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KEF T301

Ultra-thin wall-mountable home theater speakers (Black)

Item # 991T301B

KEF knows that there's one potential downside to today's ultra-thin TVs: the tiny, quarter-sized speakers...

KEF knows that there's one potential downside to today's ultra-thin TVs: the tiny, quarter-sized speakers...

Item # 991T301B

Low stock
$799.99 pair

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About the KEF T301

Room-filling sound from ultra-thin speakers

KEF knows that there's one potential downside to today's ultra-thin TVs: the tiny, quarter-sized speakers housed inside of them. Their T Series speakers solve that problem by providing dynamic, room-filling sound while blending in seamlessly with your décor. The T301s can be wall-mounted alongside your TV with the included brackets, or placed on top of a piece of furniture using the included desk stands. 

Room-filling sound from ultra-thin speakers

KEF knows that there's one potential downside to today's ultra-thin TVs: the tiny, quarter-sized speakers housed inside of them. Their T Series speakers solve that problem by providing dynamic, room-filling sound while blending in seamlessly with your décor. The T301s can be wall-mounted alongside your TV with the included brackets, or placed on top of a piece of furniture using the included desk stands. 

These super-slim speakers use two 4-1/2" midrange drivers and a 1" aluminum dome tweeter to provide engaging sound without taking up any floor space in your room. For maximum home theater impact, I recommend pairing them with a KEF subwoofer to round out the low end.


Product highlights:

  • pair of ultra-thin wall-mountable speakers for home theater
  • 1" vented aluminum dome tweeter with waveguide
  • dual 4-1/2" midrange drivers
  • frequency response: 80-30,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • sensitivity: 91 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • recommended amplifier power: 10-150 watts
  • acoustic suspension (sealed) design
  • concealed input terminals for low-profile installation
  • includes wall-mount hardware and desktop stands
  • 5-1/2"W x 23-5/8"H x 1-7/16"D
  • weight: 3.3 lbs. (each)
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # T301BK

What's in the box:

  • 2 Satellite loudspeakers
  • 2 Pedestal bases
  • 2 Pedestal necks
  • 2 Wall-brackets
  • 2 Large screws
  • 4 Small screws
  • 2 Hex-keys
  • Intallation Manual
  • Wall-Mount Template
  • Warranty Registration Card

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the KEF T301

Stacey B.

Product Research


1" Aluminum Tweeter: The generous size of the sophisticated new 1" aluminum dome tweeter specially developed for the T Series allows exceptionally accurate reproduction, especially of the human voice. The clarity is outstanding even a loud volume levels.

  • Tangerine Waveguide: Another distinctive feature of the tweeter is the Tangerine Waveguide which covers the dome and increases the sensitivity and dispersion at the very top end. KEF's unique Tangerine waveguide helps to disperse the sound image evenly throughout the room for an immersive, three-dimensional sound.
  • Venting System: Despite the very shallow depth of the loudspeaker, KEF was able to incorporate a venting system into the rear of the tweeter magnet system similar to that found in the KEF Reference Series. This helps in the lower end frequencies, so the tweeter covers a wider bandwidth with a less distortion.

Dual 4.5" Ultra-Slim Midrange Drivers: Instead of a cone, the radical new twin-layer midrange driver has a flat diaphragm whose rigidity throughout the frequency range is maintained by very fine stiffening ribs, with the driver as a whole acting as a stressed member to help eliminate any unwanted resonance from the slim cabinet. In addition to minimizing the height of the magnets, KEF placed the entire suspension outside the magnet system so that it adds nothing to its height. The resulting response is as clean, accurate and distortion-free as a quality conventional speaker, with none of the bulk.

  • Twin-Layered Radiating Diaphragm: The T-Series uses a Twin Layered MF Driver (patent pending). This is comprised of a molded radiating diaphragm with integral stiffening ribs running radially and circumferentially. A thin layer of high modulus material on the rear of the ribs provides additional stiffness. This structure ensures the diaphragm moves pistonically within its working frequency band, whilst occupying a depth of only 5mm. This technology has been developed and optimized using finite element analysis.
  • Z-Flex Surround: The T-Series Midrange Driver features a Z-Flex Surround. This new design minimizes mass-loading on the edge of the diaphragm helping maintain pistonic motion up to a high frequency. Its carefully designed undulations and supporting block prevent resonances whilst allowing simple motion such as the diaphragm moving forwards and backwards. The relatively flat and smooth form surface of the Z-Flex Surround minimizes coloration to sound from the Tweeter. Finite element analysis was used heavily in the development of this new surround.
  • Concentric Suspension: The T-Series midrange driver suspension has been designed for low build height. Its inner edge has a larger diameter than the former, so it sits concentrically around the voice coil. The main "rolls" of the suspension are aligned with its outer mounting position on the driver chassis. The inner edge protrudes up to attach to molded tabs on the rear of the diaphragm ribs. This protrusion is sometimes known as a "cup", in a such a suspension the "cup" allows for the difference in height of the mounting positions and prevents the suspension hitting the rear of the diaphragm. The cup is reinforced with a metal loop (patent pending). This prevents excessive bending as the diaphragm moves backwards which keeps the suspension stiffness symmetrical and high enough to limit motion. This minimizes distortion and increases the power handling of the midrange drive unit

Full Braced Cabinet: Special care has been taken to ensure the T Series cabinet is acoustically inert. This is critical for maintaining uncolored and clean midrange. The drivers and cabinet have been designed together in such a way that the drive units brace the cabinets to stop any unwanted cabinet resonances that could color the sound.

