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KEF LS50 Wireless

High-performance powered speakers with Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® (Titanium Grey/Red)

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Our take on the KEF LS50 Wireless

KEF LS50 Wireless powered speakers stand out from the crowd. They have a lot to offer, and when we heard them at our Charlottesville HQ, they really grabbed our attention. They're beautiful, compact, easy to use, and versatile enough to form the core of your everyday sound system. And you won't believe the rich, detailed sound they produce.

A gorgeous, versatile high-end audio solution

KEF LS50 Wireless powered speakers stand out from the crowd. They have a lot to offer, and when we heard them at our Charlottesville HQ, they really grabbed our attention. They're beautiful, compact, easy to use, and versatile enough to form the core of your everyday sound system. And you won't believe the rich, detailed sound they produce.

Audiophile sound quality

When you're going for that magical level of sonic realism that can raise goosebumps, one of the biggest challenges is matching the right amplifier to your speakers. So KEF has eliminated the guesswork: they put two custom-designed amplifiers in each speaker — 200 watts to each woofer, and 30 watts to each tweeter — so each driver gets perfect power. And the attention to detail doesn't stop there. Each driver has a high-end 192 kHz/24-bit DAC to make digital sound come alive.

Built-in digital signal processing (DSP) offers an easy Beginner mode, but you may prefer to take total control in Expert mode, and tweak the sound to perfectly suit your unique room. Whichever way you choose, you can make your changes via a free smartphone app, available for Apple® and Android™ devices.

Praise for KEF LS50 Wireless speakers from

"Something for audiophiles, something for mainstreamers – after all, it's in the LS50 Wireless' DNA. As a straddler of worlds, the KEFs walk away not only with a Knockout Award but also DAR's Product of the Year award for 2016. If this product doesn't convince audiophiles of the legitimacy of active loudspeakers, nothing will."

— From John H. Darko's review at, December 29, 2016
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A room-filling "sweet spot," thanks to Uni-Q technology

KEF's patented Uni-Q technology places each speaker's tweeter in the acoustic center of the bass/midrange cone. That lets the LS50 Wireless create a detailed, accurate, three-dimensional sound image. In essence, it makes the "sweet spot" — the ideal listening position — much larger. Sit wherever you like! It'll sound fantastic.

My hands-on experience with the KEF LS50 Wireless

I originally heard these speakers in our spacious training room at Crutchfield HQ, then enjoyed them later in a smaller conference room. Nothing prepared me for what they'd sound like in my own home.

I fussed for a while, trying them on different stands before deciding to place them on either side of the TV, directly on the entertainment furniture. Easy-to-use Speaker EQ buttons on the back of the right-hand speaker let me quickly customize the speakers' sound to suit each location change. The free KEF LS50 Wireless app was there to help me further tweak the output so it sounded full and clear in my living room — an open-plan, more-or-less rectangular space with glass along one side.

Once I had the basics taken care of, I started to have fun. I elected to stream some dynamic, demanding tunes via the built-in Spotify Connect, and they sounded amazing. The bass is reasonably deep and accurate when using the speakers alone, but it's a good idea to plug a subwoofer into the provided outlet to get the full experience from music and movie soundtracks. Cellos and violins sound heavenly in string quartet selections. I've revisited every one of my favorite jazz singers, just to hear the vocal nuances the LS50s can uncover. They dramatically expand the soundstage and reveal detail in every track I play.

If you have limited space, but want to enjoy your music to the fullest, these speakers make a big, beautiful sound that belies their relatively small footprint.

Customizable room EQ with the free app

KEF knows your room is unique, so they've put the power of choice in your hands. Just download KEF's free app, and you'll be able to tune the speakers to suit your space. Once you've made all the big adjustments, you can revisit and make manual tweaks to your heart's content.

KEF LS50 Wireless powered speakers offer a variety of connection points, so you can choose how you want to use them.

KEF LS50 Wireless powered speakers offer a variety of connection points, so you can choose how you want to use them.

Convenient connections

Think of a way you want to use these LS50 Wireless speakers, and you'll likely find a connection to make it happen. Want to transform the sound from your TV? Run an optical digital cable to the back of the right-hand speaker. Enhance computer gaming by plugging your machine into the asynchronous USB port. You can even run the output of your phono preamp into the RCA inputs and enjoy your favorite records.

Or, you can skip the wires altogether and stream your favorite high-res tunes through the LS50 Wireless' Bluetooth® connection. Or use your home's Wi-Fi® network to play music files from a DLNA-compatible computer or music server. The left and right speakers share audio signals via an included Ethernet cable.

Did we mention that they're super-stylish?

LS50 Wireless speakers come in three attractive color combinations, so they'll delight your eyes as much as they do your ears. Each has a curved front baffle that adds a touch of elegance to your shelf or speaker stands. Even the most design-conscious homeowner can find a prominent place to display these beauties.

Product Highlights:

  • frequency response: 45-28,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • bi-amped design with separate Class D woofer and tweeter amplifiers for greater headroom and lower distortion
    • woofer amplifier power: 200 watts
    • tweeter amplifier power: 30 watts
  • Uni-Q Driver Array technology makes your entire room sound like the "sweet spot"
  • individual 192kHz/24-bit DAC for each driver
  • 5-1/4" magnesium/aluminium alloy woofer
  • 1" vented aluminium dome tweeter
  • peak SPL: 106 dB
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 with aptX® for high-quality audio streaming performance
  • built-in dual-band Wi-Fi® for audio streaming from DLNA devices on your network
  • Spotify Connect lets you stream music wirelessly using the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet (premium subscription required; requires firmware 1.62 or later)
  • precise digital signal processing controls allow optimal room integration
  • free downloadable app lets you make pinpoint EQ adjustments with your Apple® or Android™ device
  • bass-reflex cabinet with elliptical rear port for accurate, musical bass
  • MDF enclosure with elegant curved front baffle
Connections (located on back of right-hand speaker):
  • stereo line level RCA input
  • Toslink digital optical input (accepts signals up to 24-bit/96kHz)
  • asynchronous USB Type B input (accepts signals up to 24-bit/192kHz)
  • 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Ethernet input
  • mono RCA subwoofer output
  • detachable power cord
Dimensions and Warranty:

What's in the Box:

  • Bluetooth powered speaker (Right)
  • Bluetooth powered speaker (Left)
  • Two 6.5' AC power cords
  • 10' Cat-6 interconnect speaker cable
  • 6.5' USB-B to USB-A cable
  • 42" Ethernet cable
  • Remote control (CR2032 battery installed)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Important Safety Information
  • Warranty Information
  • "Caution/Warning" sheet

Excellent speakers, highly customizable and excellent sound. Excellent support by Crutchfield, I am still testing but so far this is the winner by far.

Aravindan, San Jose, CA


KEF LS50 Wireless Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(51 Reviews)


Bob from Boyne City, MI on 2/20/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I would echo what most reviews here already have expressed: these are simply outstanding speakers in terms of performance, aesthetics, and value. I use them in a smaller room in a second home (12 x 12) where they sit on a console on either side of a Sony X900F TV at about ear level. I auditioned several other bookshelf speakers, but nothing came even close in terms of the beauty and accuracy of the music these produce. I have on older McIntosh system in our primary home, and was hoping I could find a system that would fit in a smaller space but approach the quality I have from that system. These do just that. My primary source of music is Tidal being streamed wirelessly, but also I have an optical cable to the TV where I can use these on Sony's Tidal app or for sound for the TV. The only concern I had before purchasing the KEF's were some of the very bad reviews (Apple's App Store for example) regarding the associated app from KEF. Other than some minor hiccups during installation (instructions are not completely clear) the app has worked very well. Crutchfield's support was very helpful in the installation, so the minor issues were not a problem. In summary, at least in my experience, these speakers (or specifically speakers/amps/DACs) are a bargain for the quality of sound that they offer and the look they present.

Pros: Accuracy of sound Soundstage Appearance Range of sound for small speaker Value

Cons: None

Amazing sound the fills the whole house

Mohamad from Franklin, TN on 2/15/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for a sound bar for our family room to keep the look as clean as possible. But after listening to all the options available on the market at BestBuy (the expensive and the cheap) nothing really stood out form me. Once the salesperson saw that I wasn't happy with any of the options he presented they he told he thinks he got the I'm looking for, so he showed me the KEF LS 50 W, and WOW I was blown away with the sound quality and how high it can go. I purchased them from Crutchfield around Chrismas time when they were on sale. Get them if you are looking for great sound and look.

Pros: - Amazing sound - Very good bass - Great if you are looking for a clean setup with no extra components - They look as good as they sound - Great connectivity options - Great for music and movies entertainment

Cons: - Expensive - I wish it had HDMI I/O


Aravindan from San Jose, CA on 1/22/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent speakers, highly customizable and excellent sound. Excellent support by Crutchfield, I am still testing but so far this is the winner by far.

Pros: Best sound you can get for the price, it will be very tough or nearly impossible to get all the features and similar sound for this price. I tried.

Cons: All in one, so no incremental updates. You would hardly need an upgrade.

