artful on how they make the speakers dance. And these focal flax speakers, I said wtf?Flax for speakers? I tried them and I was so I'm pressed. The pure deep earthy tones and the tweets are not over powering. They sing. You can hear someone's slight lisp, or the parting of their lips when going to the next line The way the subtle ness can be heard is great.

Pros: Flawlwss

Cons: Price Germany customer support.

Crutchfield response on

0 of 0 found this helpful

Great premium Amplifier

Tyler from Magnolia, TX on 10/18/2017

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

Really happy with this amp, if you have a car with a lot of speakers this is a one stop shop. The sound produced is clear and punchy, and the built in DSP makes customizable to your preference.

Pros: Lots of channels Incredibly customizable Premium sound Expandable

Cons: A bit pricey

Crutchfield response on

0 of 0 found this helpful

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)



Crutchfield response

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Overview: The Helix V Eight DSP is an 8-channel digital amplifier with an integrated 10-channel signal processor. The signal processor lets you you use your PC to configure the amp any way you desire. The amp features eight speaker outputs of up to 75 watts at 4Ω or 120 watts at 2Ω. It also has a wide variety of ways to connect your source unit, including RCA, high-level inputs, and a digital input. Behind a removable panel is a plug-in port for an optional Helix Extension Card (HEC) to add Bluetooth or additional inputs.

Class GD: The V Eight DSP features Audiotec Fischer's proprietary "pure Class GD" design concept which combines outstanding sound quality with high efficiency found in conventional Class D amps. Varying the internal supply voltage depending upon the amp's input signals reduces idle losses and dramatically increases efficiency. Since there is very little heat generated, the heat sinks, and its overall size can be made smaller.

Internal DSP: The V Eight DSP can be connected to your PC via USB, and the supplied 2-meter USB cable. The DSP PC-Tool software can be downloaded to your PC from the Audiotec-Fischer website, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. The "fixed point" Audio DSP features 64-bit resolution and 1.2 billion MAC operations per second, and includes a Real-time Analyzer (RTA), digital time alignment, phase adjustment, high-pass and low-pass filters, a 30-band parametric EQ, and output level adjustment.

Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection (ADEP): The amplifier utilizes a new ADEP circuit to allow it to be integrated with new OEM car stereos. Newer stereos can detect the presence of connected speakers, and when common amplifiers are connected, the radio will display failure messages, and some features, such as fader function, are lost. The ADEP circuit avoids these problems without loading the speaker outputs of the factory stereo during high volumes.

Power Save Mode: The Power Save Mode will automatically turn off the amplifier if no input signal is present for more than 60 seconds. In many newer cars with CAN-bus or other bus systems, the factory radio can remain powered on for up to 45 minutes after the ignition is turned off. When the amplifier receives a signal, the internal amplifier stages and the remote output are immediately powered on again. The Power Save mode can be deactivated or modified via the DSP PC-Tool software.


Line Inputs: The V Eight DSP has six RCA line inputs for connecting an aftermarket head unit. The inputs have a default sensitivity of 4 Volts, but can be varied between 2 and 4 Volts. You can double the sensitivity range to 4 to 8 Volts by repositioning a jumper inside the amp.

High Level Input: The amplifier offers a 6-channel high-level input for directly connecting the speaker outputs of an OEM or aftermarket radio, or an OEM amplifier that lacks preamp outputs. The input sensitivity is factory set at 10 Volts, and is variable between 5 and 10 Volts. You can reposition an internal jumper to change the input sensitivity range to 10 to 20 Volts. The high-level inputs have C-clamp connections that are tightened/loosened with a small screwdriver (not supplied). The connectors accept up to 18 AWG wire. You cannot use the high-level and line-level inputs at the same time.

USB: The USB input allows you to connect the amplifier to your PC for configuring the amp using the DSP PC-Tool software. The USB port on the amp is a Mini-B 2.0 USB and a 2-meter USB cable is included.

Control Input: The V Eight DSP has a round, 8-pin input designed for connecting accessory products, such as the URC-2A remote control, for adjusting several features of the amplifier. Beside the Control Input is a push-button that lets you switch between two setup memory positions.

Optical Input: The Optical Input allows you to connect a source with a digital audio output. The sampling rate of the input is 12kHz to 96kHz, and only stereo signals are compatible (no Dolby-encoded signals). The amp will automatically switch to the optical input when a digital signal is received. The optical input features a Toslink connector.

Power: Set-screw terminals are provided for Power (+12V), Ground (GND), and Remote Turn-on (REM). The power and ground terminals will accept up to 4 AWG wire (recommended), and the set screws can be tightened/loosened with the supplied 4mm Allen wrench. The Remote Turn-on terminal will accept up to 12 AWG wire (18 AWG is sufficient), and the set screws are tightened/loosened with the supplied 2mm Allen wrench.

Fuses: The V Eight DSP is equipped with two 30A ATO (blade-type) fuses, mounted internally. The side panel must be removed in order to access the fuses. You should also place a 60A fuse on the power wire no less than 18" from the battery.

Output Channels: Set-screw terminals are provided for eight speaker outputs, labeled A through H. The minimum impedance for the speaker outputs is 2Ω. The terminals will accept up to 12 AWG wire, and the set screws are tightened/loosened with the supplied 2mm Allen wrench. It is highly recommended that you set up the amplifier with the DSP PC-Tool software before you turn on the amplifier. The wrong setup can cause sever damage to the speakers (especially tweeters) in your vehicle. The speaker outputs cannot be bridged on this amplifier.

Line Output: A pair of RCA line outputs is provided for sending a signal to additional power amplifiers. The Line Outputs have a maximum output voltage of 3 Volts RMS. The signal from the Line Output can be assigned to any of the inputs, and processed using the DSP PC-Tool software. Beside the Line Output are two C-clamp Remote Outputs that can be used to turn on/off the amplifiers connected to the Line Output. This Remote Output is turned off during the Power Save mode.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 22kHz
  • Power Output:
    • 75 watts per channel at 4Ω
    • 120 watts per channel at 2Ω
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
    • 100dB (analog input)
    • 105dB (digital input)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.015%
  • Damping Factor: >70
  • Input Sensitivity:
    • RCA Line Input: 2-4 Volts or 4-8 Volts
    • High Level Input: 5-10 Volts or 10-20 Volts
  • Line Output Voltage: 3 Volts RMS
  • Operating Voltage: 10.5V to 16V
  • Dimensions: Width 8.668", Height 1.712", Depth 7.088"
  • Weight: 4 pounds 12.4 ounces

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Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

I have a 2016 BMW X6 (F16) with the Harman Kardon system... Is this amp/processor compatible with my system...? And will it retain my 5.1 surround sound output...? The system currently has 1 center channel component speakers, 2 front L/R door components speakers, 2 rear L/R door components speakers, 2 rear c-pillar coaxials & 2 driver/passenger underseat subwoofers...
[ Daryl  Aug 29, 2016 ]
2 answers
I just installed this in my 08 335i with Top-Hifi/logic7. If your vehicle uses a similar fiber optic setup, you will have to recode your head unit to the analog option then get a custom harness to bypass the stock amplifier and remove the stock amplifier. It's a lot of work but this amp is way better than anything BMW currently offers.
[ Tyler  Oct 13, 2017 ]
You will want to contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat to discuss compatibility with your factory system. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and see if this will integrate. If it does not, then they will also be able to discuss other options with you.
[ Kenny  Aug 29, 2016 ]  Staff

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