Screw-Down Terminals: Two screw-down terminals have been fully integrated into the cabinet to avoid adding to the depth of the speaker. These screw-down terminals will accept bare wire only (up to 14AWG).

Mounting Options: Because the T Series loudspeaker is designed to match the new generation of super slim TVs and will generally be mounted "on-wall" using the supplied bracket and positioned close to the wall, it has been specifically balanced for "on-wall" applications. However, for those occasions when it is used with the desk stand and there is a significant distance from the nearest wall, the speaker automatically adjusts the balance for an "off-wall" application. This is accomplished by a clever connection arrangement in the stand which introduces an extra filter section ahead of the speaker's crossover network to switch the speaker into its "free-space" balance output.

  • On-Wall Bracket: The included wall bracket allows you to mount the speaker vertically on a wall with a mounting depth of only 0.1875" (mounting screws not included). You can also mount the speaker using its two keyhole slots without the mounting bracket (mounting screws not included). A wall-mount template is provided to aid with installation. There is no angle, tilt, or swivel adjustment. The speaker is not designed to work with articulating wall-brackets (sold separately).
    • Dimensions: 5.6875" (w) x 23.6875" (h) x 1.6875" (d)
  • Desk Stand: The desk stand allows you to have the satellite speaker positioned vertically, straight up-and-down, or tilted up to 5-degrees. This allows the speaker's sound to be directed towards the listener.
    • Dimensions: 5.75" (w) x 24.9375" (h) x 4.375" (d)

T-Series: With KEF's T Series, you get exceptionally slim profile speakers that generate all the intricacy, spaciousness and dynamic range of a high end conventional design. The T Series by KEF consists of two satellite loudspeakers (T101/T301) and two center channel loudspeakers (T101c/T301c) - all sold separately.

Optional Powered Subwoofer: A KEF Kube series powered subwoofer (sold separately) is the perfect addition to the T Series loudspeakers.

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Customer Q&A

2 questions already asked

How is the off axis sound quality?
[ Douglas  Sep 27, 2019 ]
2 answers
I also do not use these speakers alone. I use them as FL and FR of a 5.1 system. They're about 6' apart on either side of a Sony a9f that is used for the center channel. I use the T101s for RR and RL. I have a 10" sub and 2 KEF CIi160Qs in the ceiling. They're in my family room and I'm always off-axis and I think that they sound pretty good.
[ Barbara  Dec 19, 2020 ]
I don't do a lot of serious music listening, but when I do I never sit right on axis and I don't notice any bias towards one of the speakers. However, I purchased the KEF T301 speakers with the KEF KUBE 10b sub to incorporate in a 7.1 surround system for watching movies and TV. I have 5 other speakers in the ceiling with 8" woofers and directional tweeters that support a sound field that is generated by my Denon amplifier. The sound field was acoustically tuned for the center of the living room. It's a large living room open to the kitchen, dinning room, and dinette table area and I frequently listen to music wandering around those areas. The sound is great and I don't feel there is any off axis bias; however, I am sure the other speakers are helping prevent that. What is really cool about the setup though is that the various instruments and voices during a concert video seem to come from different speakers. For example, the lead singer's voice may come from the TV, one instrument from the left speaker, another from the right, and the crowd from behind me.
[ JOHN  Sep 28, 2019 ]
1. Can I use a pair for KEF T301 as front LR and a KEF T301c as center of a 5.1.2 Atmos system? 2. For the side surround and overhead, I would like to use in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Can you suggest some options for the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers (that match the KEF speakers)? 3. Any suggestion on the sub and receiver?
[ Huy  Apr 09, 2021 ]
5 answers
Thank you everyone for sharing your answers. They are super helpful.
[ Huy  Apr 21, 2021 ]
I'm using them for front LR only with a TV. They work great.
[ cliff  Apr 13, 2021 ]
Hi Huy, I did use the KEF-T301 and center, wall mounted for a similar Atmos setup; and they sound *GREAT* !! I worked with Rusty (AV Design & Pro Audio Group at Crutchfield) to design my system, custom tailored for the exact room layout and needs. I suggest you contact that group. He was great to work with and even helped re-design when the in-wall speakers would not work as initially planned. Best wishes on getting an excellent system installed!
[ KARL  Apr 09, 2021 ]
In general the type of speakers you buy has nothing to do with Atmos capability. It matters what signal your receiver can interpret and where the speakers are placed that determines their type. In regards to your questions: 1. Yes. I have these KEF 301 and 301c as my front speakers and it is quite nice, but I bought them because they are close to the wall and aesthetics were my primary concern. Their bass response to not as good as a regular "box" tower speaker. 2. I'm using Aperion in ceiling speakers, but I can't say how well they match or not. They sound fine to me. I'm not that technical. 3. I would get a sub that you can place in the front of your room to help fill out what is lacking in the KEF 301. I personally also set the crossover point higher to help compensate.
[ Timothy  Apr 09, 2021 ]
I am currently using the KEF's as front speakers and they are great. I currently have two polk subs but have used pioneer before also. Just make sure to measure the size of the room for sub size. As far as in wall you want something that is atmos enabled and covers everything sound wise. Your sub will cover base.Enter
[ ANDY  Apr 09, 2021 ]

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