Great detail

David from Beaverton, OR on 1/7/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The KEF LS50 Wireless offer fantastic detail in a convenient package. I combined my speakers with the KEF Performance stands and mainly listen to 320 kbs or lossless file-based audio over USB from my PC or Spotify Connect in a medium sized, lively room. Both audio formats offer an exceptional amount of detail, soundstage, and frequency balance. The KEF Control app made Wi-Fi setup easy. In a month of use I've had one Wi-Fi connectivity problem, which was quickly resolved with the KEF FAQ and KEF Control app. I have experienced issues with playlist order, removing songs from the song queue, and considerable problems with volume control with Spotify Connect. Overall, Spotify Connect works as expected most of the time.

Pros: Detail, balance, small package, integration with popular apps (Roon, Spotify, Tidal)

Cons: Flexibility, dependence on Wi-Fi, dependence on paid 3rd party apps (Roon, Spotify, Tidal)

Greatest Set of Speakers you can Buy at any price

Robert from Danville, CA on 12/26/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought a pair of these awesome speakers for myself (in black). I loved them so much that I also bought a pair of these speakers for my daughter and her fiance (in white). Simply stated, you cannot get a better sounding, better looking pair of speakers than these at this price point. I even seen some professional reviewers say that have reviewed some $10,000 and $50,000 systems that don't sound this good. I love them!

Pros: Sound Look Price


Great sound, impressive WiFi streaming capability

Crutchfield customer from Scottsdale, AZ on 12/12/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Really good sound that is detailed but not aggressive or strident, very good dynamics, and expansive soundstage, especially after a week or so of break-in. I used to have ultra-high-end Mark Levinson components with B&W 800 speakers a few years ago and I can honestly say that the LS50 Wireless is close to that system in the highs and mids, with excellent rendition of voices and brass. It is lacking in the bottom end compared to my previous system, but since the sound is so fast and "bouncy," I don't seem to miss that aspect of the bigger system. The app is much better than you would expect given many of the previous reviews--I am streaming TIDAL audio from my Apple IPhone X over my WiFi network with very few issues (has only frozen two times over the past week, requiring the control speaker to be unplugged to force a complete reboot). I updated to the latest firmware before I began listening, so that has probably played a big part in functionality and stability. I would suspect that, just like my Samsung smart TV a few years ago, a few more app/firmware updates will fix all remaining stability issues. The key to obtaining good operation over WiFi is to make sure that you are getting good signal levels and data throughput at the speaker location. I would recommend that you use your laptop at the same location as the control speaker and run a speed test to verify that this is indeed the case. If not, consider upgrading your WiFi network and/or internet service pla

Pros: Fantastic sound, great connectivity especially streaming over WiFi.

Cons: Had to reboot the speakers a few times after the WiFi streaming froze.

KEF LS50 Wireless

Crutchfield customer from New York, NY on 11/15/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These are my desktop speakers, amazing sound, all in one. I particularly think that these speakers are to be placed close to the listener to appreciate their great sound.



Believe the hype

Crutchfield customer from indiana on 11/13/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The KEF LS50 wireless offer terrific sound and are beautifully crafted. I wish the app and remote were executed to the same high standard as the speakers.



Good at first

Crutchfield customer from Fayetteville, GA on 11/11/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Was very impressed at first indeed, but returned them after a 45 day trial. I did everything I could to love them - including reorganizing my entire living room to improve Sonics, buying high end RCA and Ethernet cable to spread them 10 feet apart, buying KEF stands with their inert filler, and then setting up 10 or so equalizer settings for different music types - but in the end, they just didn't sound very natural. Though they are very clear, and separate instruments well, because they are bookshelf speakers, the soundstage to my ears was too focused and did not disperse music throughout the room. There was some imaging between the speakers, but overall, I was distinctly aware that the sound was coming directly from small speakers. EQ settings are very finicky, music doesn't sound right unless you dial it in precisely. My only source was a Marantz SA-14S reference SACD player, with high quality gold CDs or SACDs. Maybe their niche is if you prefer the convenience of Bluetooth or wireless, but with a high quality source they are underwhelming. From 8 feet away, I had to point very precisely to get the remote to work. My smartphone often became disconnected from the speakers, forcing you to stop the music and try to reset it if you wanted to change an EQ setting. Sorry, but while the future may be in active speakers, I can still easily match amp, source, and passive speakers in a way that fully trounces these little guys. Recommend only for small apartments.



Music has come ALIVE at our house

Rich from Philadelphia PA on 10/29/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

As a longtime musician and music lover, I can't tell you just how fantastic this KEF active speakers are and how much sheer joy they've brought to our house. The soundstage is huge, detail is simply awesome with no fatigue at all, speed and power are impressive and all of it just draws you so deep into a wide range of recordings and music. I am no stranger to high end audio and these are just on a whole new level from anything I've experienced. While the simplicity of an all in one system was appealing to me, I also initially worried about obsolescence or how to address any failure that might occur in the future. After living with them for a month, an especially after burn-in (which is very real with these- they just keep getting better and better), I just don't care about those concerns at all any more. First, firmware updates will keep these up to date for the foreseeable future in audio. And, I'll take this level of sound quality for as long as it is with me. It's just worth it.



KEF LS50 Wireless

Keng from San Francisco, CA on 10/1/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

LOVE IT! I have this hooked up to a bluesound node 2 as a 3rd zone in my home. The sound is amazing.



KEF LS50 Wireless

William from San Diego, Ca on 9/30/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Most excellent speakers/amplifier combination. Audiophile amplifier, DAC and speakers in a combined unit. I thought my audiophile days were behind me as I simply have not wanted to add a huge and expensive collection of separates to my Man Cave over the past few years. However, after reading the reviews first on the LS50 and then on the LS50 wireless, I decided it was time to treat my new 4k TV to something besides my soundbar and subwoofer. What a good decision that has been. Very easy to set up and I now use these both for my TV and as a speaker source for serious music from my PC. And my day has gone from watching TV or spending time on the PC to listening to different music sources generally from the PC. It is amazing what YouTube has in terms of audiophile level music. I sometimes dabbled in listening with my relatively expensive speaker/subwoofer PC speakers but now I spend a fair bit of time listening to different types of music from different sources. The speakers are so good, it is like I have rediscovered music as a pastime.



KEF LS50 Wireless

Crutchfield customer from The Woodlands, TX on 9/18/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Fantastic sound quality, as expcted. I'm not giving it 4 stars just because the control app and the remote are not at the level they could be. Fortunately I'm using Roon to stream music, which makes the experience much more enjoyable.



KEF LS50 Wireless

David from Long Beach, CA on 9/2/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Best sound I have ever had from speakers. The paired amps, dacs and crossovers make the difference.



KEF LS50 Wireless

Lawrence from Chicago, IL on 8/20/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking to upgrade my studio monitor game and was a bit skeptical in choosing the LS50W, a speaker designed for normal "audiophile" listening, over Focal Shape, Solo6 Be, or other higher end bookshelf-size dedicated studio monitors. Wow, out of the box, these make fantastic near-field studio monitors! I immediately returned the Focal Shape 65 and Adam A7X that I've been auditioning. For anyone wondering if these would be appropriate for analytical listening and home studio mixing and music production, I'm happy to say that yes, they are perfect for that. Although they already sounded great out of the box, placed on a desk, and near the wall, the DSP settings to dial-in their placement was just icing on the cake. Fantastic imaging, very balanced overall dynamics, detailed yet impressive bass extension, and overall non-fatiguing sound even after listening for hours nearfield from approximately 3 feet away. The best part is that I can also step back from these speakers and leisurely listen to music streamed from Spotify or whatever other source from them as any other normal set of speakers and enjoy them just the same. These are truly the jack-of-all-trades among all high end small bookshelf speakers. Except, they certainly don't sound like small bookshelf speakers. Dare I say that they sound even better than my regular music-listening speakers (Monitor Audio Gold). Simply amazing.

Pros: Amazing near-field performance. DSP. Full complement of digital and analog inputs. Works equally as well for studio and normal home listening.

Cons: High price (but it's worth it), wonky initial setup via smartphone app. I wish setup and advanced DSP settings could be done entirely without a smartphone or at least have an option to do it via USB-to-mac or PC or home network web app instead.

Small speakers with a lot of punch

Lee from San Francisco, CA on 8/1/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Everything I wanted in a small, powered speaker. I also purchased a small Klipsch subwoofer, which I recommend to get the most out of your music with the KEF speakers. The KEF apps work very well in fine tuning the speakers and sub to my listening preferences. It took a little experimentation, but if you follow KEF's advice, you'll get good results. Some negative comments I've read sound like they could be solved by a little patience on the part of the user, and probably an upgraded WiFi setup.

Pros: KEF apps work just as well as SONOS. Speakers are really well built. Wireless configuration is easy and reliable.

Cons: A little learning curve on learning the apps. LS50's are pricey-but worth it.

KEF LS50 Wireless

Daniel from Marion, IA on 7/23/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome, great customer service with Crutchfield. Love the speakers. Exceptional sound quality.

Pros: High quality sound, all in one, little clutter. Performance top notch, and look great.

Cons: Remote quality is poor and not user friendly, not easy to navigate thru the speaker input options with remote. Unable to see what you are doing sitting on couch using remote. You need to push buttons and guess that you are selecting the correct input on the speakers. Big Pain :(

Amazing Sound!

Rob from Bristol, CT on 6/29/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love this system! My music has never sounded so good. Had trouble with Tidal over the WiFi connection, would work fine for a time and then wouldn't play any selection, giving an "incompatible file" error. I suspect the kef app may be the issue. No issues at all with Spotify over the WiFi connection. My ears can't hear the difference between 320 and lossless anyway, so no big. The sound is so clear and amazing it has literally brought tears to my eyes a couple times. Oh, and they can CRANK!!

Pros: Amazing sound, punching well above their weight class. Ample bass. Look nice and are compact. No distortion even cranked to full volume.

Cons: Flaky Tidal integration was disappointing.

Don't wait... buy these!

Al from Mt. Horeb, WI on 6/21/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for a more permanent wireless speaker solution to enjoy streaming music to in my living room/great room. Although I don't think I'm really an "audiophile" per say, sound quality was my number one criteria. With Apple's recent release of AirPlay 2, I went ahead and purchased two HomePods to set up as a stereo pair for this purpose after reading all of the great HomePod reviews (regarding their awesome sound quality). I wanted to compare them to the DiamondBoxx Model M bluetooth speaker that I am already using which itself has really amazing sound and is at a similar price point. Perhaps being spoiled by the DiamondBoxx, I was underwhelmed with the volume and sound from the HomePods. Sure the Siri integration with iTunes and Apple Music was great but the quality of the sound just wasn't good enough to justify the price tag (imho)... so the search continued. After learning about the KEF LS50 wireless speakers from a YouTube video, I scoured the internet for more information and reviews. Everything I found praised the LS50's as the most incredible speakers for the money. At this price I thought, these things better be amazing as that's quite a step up from the HomePod pair that I already purchased. Well let me tell you that after setting up the LS50's and listening for several hours these things are absolutely incredible. They were not overhyped and are truly the real deal. If you are considering the LS50's don't wait, buy t

Pros: This was my first purchase from Crutchfield. I bought them here instead of Amazon because they did not collect sales tax and they would ship them without someone needing to be home to sign for them (which were two things that were important to me). Crutchfield delivered for free in 3 days! The follow up and email communication regarding my (expensive) order was great. Great job Crutchfield I am very happy with my purchase!

Cons: The KEF app and the quality of the remote control could both be improved. But by no means should they be a deal breaker...if you want incredible sound buy these speakers!

Audiophile approved

Joe from Cincinnati, OH on 6/11/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have always been an audiophile, and cannot stand deficient speakers. I have to say that these relatively small speakers put out exceptional sound and can fill large rooms with ease. A great set of speakers! The wifi app by KEF is the only drawback. But not negative enough to reduce from 5 stars!

Pros: Excellent sound from relatively small speakers

Cons: KEF wifi ap

KEF LS50 Wireless

Ed from Burtonsville, MD on 6/11/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm an old silverback gorilla recording engineer specializing in classical music. I got my start in the early 1970's and my loudspeaker for monitoring was the Rodgers LS3/5A powered by a Crown D75. Funny I switched amplifiers (Quad and Sony 3120) but I stayed loyal to the speakers. Setting up the amp and speakers time consuming. Powered monitors were a radical idea in the early 1980's, but I switched to the Klein and Hummel OY and then the 096. These were larger and could be used at a greater distance. They also offered enviromental adjustments. Overtime the circuitry failed from stresses of speaker cabinet vibrations. I replaced the K&H with another amplified self calibrating system by Genelec. Funny, set up was once again time consuming, and to be honest, a large portion of my best work was creates using the LS3/5A. Recently, KEF developed an advance coaxial desgned driver with extraordinary capability, complimented by serious cabinet, crossover and port design. Very tempting I thought. It took a long time to sell the focal monitors, which was fortunate because KEF developed their wireless LS50. Such an absolutely complete and totally excellent system. I actually prefer them to my large studio monitoring system. The KEF stands allow me to to do mid and nearfield monitoring both on location, and in my production studio. Just faboulous! I'm looking forward to wonderful creating and joyful listen.

Pros: excellent complete monitor system. Usually speaker designers aren't great amplifier designers, and vice versa. Not true with the LS50Wireless. Excellent crossover and power design.

Cons: I have a lot of alternative equipment that will go unused.

KEF LS50 Wireless

Crutchfield customer from Pls Vrds Pnsl, CA on 4/15/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great speakers! Came with the ls50w stands as well. Looks great and sounds amazing.



Excellent but finicky

Srinivas from Tampa, FL on 4/6/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Holographic sound with a very wide sound stage. However, all of this disappears once you swap right speaker to left (re-programming) to connect to my sub-woofer. Also, these speakers are unforgiving if the source is not correct.

Pros: Huge soundstage with good tonal balance.

Cons: Sound quality is very sensitive to the speaker position and the app/wireless is terrible. It is a nightmare to integrate the subwoofer.

KEF LS50 Wireless

Paul from North Port, FL on 3/21/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent audio, crisp, tight, quick, and balanced across the tonal range. Highs that sparkle and more base Then I expected from a speaker of this size, and they're easy on the eyes. The app needs a lot of work, the remote is not illuminated and not easy to use without any indexing to help identify the keys. There are no indicators on the front on the speaker to show status(on/off, mode), you can only see them from directly above the speaker. I bought the wireless version for the simplicity and convenience, KEF's got a ways to go to meet my requirement for convenience. As a speaker they are a 5+ for user convenience they're low, very low.

Pros: Great sound and tonal quality, easy on the eyes.

Cons: Not as convenient to use as I had hoped.

Highly Recommend!

Luke from Maggie Valley, NC on 2/25/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Good Speakers! Worth the price! Sound great! Look Great! Simple... all-in-one... did it all... no fuss! Highly Recommend!

Pros: Build Quality, Cosmetics, Sound Quality, Compact, Value

Cons: None

Best speakers for the money

Andy from Columbus, IN on 2/23/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Amazing clarity, detail and soundstage. They live up to the hype. Almost no need for a subwoofer.

Pros: Small, beautiful, powerful and clear.

Cons: Remote and app are junk. Luckily I'm not using either one after initial setup.

Fantastic Sound... truly unbelievable

Adam from Grantsville, MD on 2/19/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Whether you need a compact system or not, these speakers deserve a look. I was skeptical that they could deliver on the hype and thought it may be a case of "for the size" or "for the money." I am happy to report that they deliver in spades. I have several other references including high end JBL studio monitors and B&W floor standers. The beauty of these speakers is that the amplification is perfectly matched to the speaker. Other systems are capable of this sound quality but you'll need to spend a lot more and do a lot more experimenting with preamps, amps, etc.. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Pros: Out of the box brilliance

Cons: would like grille covers for when kids are around.

Unbeatable for Price and Form Factor

Tim from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL on 2/6/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For the price, these are no-question a 5-star product. I may still find myself wanting "more" in my biggest listening room, but that "more" will likely carry a price tag of 5-7 times my all-in cost on the LS50Ws. A couple weeks into my testing, I did purchase upgraded power cables. Prior to this upgrade, the KEFs were punchy, vibrant, and detailed, but perhaps at times too much so for my tastes. Post upgrade, I feel like nothing has been lost but a great deal of relaxed vibe has been gained. Everything seems more effortless now, mellower, less brash. The KEFs do indeed respond to their own DSP settings (stand/desk, wall/freespace), and I have also made additional tweaks in Roon. The KEFs are fed by a Roon core laptop, using AudioQuest Cinnamon USB cable and a couple AudioQuest JitterBugs. KEFs are sitting on matching KEF stands.

Pros: Full, energetic, balanced, detailed sound. No fiddling required. Better bass than you'd expect. Probably the perfect smaller room solution, but does a great job in my "larger" 18'x15'x10'(ceilings) den.

Cons: Just for funsies, wish I could bypass amps and DACs and use passive. Would "future-proof" them.

KEF LS50 Wireless

Greg from Boulder, CO on 2/4/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Super easy Bluetooth setup, very nice sound quality. Very happy with the purchase. Easily recommend the speakers.

Pros: Easy Bluetooth setup, easy iPhone use NIce sound quality

Cons: The App is worthless and seemed to add no value. Deleted it off my phone first day.

A little effort, but jaw dropping detail.

Donald from Buford, GA on 1/18/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Okay to start off I was frustrated for the first couple of days. It takes a little bit of effort to get these things up and running correctly. On day 4 I have the ls50 w attached to my media server. I performed the firmware update with very little issue. I now have Spotify and Tidal. The app from my Android phone is functioning well. After being a mid-grade audiophile for 42 years, I can say I got chills once the ls50 ws we're up and running. The detail you get from these little things is incredible. Highly recommended

Pros: Some of the best sounding speakers you will ever hear. No need for a sub. Just listen to the detail and the tight bass.

Cons: Setup is a bit difficult. Nothing major, but you must download the new firmware to the speakers to get the maximum benefit. The old firmware does not cut it

Good but pricey compact system

Crutchfield customer from Antioch, CA on 12/3/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Good as compact system but poor firmware / app (e.g bad volume control in app and slow volume response , unable to connect to 5Ghz channel on dual band router when the wireless router set to "auto" in 5Ghz radio channel ). Remote control works about 15 feet away from front of main speaker. Overrated sound quality for this price. My old Infinity Beta40 , Onkyo TX-NR709 and Oppo 205 sound better in bass .



Outstanding active speakers!

Peter from Gleneden Beach, OR on 12/3/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The five stars are purely for the outstanding sound and design of these amazing active speakers. I never thought it would be possible to acquire a system with this level of sonic quality for this price point much less half of that! My set is fully broken in and I am constantly blown away at the performance and nuances I was missing from completely familiar music with previous set ups. If you are even remotely considering getting these gems do not hesitate: You will be thrilled in the amazing, detailed, spacious traits of these outstandingly well engineered pieces of art! If you are looking to purchase these based on the wireless capabilities, specifically using the LS50 wireless app beware! The app is incredibly horrible. It is by far the worst performing app I have ever used. I am actually amazed that KEF would even consider releasing this app.

Pros: Accurate, detailed and incredibly musical with unbelievable lower end extension given the form factor and driver size: pure wizzardry! Unparalleled soundstage presentation. Exceptional value! You would be hard pressed to put together a system that comes remotely close to this set for this price point

Cons: App is horrible: Less than 1 star for app.

Amazing speakers

Jason from Cypress, CA on 11/14/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome speakers. Love the convenience of dsp and dedicated amps integrated inside. Sound is holographic with a wide sound stage.

Pros: Clear, holographic, and stunning sound from an award winning speakers

Cons: The app is a bit laggy and can use a bit more refinement.

KEF LS50 Wireless

Crutchfield customer from Corona Del Mar, CA on 11/9/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

awesome speaker convenience of multiple input sources some complexity in fine tuning but worth the effort app needs work 3 stars for that but the music is heavenly



KEF LS50 Wireless

James from Cumming, GA on 11/7/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

No doubt about it, as all the other reviews state the app control is terrible. After a few days with it crashing, losing connection, etc I noticed that when I first turned on the speakers ( I have a sub attached) everything was fine but as soon as I would adjust the volume control (up OR down) the sub output would decrease about 50%. If I power cycled the speakers, they would come on and work fine but the second I touched the volume control the sub level would drop dramatically. I was about to call to arrange a return when I decided to simply delete the app from my phone and just use the speakers without it. After that they perform flawlessly and have ever since. The app is simply terrible. Note- I use the USB input and have a Mac mini connected running Tidal, JRiver, etc. Also have a turntable, CD player etc, so I do not use any of the wireless or blue tooth functions. Just based on the sound alone I could give these a 5 start rating. But the ridiculously bad app prevents that. These sound better than any speakers I have even owned. My humble system before the LS50W addition consists of about $12,000 in speakers, amp etc. The LS50 W simply blow all that stuff away. I am seriously thinking about just making these the heart of my system and retiring the rest. If someone asks me what's a good introduction to audiophile world I would recommend these as long as the wireless/app portion is not important to you.

Pros: Sounds amazing.

Cons: Bad app!

Future Fi NOW

Robert from Mcmurray, PA on 11/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Currently auditioning both the older passive model LS50 and this newer powered model LS50 Wireless. Both speakers are really quite excellent especially for a desktop system. However, there are many great benefits to this new wireless model over its predecessor in that it has four perfectly matched amplifiers and DACs, one for each of its drivers. In addition, it also has several built-in DSP type controls that allows it to be customized specifically to one's needs and taste whether that be on a desktop or in a conventional two-channel stereo setup. To assemble this same level of power (230 watts per speaker!), goodness and adaptability would be crazy expensive. You can also forget the need and expense of buying interconnects and speaker cables. Just plug and play with minimal fuss. In addition, this model also now has the music streaming services of Spotify, Tidal and Roon onboard and can be controlled by app on your tablet or phone. So, how does it sound? Absolutely phenomenal! In fact, it sounds way better than the passive model LS50 driven by a Marantz amp. Whether this would be the case with a more expensive amp I can't be sure. But then we are talking about significantly more money with no guarantee of better results. Such is the agony of amp to speaker matching, a crazy game played by audiophiles with way deeper pockets than mine! Save the drama and give these a listen.

Pros: All-in-one simplicity with incredible sound. No need to match amp and speakers. No speaker or interconnects to worry about.

Cons: Daily prayers for the very best in electronic reliability otherwise you'll end up with some mighty fine paperweights!


Crutchfield customer from Brooklyn, NY on 11/4/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've had a few sub $4k hifi configurations over the last 15+ years and these KEFs sound better than all of them. If you're shopping for excellent sound, lossless streaming and want to avoid the price and aesthetic of a multi-component system, this is, to my mind, the way forward. Note: The five star rating does not really take into account KEF's app, which sucks (as noted many times around the web) and is arguably worth docking a star. I've found the app just functional enough but will likely invest in Roon soon.

Pros: Sound, value, ease and look.

Cons: That app...

KEF LS50 Wireless

Crutchfield customer from Miami Beach, FL on 10/27/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product. Comprehensive functionality in a beautiful, elegant, simple design. And most important, very good sound. Clear, accurate, but not harsh, and truly surprising bass. I've heard the DSP increases the bass response over the passive version. I haven't heard the passives, so I can't verify that, but I was impressed by the quality of the bass from such a small cabinet. For me, though, there still wasn't quite enough bass. I compared them to the ELAC FS U5 floorstanders powered by the Peachtree nova150 (a more expensive combination, even considering the cost of stands for the LS50W), and chose the ELAC/Peachtree pair instead. Crutchfield service was excellent throughout, from recommendations before to arranging the return.



Couldn't be much more different from base ls50

Roger from Verona, WI on 8/2/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought these on open box after selling my "wired" ls50s and they were in like new condition. I gave up and on the base model because they were forward and bright and a little fatiguing to listen to....even though I loved the detail and space and ability to hear deep into the music. This was with a smooth musical fidelity integrated and multiple sources. Because I liked the positive qualities and the reviews describing the differences I decided to give the "wireless" version a try. Figured the freq EQ DSP and use of digital crossover could address the issues I had with the original. Wow...what a difference. These are strong, punchy, much warmer while retaining at least as much detail. They just sound like music... smooth, detailed and no listening fatigue. Probably not even broken in yet either. I'm currently feeding them from my Sonos connect digital out through toslink glass cable and want to listen for hours... to all types of music... jazz, classical, rock... After selling off my amp, DAC, and speaker cables I'll probably come out ahead.... these are the best of many stereo rigs I've owned and a great bargain... I have the gray and deep red and they look and sound stunning.... Get em.

Pros: Smoother than ls50 At least as detailed Way better quality bass No listening fatigue No amp or DAC expense

Cons: If u wanna change you'll need to rebuy all your components.

Awesome speakers, Crappy app

Vikram from New York, NY on 7/14/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My first real piece of audiophile grade equipment after doing tons of research. I loved the fact that I didn't have to actually buy separate DAC, pre-amp etc, and think about how each may be compatible or how the sound quality might vary depending on what you pair with. This was something I really didn't have to think about with this system and the best part is that it fits great even on my computer table. May not be the best place to put this speakers but I will be slowly adding stands and acoustic panels to get better sound. The speakers sound great to my ears. The sound stage and accuracy are excellent, but definitely needs a sub woofer if you are listening to EDM, deep house or rock, none the less even these genres these speakers sound wonderful. Can hear a lot more details now, that brings new life to every song. One thing I found is that these speakers sound better at higher volumes and if you have a small room I would think about that because they can easily fill a room. The only reason I gave this a 4 stars rating is because of the crappy app that is needed to control all the equalizer settings. Its TERRIBLE and I hardly use it. It only runs using wifi which makes no sense. I can't change any settings when I am streaming on bluetooth or have it connected to my computer ( my primary ways to listen) I really hope KEF addresses these issues. Still no support for listening to spotify or pandora or anything except for Tidal on WIFI. I would recommend.

Pros: * Sound quality * Portability

Cons: * App lacking features

Simple set-up, Great Sound

Joe from Jersey City, NJ on 6/24/2017

I bought these for my living room. I wanted something simple so everyone in the house could listen. I've got them on the KEF stands with a JL E112 sub which sits on a custom Isoacoustics sub stand (Highly Recommended!). So, I use these for both TV and music. With movies, this 2-channel rig completely dominates a $25K+ HT rig in my other house. These speakers absolutely scale up. For TV/movies, I go toslink out of the TV to a W4S Remedy and then toslink to the speaker. For music, the chain is as follows: sonicTransporter i5 (powered by Uptone Audio JS-2 psu) with external 1TB Samsung ssd to Fios Router via Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet and then the signal goes to a MicroRendo (powered by Uptone Audio LPS-1) via Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet. I've got as much money into the digital feed as the speakers plus stands, but IMHO it's totally justified. The stands are aesthetically pleasing but are certainly the weak link in this picture. As you can tell from the rig, I'm an unrepentant audiophile and tweaker. I think I've got about $7,500 tied up in this system. In the right room, you'll be hard-pressed to beat the sound at any price. And the convenience is off the charts. I'm a former horn/SET guy and value a meaty, energized sound. This has it in spades! I'm listening to more more music than ever now. That's the whole point!



Practical High End Computer Speaker Choice!

Aaron from Boca Raton, FL on 5/20/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced a pair of Focal CMS 50 fed by Auralic Vega DAC with this Kef LS50 Wireless. They are without a doubt a practical choice for those who want among the very best in Computer Audio. They would also be a great choice for those who wish to upgrade their TV sound with stereo speakers of much higher quality. To make use of these speaker capabilities you would need ISOACOUSTICS stands. I have used both the 155 and 200 on these. The manufacturer recommends the 155. I have also had the older version and the new APERTA series. The APERTA series are well worth the extra moeny as they sound better reducing resonances beyond the original. They also look much better. I have also tried different USB cables from the Audioquest Pearl to their Carbon. In the Audioquest line I found the FOREST to sound and overall perform best. It sounds significantly better and cleaner than the Belkin Gold and more musical than the more expensive Audioquest CARBON. I have also tried more exotic designs where they separate power and the signal line. I also calibrate the computer set up using DIRAC LIVE calibration software.

Pros: Great sound potential at relatively low cost Easier than usual set up.

Cons: Software quirks and remote with no sense of volume level. 30 min auto turn off

Unbelievable - I am so happy

Misha from San Diego, CA on 5/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are amazing. KEF has matched the awesome LS50 speakers with built-in amplifiers, DSP, and DAC that are perfectly suited for the driver. The result is a heavenly sound. With the built-in components, KEF engineers have taken the LS50's and made them sound as good as freaking possible. I wanted to treat myself to a sweet stereo system, and I spent a long time looking for speakers that I loved. This was the 6th pair of speakers that I tried. I am glad I waited. Every time I listen to these, they make me smile. My friends are super impressed, and look forward coming to my place to pump some music. I have somewhat sensitive ears, and I get listener's fatigue pretty easily. That doesn't happen with these. I paired these with a Paradigm subwoofer, but it's not strictly necessary as these have pretty great bass extension by themselves (for bookshelf speakers). Crutchfield is a great company btw - I've really enjoyed their customer service and I'll be buying from them again.

Pros: Amazing sweet sweet sound. If you're looking for a set of bookshelf speakers for music, these are an excellent choice.

Cons: Expensive, but for me it was worth it

Amazing Sound for the Price

BigBeard from Yonkers, NY on 4/25/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am very impressed by these speakers...I was worried I would be let down, considering the rave reviews found everywhere - I believed, at that time, the speakers were going to be overhyped. The precision and soundstage is amazing - its as if I am listening from multiple speakers. In certain songs, you can hear the singer's lips part. Highly, highly, detailed sound. On their own, the bass is the best you can get from anything this size...but I am a bass head. If you don't listen to any music with very low bass notes, you will be absolutely fine. Unless you have a nice set of floor standers, you will always need a subwoofer if you really want those low frequencies. I am a basshead, so I paired these speakers with a PSA 3000i sealed sub - the pairing is magical. I think I would have to spend 10 grand more to get better sound than this. The app is really not an app - just a way to manage DSP settings. I really do hope they can improve the app. DSP settings are very nice, and correct issues of placement. Don't expect to stream music...the only way you can is if you can songs downloaded onto your phone/tablet. The speakers must also be in wifi mod to make any DSP changes. These thing must be fixed. A desktop app would be great too. I do not want to take stars off for the app - The speakers deserve 5 stars. For the days before the speakers arrived, I had some remorse because I thought I might regret it. Now, I cannot find enough time to keep.



KEF LS50 Wireless

Crutchfield customer from Las Vegas ,NV on 3/27/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

More than happy !! Amazing



Regular LS50 owner. Great package in a very reasonable size.

David from Manassas, VA on 3/24/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I own the original LS50s and still have them set up in my living room. Just to compare: No Comparison! Reason? Just my opinion: all the guess work for the upstream is taken out of the equation. I can tell you right now the wireless units sound so much better right out of the box compare to my old LS50s driven by a Benchmark DAC USB and the Yamaha AS2000. The Yamaha + the DAC + the LS50 were pretty expensive new. These wireless ones beat that set up hands down with minimum fuzz in setting up and component picking at 50% of the cost of my existing system and sound better! I'm not saying my existing LS50 sounded bad, it's just that these wireless units sounded that much better. Totally beat my expectations! Now I'm thinking about selling the regular LS50s and getting another pair of these haha. It doesn't get much better than these, regardless how much you would spend! Also another big thumbs up to Crutchfield. Great shopping experience: placed the order on Wed and got it on Fri!

Pros: No fuzz set up, no need to shop for component synergy. All internals are matched and engineered for the speakers, making this relatively small system really hard to beat for the price!

Cons: I wish the iOS app can change the source and volume of the speakers as well. Right now it is kinda clunky to use. Hope future firmware/app update will address these issues. Supplied power cables should be longer to aid easier wire hiding.

Great sounding, versatile speakers.

Ryan from Chicago on 3/20/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome speakers that ended a long search. The fact that you can adjust the sound of these speakers to fit your environment is huge! The speakers are not on stands but on media console and they still sound great. Excellent bass - I could easily go without a subwoofer. Something these speakers can do that in my experience is very rare with more expensive gear, is make even not so good recordings, sound pretty good. The app, however, is pretty much terrible. I am used to using an app with my denon receiver which is always connected and pretty much controls all the features the receiver has. This app is only connected when the wireless source is selected. If you want to adjust settings while listening to another source, you need to first connect in wireless mode, then switch to the other source. If the app times out for any reason, you will have to, along with killing and re-starting the app, repeat the procedure. You cannot control volume or switch sources with the app, nor can you wake the speakers. You have to use the included remote. I don't use the app to stream music because I use Sonos, so I can't comment on that.

Pros: They sound great anywhere you put them. They sound great will all music.

Cons: The App/network features

amazing sound and versatility

Craig from Mount Kisco, NY on 3/17/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Powerful smallish powered speakers that produce incredibly detailed sound. Great recordings sound incredible and less good ones sound less good -- what I mean is they are "transparent." Love the frequency response -- the bass, though not overwhelming, is quite decent. Bass lovers might want to add a powered sub-woofer. I also love their versatility with wifi (app is available), bluetooth, analog, toslink/optical, and pc connectivity. Amazing speakers.

Pros: incredible sounding speakers in a small package able to take wired or wireless signals. Just plug or wirelessly connect your music source and you're there.

Cons: none that I can think of.

Not Wireless but Still Exceptional

douglas from Los Angeles, CA on 3/1/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Remove the word Wireless from the product name and it would've been 5stars. You'll read this in every review, so I'll make it brief. The streaming functionality via WiFi is horrible. In a world where software products and firmware can be updated daily, there is promise that this functionality will get better. For me, my LS50w's are situated right in between my computer desk and are directly wired into my laptop via USB. I am running Roon playing local flac's and other high res files, as well as Tidal streaming material. So far its working perfectly. I can control my Roon via my phone most of the time, although it can even be a bit touchy. I also have a Rega P2 running through a Bellari Preamp into the LS50's. Regardless, the sound is amazing. I'm stepping up from a pair of KEF Q100's hooked up to an HK stereo integrated with a subwoofer. The LS50's have taken me to that next point in listening that I've been waiting for. Not only do i get imaging and staging several times over my previous setup, but i am also able to ditch the amp and subwoofer! The bass this thing is capable of is tremendous. No need for an additional sub unless you want to shake your fillings loose. I'm not a terribly well experienced audiofile. This is my first step into any product breaking the $600 mark. I think the combo of being able to reduce my clutter of equipment while taking a substantial step up in sound quality makes this product a winner.

Pros: Sound quality, convenience, all in one

Cons: Poor app and streaming experience (for now)

The Furure Is Now

Daniel from Philadelphia, PA on 2/12/2017

If you're looking for the best sound per dollar you can abhieve for a budget of approximately $2500.00 then look no further. This is it. You'll need to use a wired source to achieve the best sound since as most people know, Bluetooth is lossy. I wasn't sure at the time I bought these that I would keep them, but I quickly decided to sell my old setup. I literally pocketed $10,000 when I sold off the old gear, so after deducting the the money for this, I was left with a whole bunch of money to buy music! Haha Buy a pair!

Pros: Perfect synergy- custom matched amplifiers, DACs and speakers. Looks. Reference sound for the money

Cons: If there is one I haven't found it.

Pure joy!

Bob from Westfield, MA on 1/27/2017

Pre-ordered these last October and just set them up a few days ago. Out of the box, I wasn't impressed with the sound quality. The unit is shipped in a flat configuration sound-wise which makes sense. Once I downloaded the app and played with the room settings, the speakers eventually came to life - in a big way. Deep, tight bass, clear mids and accurate, but not harsh highs. I am able to hear instruments on my favorite tracks that I hadn't heard before! The soundstage is breathtaking. The build quality is superb. I can see attention to detail throughout. I have the gloss black/blue combo and I love it. KEF hit it out of the park with this product. These speakers will only get better as they break in. Just be aware that you'll need to fiddle with the app to get the right sonic performance out of these gems. Be patient, it's worth the effort.

Pros: Superb build quality Produces a very accurate and breathtaking sound stage USB mode produces the best results Hardware setup is very straightforward

Cons: Takes time to dial these into the listening area Wrestling with configuring wifi to work with devices (using USB for the moment) Expensive, but worth it


Hands-on research

Product Research

Audio Section
Variety Of Sources
App & Remote Control

Audio Section

Uni-Q Driver Array: The LS50 powered speakers feature KEF's patented Uni-Q driver configuration, in which the tweeter is mounted at the acoustic center of the midrange cone. With both acting as a single point source, the sound is dispersed widely and evenly throughout the listening area allowing you to experience superbly defined and perfectly balanced stereo imagery with a wide "sweet spot". The Uni-Q driver array is made up of a 1" aluminum vented-dome tweeter and a 5.25" magnesium/aluminum alloy cone woofer.

  • 1" Aluminum Vented-Dome Tweeter: The geometry of the tweeter dome matches that of the midrange cone to avoid disrupting the waveform. By smoothening high frequency response, this helps to account for the detailed and strikingly natural-sounding treble. The 1" aluminum vented-dome tweeter utilizes a Tangerine Waveguide to encourage the sound to radiate spherically for wider, more even dispersion so that everyone in the room enjoys the same superb sound quality. A large internal vent prevents potentially distorting high pressures from building up behind the dome in the critical vocal region, preserving all the nuance and fine detail of the original performance.
  • 5.25" Magnesium/Aluminum Alloy Woofer: The 5.25" woofer uses a magnesium/aluminum alloy cone that is light, stiff, and smooth for natural midrange and midbass sound. A well as allowing the midrange cone its full extension, KEF's ingenious Z-flex surround guides the sound from the tweeter across the surround without any disturbance or secondary radiation. Treble response is clearer and sweeter.
Note: The LS50 powered speaker system does not include grilles.

Bi-Amplifier Configuration: The 1" aluminum vented-dome tweeter and 5.25" magnesium/aluminum alloy woofer are powered by an incredible clean and fast 230 watt amplifier in a bi-amp dual mono configuration (200 watts to the woofer and 30 watts to the tweeter) that produces high-fidelity sound.

Note: Because the LS50 Wireless speaker system is self-powered, each speaker will need to be plugged into an AC wall outlet.

Advanced Time Correcting DSP: The LS50 Wireless employs an advanced time correcting DSP crossover that corrects for inherent time delays introduced in the crossover stage.

FEA-Designed Cabinet: The FEA-designed cabinet with its constrained layer damping bracing and precision engineered curved baffle, along with the elliptical flexible port all work in concert to prevent cabinet vibration and resonances that produce unwanted sound coloration for clear, spacious, distortion-free sound.

  • Curved Baffle: The curved baffle is shaped so that the sound waves spread from the drivers with minimum reflection from the edges which gives a very nice spacious sound. The curvature also improves the rigidity of the baffle which reduces vibration and sound coloration.
  • Constrained Layer Damping: The constrained layer damping which is between the brace and the enclosure walls and also the front baffle, prevents the cabinet from vibrating and radiating sound. This helps to prevent coloration in the midrange.
  • Flexible Port Tube: The rear-firing port tube has a flexible wall which allows midrange sound that is travelling down the port tube to escape back into the cabinet and prevents longitudinal resonances; which can otherwise radiate and cause midrange coloration. The port tube also has very carefully flared walls to avoid the chuffing noises that you can hear when you get air turbulence inside the port.

24-Bit/192kHz DACs: The LS50 Wireless features an end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path with two separate DACs for each speaker, for a total of four for the pair.

Speaker EQ: The LS50 Wireless speaker system provides a built-in Speaker EQ to tailor the sound of the system to the placement of the speaker. Select from "Desk", "Stand", "Wall", or "Free Space".

Advanced Audio Settings: Through the KEF LS50 Wireless app for Apple iOS 8.0+ and Android OS 4.1+ you get access to advanced  audio settings to expertly tailor the system's sound to your room environment and preference.

  • Room Acoustics: You can select the size of your room (Small, Medium, or Large), as well as indicate the room setting (Damped, Moderate, or Lively). In addition, you can indicate how far the speakers are from the back wall.
  • Bass & Treble: You adjust the treble trim from -2dB to +2dB. The bass extension can be set to Less, Standard, or Extra. There is also phase correction between the two speakers.
  • Sub Controls: If you connect a powered subwoofer you can activate a variable high pass (50-120Hz) & low pass (40-250Hz) crossover. You can also adjust sub polarity and sub gain (-10 to +10dB), as well as the balance between subwoofer and speaker.

Tethered Cable: The speakers are labeled "RIGHT" & "LEFT". The included 10' Cat-6 cable plugs into the back of each speaker to connect them together as a stereo pair. You can set the balance between the Right & Left speaker.

Subwoofer Output: The KEF LS50 Wireless speaker system is equipped with a mono-RCA subwoofer output to connect a powered sub (sold separately).

Variety Of Sources

Wired or Wireless Network Connectivity: The KEF LS50 Wireless speaker system can be connected to your home network via a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi) connection. There is a RJ-45 Ethernet port (10/100Mbps) on the back of the speaker which allows for a hardwired connection. Built-in 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n) allows the LS50 Wireless speaker system to connect wirelessly to your home network.

Note: KEF recommends streaming Hi-Res music files over a 5GHz WiFi network with a router transmission speed of at least 1300Mbps

Online Music Services: With a wired or wireless network connection, the LS50 Wireless speaker system provides access to Tidal and Spotify using the KEF Stream app on your compatible Apple iOS or Android OS device.

  • Tidal: TIDAL is a global streaming service that offers millions of songs in high-fidelity CD sound quality. TIDAL has two pricing tiers; either $9.99 or $19.99 a month. Both pricing levels allow you to access TIDAL's entire music library. The $19.99 tier has the added benefit of high-fidelity sound at CD-level quality.
  • Spotify Connect: The integration of Spotify Connect will enable Spotify Premium users to instantly select and wirelessly stream music to the LS50 Wireless speaker system from within the Spotify app (Apple iOS or Android). Spotify is a digital music service that gives you on-demand access to one of the largest music libraries in the world (over 15 million tracks and counting). Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage, and share music with your friends. You can browse music by artist, album, track, or most popular; and create your own music library with customized playlists.

DLNA Compliant: The  LS50 Wireless is a DLNA Digital Media Renderer and can play Hi-Res music files (up to 24-bit/192kHz) from other DLNA servers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. The following music files can be streamed wireless via DLNA.

File Format Sampling Frequency Bit Rate or Bit Depth
MP3 8-48 kHz 16 bit
WMA 8-48 kHz 16 bit
AAC 32-96 kHz 16 bit
AIFF 32-192 kHz 16 / 24 bit
FLAC 8-192 kHz 16 / 24 bit
WAV 8-48 kHz 16 / 20 / 24 bits
PCM 8-192 kHz 16 / 20 / 24 bits

Asynchronous USB-B Port: The LS50 Wireless speaker system is outfitted with an Asynchronous USB-B port for playback of 2ch PCM music files (up to 24-bit/192kHz) from your Windows PC (7-up) or Mac computer (OSX 10.6-up). If you are using a Windows PC, you will need to download a dedicated USB audio driver from the KEF website.

Note: There is also a USB-A port, but this is for service and software/firmware updates only. It cannot be used for music streaming.

Optical Digital Input: The LS50 Wireless speaker features an optical (toslink) digital input with support for 2ch PCM audio (up to 24-bit/96kHz). The Optical digital input does not support Dolby Digital, DTS, or other multi-channel formats.

Stereo RCA Input: The LS50 Wireless powered speaker offers an analog stereo RCA output for connection of an analog audio source device. If you want to connect a turntable, you will need a turntable with a built-in phono preamp or an external phono preamp (sold separately).

Bluetooth 4.0: With its built-in Bluetooth (version 4.0), you are able to wirelessly stream stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows Phone/PC, Mac computer/laptop and other Bluetooth source devices to the KEF LS50 speaker. You'll still need to control music playback and view song/artist info from your Bluetooth source device.

  • aptX: In addition to support the standard Bluetooth SBC codec, the KEF LS50 offers support for aptX. With aptX, you can stream CD-quality sound from aptX compatible devices (like Android OS 4.0+). Now your wireless music sounds rich, full, and natural with less compression.
  • SSP: With SSP (Simple Secure Pairing), Bluetooth source devices can be paired with a single press of a button and without entering PIN code. Up to 8 devices can be paired with the LS50 speakers and two devices can remain connected, but only one device can be playing at a time.
Note: Due to the differences in Bluetooth technology, some Bluetooth enabled devices may be incompatible, function improperly, or may not support all features when used with the KEF LS50.

App & Remote Control

KEF Stream App: The KEF Stream App (for Apple iOS 8.0+ and Android OS 4.1+) provides full control of the LS50 Wireless speaker system using your compatible smartphone or tablet. It provides initial setup for connection to your WiFi network, as well as notifications of firmware updates as they become available. You'll also get access to select online music services such as Spotify & Tidal, as well as access to local music libraries stored on a Windows PC or other DLNA media service. You can even stream music stored locally on your Apple iOS or Android device to the LS50 Wireless speaker system from the app. In addition, you get playback controls and song/artist info with album art on the KEF Stream app.

KEF Control App: The KEF Control App (for Apple iOS 9.0+ and Android OS 4.1+) provides comprehensive remote control functionalities for LS50 Wireless speaker system, further enhancing the user experience. It can be used as a stand-alone app or in combination with the above KEF Stream app. In addition to source selection, playback & volume control, firmware updates; the app offers advanced audio adjustments such as Speaker Sound Profiles, Volume Customization, and Switching between Left/Right speakers. However, the KEF Control App does not provide access to Tidal or Spotify.

Roon Remote (available firmware update): Thanks to an available firmware update and the Roon Remote App (for Apple iOS 11.0+ and Android OS 4.4+), the LS50 Wireless speaker system can now use the Roon music player software to identify your personal music collection and simultaneously acts as a searchable digital engine, providing in-depth information about that collection such as album descriptions and artwork, artist photos and bios, critical reviews, tour dates and lyrics. When coupled with an additional subscription to TIDAL, Roon finds links between the your personal file and the millions of tracks available from the streaming service, so that new music can be discovered from the world beyond your own personal collection.

Top-Panel & Remote Control: The KEF LS50 Wireless features top-panel touch-sensitive controls for Power, Source Selection, Bluetooth Pairing, and Volume. The included IR remote provides wireless operation of the same functions, plus Play/Pause, Previous/Next Track and Mute.

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Research and reviews. Hoping to obtain optimal sound quality in an all-in-one solution. [ L  Feb 14, 2019 ]
it is open-box for better price for my cousin [ THANH  Jan 24, 2019 ]
I love kef best sound [ juan  Nov 11, 2018 ]
Saw them heard them thought they were awesome. Hopefully will fulfill my needs Like the fact that they are all inclusive [ Ian  Oct 16, 2018 ]
I need (want?) compact powered desktop speakers. These are highly regarded by folks whose opinion I value: Audiophiliac, Zeos, etc. KEF is a trusted brand. [ Paul  Aug 23, 2018 ]
Great reviews on this speaker. Wireless option makes it very compelling. [ edgar  Apr 09, 2018 ]
Good quality sound combined with simple set up [ TERRI  Mar 13, 2018 ]
Good ratings. Best of color choices offered (would have preferred black cabinet & black speaker cone). [ Kelly  Feb 09, 2018 ]
Excellent reviews. [ P  Dec 04, 2017 ]
Good reviews and simple plug and play options [ Ronnie  Aug 12, 2017 ]
I have old ears. I need good treble and have to sit in the sweet spot. TV sound is a particular problem for me. Most sound bars have a very narrow dispersion. So irritating. These KEFs claim to have wide dispersion and are movable. I will use as a sound bar. If they are as good as claimed (they SHOULD be at that price), then I may audition in my stereo system. Soon, KEF will have custom metal stands for $400? Sheesh. If my wife finds out, I'm in Big Trouble. [ HOYT  Jul 20, 2017 ]
Need a wireless system [ Larry  Feb 11, 2017 ]
Suggested as best sound in this price point both by the representative and other review sites in the internet. [ aravindan  Dec 28, 2018 ]
Excellent reviews. Needed an all in one solution for living room in new house. [ Collin  Nov 22, 2018 ]
high quality powerful sound in compact streamlined body just what I am looking for [ Robin  Nov 16, 2018 ]
Based on reviews [ Timothy  Sep 23, 2018 ]
Reputation and specs [ Birinder Raj  Sep 20, 2018 ]
Reputation and online comments on the system [ Walter  Jul 25, 2018 ]
Beautiful, Amazing sound (at least ive heard ) and been wanting to have a system with high power and DAC as well as bluetooth [ T  May 25, 2018 ]
ratings [ Ira  Mar 13, 2018 ]
great reviews [ Peter  Oct 29, 2017 ]
Great reviews and sound...... [ HARVEY  Aug 01, 2017 ]
highly reviewed. integrated with amp and da [ Anthony  Jun 07, 2017 ]
I read extensively about it online. [ ERICK  Jan 16, 2019 ]
I chose these because their form factor will not overwhelm my living room, the positive reviews, and their good value. These are expensive, but as many reviewers have said to get this level of performance with separates would be very expensive. This is an indulgence for me, but music matters and I can no longer tolerate the sound quality of my AVR and bookshelf speakers. [ Paul  Aug 16, 2018 ]
Color fits better in my room [ CLIFFORD  Mar 26, 2018 ]
Item I wanted available at open box price from reputable company [ Roger  Jul 26, 2017 ]
Great reviews and intended application for the new fireplace we are developing. [ JONATHAN  Jan 28, 2017 ]

14 questions already asked

Yes, you'll have at least two cables connected to each speaker, an Ethernet cable and a power cable, and the Ethernet cable needs to connect the two speakers. The supplied Ethernet cable is 3m long but you could always get a longer one, and the power cords are standard 15A IEC cables; depending on your stands and how far apart you're putting the speakers, you might be able to run the cables down along (or even inside) the stands to make the whole thing look neater.... [ Jon  Oct 05, 2018 ]
You could always get a longer cable and run it down one stand, across the floor, and back up the other stand. But yes, the two speakers have to be connected via an ethernet cable. [ Stevan  Oct 05, 2018 ]
The cable is about 8 feet, but it has standard RJ45 connectors, so you can always get a longer one if necessary. I hide mine by taping it to the back of my stands. [ Stephen  Oct 05, 2018 ]
I can't recall if the Ethernet cable is a special cable or just regular eithernet cable. But if it's regular, I would just use a longer length and hide it on the back of the stands and run it across the floor where it wouldn't be so noticeable. Nonetheless you still have to use it some how. [ Robert  Oct 05, 2018 ]
Hello Rich, the interconnect cable does connect the two speakers. For me, I have no problem hiding the cable, as I have a piano between my speakers, which are mounted on stands. That said, I strongly advise not letting this be a show stopper, you find a better sounding set of speakers at this price point. I've read some reviews that have said they have tested $10,000 - $50,000 systems that don't sound this good.. Hopefully, that helps. [ Robert  Oct 04, 2018 ]
First let me say theses speakers are truly amazing. As far as the cables go - yes there are cables running between the 2 speakers. You should be able to disguise someway. I have to be honest - I'm an audiophile - love Blues and Jazz. Speakers are worth every effort to make them work for you. Try to figure out how to hide the cable. Mine are in bookshelf so not an issue. [ Andrew  Oct 04, 2018 ]
Well, there is a cable, but it is no different than a speaker wire that would be coming from an amplifier. The interconnect cable is fairly long and you may be able to get it out of sight by running it up along the legs of your speaker stands. [ Thomas W.  Oct 04, 2018 ]
Since the internet connect cable is Ethernet like you said I just went and bought 5 ft cable from Amazon. My speakers do stand on KEF stand but because the cable is long enough it does drop down to the floor so you don't see the cables haning in mid air. [ Du  Oct 04, 2018 ]
Yes, you can use a longer cable and have it routed through your stands and the floor. Mine are on a desk so the cable can be hidden. Thank you [ Vincenzo  Oct 04, 2018 ]
They come with an ethernet cable that connects the two speakers. I think it's 15ft long. So it depends on your placement. I bought a longer ethernet cable; and placed it thru the hollow poles in the stands down to the floor then tucked it discretely between the base-boards and the carpet along the wall/floor, then back up the other hollow speaker stand to the other speaker. If done properly your cables can be well out of sight. Or at least as minimal as a traditional amp/speaker configuration. [ James  Oct 04, 2018 ]
Plug the cable box and Fire stick into the TV and run an TOSLINK cable from the TV to the speakers. The LS50W has a sub out with an active crossover that can be tweaked in the app. [ Stephen  Oct 05, 2018 ]
The subwoofer connects directly to the speakers themselves and you can configure the crossover from the app. Whether it's a good replacement for a soundbar is purely subjective. Sound quality wise yes it's better but it will not provide that same surround DSP effect. [ Ronnie  Aug 19, 2018 ]
I use it for my computer set up. for that it is great. It would probably be good for a TV set up too. You would connect it via optical out. I am not sure if you can easily use a sub with it however. [ Aaron  Aug 19, 2018 ]
These speakers will give you a much better sounding system than a soundbar. You can simply connect a subwoofer to the the back of the right speaker (there is a connection for that) and the iPhone or Android app can set up the rest like frequency cut over etc. Only draw back for this system is that you can not power the on the speakers with a remote. You will need to physically touch the power button every time. [ Vincenzo  Aug 19, 2018 ]
No, but you should be able to connect an external phono stage to the unit's RCA AUX inputs. [ Jon  Nov 25, 2017 ]
Has analog input to add phono to ls50w. [ Jamie  Nov 23, 2017 ]
Sorry. I? don't know [ David  Nov 23, 2017 ]
No it does not have one built in, you would need to add a separate phono preamp [ Michael  Nov 23, 2017 ]
The reviews are not overrated. The LS50 Wireless speakers are worth the price and more. They are often compared to systems costing $10K - $50K, and the reviews are correct. The speakers are NOT overrated. [ Robert  Dec 27, 2017 ]
One way for me to describe how these KEFs sounds, is think of a pair of well amped Senn HD 800s (Original) without having to wear them. Bass is more pronounced. So definitely not thin sounding. [ David  Apr 07, 2017 ]
As speakers they are wonderful: full bodied sound. First rate. They are wonderful with music wired or wireless from any source. I use them with TV and they're great. They sound like speakers that would sell for many multiples of their price. That said, they are NOT surround sound -- just good ole stereo. But they image so well, I love them. Good bass. If you want thunderous bass, you can always add a subwoofer to them. [ CRAIG  Dec 27, 2017 ]
These are way better. I have them and can attest to their magnificent performance. You can also check some of the high end reviews (Stereophile, Audiophile, etc. and they compare these to some of the best $10K - $50K systems that they have heard. Buy them, you won't regret it. [ Robert  Dec 27, 2017 ]
A Ferrari replaces a Prius. Thats about all I need to say. [ BRUCE  Dec 27, 2017 ]
Sell your DAC, get these speakers. [ Robert  Dec 27, 2017 ]
No: it does have a pair of RCA jacks for analog input, but that input is converted to digital so it can do some DSP and ship the signal to the left speaker via an Ethernet cable. [ Jon  Oct 22, 2017 ]
Unfortunately you can't. It's really for those ho want the all in one solution. If you have a better standalone DAC, you're better off with the passive version. [ Ronnie  Oct 21, 2017 ] need a DAC with RCA out and then input that signal to KEF's RCA input. This will bypass the KEF DAC. [ HARVEY  Oct 21, 2017 ]
Yes you can, they have analog rca inputs, but know that they will be digitized again within the speaker. I have read online that some people did like/prefer the sound vs. the speaker as a stand-alone. But I will tell you the converters and electronics are so good in them, you probably won't want too. Highly recommend. [ Kevin  Oct 21, 2017 ]
No, however you would not want to. I had the Auralic Vega DAC ($3,500) and sold it together with Focal Speakers. Even if your DAC is better the sound coming out of the speakers likely would not be. There are other factors. For one the Built in DAC has a built in DSP to correct for phase shifts. An external dac does not. Secondly, the short digital wiring from the internal DAC to the speaker Amp has much less Jitter than the output wire of an additional external wiring would add. If you really want to get the best sound possible out of these things there are some critical things you could do that would improve the sound tremendously. Get the ISO accoustic 150 (newer delux version) stands. Secondly get IFI micro iUSB3.0 (and for further 10% improvemnt the Igalvanic too). Use shortest possible usb 3.0 cables. No more than 3.0 feet. Amazon Basic is really good. A great 2 head USB2.0 cable is the Pangea premium in comes in .5 meters 199. If it is a computer based system get the Dirac Live software to calibrate the system. MiniDSP sells a calibration mic for under $100 that is really good for the price. Get a good stand with decent weight. If you do get the calibration system you can change the ethernet cable the speaker is using to Audioquest Cinnamon (this will not be advisable unless you are calibrating the system since the cable with the speaker goes with the current settings characteristic of the speakers). If you sold your DAC and did all that your system would be better by another dimension. [ Aaron  Oct 21, 2017 ]
No you can't. I would consider buying the plain ls50s if you already have your own DAC. [ Vikram  Oct 21, 2017 ]
We don't have a way to track the blemishes and link them with each product (sometimes we have more than one in scratch & dent stock). If its important for the item to not have a blemish that can be seen, I recommend looking for open box items as those still have a price break over the brand new price but don't have any cosmetic blemishes My Bio: [ Paul  Oct 16, 2017 ]  Staff
I just ran update and the following screen showed up: MCU New version: 3.0 Current Version: 2.5 DSP Already up to date Current Version: 0.5.4 WIFI New Version: 2.0 Current Version: 1.2 The update went fine. It took like 10 minutes. I don't see any problem after update. I actually like it. I can control these speakers from my iPhone through remote app. [ Du  Jul 19, 2018 ]
None so far, played with different configurations and used for 20/30 hours. Everything seems to be working fine and the app seems very functional. [ Vincenzo  Jul 19, 2018 ]
I did it, everything seemed to go well. Nothing really to complain about. I just wished everything was in one app, instead of two now. [ DANIEL  Jul 19, 2018 ]
Hi Waychai. Congrats on your new speakers and the iso acoustics stands are fantastic and a "must have" accessory. I would just go to the experience/advanced tab and turn on the stand AND desk tabs and experiment with them. On a desk, you might want them both on and start attenuating around 3db each as a start. Bass can get really boomy and tubby on a desk, especially when placed close to a rear wall. Trust your ears. ?? Try doing that AND adding a bass boost if you wish. That should help to keep your midrange clean. [ Kevin  Jul 16, 2018 ]
You'll want to take a look at the excellent videos on the KEF USA site to find the answeres to your set up and adjustment questions. Take a look at the LS50 videos of the KEF USA site I don't have an answerer to your question about the use of the Apreta stands, suggest you let your ears decide which sounds best to you. [ PAUL M  Jul 16, 2018 ]
Low frequency response is altered by the desk/stand and distance from a rear wall. The LS50 Wireless compensates for the effect close boundries. Mid frequencies are not altered, but the midrange might seem more correct with proper low frequency attenuation. The high frequency compensation corrects for shortwave length effects of room acoustic no matter where the speaker is placed. Proper high frequency compensation can also improve the midrange impression. [ Ed  Jul 16, 2018 ]
Personally I use it for my computer system. I leave everything at default and adjust through DIRAC LIVE calibration program that I have in my Computer. External calibration will provide best results. If you do not have an external calibration you can adjust it in the software app. Use the EXPERT mode. I would start by leaving desk and Wall mode off. There you can adjust treble and Bass separately. If you feel you need more adjustment try putting desk mode on and readjusting treble and bass. Again this can help get you a better results but it will absolutely not come close to a real external calibration product. [ Aaron  Jul 16, 2018 ]
I'm not entirely sure if the settings or advanced settings have a provision to set the midrange. But I find the best way to manipulate the settings is to just experiment with all of them and see what you like. You can definately hear a difference. I interprate the speaker stands setting as deliberate and standing in free space. As long as your higher off the desk and somewhat away from the rear wall, you are in free space and I interpret that as the stands setting. But again just listen for yourself. At the end of the day in home audio, if you like the sound then just enjoy it. [ Rob  Jul 16, 2018 ]
I can't answer your question because I am using the default setting and too lazy to try just to answer your question. However it's very hard to believe switching L/R speakers actually affect sound quality. [ Du  Jul 19, 2018 ]
Sorry to hear about that! If you purchased your KEF LS50 speakers from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If not, you may want to check out KEF's support site for more details: [ Larry  Jun 23, 2018 ]  Staff
If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings on the product and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer. [ Krissy  Jun 23, 2018 ]  Staff
You've already answered your own question, YES. [ Chris  Jun 07, 2018 ]
Sorry, I'm unable to answer your question. Suggest you contact KEF directly to determine what is currently shipping. [ PAUL M  Jun 06, 2018 ]
The short and sweet is to call KEF Customer support with your serial number in hand and talk to them. [ Robert  Jun 06, 2018 ]
I have to manually turn on and off. If there is a way to do sense power transition automatically I haven't found it. [ Du  Jul 19, 2018 ]
I only know the answer for using wifi as the input source. Yes, you will have to turn on the LS50W manually for that input source. The LS50W doesn't have the feature to wake up by wifi connection request. As for shut down, it will shut down after not using for a while. I don't know how long. [ Lennart  Oct 28, 2017 ]
No. It doesn't have auto on. But there is a time out . The longest time out is 60 minutes of no input then it will automatically turn off. Neither the IOS app nor the Android app for LS50W can wake up the speakers. Obviously, you can use the remote to turn it on. As a workaround I used a Logitech Smart Hub (with built-in IR blaster). Then I use the Logitech harmony app from my phone to turn on the LS50W. With the Smart Hub, you can also link it to Alexa/Echo then you can use voice input to turn on LS50W. [ bschai  Oct 27, 2017 ]
Though most powered speaker systems like this will remember the previous source selected, there's no specific info that details the input source when the Kef LS50 speakers are initially powered on. If you would like to find that out for certain, you may want to contact Kef's Support directly--you can reach them by phone at 732-683-2356 or check out their support site: [ Larry  Apr 10, 2017 ]  Staff

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